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Word Definition
zabaglione frothy custard
zabernism misuse of military authority; bullying
zabra small Spanish sailing vessel
zabuton flat Japanese cushion for kneeling or sitting
zaffre impure cobalt oxide
zaftig having a full; rounded figure
zaitech investment in financial markets by a company in order to boost profits
zakuska hors d'oeuvre; snack
zalambdodont having molar teeth with V-shaped ridges
zamacueca Chilean dance where partners move around each other
zamarra sheepskin jacket
zambomba Spanish percussion instrument
zambra Spanish dance
zampogna Italian bagpipe
zampone stuffed pigs' trotter sausage
zander a variety of European perch
zanella mixed twilled umbrella fabric
zanjero supervisor of irrigation canals
zanyism buffoonery
zanze African musical instrument like castanets
zapata flowing, drooping moustache
zapateado Latin-American dance with rhythmic tapping of the feet
zappy lively; entertaining
zarf ornamental holder for hot coffee cup
zari Indian gold and silver brocade
zariba square fence of thorn-bushes; fortified camp
zarzuela traditional Spanish vaudeville show; fish and shellfish stew
zatch female genitalia
zayat Burmese public meeting-hall or house of worship
zazzy flashy; stylish
zebrine of, like or pertaining to zebras
zebrinny offspring of male horse and female zebra
zebroid like or resembling a zebra
zebrule hybrid offspring of male zebra and female horse
zebu ox with hump and dewlap
zedoary aromatic root resembling ginger
zegedine silver drinking-cup
zeitgeber rhythmically occurring event that cues organisms' biological rhythms
zek inmate of prison labour camp
zel form of Oriental cymbal
zelator sister in a convent in charge of checking on conduct of other nuns
zelatrix older nun in charge of disciplining younger nuns
zelophobia irrational or fear of jealousy
zelotic of the nature of a zealot
zelotypia jealousy; excessive zeal in carrying out a project
zeme Caribbean idol or totem
zemindar in colonial India, an indigenous revenue collector or landholder
zemirah Hebrew religious song sung at Sabbath meals
zemni blind mole-rat
zenana system of segregating women away from men in harems
zendalet large black woollen shawl worn over the head or shoulders
zendik heretic; magician
zendo hall for Zen Buddhist meditation
zenocentric measured with reference to the planet Jupiter
zenography study of the planet Jupiter
zenzic square of a number
zenzizenzizenzic eighth power of a number
zephyr lightweight wool or worsted fabric; the west wind
zeppole a variety of doughnut
zeroable able to be omitted from a sentence without any loss of meaning
zeta small room or closet in a church
zetetic proceeding by inquiry; a search or investigation
zeugma use of a word to modify two or more words in different ways
zeugmatography imaging using nuclear magnetic resonance to study soft tissue
zeze stringed instrument resembling a zither
zho cross between a yak and a cow
ziamet large ancient Turkish fiefdom
zibeline soft piled wool
zibeline of, like or pertaining to the sable
zibib colourless alcoholic drink made from raisins
ziganka Russian country dance
ziggurat Mesopotamian step pyramid
zill finger cymbals used in belly dancing
zimocca bath-sponge
zincic of, pertaining to or containing zinc
zinciferous bearing zinc
zincography process of engraving or etching on zinc
zineb white powder used as fungicide
zingaro gypsy
zingiber ginger
zinke old wind instrument resembling the cornet
zinkiferous bearing zinc
zinnia brightly coloured annual flower
zinnober chrome green
ziraleet expression of joy among Arab women
zirconic of or pertaining to zirconium
zitella young girl; maiden
zither musical instrument with strings laid over horizontal board
ziti pasta shaped like large macaroni
zizel chipmunk
zizyphus spiny fruit-bearing shrub
zizz sparkle; vim
zoanthropy delusion that one is an animal
zoarium supporting structure for a polyp colony
zodiographer one who writes about animals
zoetic living; vital
zoetrope slotted rotating cylinder producing primitive animation
zograscope optical device for viewing stereoscopic images
zoiatrics veterinary surgery
zoic of, like or pertaining to animals; containing evidence of life
zoilism carping and unjust criticism
zoism doctrine that life originates from a single vital principle
zollverein customs union
zolotnik old Russian unit of weight equal to 1/6 of an ounce
zomotherapy medical treatment using raw meat
zona girdle or belt; patch or band
zonal of or like a zone; arranged in zones
zonarious of or pertaining to a girdle or purse
zonary of or like a zone; arranged in zones
zonelet a little zone
zonoid like a zone
zonule small zone
zonulet a small belt or girdle
zonure small South African lizard
zooarchaeology study of animal remains of archaeological sites
zoocentric centred on the animal world
zoocephalic animal-headed
zoochemistry chemistry of animals
zoochorous of seeds or spores spread by animals
zoochory spread of plant seeds or spores by animals
zooculture domestication of animals
zoocytium a hollow vessel
zoodikers an exclamation
zoodynamics dynamics of animal bodies
zoogamy sexual reproduction of animals
zoogenic produced from animals
zoogeography study of geographic distribution of animals
zoogeology study of fossil animal remains
zoogonous giving birth to live offspring
zoograft tissue from an animal grafted to a human
zoography the painting or description of animals
zoogyroscope device for depicting the movement of animals through rotating images
zooid asexually produced organism resembling an animal
zoolatry excessive devotion to animals or pets
zoolite fossil animal
zoomagnetism animal magnetism
zoomancy divination by observing animals
zoomania insane fondness for animals
zoometry measurement of animals
zoomimetic imitating an animal or part of an animal
zoomorphic having the form or shape of an animal
zoomorphism conception of a god or man in animal form
zoon organism regarded as a complete animal
zoonic of, like or pertaining to or derived from animals
zoonomy animal physiology
zoonosis disease of animals which can be transmitted to humans
zoonosology study of animal diseases
zoopathology study of animal diseases
zoopery experimentation on animals
zoophagy eating animals
zoophilia loving or caring for animals; bestiality
zoophily loving or caring for animals; bestiality
zoophobia fear of animals
zoophorus continuous frieze depicting humans and animals
zoophysics physics of animal bodies
zoophysiology study of physiology of animals
zoophyte plant-like animal such as coral
zoophytology study of plant-like animals
zoopraxiscope device for depicting the movement of animals through rotating images
zooscopy hallucination that one is seeing animals
zoosemiotics study of animal communication
zoosophy knowledge or learning concerning animals
zootaxy science of classifying animals
zootechnics science of breeding animals
zoothapsis premature burial
zootheism attribution of divine qualities to animals
zootherapy veterinary therapeutics
zootomy dissection of animals; comparative anatomy
zootoxin poison derived from animal
zootrophy feeding or tending of animals
zootype animal serving as a type; figure of an animal used to represent a deity
zopissa combination of wax and pitch used for medicinal purposes
zoppa syncopated; limping (in music)
zoppetto medieval Italian limping hop dance
zori Japanese thonged sandals
zorino euphemism for skunk fur
zoster a girdle
zosteriform shaped like a girdle
zosterops small tropical bird with a ring of white feathers around the eyes
zouk Caribbean disco dance and corresponding type of fast rhythmic music
zounds mild oath
zoysia perennial subtropical grass
zubrowka vodka flavoured with sweet-grass
zucca gourd
zucchetto round skullcap worn by Catholic clergy to indicate rank
zuche tree stump
zufolo small flute used to train songbirds
zug waterproof leather used for boots
zugtrompete slide trumpet
zugzwang chess blockade
zule in heraldry, a chess rook
zumbador South American hummingbird
zumbooruk small cannon carried on the back of a camel
zuppa fish soup
zurla Yugoslavian shawm
zurna Turkish bagpipe or shawm
zwieback sweet toasted biscuit
zwischenzug chess move made to play for time
zwitterion ion carrying both a positive and negative charge
zydeco Louisiana Creole dance music
zygal formed like the letter H; of, like or pertaining to a yoke or union
zygnomic legally supported constraint on human freedom
zygodactylic having two toes in front and two behind
zygology science of joining and fastening
zygoma bony arch on the side of the skull
zygomorphic bilaterally symmetrical
zygon connecting bar
zygopleural bilaterally symmetrical
zygosis conjugation
zymic of, like or pertaining to fermentation
zymite priest using leavened bread during communion
zymogenic causing fermentation
zymology science of fermentation
zymometer instrument for measuring fermentation
zymosimeter instrument for measuring fermentation
zymosis fermentation
zymotechnics the art of fermentation
zymotic of, like or pertaining to fermentation
zymurgy branch of chemistry dealing with brewing and distilling
zythum ancient Egyptian beer
zyzzyva South American weevil

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