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Word Definition
uakari short-tailed, long-haired monkey
uberous yielding an abundance of milk; abounding
uberty fruitfulness; abundant productiveness
ubication condition of being in a certain location
ubiety location; state of being in a definite place
ubique everywhere
ubiquitarianism belief that Christ is everywhere
ubity place or locality
ucalegon neighbour whose house is on fire
udal form of land tenure in Orkney and Shetland islands
udometer instrument for measuring rainfall
ufology study of alien spacecraft
ughten morning twilight
ukase edict; proclamation by an autocratic government
ulatrophy atrophy of the gums
ulcuscle a small ulcer
uletic of, like or pertaining to the gums
uliginous slimy; oozy; swampy; growing in swampy places
ullage quantity by which vessel is under full capacity
ullagone cry of lamentation; funeral lament
ulmaceous of or like elms
uloid like a scar
ulosis formation of a scar
ulotrichous having woolly hair
ultimo of last month
ultimogeniture inheritance by the last son
ultion revenge; vengeance
ultracrepidate to criticize beyond sphere of one's knowledge
ultradian of physiological cycles longer than an hour and shorter than a day
ultrafidian going beyond faith
ultrageous violently extreme
ultraism holding extreme opinions on a subject
ultramarine deep blue
ultramicroscope instrument for viewing extremely small objects
ultramontane south of the Alps; supporting the Pope
ultroneous spontaneous; voluntary
umbel mass of flowers springing from a single center
umbelliferous bearing umbels
umber brownish red
umbilical of, like or pertaining to the navel; related on the mother's side
umbiliciform shaped like a navel
umbo central knob or boss of a shield
umbraculiform shaped like an umbrella
umbraculum umbrella or umbrella-like structure
umbrage shade; foliage; offence
umbratic shadowy; providing shade
umbratilous shadowy; shaded; indoor; secluded
umbriferous giving or bearing shade
umbril visor on helmet to protect the eyes from light
umbrose shade-giving; dusky
unalist priest holding one benefice
unaneled without extreme unction
unasinous being equally stupid
unberufen exclamation to avert ill luck following boasting
unbosom to pour out; to tell freely
uncate hooked
uncial of, like or pertaining to an inch or an ounce
unciform shaped like a hook
unconsentaneous not in agreement
unction anointing as right of consecration or healing; warmth of address
unctuous slimy; oily; greasy; offensively suave and smug
undate wavy
undecennial happening every eleven years
undeify to deprive of the nature of a god
underbreath subdued voice; rumour
underbridge bridge carrying a road or railway
undercroft crypt or vault under a church
undern light midday meal
underwit inferior wit; half-wit
undight to take off; to doff; to undo
undine female water spirit
undinism psychological obsession with urine and urination
undulationism theory that light consists of waves
uneath difficult; distressing; hard; scarce
ungual of a claw, hoof, or talon; clawed
unguentary of, like or pertaining to unguents; one who makes or sells unguents
unguiculate clawed
unguiform shaped like a claw
unguinous oily; fatty
unguligrade walking on hoofs
unhouseled not having received the Eucharist shortly before death
unicity uniqueness; oneness
unifarious arranged in a single row or series
unifilar having only one thread or wire
unigeniture state or fact of being the only begotten
unigenous of the same origin, kind or sort
unipara woman having given birth only once
uniparous producing only one offspring at birth
unipotent powerful in one direction only
unisonous in unison or agreement
unition conjunction
universalism belief in universal salvation
univocal unmistakeable; unequivocal
univocalic having only one vowel; written passage using only one vowel
univoltine having one brood a year
univorous living on only one host or source of food
unleal unfaithful
unreeve to withdraw a rope from an opening
unseel to unsew the eyes of
unsinew to take the strength from
unstercorated not manured
untimeous untimely
untreasure to despoil
unwithdrawing liberal; lavish
upaithric roofless; open to the sky
upas poisonous or harmful institution or influence
upbuilding development; edification
upcast upward throw; material thrown up
upher rough pole made of fir and used in scaffolding
uprist rising; uprising
upspeak to begin to speak
upstay to sustain
uranic of the palate
uraniferous bearing uranium
uraniscus roof of the mouth
uranism male homosexuality
uranography descriptive astronomy and mapping
uranology study of the heavens; astronomy
uranomancy divination by studying the heavens
uranomania obsession with the idea of divinity
uranometry measurement of distances between heavenly bodies
uranophobia fear of heaven
uranoplasty plastic surgery on the hard palate
uranoscopy star-watching
uraster starfish
urbacity excessive pride in one's city
urbanist expert in urban planning
urbanology study of cities
urbarial founded on a register of landed property
urbicide destruction of a city
urbicolous dwelling in cities
urbiculture cultivation or development of urban life
urceiform shaped like a pitcher
urceolate shaped like a pitcher
urceus single-handled jug or pitcher
urdé pointed; having points
urdee of a heraldic device, pointed or broken into parallel pointed projections
ure use; custom
uredo burning feeling in the skin
urenology study of rust molds
urent burning; stinging
uresis urination
urethroscope instrument for viewing the interior of the urethra
uretic of, like or pertaining to urine
urimancy divination by observing urine
urinator diver
uriniferous bearing urine
urinometer instrument for measuring specific gravity of urine
urkingdom taxonomic group of organisms larger than a kingdom
urman swampy pine forest
urogenous producing or produced in urine
urolith small stone in the urinary tract
urology study of urine; urinary tract
uropoietic secreting or excreting urine
uropygium rump of a bird
urosthenic having a tail designed for propulsion
ursal fur seal
ursicide killing or killer of a bear
ursiform having the shape or appearance of a bear
ursine of, like or pertaining to bears
urtext earliest version of a text; original unmodified version
urticaceous of, like or pertaining to nettles
urticant stinging; irritating
urticate to sting; to flog with nettles
usageaster self-appointed and conservative language usage expert
usance habit; custom
ushabti figurine of deceased person placed in Egyptian tomb
usitative signifying a usual act
ustion action of burning or searing
ustulation burning; roasting
usucaption acquisition of property by long usage and enjoyment
usufruct the right to use and enjoy something
usward toward us
utile profitable; useful
utilitarianism belief that utility of actions determines moral value
utinam earnest wish or desire
utraquist person speaking two or both of two languages
utricide one who stabs an inflated skin vessel instead of killing someone
utricle small cavity or sac
utriculiform shaped like a small cavity or sac
utriform shaped like a leather bottle or flask
uvala irregular depression in a karst terrain
uvelloid resembling a small cluster of grapes
uvid moist; wet
uxorial of, like or pertaining to a wife
uxoricide killing of one's own wife
uxorious excessively fond of one's wife

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