Stop: Toutes Directions

Editorial and Contact Information

(Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI)

Contributing Researchers

At every stage from initial conception to final analysis, the greatest bulk of the work has been undertaken by the following student-scholars, in an honours course at McGill University entitled Archaeological Methods:
  • Lars Anderson
  • Jess Beck
  • Sarah Bedard
  • Andre Bourgoin-Horne
  • Emma Chait
  • Tim Devlin
  • Claudine Gravel Miguel
  • David Groves
  • Dario Guiducci
  • Karla Heath
  • Emma Johnson
  • Solomon Klein
  • Gabriel Kravitz
  • Han Han Li
  • Elizabeth Penttila
  • Carly Rose
  • Valeria Rytova
  • Bridget Sandison
  • Julien Shoenfeld
  • Anna Titcomb
  • Katherine Tong
  • Alison Vadnais
  • Sarah Vannice
  • Yujing Wang
  • Sian Wilson
  • Andrea Wong
  • Lisa Zimanyi


Dialogue with both supporters and critics is the fundament of sound scholarship. If you have inquiries or comments on the Stop: Toutes Directions project, please feel free to email me, . I will be happy to pass on any comments or suggestions to the individual authors of research reports.


Many thanks to Prof. Michael Bisson, Rose Marie Stano, and Andre Costopoulos for providing and organizing funding for the project. Thanks to all the students and faculty at the McGill archaeology laboratory for their patience with us over the duration of the project. Thanks to Angela Assalone for her patient work doing data entry. Special thanks to Julia Pope for her design of the header and advice on other graphic elements of the site.