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Word Definition
gabardine closely woven cotton or wool twill
gabbart barge
gabble to chatter or talk inarticulately
gabbro granular igneous rock
gabelle a salt tax
gabion wicker or wire basket of earth or rock
gablock spur attached to the heel of a fighting cock
gad to wander about idly or in pursuit of pleasure
gadarene headlong; precipitate
gadoid of, resembling or pertaining to the cod
gadroon embossed decoration or fluting on silverware
gadzookery the use of archaisms in literature
gadzooks mild oath
gaff spar on which head of fore-and-aft sail is extended
gaff-topsail triangular topsail with its foot extended upon the gaff
gage token of defiance or challenge; thing deposited as pledge of performance
gal unit of acceleration of one centimeter per second per second
galactic of, like or pertaining to or obtained from milk
galactoid like or resembling milk; milky
galactometer instrument for measuring specific gravity of milk
galactophagist milk drinker
galactophorous bearing or carrying milk
galanty shadow play
galatea striped cotton
galeanthropy belief that one is a cat
galeated shaped like a helmet
galeiform shaped like a helmet
galère group of undesirable people; unpleasant situation
galericulate topped by a hat-like covering
galilee porch in front of church
galimatias nonsense; confused mixture of unrelated things
gallet to fill in mortar joints with small pebbles
galliard sprightly Renaissance and Baroque dance
galliard brisk; gallant; lively
gallimaufry a mixture of different things; hodge-podge
gallinaceous of or resembling pheasants and other domestic birds
gallionic uncaring; indifferent
galliot small galley
gallipot small medicine jar
gallize to bring wine to standard proportions
gallomania craze or obsession with France and the French
galloon lace trim or binding material
Gallophile one who loves France or the French
gallophobia fear of France or the French
galop lively double-time dance
galvanometer instrument for measuring electrical current
galvanoscope instrument for detecting presence and direction of electric current
gambado bound or spring of a horse; fantastic movement
gambeson ancient leather or quilted coat worn as armour
gambrel crooked stick used by butchers for hanging carcasses
gambrel horse's hock
gambrel roof having a pentagonal gable
gambroon twilled worsted and cloth
gametogenesis formation of gametes
gamic sexual; sexually produced
gamidolatry worship of marriage
gamin street urchin; precocious imp
gaminesque playful; impish; boyish
gamma unit of magnetic flux density equal to one nanotesla
gammadion figure comprised of capital gammas; swastika
gammicism inability or hardship in pronouncing letters 'g' and 'k'
gammon to feign an action; perpetrate a hoax on
gamogenesis sexual reproduction
gamomania obsession with issuing odd marriage proposals
gamophagia destruction of one gamete by another
gamophobia fear of marriage
gangue worthless rock in which valuable metals occur
gangway either of the sides of the upper deck of a ship
ganister flint-like rock used to surface roads
ganoid having shiny smooth scales
ganosis reduction in shininess of marble
gantline rope used in single-block hoist
gantry shelving for barrels; shelf where drinks are displayed
gaposis gap in a row of buttons or snaps
gar mild oath
garboard plank on a ship's bottom next to the keel
garbology study of garbage
garçonniere bachelor apartment
gardyloo warning cry
gargarize to gargle
garner granary; store of anything
garnetiferous bearing garnets
garret room just under the roof of a house; attic
gasconade to brag or boast
gasconism boastfulness
gasiform of the form or shape of gas
gasometer instrument for holding and measuring gases
gastriloquist ventriloquist
gastroenterology study of stomach; intestines
gastrolatry gluttony; excessive love of food
gastrolith stone ingested by an animal to aid in digestion
gastrology good eating; cookery
gastromancy divination by sounds from the belly
gastronomy study of fine dining
gastropod mollusks including snails; slugs; whelks
gastroscope instrument for examining interior of the stomach
gastrosopher a person skilled in matters of eating
gat opening or strait between two sandbanks
gatefold oversized page in a book
gaucherie awkward or socially unacceptable remark
gaud trick or practical joke
gauffer to make pleats or ripples in material
gauleiter overbearing wielder of petty authority
gault heavy clay used for bricks
gaumless stupid; witless; vacant
gaur wild ox
gauss unit of magnetic flux density equal to 1/10000 tesla
gavage force-feeding of poultry
gavelkind land inheritance by all sons in equal portion
gavotte moderate tempo French peasant dance
gawdelpus helpless person
gazar silk organza fabric
geal of, like or pertaining or pertaining to the earth
gegenschein glow of zodiacal light seen opposite the sun
geist spirit; intellectual inclination
geitonogamy pollination of a flower by another flower on the same plant
gelasin dimple in the cheek that appears when one smiles
gelastic of, like or pertaining to or provoking laughter
gelation solidification by cooling
gelid extremely cold
gelogenic tending to produce laughter
geloscopy fortune-telling by means of laughter
gemel twinned; occurring in pairs
gemelliparous having given birth to twins
gement groaning, lamenting
geminate to double; to arrange in pairs
geminiform paired; double
gemma bud from which a new plant can grow
gemmate to deck with gems
gemmation budding
gemmeous of, like or pertaining to gems; like a gem
gemmiferous bearing gems
gemmology study of gems and jewels
genappe smooth worsted yarn
genarch head of a family or clan
generalate the office of a general
genesic of, like or pertaining to procreation or the genitals
genesiology study of reproduction and heredity
genethliacon birthday ode
genethlialogy the art of casting horoscopes
genetrix mother; female ancestor
geniculate bent like a knee; jointed
geniophobia fear of chins
genitive indicating possession, origin or relation
genoa large jib that overlaps the mainsail
genophobia fear of sex
genouillère jointed knee-piece of armour
gentilitian belonging to a race or clan
gentrification movement of middle class to working class area
geocarpy the production or ripening of fruit underground
geocentrism belief that Earth is the centre of the universe
geochemistry study of chemistry of the earth's crust
geochronology study of measuring geological time
geocyclic of, like or pertaining to the rotation and revolution of the Earth
geodesy earth measurement on a large scale
geofact rock chipped naturally that looks like an artifact
geogenous growing on the ground
geogeny science of the formation of the earth's crust
geognosy knowledge of the general structure of the earth
geogony study of formation of the earth
geogony theory of the formation of the earth
geoid figure of the earth
geolatry earth-worship
geology study of earth's crust
geomancy divination by casting earth onto a surface
geomorphogeny study of the origins of land forms
geophagy practice of feeding on soil; dirt-eating
geophilous living in or near the ground
geophone device for detecting sound waves underground
geophyte plant that grows in the earth
geoponic agricultural
geoponics study of agriculture
georgette thin silk
georgic of, like or pertaining to agricultural or rustic affairs; rural; agrarian
geoscopy examination or analysis of soil
geoselenic of, like or pertaining to both the Earth and the moon
geostrophic of, like or pertaining to deflection due to effects of Earth's rotation
geotaxis response of an organism to gravity
geotechnics study of increasing habitability of the earth
geothermometer instrument for measuring subterranean temperatures
gerascophobia fear of growing old
geratology study of decadence and decay
gerdoying imitation sound of a crash
gerendum something that is to be done
gerent one that rules or manages
german of one's parents' siblings
Germanophilia love or fondness for Germany or the Germans
germicide substance that kills germs
gerocomy study of old age
geromorphism appearing to be older than one's actual age
gerontocracy government by the aged
gerontogenous of, like or pertaining to the Old World
gerontology study of the elderly; aging
gerontophilia sexual attraction towards the elderly
gerrymander to divide electoral districts for one's own political gain
gesso plaster of Paris used in painting
gestatorial of, like or pertaining to carrying
gestic of, like or pertaining to gestures
geta wooden-soled Japanese shoe
gewgaw toy; trifling object; bauble
ghawazi Egyptian dancing girls
giaour one who does not follow the Islamic faith; unbeliever
gib wedge-shaped piece of metal that holds another in place
gibbet gallows
gibbous hump-backed; humped; swollen
gibus hat worn to the opera
gid brain disease suffered by sheep
gig light two-wheeled one-horse carriage
giganticide killing of a giant
gigantology study of giants
gigantology giant-lore
gigantomachy war of giants against the gods
gigot leg of mutton
gigue lively Baroque dance in triple time
gilbert unit of magnetomotive force
gilderoy proud person
gilliver wallflower
gimbals arrangement of rings allowing free motion of supported object
gimcrack trick; trivial mechanism
gimmal ring that can be divided into two or three rings
gingham striped cotton cloth
ginglymus joint that permits movement in one plane only
ginnel narrow alley between high buildings
ginnery place where cotton is ginned
girandole branched chandelier or similar structure
girasol fire-opal that glows like fire in certain light
glabrous hairless; smooth
glaciology study of ice ages and glaciation
glacis a gentle slope in fortification
gladiate shaped like a sword
glair egg white used as medium for binding paint
glaireous slimy; viscous
glandiferous bearing acorns or nuts
glandiform gland-shaped; acorn-shaped
glanduliferous bearing glands
glareous gravelly; growing on gravel
glaucous sea-green; greyish-blue
glebe church land granted to clergyman
glebe sod; the soil
glebous earthy; full of clods
gleed hot coal; burning ember
gleek a trick or joke
gleet mucus discharge from the urethra
glenoid slightly cupped; socket-shaped
gliriform resembling a rodent
glirine rodent-like; of, like or pertaining to rodents
glissade moving on snow without skis
gloaming period between sunset and full night; dusk
globuliferous bearing globules
glochidiate bristled; barbed
glomerate packed or bunched together
glossa the tongue
glossographer writer of short explanatory notes or glosses
glossoid like a tongue
glossology study of language; study of the tongue
glossophagine eating using the tongue
glottogonic of, like or pertaining to the origins of language
glozing flattery; deceit
gluconeogenesis production of glucose from non-carbohydrates
glumiferous bearing glumes
glutinous gluey; sticky
glutition swallowing
glycogenesis production of glycogen
glyptic of, like or pertaining to carving or gem-engraving
glyptography the art of engraving on gems
glyptology study of gem engravings
gnathal of, like or pertaining to the jaws
gnathion tip of the chin
gnathonic flattering
gnomic signifying general truth; pertaining to aphorisms or proverbs
gnomology collection of aphorisms, proverbs and short poems
gnomon upright rod of a sundial
gnomonics the art of measuring time using sundials
gnosiology study of knowledge; philosophy of knowledge
gnosis knowledge; especially spiritual
gnosticism belief that freedom derives solely from knowledge
gnotobiology study of life in germ-free conditions
goatish lustful; foolish
godet triangular piece of cloth inserted in a skirt
goetic of, like or pertaining to black magic
goitrous affected by or pertaining to goitre
goldenrod dark golden yellow
goliard wandering student
goliardy riotous or lustful behaviour
goluptious delightful; luscious
gomphiasis looseness of the teeth
gomphosis growth of teeth into the bone cavity
gonalgia knee pain
gonfalon ensign with streamers hung from a horizontal bar
gonfalonier standard-bearer
goniometer instrument for measuring angles between faces
gonoph pickpocket; thief
gorget piece of armour for the throat
gorgoneion representation of the gorgon's head
gorgonize to turn into stone; to paralyze with one's gaze
gormandism gluttony
gormless dull or unintelligent
gorsedd assembly for granting awards to Welsh bards
gorsoon boy-servant
gossypine cottony
gouache opaque watercolour paint
gowk a cuckoo; a fool
grabble search with the hand; grope
graben a rift valley
gracility slenderness
gradatim step by step
gradgrind one who regulates things by means of statistics
gradin a rising tier of seats in a theatre
gradiometer instrument for measuring gradient of a physical quantity
gradual part of mass between epistle and gospel
gradualism belief that things proceed by degrees
Graecomania obsession with Greece and the Greeks
grafology divination by studying writing
grain unit of weight equal to 1/7000 of a pound
graip pitchfork; dungfork
grallatory of, like or pertaining to wading birds
gramary magic; enchantment
gramercy expression of gratitude or surprise
gramineous of, like or pertaining to grass; grassy
graminivorous feeding on grass or cereals
graminology study of grasses
grammalogue word represented by a single sign; logogram
grammaticaster a piddling grammarian
grammatolatry worship of letters and words
grammatology study of systems of writing
grandeval of great age; ancient
grandiloquent bombastic
grandinous full of hail; consisting of hail
grandisonant pompous-sounding
grangerize to cut plates out of many books to illustrate one
granivorous feeding on seeds
granuliferous bearing granules
grapheme a letter of the alphabet
graphemics study of systems of representing speech in writing
grapholagnia obsession with obscene pictures
graphology study of handwriting
graphomania obsession with writing
graphophobia fear of writing
graphospasm writer's cramp
grapnel small anchor used for dragging or grappling
graptomancy divination by studying handwriting
grassing bleaching by exposure on grass
graticulation division of design into squares when scaling
gratis without charge; for free
grattoir scraper made of flint
gratulatory congratulatory
grauncher clumsy and incompetent mechanic
graupel frozen rain or snowflakes
gravamen grievance; grounds of legal complaint
graveolent rank-smelling; fetid
gravid pregnant
gravimeter instrument for measuring variations in gravitational fields
gravimetrical of, like or pertaining to measuring by weight
gray unit of absorbed dose of ionizing radiation equal to 100 rads
greave armour for the shin
greaves tallow waste
gregal of, like or pertaining to a flock
gregatim in flocks
greige of a grey-beige colour
gremial intimate; pertaining to the lap or bosom
grenadine thin silk
gressorial adapted for walking
gricer train-spotter or railway enthusiast
gridelin violet-grey
griffade sudden seizure with the claws
grillage framework of timber
grilse salmon first returning to the river from the sea
grimgribber learned gibberish; legal jargon
grimoire magician's book for summoning spirits
grinagog one who is constantly grinning
gripulous grasping; greedy
grisaille style of painting in grey tints
griseous pearl-grey or blue-grey; grizzled
grith sanctuary; asylum
grithbreach breach of the peace
grobianism slovenly boorishness
groggery low public-house
grognard old or veteran soldier
grogram coarse loosely woven silk fabric
gromatic of, like or pertaining to surveys or surveying
gromatics science of surveying
grosgrain heavy close-woven corded silk
grough deep gully in peat moor area
groundage a charge on a ship in port
groundling person of inferior taste; commoner
groundprox altitude warning system in aircraft
groundsel lowest timber of a structure
groupuscule small clique or faction
grout to root or grub with the snout
growlery a retreat for times of ill humour
groyne wooden breakwater
grufted dirty; begrimed
gruine of, like or pertaining to cranes or similar birds
grum morose; surly
grumous clotted; lumpy
guaniferous bearing dung
guardant of a heraldic animal turned to side with head facing the viewer
guarish to heal
gudgeon metal pin or bearing connecting rudder to a boat
gudgeon a person easily cheated
guerdon reward; recompense
guéridon small ornate table or stand
guérite chair with raised back forming a hood
guichet ticket window or similar small opening
guidon pennant with rounded outer edge
guignol something intended to horrify people
guilloche to decorate with intersecting curved lines
guimpe wide cloth covering neck and shoulders worn by nuns
guipure lace having no ground or mesh
gules heraldic name for the colour red
gulix kind of fine linen
gullery place where gulls breed
gulosity gluttony; greed
gulpin credulous person; simpleton
gummiferous bearing gum
gummosity gumminess
gumnivorous feeding on tree saps
gunarchy government by women; gynarchy
gunnage number of guns carried on a warship
gunwale upper edge of the side of a ship
gurgitate to bubble; to boil
gurgitation surging
gurlet pickaxe with one pointed and one bladed end
guttate spotted; having drops or droplike markings
guttatim drop by drop
guttation release of drops of moisture
guttiferous exuding drops
guttiform shaped like a drop
gutturotetany spasm in the throat causing stutter
guyot flat-topped underwater mountain
gybe to swing a sail from one side to another
gyle fermenting vat for beer
gymnasiarch the head of a gymnasium
gymnasiarchy government over a school or academy
gymnasiast a pupil in a gymnasium
gymnobiblism belief that the Bible can be presented to unlearned without commentary
gymnophobia fear of nudity
gymnosophy deep contemplation performed while naked
gynaecide killing of women
gynaecocracy government by women; gynarchy
gynaecology study of women's physiology
gynaecomania abnormal sexual obsession with women
gynandroid hermaphroditic; being of or resembling both sexes
gynarchy government by women
gynics knowledge of women
gyniolatry deep respect or devotion for women
gynocentric focused on or concerned with women
gynocracy government by women; gynarchy
gynotikolobomassophile one who nibbles on women's earlobes
gypsiferous bearing gypsum
gyrograph instrument for counting a wheel's revolutions
gyroidal spiral; rotatory
gyromancy divination by falling from dizziness
gyron triangular heraldic charge
gyrose having a folded surface; marked with wavy lines
gyrostatics the study of rotating bodies
gyrus convoluted ridge between two grooves
gyve to fetter; to shackle

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