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Word Definition
eagre sudden rise of tide in a river
earing line for fastening corner of a sail to the gaff or yard
earwig a small insect; to bias; to pester with demands; to eavesdrop
easement rights held over another's land
eau-de-nil pale green colour
ebberman one who fishes under bridges
ebeneous like or resembling ebony
éboulement falling in of wall of a fort; landslide
ebriection mental breakdown from too much drinking
ébrillade jerking of horse's rein when it does not turn
ebrious tending towards excessive drinking
ebullioscope instrument for measuring boiling point of liquids
ebullition boiling over; agitation; outbreak
eburnean of or like ivory; ivory-coloured
ecardinate without hinges
ecarlate fine woollen cloth, usually dyed scarlet
ecaudate tailless
ecbatic grammatical construction indicating result without intention
ecbole digression
ecbolic assisting childbirth; aiding abortion
eccaleobion incubator
ecchymosis black-and-blue spot
ecclesiarchy government by clerics or ecclesiastical authorities
ecclesiastry affairs of the church
ecclesiolatry excessive devotion to church tradition and form
ecclesiology study of church affairs
eccoprotic laxative; mildly cathartic; purgative
eccrinology study of excretion
ecdemic not endemic; of foreign origin
ecdemomania abnormal compulsion for wandering
ecdysiast striptease performer
ecesis the establishment of a plant or animal in a new habitat
echard water in the soil not available to plants
echinate like a hedgehog; prickly
echinuliform resembling small spines
echoism the formation of imitative words
echolalia echo-like repetition of another's words
echopraxia echo-like repetition of another's actions
eclaircise to clear up
éclaircissement clarification; enlightenment
eclat to make notorious
éclat publicity; dazzling effect; brilliance; applause
eclegme ancient syrupy medicine that is licked off a spoon
eclipsareon astronomical toy used to show phenomena of solar and lunar eclipses
eclipsis omission of sounds or words in speech
ecliptic imaginary circle which the sun follows from Earth perspective
eclogue pastoral or rustic poem
eclosion emergence, as from a larva or egg, or of an era or movement
ecmnesia loss of memory of the events of a specific period
ecocide destruction of the environment
economacy position of controller of ecclesiastical affairs
ecophene range of phenotypes produced by a genotype in a given environment
ecophobia fear of home
écorché a human figure portrayed stripped of the skin
ecphasis explicit declaration or interpretation
ecphonensis exclamation
ecphrasis plain interpretation of a thing
ecthlipsis omitting one or more sounds in pronouncing a word
ectobatic carrying or leading towards the outside
ectogenesis variation in response to outside conditions
ectopia displacement of internal organs in the body
ectype reproduction or copy
ectypography etching in relief
écuelle two-handled soup or porridge bowl
ecydisis shedding or moulting of the skin
edacious voracious; gluttonous; pertaining to eating
edapha organisms living in soil
edaphic of, like or pertaining to the soil
edaphology study of soils
edentate toothless; without teeth; pertaining to aardvarks and sloths
edulcorate to sweeten; to rid of soluble particles by washing
eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious good
effable capable of being expressed
efferent carrying outward or away
effete weak or worn-out; degenerate
effigurate having a definite shape
effleurage stroking movement in massage
effluvium invisible emanation; offensive exhalation or smell
effodient burrowing
effulge to shine out; to beam
effusiometer instrument for comparing molecular weights of gases
eft again; afterwards
eft newt
eftsoons soon after
egad mild oath
egency need
egestion the removal of materials from the body
egoism doctrine that the pursuit of self-interest is the highest good
egotheism identification of oneself with God
Egyptology study of ancient Egypt
eidetic vivid mental image or memory
eidograph instrument for copying drawings
eidolism belief in ghosts
eidolon image, phantom or apparition; confusing reflected image
eigne first born
eikonology metaphor
eirenarch officer in charge of keeping the public peace; justice of the peace
eirenicon peace-making message, proposition for peace
eirenics theological doctrine of religious unification
eirenism peaceful state of mind
eisegesis faulty interpretation or explanation of text
eisel sour wine resembling vinegar
ejectamenta material ejected from a volcano
eke in addition; also; likewise
ekistics study of human settlement
ekka small one-horse carriage
ekphrasis description of a work of art as rhetorical exercise
élan impetuosity; dash or style; brilliancy or vivacity
elance to throw as a lance
elaphine of, like or belonging to a red deer; of, of, like or pertaining to red deer
elapid of, like or pertaining to cobras
elative indicating movement out of or away from
elatrometer instrument for measuring gaseous pressure
elchee ambassador
eldritch horrifying; arcane; strange
electrocardiograph instrument for recording unusual electrical fluctuations of the heart
electrochemistry study of relations between electricity and chemicals
electrodynamometer instrument for measuring electrical current
electroencephalograph instrument for measuring the brain's electrical impulses
electrogenesis production of electricity
electrograph instrument for recording electrical potential
electrology study of electricity
electrometer instrument for measuring electrical potential
electromyograph instrument for diagnosing neuromuscular disorders
electrophile substance having an affinity for electrons or negative charge
electroretinograph instrument for measuring electrical activity in the retina
electroscope instrument for detecting electrical charges in the body
electrostatics study of static electricity
electuary medicine mixed with honey or syrup
eleemosynary of, like or pertaining to charity or giving alms; dependent on charity
elenchus refutation; sophism
elenctic of, like or pertaining to argument; cross-examination or refuting
elephant large unit of paper measurement equal to 28 by 23 inches
elephantine of, like or pertaining to elephants
eleutherian freedom-giving
eleutheromania manic desire for freedom
eleutherophobia fear of freedom
elflock lock of tangled hair
elide omit; ignore; suppress or abridge
ell old unit of length equal to 45 inches
ellipsograph instrument for describing ellipses
elocation removal from someone's control; alienation
éloge funeral oration; panegyric
eloign to convey to a distance; to remove
elsin shoemaker's awl
elumbated made weak in the loins
elution purification or separation by washing
elutriate to separate by washing into finer portions
elydoric painted with both oil and watercolour
elytriferous having or bearing hardened forewings
em unit of measuring width of typeface where width of letters equals height
emacity itch to be buying
email type of dark ink
emarcid wilted; limp
embale to enclose; to bind in; to make into a bale
embar to shut in; to hinder; to put under embargo
embase to lower; to debase
embayment bay
emberlucock to confuse; to bewilder
emblements growing crops
embonpoint stout; plump or full in figure; corpulent
embouchement opening of a passage or tunnel
embower to place in a bower; to shelter with trees
embracery attempt to influence a jury corruptly
embrangle to confuse or perplex
embrasure recess of a door or window
embrocate to moisten and rub with a lotion
embryogenesis production of an embryo
embryoniform shaped like an embryo
emendation correction; usually of a text
emergicenter urban clinic offering emergency outpatient services
emesis the act of vomiting
emetology study of vomiting
émeute a popular rising or uproar
emicate to sparkle
emiction the discharging of urine
emissile able to be emitted or pushed out
emmenagogue drug aiding menstrual flow
emmenology the study of menstruation
emmet ant
emmetropia correct refraction of light by the eyes
emmew to confine or mew up
emollient softening; making supple
emolument payment; profit arising from employment
emonomancy divination using demons
emotivism theory that moral statements are inherently biased
empaestic of, like or pertaining to the art of embossing
empanoply to clothe in full armor
empasm deodorant powder
empennage airplane's tail unit
empery wide dominion; empire
emphractic stopping the pores of the skin
emphyteusis perpetual but conditional lease of property
empiecement an insertion in a garment
empleomania mania for holding public office
emporeutic of, like or pertaining to trade
empressment show of affection or eagerness
emprise adventurous undertaking
emption the act of buying; purchase
emptysis spitting up of blood
empyreal of, like or pertaining to heaven; sublime; skyward
emulge to milk or drain out
emunctory conveying waste; pertaining to nose-blowing
enallage the exchange of one grammatical case for another
enantiodromia process when a thing is replaced by its opposite
enantiomorph object which is the mirror image of another
enantiopathy allopathy; sympathy with one's opposite
enantiosis ironic expression of idea by refuting its contrary
enation outgrowth; extension
encaenia anniversary festival of renewal of an institution
encaustic having the colours burned in
enceinte pregnant
encephalograph instrument for recording brain images
encephaloid like or resembling a brain
enchiridion book carried in the hand for reference, esp. for music or theology
enchorial belonging to or used in a country; domestic
encolpion reliquary; cross worn on the breast
encomiast person who utters encomiums; praiser
encomic having closely curled hair
encomium glowing and warmly enthusiastic praise
encraty self-control
encyclical letter sent by the pope to multiple bishops
endarchy centralised government
endeictic showing, exhibiting or demonstrating
endeixis an indication
endemiology study of local diseases
endlong lengthwise
endocrinology study of glands
endogenous having no external cause
endophagy cannibalism within a tribe; eating away from within
endoscope instrument for visualizing interior of a hollow organ
endosmometer instrument for measuring osmosis into a solution
endysis growth of new feathers, hair or skin
energumen individual inhabited by an evil spirit
enervate to weaken
enfilade series arranged as if threaded on a string
engastration stuffing of one bird inside another
engastrimyth ventriloquist
engouement excessive infatuation
engrailment ring of dots around edge of a coin
engram lasting effect on memory
engrenage series of decisions leading towards unspoken goal
enigmatography composition of riddles or enigmas
enigmatology study of enigmas
enjambment continuation of the sense of a verse without pause
enjoin to command; to order; to prohibit by injunction
ennead any group of nine objects
enneagon polygon with nine sides
ennomic lawful; legal
enoptromancy divination using mirrors
enosimania pathological belief that one has sinned
enosis union; unification
enounce to enunciate; to proclaim
enow enough
ensanguine to cover with blood
ensiform resembling or possessing characteristics of a sword
ensign large naval flag
ensilage storage of green fodder in silos
entablature wall that rests on top of columns
entasis swelling on vertical columns to counteract optical illusion of concavity
entelechy perfect realization of ultimate goal or reason for existence
enteral of, pertaining to or within the intestine
enthalpy heat per unit mass
entheomania abnormal belief that one is divinely inspired
enthetic introduced from outside the body
entify to treat as or cause to become a separate entity
entitative regarded as a distinct entity without regard to context
entomical of, like or pertaining to insects
entomology study of insects
entomophagous eating insects
entomophilous adapted for pollination by insects
entoptic within the eyeball; visibility of objects in the eye
entozoology study of parasites that live inside larger organisms
entremets edible pastry sculpture served between main courses
entrepot a warehouse, particularly for international trade
entresol mezzanine
entropion inversion of the edge of the eyelid
entryism doctrine of joining a group to change its policies
enuresis uncontrollable urination
enzone to engirdle or surround with a zone or belt
enzymology study of enzymes
eoan of, like or pertaining to dawn
eolation geological effects of the wind
éolienne fine silk and wool
eolith stone naturally formed but thought to be manufactured
eonism adoption by a male of female dress and manner
eosophobia fear of dawn
eozoic containing early evidence of animals
epact excess of the calendar month over the lunar month
epaenetic eulogistic
epagoge induction
epagomenal intercalary; inserted between others
epanadiplosis sentence which begins and ends with same word
epanalepsis repetition
epanodos recapitulation of chief points in a discourse after digression
epanorthosis retraction of statement in order to intensify it
eparchy diocese of an Eastern church
epedaphic of, like or pertaining to atmospheric conditions
epeirogenesis building continents by moving of earth's crust
epenthesis insertion of extra sound into a word
epeolatry worship of words
epergne branched ornamental centrepiece
epexegesis addition of words to make the sense more clear
ephebiatrics branch of medicine dealing with adolescence
ephectic tending to reserve judgement
ephelis freckle or mole
ephemeris table giving location of celestial body at different specific times
ephemeromorph life form that cannot be classified as animal or vegetable
ephemeron creature that lives for only one day
ephestian domestic
ephidrosis profuse perspiration
ephod Jewish priestly vestment
epibole device of beginning several clauses with same word
epicede funeral ode
epicedial of, like or pertaining to dirges or elegies
epicene having one form or characteristics of either sex
epicheirema syllogism confirmed by an incidental proposition
epichoric belonging or pertaining to a rural area
epiclesis calling on the Holy Spirit to consecrate the Eucharist
epicrisis critical appreciation for literature
epideictic done for show or display
epidemiology study of diseases; epidemics
epidiascope instrument for projecting images of objects
epidiascope magic lantern used for opaque and translucent objects
epigamic attractive to the other sex
epigeal living near or in the ground
epigenesis theory of embryonic development
epigeous growing or living on or above the ground
epigon descendant or successor
epigone inferior follower or imitator of a distinguished original
epilate to remove hair from
epileptology study of epilepsy
epimyth moral of a story or work of literature
epinician celebrating a triumph
epinikion ode in honour of a victor or winner
epinosic unhealthy; unwelcome
epipastic dusting powder used in medicine
epiphenomenalism doctrine that mental processes are epiphenomena of brain activity
epiphonema exclamation, finishing phrase or reflection
epiphora watering of the eyes
epipolism fluorescence
episcope instrument for projecting images of opaque objects
episcopicide killing of bishops
episcopolatry worship of bishops
episemon badge or characteristic device; one of three extra Greek numeral-letters
epistatic suppressing some factor
epistaxis nose bleeding
epistemology study of grounds of knowledge
epistemology theory of a method or grounds of knowledge
epistolary of, like or pertaining to letters
epistoler reader of the epistle in Anglican service
epistolography letter-writing
epistrophe ending of successive clauses with the same word
epitasis part of a play where the action is developed
epithalamion song or poem composed for weddings
epithesis addition of one or more letters to a word
epithymetic of, like or pertaining to desire
epitimesis adverse criticism
epitoga wide academic gown with bell sleeves
epitonic subjected to excessive strain; overstrained
epitrachelion stole of an Orthodox priest or bishop
epitrope ironic permission
epizeuxis immediate repetition of a word for emphasis
epizoic dwelling upon an animal
epomania craze for writing epics
eponym personal name from which another name is derived
epopee epic poem; saga
epopoean befitting an epic poet
epopoeist one who writes epic poetry
epopt one who is initiated into mysteries
epos epic poem
éprouvette instrument for testing strength of gunpowder
epulary of, like or pertaining to banquets
epulation feasting
epulotic substance encouraging growth of scar tissue
epuration purification or purging
equable smooth; without wide variations
equanimity evenness of mind or temper; calmness
equative indicating likeness or identity
equatorium computational instrument for planetary astronomy
equilibrist tightrope walker
equine of, like or pertaining to horses
equiparate to regard or treat as equal
equiparent having a level or mutual relationship
equipluve line drawn through locations having same annual rainfall
equipoise equilibrium; counterbalancing thing
equipollent having equal power or force
equiponderate to be equal in weight; to balance
equison horse groom; jockey
equitation horseback riding
equivorous consuming horseflesh
eradiate to shoot out like a ray of light
ere before
erean made of copper or brass
erelong before long; soon
eremic of or belonging to deserts
eremite hermit; religious recluse
eremology study of deserts
eremophyte plant that lives in desert biome
erethism abnormal irritability
erewhile until now
erg unit of work measuring force of one dyne applied over one centimeter
ergasia love of work; workaholism
ergasiomania excessive desire to work; ergomania
ergasiophobia fear of work
ergative indicating subject of a transitive verb
ergatocracy government by the workers or the working class
ergo therefore; hence
ergograph instrument for measuring and recording muscular work
ergology study of effects of work on humans
ergomania excessive desire to work; workaholism
ergometer instrument for measuring work performed
ergonomics study of people at work
ergophile one who loves work
ergophobia fear of work
ergotise to wrangle
eriometer instrument for measuring very small diameters
eristic of, like or pertaining to controversy or argument
erogenesis induction of sexual desire; production of arousal
eromancy divination using water vessels
erotetic engaging in or pertaining to rhetorical questioning
erotogenic producing erotic desire or sexual gratification
erotology erotic description in literature
erotomania abnormally powerful sex drive
erotopathy pathological sexual desire
erotophobia fear of sex
errhine something which causes sneezing or for nasal ingestion
erubescent growing red; blushing
eruciform like or resembling a caterpillar
eructate to belch out; to emit lava
erumpent bursting out; bursting forth
erythema redness of the skin
erythraean reddish colour
erythrochroism excessive or pathological redness of the hair
erythrophobia fear of red lights or of blushing
erythropsia condition of seeing all colour as red
esbat meeting of a witches' coven
escadrille squadron of aircraft; flotilla
escalade crossing moat or scaling wall using ladders
escalier staircase
escapology study of freeing oneself from constraints
escargatoire place where snails are reared
escharotic caustic
eschatocol concluding clause or section of a charter
eschatology doctrine of life and afterlife
eschatology study of death; final matters
eschaton end of the world; end time
escheatment forfeiture of property to state for lack of heir
esclandre notoriety; unpleasantness
escritoire writing-desk
esculent eatable; fit for consumption
escutcheon part of ship's stern where name is displayed
escutcheon shield on which coat of arms is represented
esemplastic unifying; moulding diverse ideas into one
esemplasy the unifying power of imagination
esker ridge of sandy soil
esotropic squinting
espalier lattice on which trees are trained across
espiègle roguish; frolicsome; mischievous
essive indicating a temporary state of being
essoin giving of an excuse for not appearing in court
essorant soaring
estacade dike of stakes in a river against an enemy
estafette military courier or express
estaminet small bar or cafe
estampie vigorous rhythmic Provençal stamping dance
estiferous producing heat
estival of, like or pertaining to summer
estoppage preventing someone from alleging a fact due to prior denial
estrade low platform or dais
estrapade horse's attempt to throw its rider
estreat to consult court records in order to enable prosecution
estuosity heated state or condition
esurient hungry; greedy; starving
etamine light open-mesh cotton or worsted
eternalism the belief that matter has existed eternally
etesian periodic; winds blowing at certain seasons
eth old English letter for voiced 'th' sound
etheromania craving for ether
ethmoid of or like a sieve
ethnarchy government over an ethnic group
ethnocracy government by an ethnic group or race
ethnogenesis origin of an ethnic group
ethnogeny study of origins of races or ethnic groups
ethnomania obsessive devotion to one's own people
ethnomethodology study of everyday communication
ethnomusicology study of comparative musical systems
ethology study of natural or biological character
ethonomics study of economic and ethical principles of a society
etiolate to become pale; to make pale by depriving of light
etiology the science of causes; especially of disease
étui case for holding sewing articles
etymology study of origins of words
etymon true origin of a word
etypical unconformable to type
euchology prayer book
eucrasy state of fitness and physical well-being
eudaemonism ethical belief that happiness equals morality
eudaemony happiness or well-being
eudiaphoresis normal perspiration
eudiometer instrument for measuring air purity
euhemerism explanation of mythology as growing out of history
eulogomania obsessive craze for eulogies
eumoiriety happiness due to state of innocence and purity
eunomia state of being well governed
euonym a pleasing or beautiful name
euonymous appropriately named
eupathy state of contentment
eupeptic of, like or pertaining to good digestion; cheerful
euphobia fear of good news
euphonism custom of using pleasing sounding words
euphonym euphonious synonym
euphuism high-flown and affected style of writing
eupraxia correct or orthodox action
eupsychics proper education to induce human progress
euripus arm of the sea with strong currents
Europhile one who loves Europe
eurythermic tolerating a wide variation in temperature
eurythmics system of rhythmic and harmonious movement
eustacy changes in world shoreline by changes in sea level
eustatic remaining at same altitude despite geological activity
eusuchian of, like or pertaining to alligators and crocodiles
eutaxy good order
eutechnics improvement in condition of humanity through natural forces
eutexia the property of being easily melted
euthenics science concerned with improving living conditions
eutony pleasantness of the sound of a word
eutrapely wit, ease and urbanity of conversation
eutropic turning to face the sun
evagation wandering; digression
evaginate to remove from a sheath; without a sheath
evanescent tending to vanish like vapour
evanish to vanish; to die away
evanition vanishing; dying away
evaporimeter instrument for measuring rate of evaporation
evection attraction of the moon to the sun causing change in its orbit
eventration protrusion of an organ from the abdomen
eversion turning inside out or outwards
evince indicate or exhibit
evirate to castrate; to make weak
eviscerate disembowel
eviternal eternal
évolué primitive person educated in modern ways
evulgate to divulge; to publish
evulse to pluck out
exactor one who exacts; extortioner; claimer of rights
exallotriote foreign
exanimate lifeless; spiritless; depressed
exarate containing grooves or furrows
exarch viceroy; rank below patriarch in Eastern church
exarchy government by bishops
exaugurate to desanctify; to deprive of sacred status
excalation omission of one of a series or sequence
excarnate to remove flesh from
exclaustration return to public upon release from vows
exclave part of a country surrounded by foreign soil
excogitate to discover by thinking out or reasoning
excoriate censure severely; strip the hide off of
excorticate to strip the bark off of
excrementitial of, like or pertaining to excrement
excresence outgrowth; projection; tumour
excubant on guard
excursive constituting a digression
exeat permission from bishop for clergyman to work elsewhere
exeat formal leave of absence; permission to be absent
execrate to denounce or place under a curse
executancy technique in music
exedra semicircular bench beside episcopal throne; outdoor bench or recess
exegetic explanatory, especially of Scripture
exemplum short story or anecdote with a moral
exenterate to disembowel
exequy funeral rites; procession
exercitation putting into practice; exercise
exergue reverse of coin where date is contained
exgorgitation vomited material
exheredate to disinherit
exigible liable to be exacted
exiguous scanty; slender; sparse
exility slenderness or smallness; refinement
eximious excellent or distinguished
existentialism doctrine of individual human responsibility in an unfathomable universe
exlex outside the law
exobiology study of extraterrestrial life
exocentric of a linguistic compound, having a different grammatical function than its parts
exoculate blind; eyeless
exode farce or afterpiece
exodist one who goes out; emigrant
exodontia extraction of teeth
exodromy stabilizing movement of exchange
exogenous having an external origin
exonym name for a town or country in a foreign language
exopathic due to external forces or causes
exophagy cannibalism outside one's own group
exorable capable of being moved or influenced
exordium beginning or introduction to a composition
exosculate to kiss fervently or heartily
exoteric intelligible to the uninitiated; commonplace
exotropia outward squint
expatiate to wander freely; to write about in great detail
expeditate to deprive of the ball of the foot or the claws
expergefacient awakening; arousing
experientialism doctrine that knowledge comes from experience
expiate to make amends for wrong
expiscate to find out by strict examination
explement complement
exponible able to be explained
expostulate to remonstrate; to discuss or reason with
exprobate to reproach; to upbraid
expromission relieving another person's debt by taking it upon oneself
expugn to take by storm; to overcome
expurgate to purify or revise; to censor
exsanguinous without blood
exscind to cut off; to uproot
exsect to cut out
exsert to protrude
exsiccate to dry up
exspuition spitting
exstrophy turning an organ inside out
exsuccous lacking sap
exsufflate to blow away; to exorcise
extensometer instrument for measuring deformation in object due to forces applied
exterritority exemption from local regulations
extispicy divination using entrails
extramundane beyond the known universe
extravasate to let out of the proper vessels; to flow out
extrorse turned outward
extrospection examination of matters external to oneself
exungulation paring of the nails
exuviate to cast off or shed
eyas unfledged falcon or other bird of prey
eyelet small hole in fabric to allow passage of a cord; cotton fabric with small holes
eyeservice work done while the boss is watching
eyne eyes
eyot small island in a lake or river

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