Origins and Symbols

Note: This page is part of the archives of the Phrontistery, but is no longer being updated.

       By now, you are likely wondering what these silly looking symbols - are all about. It should be clear that one of two things must be true: a) this page is full of meaningful visual and linguistic pun-craft; or b) I have gone insane, and have chosen to inflict my illness on unwary visitors. Although I prefer the former option, I really can't rule anything out. So here's the explanation, once and for all.

       The symbol above (the S-shaped figure) has a double meaning, the first of which, rather arrogantly, I suppose, is that it is a monogram for my name (Steve Chrisomalis). Of course, a monogram is supposed to have more than one letter contained therein, but never mind about that. The second is that the figure has four right angles, and thus the "fourth right" angle completes the figure. Of course, you could argue that a sigmoid figure takes two left turns, then two right turns, and that to be accurate, the symbol for this site ought to be a square. That would be fine except that a) that would imply that this site gets you nowhere, and you just keep circling the block endlessly, so to speak; and b) a square is a really lame symbol. So stop your whining (in advance).

       The name 'Forthright's Phrontistery' has a double meaning as well. In a very literal sense, I want this site to become a 'thinking-place' where people can access my academic and personal interest resources and at the same time share their comments with me. And, to be sure, I want to promote an environment which is open and where people feel that they can be forthright with me, particularly if they think that this site is abysmal, horrendous, or [insert adjective here] ... But, as well, as someone of both British and Greek heritage, I wanted to choose a name that represented both sides of my family adequately. As such, I have chosen two words of very ancient origin, one Saxon, the other Classical Greek, to represent this site. As an added bonus, my British roots come from the esteemed (?) Frank clan, and, as "forthright" is nearly synonomous with "frank", it seems only fitting that some linguistic representation of those ties should be found herein.

       OK, OK ... I confess. There is some small part of me, tucked away where I can pretend that it isn't there, that just wants to be the only link found when anyone looks up "phrontistery" in a search engine. I suppose vanity gets the best of all of us sometimes ...

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