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Word Definition
yabba large Jamaican earthenware or wooden vessel
yabby small edible freshwater crayfish
yachty relating to yachts
yad rod used by readers of the Torah as a pointer for following text
yaff to bark like a snarling dog
yaffingale green woodpecker
yag synthetic diamond made of yttrium aluminum garnet
yager nineteenth-century rifle
yahrzeit Jewish remembrance of the first anniversary of someone's death
yair tidal enclosure for catching fish
yajna Hindu sacrificial rite
yakhdan box used for carrying ice on back of pack animal
yakow animal crossbred from male yak and domestic cow
yale mythical animal resembling tusked horse with elephant's tail and used in heraldry
yam posting-house along a road
yantra geometrical diagram designed as a meditation aid
yapness hunger
yapok an amphibious opossum of South America
yapp limp leather binding in which cover overlaps edges of book
yarak of a hawk, in good condition for hunting
yarborough hand of cards containing no card above nine
yardage charge for use of a yard
yardang ridge formed by wind erosion parallel to prevailing winds
yardarm either end of the yard of a square-rigged ship
yarder donkey-engine used in logging
yardland unit of land area equal to 30 acres
yare marked by quickness and agility; nimble; prepared; easily handled
yarling wailing; howling
yarmulke skullcap worn by Orthodox Jewish men
yarnwindle tool for winding yarn into a ball
yarpha peatbog; sandy or fibrous peat
yarrow flowering herb growing in moist areas; milfoil
yashiki residence of a feudal Japanese nobleman
yashmak double Muslim veil leaving only eyes uncovered
yataghan long curved knife or sabre
yate species of eucalyptus tree with strong wood
yautia root crop of the West Indies like a yam
yaw to move unsteadily side to side; to rotate about a vertical axis
yawl ship's small boat; sailboat carrying mainsail and one or more jibs
yawny prone to yawning; characterized by yawning
yealing person of the same age
yean to give birth to a lamb or kid
yeanling lamb; kid
yeasty full of restless energy or creativity; insubstantial
yede to go
yegg a burglar of safes
yelek outer garment worn by Turkish women
yellow to bellow; to yelp
yellowback cheap sensational novel
yelm a straight bundle of straw used for thatching
yelt a young sow
yeomanette old term for a female yeoman in the American naval reserve
yerk to draw tight; to bind
yeuk to itch
yex to hiccup, belch or spit
yikker to utter sharp little cries
yird to bury
ylem in alchemy, substance from which the elements developed
yogh letter in Middle English representing y or 'hh' sound
yogibogeybox materials used by a spiritualist
yoicks expression of surprise or excitement
yomp to carry heavy equipment over difficult terrain
yon yonder
yonderly mentally or emotionally distant; absent-minded
yoni symbol representing female genitals
yordim emigrants who leave Israel
younker a young person
yowie a little ewe
yperite mustard gas
ypsiliform shaped like an upsilon
yrneh unit of reciprocal inductance
yttriferous bearing yttrium
yu precious jade
yuft Russia leather
yuke to itch

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