Archaeology Links

Note: This page is part of the archives of the Phrontistery, but is no longer being updated.

Here are some web sites and Usenet newsgroups of relevance for archaeologists. Note: I am no longer updating this page, given changes in the focus of the Phrontistery over the past few years.

Web Sites

Ancient Near Eastern resources from the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago.
Annual Egyptological Bibliography
Bibliographic reference search engine.
A search engine dedicated solely to the ancient world.
Italian/English resources for underwater archaeology.
Cobb Institute of Archaeology figurine database - relatively obscure but interesting.
Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology
University of Memphis Egyptology resources.
Roman art and archaeology resources from Depauw University.
University of Chicago Server
The Oriental Institute homepage with all sorts of useful academic information.
University of Michigan Server
Mostly links to other sites, but with some resources on classical archaeology. Includes the American Journal of Archaeology.
University of Southern Utah Server
A well-presented site focussing on the US Southwest.
University of Calgary
An interesting site detailing current research projects at the U of C.
World of the Vikings Project
A non-specialist site, but well-presented and with interesting information.
Center for World Indigenous Studies
A renowned and award-winning site dedicated to indigenous and 4th World issues.
CIESIN: Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network
A demographic and geographical database of interest for serious scholars.
Inca Trail and Macchu Picchu
A travelogue-like non-specialist site, well-presented although not geared towards research.
Maya Epigraphic Database Project
Interested in the Maya glyphs? This is the place to be.
Perseus Project
A fine collection of classics and archaeology resources relating to ancient Greece.
One of the premier resources for archaeological research on the net. Primarily academic in nature.
Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology
Not a pretty site, but some resources from the granddaddy of archaeological museums.
Museum of Antiquities
This site from the University of Newcastle is attractive and provides interactive exhibits.


A high-volume group with lots of hyperdiffusionist, creationist and racist bull, but with occasional gems of insight.
A mid-volume group dealing specifically with Mesoamerican civilizations.
A moderated, low-volume group which gets rid of the spam and pseudo-science.
If your interests lie in classical Greece or Rome, this is the group to be in.

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