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Word Definition
raad electric catfish
rabanna raffia fabric of Madagascar
rabbet groove cut to receive an edge
rabble device for stirring molten iron in a furnace
Rabelaisian coarsely hilarious
rabic of, like or pertaining to rabies
racemation cluster or bundle of grapes or any other thing
raceme central stem with flowers on small stalks
racemiferous bearing clusters or bunches
rach dog that hunts by scent
rachidian of or concerning the spine
rachiometer instrument for measuring the spine
rachis spine or axis of a feather; the spinal cord
rachitogenic causing rickets
raciology study of racial differences
rackrent excessive rent
racloir scraper used by early hominids
raconteur teller of anecdotes
radappertization treatment of food with ionizing radiation to kill bacteria
radarscope instrument for detecting radar signals
raddle flexible rod used to make hurdles or fences
raddle red ochre used to make marks
radicated rooted; established
radiciform like a root
radicivorous eating roots
radicle rootlike organ or part
radicolous living on roots
radiesthesia sensitivity to radiation from any source
radiogenic produced by radioactive disintegration
radiogoniometer instrument for finding direction through radio signals
radiology study of X-rays and their medical applications
radiometeorograph instrument for measuring atmospheric conditions at high altitude
radiometer instrument measuring radiation energy
radioscope instrument for viewing objects using X-rays
radiosonde radio transmitter in balloon used to gather weather data
radix root; root-number or numerical base; root word or stem
radular coarse; scraping; raspy
raduliform like a rasp or file
rafale burst of artillery in quick rounds
raffish disreputable; vulgar
ragabash idle worthless fellow
raglan having sleeves going all the way to the neck
ragmatical wild; ill-behaved
raguly in heraldry, having short alternating projections and depressions
railophone telephone installed in a train
raisonneur person in a play or book embodying author's viewpoint
rake the inclination of a mast or another part of a ship
ramage boughs of a tree
ramate branched
rameal of, like or pertaining to branches
ramellose having small branches
ramentum chaffy scale on plants
ramie strong lustrous fabric resembling linen or silk
ramiferous bearing branches
ramiform branching; shaped like branches
rampallion scoundrel; villain
rampant heraldic animal portrayed on its hind legs
rampick dead tree or tree decayed at top
ramuliferous bearing small branches
ramulus small branch
ramus branch of anything
ranarian froggy
ranarium place where frogs are kept
rancelman local constable or law officer in Orkney and Shetland
rancescent becoming rancid
rand border; edge; margin
randan uproar; din; riotous conduct
randem with three horses in single file
rangiferine of, like or pertaining to or like reindeer
raniform frog-like
ranine of, like or pertaining to or like frogs
ranivorous eating frogs
rantipole wild; disorderly
rantize to sprinkle with water during baptism
ranunculaceous of, like or pertaining to buttercups
raploch coarse undyed woollen cloth
rappel call to arms by the beating of a drum
rapprochement establishment of or state of cordial relations
raptorial predacious; of, like or pertaining to a bird of prey
raptus trance; rapture; seizure
rarissima extremely rare books
ras headland
raschel light loosely kitted cloth
rasophore lowest rank of Greek Orthodox monk
rasorial scraping the ground for food
raster pattern of parallel lines or grid used in certain scanning devices
rasure act of scraping; erasure; obliteration
rataplan drumming sound
ratemeter instrument for measuring counting rate of electronic counters
rath prehistoric hill fort
rathe quick; early; eager
ratheripe early ripe
raticide substance or person who kills rats
ratihabition ratification
ratiné rough bulky plain-woven fabric
ratiocinate to reason or argue logically
rationalism belief that reason is the fundamental source of knowledge
ratite of, like or pertaining to flightless birds
ratline small rope forming a rung of a rope ladder on a ship
ratten to practise sabotage against
ravanastron ancient Hindu stringed instrument played with a bow
ravelin detached work with two embankments
realism doctrine that objects of cognition are real
reast to become rancid
rebarbative repellent; repulsive
rebatement abatement; reduction; discount
rebec medieval musical instrument like a mandolin or viol
reboant marked by reverberation; resounding
rebullition act of boiling up or effervescing
rebus picture puzzle representing a word
recadency relapsing; falling back
recalesce to display again a state of glowing heat
recaption reprisal; taking back that which is unlawfully obtained
recense to revise critically
recept idea or imaged formed by repeated similar perceptions
receptacular serving as a receptacle
recherché carefully chosen, rare or exotic
recidivism habit of relapsing into crime
recipiangle old instrument with two arms used for measuring angles
reciprocornous having horns that turn backward and then forward
recision cutting back; rescinding
récit solo part for voice or instrument; narrative tale
reckling smallest or weakest of a litter
réclame art or practice by which publicity or notoriety is secured
reclinate bent down or back
recoct to cook again; to concoct; to improvise
recondite out of the way; little known
recreant craven; false; apostate
recrement waste; dross; secretion that is reabsorbed; excess matter
recriminate to charge one's accuser
recrudescence a resurgence after a period of abatement
rectalgia pain in the butt
rectigrade moving in a straight line
rectiserial in vertical ranks
rectitudinous manifesting overly obvious moral correctness
recto front side of a bookleaf; on the front
rectrix quill feathers of a bird's tail
recumbent reclining; lying comfortably
recure to cure; to heal; to bring back to health
recusant one who refuses to attend Catholic church services; nonconformist
redact to edit; work into shape; to frame
redan field fortification with two parapets meeting at an angle
redargue to refute; to confute
reddendum reserving clause in a lease
rede to counsel or advise
redhibition return of defective product and cancellation of sale
redintegrate to make whole again; to restore
redivivus resuscitated; come to life again
redolent fragrant; smelling of; suggestive of
redoubt rough and temporary fortification
redoubtable formidable; valiant
redound recoil back on; make contribution for own benefit
redshort brittle at red-heat
reductionism belief that complex phenomena are reducible to simple ones
reduit inner fortified retreat for a garrison
reef to reduce area of a sail by rolling or folding part of it
reel lively dance of the Scottish Highlands
reeve to pass a rope through a ring
refection refreshment or relief; a meal
refectory dining-hall of a monastery or other institution
refel to refute; to disprove; to confute
reflation increase in amount of economic activity and spending
reflectometer instrument for measuring reflectance of radiant energy
reflet iridescent or metallic lustre
reflexology study of reflexes
refluent flowing back; ebbing; tidal
reflux an ebb; boiling using a condenser to avoid liquid loss
refocillate to refresh; to cherish
refractometer instrument measuring refraction of light
refractory unruly; unmanageable; perverse; obstinate
refrangible that may be refracted
refringency refractivity
refugium area that has retained earlier geographic conditions
refulgent casting a flood of light; radiant; beaming
regal a small portable organ
regalism doctrine of the monarch's supremacy in church affairs
regardant in profile and looking to the rear
regelation freezing together again
reginal of, like or pertaining to a queen
régisseur stage manager; director; manager
regius royal
reglementation regulation
reglet strip for spacing between lines in printing
regnal of a reign
regolith layer of loose rock overlaying solid rock
regorge to disgorge; to regurgitate
regrate to buy and sell again in or near the same market
regrede to retrograde
regreet to exchange greetings
reguerdon to reward
regula rule of a religious order
regulus impure metal; intermediate product in ore smelting
reinfund to flow in again
rejectamenta refuse; excrement
rejoinder sharp and clever answer
relâche relaxation; rest; no performance
relative indicating relation or a prepositional object
relict left behind; surviving
reliction recession of sea leaving bare land
religate to tie together; to restrain
reliquary a small box or shrine used to hold relics
reliquiae remains
relucent reflecting; shining
relume to light or light up again
remanent a remainder; a remnant
remanet postponed case or parliamentary bill
remeant returning; coming back
remex quill feather of a bird's wing
remiform oar-shaped
remigate to row
remittitur act of sending case from appellate court back to trial court
remonstrate to protest; to expostulate
remontant flowering more than once per season
remora delay; obstacle
remuant restless; fidgety
remueur person who turns the bottles in wine-making
renal of, like or pertaining to the kidneys
renascent coming into renewed life or vitality
rencounter chance meeting; encounter; casual combat
reniform shaped like a kidney
renitent resistant; reluctant; recalcitrant
renverse to reverse; to upset
rep plain-woven fabric with crosswise ribs
repetend figures, words, notes or numbers that are repeated
repine to feel or express discontent or dejection
replevin repossession of stolen goods pending outcome of lawsuit
repository side altar in Catholic church
repoussé raised in relief by hammering from behind or within
reprehend to rebuke
representamen the product of representation
representationalism doctrine that ideas rather than external objects are basis of knowledge
reprobate reprehensible or immoral person
reprography reproduction of graphic or typeset material
reptant creeping; crawling
reptation act of squirming along a smooth-walled narrow passage
repugn to fight against; to oppose
repunit number consisting of two or more identical integers
requiem lament or mass for the dead
requiescat prayer for the dead
requital act of payment in return; repayment; vengeance
reredos screen behind altar
reremouse bat
rescript answer of pope or emperor to any legal question; edict or decree
réseau network of lines used in star photographs
resection cutting away a part of; especially the end
resiant resident
resile to recoil; to rebound; to draw back from a position
resiniferous bearing resin
resipiscence recognition of error; change to better frame of mind
resistentialism humorous theory that inanimate objects display malice towards humans
resofincular resembling a wire hanger
resorb to absorb back; to reabsorb
respirometer instrument for measuring and studying respiration
respondentia loan on ship's cargo payable on safe arrival
responsory set of responses sung or said after liturgical reading
restiform shaped like a cord
resupine lying on the back
ret to expose to moisture; to soak; to soften by soaking
retable shelf or ornamental setting for panels behind an altar
rete network or net; stylized star-map of an astrolabe
retiary of nets; using nets as a weapon; catching insects in webs
reticella old Venetian lace-like fabric
reticello glass formed with decorative network of fine glass threads
reticle set of intersecting wires used to facilitate accurate observations
reticular of, like or pertaining to nets; intricate
reticulate divide or be divided into a network
reticule small woven lady's handbag
reticulose of the nature of a network
retiform shaped like a net
retinaculum connecting band; means of retention
retinise to read mechanically by sight alone
retinoid like resin
retinoscope instrument for measuring and viewing the retina
retiracy seclusion; enough to retire on
retorse bent backwards
retrad backwards
retrahent drawing back
retral at or toward the rear
retree slightly damaged paper
retrenchment cutting down on; reduction in amount of
retrocede to move back; to cede back; to grant back
retrochoir space in choir behind high altar
retrocognition extrasensory knowledge of past events
retrograde moving or directed backwards; degenerating; inverse
retrogress backward movement; degeneration
retroject to throw backwards
retromancy divination by looking over one's shoulder
retromingent urinating rearwards
retromorphosis change for the worse
retronym new name as modification of older term used alone
retrophilia love of things of the past
retropulsion pushing backwards
retrorse turned back or downward
retroussé turned up; especially of the nose
retrovert to turn back
revalescent convalescent
revalorize to give new value to; to restore value of currency
revanche revenge; policy directed towards recovery of territory
revehent carrying back
revendicate to make formal claim to; to try to retrieve lost goods
revers any part of a garment which is turned back
revest reinstate; reinvest
revet to face with masonry
revetment retaining wall
revie to stake more than an opponent has proposed on
revirescent growing young or strong again
reviviscent reviving
revolute rolled back at the edges
rhabdoid rodlike
rhabdology knowledge or learning concerning divining rods
rhabdology art of calculating using numbering rods
rhabdomancy divination using a rod or stick
rhabdos magic wand
rhadamanthine like a stern judge
rhaebosis curvature; bandiness
rhagades small fissures or chaps on the skin
rhamphoid hooked beak shaped
rhapsodomancy divination by opening works of poetry at random
rhathymia personality factor leading to optimism and cheerfulness
rheid substance that flows viscously when below its melting point
rhema word; verb
rhematic of words or verbs; forming a word or words
rheme speech element that expresses an idea
rheology science of the deformation or flow of matter
rheometer instrument that measures current
rheophile living or thriving in running water
rheostat instrument for measuring electric resistance
rheotaxis direction of movement by water
rheotropism change in orientation or location of an organism due to running water
rhetoricaster petty rhetorician
rheum watery discharge from eyes and nose
rheumatology study of rheumatism
rhexis rupture of a blood-vessel
rhigosis sensation of cold; ability to feel cold
rhinal of, like or pertaining to the nose
rhinocerial very heavy; of or like a rhinoceros
rhinocerotic of, like or pertaining to the rhinoceros
rhinogenous deriving from the nose
rhinology study of the nose
rhinoscope instrument for examining the nose
rhinotillexomania compulsive nose picking
rhipidate fan-shaped
rhizic of the root of an equation
rhizogenic producing or growing roots
rhizoid root-like
rhizome root-like stalk or stem of a plant
rhizophagous root-eating
rhizophilous growing or thriving on or near roots
rhochrematics science of inventory management and the movement of products
rhodopsin visual purple
rhomboid shaped like a parallelogram
rhombos bull-roarer
rhonchial of, like or pertaining to snoring
rhonchisonant making a snorting or snoring noise
rhopalic having each word one syllable longer than that before
rhopography painting in still life
rhotacism excessive or incorrect pronunciation of the letter "r"
rhumb compass point
rhynchodont having a toothed beak
rhyparography genre or still-life pictures of sordid subjects
rhypophagy eating filth
rhysimeter instrument for measuring speed of current or watercraft
rhythmometer instrument for measuring speed of rhythms
rhytidectomy wrinkle-removing operation
rhyton drinking cup with hole in the point to drink by
ria normal drowned valley; long wide creek
riant laughing; merry
ribibe an old crone, past the age of sexual attractiveness
rictal of the gape; of the corner of the mouth
rictus gaping mouth; orifice
rideau ridge or mound of earth used for defense
ridel altar curtain
rident laughing or smiling radiantly; beaming
ridgeling half-castrated animal
ridibund easily moved to laughter
ridotto social gathering with music and dancing
riem rawhide thong
rifacimento recasting of a literary or musical work
riffler small file with curved ends used in woodworking
rigadoon lively Baroque period dance
rigescent becoming numb or stiff
rigidulous somewhat stiff
rillet small brook or stream
rillmark marking produced by water running down a bank or beach
rima narrow fissure
rimiform having a long furrow
rimose full of chinks; covered with cracks
rimple to wrinkle
rindle small watercourse
ringent gaping
rinkomania obsession with skating
riometer instrument for measuring absorbed cosmic radio waves
riparian of or inhabiting a riverbank; a riverside inhabitant
ripienist supplementary instrumentalist
ripieno supplementary or reinforcing music
ripple toothed tool for removing seeds from flax or hemp
risible laughable
risorgimento revival; rebirth
risorial of, like or pertaining to or causing laughter
risus a laugh; a grin
ritornel short instrumental prelude or interlude in opera
rittmaster captain of a troop of horse
rivage shore; bank
rivel to shrivel; to shrink
rivulation irregular marks of colour
rivulose marked with winding and haphazard lines
riziform shaped like a grain of rice
roach curved cut in edge of sail for preventing chafing
roadster light carriage
roband piece of yarn used to fasten a sail to a spar
robinet ancient light cannon
roborant strengthening drug or tonic
roborate to strengthen; to corroborate
roborean strong; like an oak
robur hard-wooded oak
roc enormous legendary Arabian bird
rocaille artificial rockwork or similar ornament
roche rock or cliff; a rocky height
rochet surplice-like vestment of a bishop or abbot
rockaway light four-wheeled carriage with fixed top and open sides
rodenticide killing of rodents
rodomontade bluster; boasting; bragging speech
roentgen unit of x-radiation or gamma radiation
rogation asking or supplication, especially in an ecclesiastical sense
rogatory asking for the intervention of a foreign court in examining a witness
rollick exuberant jollity; to frolic gaily
rolly truck; trolley
rom a gypsy man
romage tumult
romal handkerchief or headcloth; silk or cotton fabric
rondeau poem of thirteen lines
rondure gracefully rounded curvature
rood cross or crucifix at entrance to church chancel
rood old unit of land area equal to 1/4 acre
roodge to push or lift with effort
rookery state of confusion
roorback defamatory falsehood published for political effect
roric dewy
roriferous producing or bearing dew
rorulent dew-covered
rosarian rose-fancier
rosarium rose garden
roscid dewy
roseaceous of the rose family; roselike
roseate resembling a rose; overly optimistic
rosette knot or radiating loops of ribbon concentrically arranged
rosin resin applied to bows for stringed instruments
rosmarine mythical walrus-like sea animal that feeds on dew
rosorial rodentine
rostel small beak or similar outgrowth
rostelliform shaped like a small beak
rostrum spike on prow of warship for ramming
rostrum platform for public speaking; conductor's dais
rota roster
rotameter old instrument for measuring length of curved lines
rotameter instrument consisting of glass tube with free float for measuring liquid flow
rotiferous bearing rotifers
rotocracy government by those who control rotten boroughs
rotograph photograph made by laying negative on sensitive paper
rotula kneecap
rotundate rounded off; orbicular
roturier plebeian
roué man devoted to life of pleasure; rake
roulade melodic embellishment sung to one syllable
rounce handle for moving carriage on hand printing press
rounceval a large, boisterous woman; a mannish woman; a lesbian
round dance in a ring
roundel anything circular; circle; disc; ring-dance
roundelay song with a refrain
roup poultry disease
roussette fruit-bat
rowel small; spiked wheel on a spur
rowen second mowing of grass in the same season; aftermath
rowlock contrivance serving as a fulcrum for an oar
royal small sail on royal mast just above topgallant sail
rubedinous ruddy
rubefaction reddening
rubefy to redden
rubescent growing red; blushing
rubican of a horse, black or red with flecks of white
rubicund ruddy
rubiginous rusty-coloured
rubious ruby red; rusty
rubor redness of body part due to excess blood
rubricality ceremony
rubricate to mark in red; to fix like a ritual
ruche frill of lace or other material
ruction disturbance; uproar
ruderal growing in wasteland or among rubbish
ruelle space between bed and wall
rufescent inclining to redness
rufous reddish or brownish-red
rugate wrinkled
rugine surgeon's scraping instrument
rugous wrinkled; covered with sunken lines
rugulous having small wrinkles
ruiniform having the form or appearance of ruins
rulley flat four-wheeled wagon for carrying goods
rullion a rawhide shoe
rumbustious boisterous
rumchunder fine silk
rumfustian hot alcoholic drink made from rum and various spices
rummer large drinking-glass
runagate fugitive; vagabond
runcation action of weeding
runcinate having irregular saw-toothed divisions
rundale system of holding land in single detached pieces
rundle rung of a ladder
rundlet old liquid measure equal to about 15 gallons
runnel little brook
runology study of runes
rupellary rocky
rupestrian composed of rock; inscribed on rock
rupicaprine of, like or pertaining to chamoises
rupicoline rock-dwelling
ruptile easily breakable
ruridecanal concerning a rural dean and his jurisdiction
rurigenous living or born in the country
rushlight a type of candle dipped in grease
russel ribbed cotton and wool
russet reddish brown
russet coarse homespun cloth
Russophile one who admires Russia or the Russians
Russophobia fear of Russia or Russians
rusticate to send into the country; to banish to rural areas
rusticity rustic manner; simplicity; rudeness
ruth pity; remorse; sorrow
rutherford unit of radioactive decay equal to 1 million disintegrations per second
ruthful piteous; sorrowful
rutidosis wrinkling
rutilant shining; glowing ruddily
rya colourful Scandinavian knotted-pile rug

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