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Word Definition
vaccary dairy or cow pasture
vaccimulgence cow milking
vaccine of, like or pertaining to cows; preparation conferring immunity to disease
vacillate fluctuate in opinion or resolution
vadelect servant; serving-man
vade-mecum ready reference manual regularly carried about
vadimony bond or pledge given before a judge
vadose of, like or pertaining to underground water above the water table
vafrous cunning; sly
vagient crying like a baby
vagile having the ability to move about
vagility ability to succeed in the struggle for existence
vaginate sheathed; having a sheath
vagitus baby's cry or wail
vainglory idle boastfulness
vair blue-grey squirrel fur; heraldic representation of blue and white rows
valance drapery hung along the edge of a bed, table or canopy
valence linen helmet-cover for armour
valenki warm Russian felt boots
valetudinarian of, like or pertaining to ill-health; anxious about health
valgus club-footed; bow-legged
vallate having a raised rim or rampart
vallation ridge or bank of earth used as fortification
vallecula groove or furrow
vallum rampart; wall of earth thrown up from a ditch
valorise to set a fixed arbitrary price
valuta comparative value of a currency
vandola stringed lute-like Spanish instrument
vaniloquence vain or foolish talk
vaporimeter instrument for measuring vapour pressure
vapulate to flog; to be flogged
vapulatory of, like or pertaining to flogging
vara unit of linear measure of between 33 and 43 inches
varec seaweed; kelp
varia miscellany
varicella chicken pox
variegated diverse and varied; having multi-coloured patches
varietal of, like or pertaining to a variety
varietist unorthodox person
variform of various forms
variola smallpox
variometer instrument for measuring magnetic declination
variorum including the notes of earlier scholars or editors
varsovienne polka-like Polish dance
varus pigeon-toed
vascular of, like or pertaining to fluid-carrying vessels
vasculature arrangement of blood vessels
vasculiform shaped like a small vase or flowerpot
vasculum botanist's collecting case
vasiferous bearing a vessel or vas
vasiform shaped like a duct or vase
vastate to make immune
vastidity vastness; a vast extent
vatic prophetic; oracular; inspired
vaticide killing or killer of a prophet
vaticinate prophesy; predict
vauclusian of a spring in which water is expelled by artesian pressure
vavasour feudal noble who is both a liege and a vassal
vectigal of, like or pertaining to the paying of tribute or rent
vectitation act of carrying or conveying
vedette mounted sentry stationed to watch for enemy
veduta panoramic view of a town
vegete vigorous
vegetivorous eating vegetables
veilleuse shaded night-lamp
velamentous of, like or pertaining to or like a membrane or sail
velarium awning over an auditorium
velate having a veil; veiled
velation act of veiling; secrecy
veliferous bearing a sail or membrane
velitation skirmish
velivolant flying with sails
velleity lowest degree of volition; slight wish
vellicate to twitch; to tickle or pinch
velociman hand-propelled tricycle
velocimeter instrument for measuring velocity
velocious with great speed
velocipede swift-footed; swift-footed person; old-fashioned bicycle
velometer instrument for measuring speed of air
velour piled velvety cotton
veloutine velvety corded wool
velutinous velvety; having a downy covering
velvetine cotton with silk pile
venal of a type that may be bribed
venatic of, like or pertaining to hunting
venation arrangement of veins on a leaf or an insect's wing
venator huntsman; hunter
vendange grape harvest
vendible capable of being sold
vendicate to claim for oneself
venditation offering for sale
vendition sale
venefic acting by poison or potions or by sorcery
venenation poisoning
venencia instrument used to sample sherry from a cask
veneniferous carrying poison
venepuncture puncturing of a vein
venereology study of venereal disease
venerer gamekeeper; hunter
venerous lustful
venery pursuit of sexual gratification; hunting; pursuit of game
venesect to open a vein for blood-letting
venial pardonable; excusable
venigenous containing veins of metal or quartz
venireman juror
venography injecting radioactive material into veins for medical examination
venose veiny; veined
venous of, like or pertaining to veins
ventage finger-hole; small hole
ventana window
ventiduct ventilating pipe or passage
ventifact stone polished by wind-blown sand
ventorious characterized by venturesomeness
ventose windy; flatulent; puffed up with conceit
ventral of, like or pertaining to the underside or the belly
ventricumbent lying on one's front or one's belly
ventriduct to turn towards the belly
ventripotent with great capacity or appetite for food
venule small vein
veracious truthful; exact
verbalism undue attention to words alone
verbatim word for word
verberate to beat
verbicide destroying the meaning of a word
verbid non-finite part of a verb
verbigeration morbid and purposeless repetition of certain words
verbile one whose mental processes are stimulated by words
verbomania craze for words
verderer officer in charge of royal forests
verdigris greenish copper coating
verdure greenness; health and vigour
verecund modest; shy
verger church usher and attendant
vergiform shaped like a rod
verglas film of ice on rock
veridical veracious; genuine; truthful
veridicous truthful
verily truly; certainly; confidently
verism artistic preference of the everyday to the legendary
verjuice sour juice of unripe fruit
vermeil bright red; scarlet; vermilion
vermeology study of worms
vermian like a worm
vermicide killing of worms
vermicular of, like or pertaining to worms
vermiculous wormy
vermiform shaped like a worm
vermifugal expelling worms
vermigerous bearing, containing or infested with worms
vermigrade creeping like a worm
vermilion bright red
vermivorous eating worms
vernal of, like or pertaining to spring
vernalize to make springlike; to freshen
vernicle cloth with image of Christ's face impressed upon it
vernicose brightly polished or varnished
vernissage varnishing-day
vernition varnishing
verricule tuft of hairs or bristles
verruca wart
verruciform shaped like a wart; wartlike
verrucose warty
versability aptness to be turned around
versal ornamental letter at beginning of section
versant general slope of a mountain
versicle short verse in church service normally followed by response
versicoloured diversely or changeably coloured
versicular of or in verse
versiform changing in form
verst unit of distance equal to approximately 2/3 of a mile
versus against; in contrast to
versute crafty; wily
vert the heraldic colour green
verticil whorl
verticillated whorled
verticity power of turning
vertiginous of, like or pertaining to vertigo; dizzy; giddy
vervel ring for a hawk's jess
vervelle decorated connector between helmet and mail of suit of armour
vesical of, like or pertaining to the bladder
vesicant blistering
vesicate to blister
vespacide substance or person who kills wasps
vespal of, like or pertaining to wasps
vespers prayer service held in early evening
vespertinal of, like or pertaining to the evening
vespiary wasp's nest
vespine of, like or pertaining to hornets or wasps
vespoid wasp-like
vesta wax-stemmed match
vestiary robing-room; cloakroom; of, like or pertaining to clothes
vestibule entrance-hall
vestiture clothes; covering; coat
vestry priest's dressing room
vesturer keeper of vestments
vesuvian smoker's slow-burning match
vesuviate to erupt; to burst with heat
vetanda forbidden things
vetitive having the power to veto
vettura carriage, cab or car
vexillary standard-bearer; pertaining to regimental colours or flags
vexillology study of flags
viaggiatory traveling frequently
viameter instrument for measuring revolutions of a wheel
viatecture construction of roads and bridges
viatical of, like or pertaining to roads or travel
viaticum money or provisions for journey; Eucharist for a dying person
viator traveller; wayfarer
vibraslap modern percussion instrument with rod and ball
vibratile capable of vibratory motion
vibrissa tactile bristle such as cat's whisker; bristly hair
vibrograph instrument for recording vibrations
vibrometer instrument for measuring vibrations
vibronic of or caused by electronic vibration
vicarial of, like or pertaining to a vicar or delegate
vice in place of; rather than
vicegerent acting in place of another; having delegated authority
vicegod hostile appellation applied to the Pope
vicenary based on the number twenty
vicennial occurring every twenty years
vicereine wife of a viceroy
vicinage neighbourhood; residents in a neighbourhood
vicinal neighboring; local
victimology study of victims
victoria light open two-seated four-wheeled carriage
victualler one who operates a pub or eatery
vicuna fabric made from wool of the vicuna, a small ruminant
videlicet to wit; namely
videndum thing to be seen
videtur it seems
vidimus attested copy; inspection of accounts
viduage widowhood; widows collectively
viduity widowhood
viduous widowed; empty
vigesimal based on the number twenty
vigia danger warning on a chart
vigneron vine-grower
vigorish percentage of gambler's winnings taken by bookkeeper
vigoro team sport combining cricket and baseball
vilipend to despise; to make light of; to disparage mockingly
villanelle poem consisting of five tercets and a quatrain
villar of, like or pertaining to a manor or village
villatic rural; of, like or pertaining to a villa
villeggiatura a stay in the country
villiform of the form or shape of velvet
villose velvety
villus soft velvety hair or fur
vimen long thin branch or twig
vimineous with long flexible shoots
vinaceous wine-coloured
vinal of or due to wine
vincible that may be overcome
vincular connective
vindemial of, like or pertaining to the vintage
vindemiate to gather grapes or other fruit
vineatic of, like or pertaining to vines
vinew to make or become mouldy
vinewed mouldy; musty
vinification process of fermenting wine
vinolent addicted to wine
vinology scientific study of vines and winemaking
vinous deep red; burgundy
vinous like wine; pertaining to wine; wine-coloured
violaceous violet-coloured
violatic flying about
viperiform shaped like a snake or viper
viperine of, like or pertaining to vipers
viperous of, like, or pertaining to vipers; treacherous; venomous
viraginous suggestive of a loud overbearing woman
virago manlike or heroic woman
virason sea breeze
virelay old French poem with refrain and unusual rhyming scheme
virescent becoming green or greenish; of a greenish colour
virgal composed of twigs
virgate old unit of land area usually equal to 30 acres or 1/4 hide
virgate rodlike; twiggy
virgule slanting line; solidus; "/"
viricide killing of viruses; killing of men or of husbands
virid green
viridarium Roman garden
viridian chrome green
viridigenous producing greenness
viridity greenness; freshness
virilescence development of male character in the female
virilia male reproductive organs
viripotent fit for a husband; marriageable
virology study of viruses
virose poisonous; foul
virucide killing of viruses
viruliferous bearing or containing a virus
vis force; power
visagist expert in facial make-up
visard mask or visor
vis-a-vis light carriage with seats facing one another
visceral of the organs of the body
viscid semi-fluid; sticky; glutinous; viscous
viscometer instrument for measuring viscosity
visibilia things that are seen
visile of, like or pertaining to sight; learning easily by sight
visiogenic suitable for transmission by television
visitador official visitor or inspector
visive of, like or pertaining to sight; visual; able to see or be seen
visometer instrument for measuring focal length of the eye
vitalism the doctrine that there is a vital force behind life
vitative concerned with the preservation of life
vitellary bright yellow
vitelligenous producing yolk
vitellus yolk of an egg
vitiate impair quality of; make invalid; spoil; make impure
viticetum plantation of vines; vineyard
viticolous living on vines
viticulture vine-growing
vitiferous bearing vines
vitilitigation vexatious wrangling
vitrage thin curtain for windows or glazed doors
vitrail stained glass
vitrescent tending to become glass
vitrescible able to be turned into glass
vitrics glassy materials; glassware; study of glassware
vitrifaction process of converting into glass
vitrifacture glassblowing
vitriform of the form or shape of glass
vitrine glass display case
vitriolic caustic or hostile
vitta band or stripe of colour on an animal or plant
vittate striped lengthwise
vitular of, like or pertaining to a calf or to calving
vituline of, like or pertaining to calves or veal
vituperation abuse; rejection
vivandière female camp follower who supplies provisions
vivarium artificial enclosure for keeping live animals
vivat long live
vivency vitality
viverrine of, like or pertaining to civets and mongoose
viverrine of, like or pertaining to the civet
vivers food; eatables
viviparous producing live young
vivisepulture practice of burying people alive
vizard mask
vocabularian of, like or pertaining to vocabulary
vocative indicating calling or personal address
vocicultural of, like or pertaining to voice training
vociferant clamorous
vociferate to cry out with a loud voice; to bawl
vocoid vowel-like
voicespondence correspondence by means of recorded oral messages
voided of a heraldic charge, having the inner part cut away
voile soft fine sheer fabric
voiturier driver of a carriage or coach
voivode leader of an army; provincial governor
volable nimble-witted
volacious apt or fit to fly
volage giddy; flighty; fickle
volant flying; able to fly; of a heraldic bird, with wings extended
volar of, like or pertaining to the palm or the sole; of, like or pertaining to flight
volary aviary
volation ability to fly
volcanology study of volcanoes
volens consenting to a course of action which requires risk
volery place for aircraft repair
volet short veil worn at the back of the head
volitant flying; flitting; fluttering; moving about
volitation flying; flight
volitient willing
volitive of, like or pertaining to the will
volitive expressing desire or permission
volitorial able to fly
volplane to glide through the air
volta old leaping dance
voltameter instrument for measuring electrical current indirectly
voltigeur lightly armed skirmisher
voltinism breeding rhythm; brood frequency
voltmeter instrument for measuring electrical potential
voluble fluent in speech; too fluent or glib
volucrine of, like or pertaining to birds; bird-like
volumenometer instrument for measuring volume of a solid
volumeter instrument for measuring volume of a liquid or gas
voluminal of, like or pertaining to volume or cubic capacity
voluntarism belief that the will dominates the intellect
voluptuary sensualist; person fond of luxury
volupty sexual pleasure
volutation action of rolling; turning; wallowing
voluted in spiral form
volution revolving movement; convolution; whorl
volvelle instrument like an astrolabe used by doctors for astrology
vomiturition violent retching
voraginous of, like or pertaining to a whirlpool; voracious
vorago gulf; chasm; abyss
vorant devouring
vorpal keen; deadly
vortical of, like or pertaining to a vortex; whirling
vorticist painter who expresses complexity of machinery through art
vorticity amount of vortical motion in a fluid
vortoscope device using mirrors to produce abstract photographs
votation action of voting
votive given by vow; consisting of a vow or wish
voussoir wedge-like stone forming part of an arch
vraisemblance verisimilitude
vug small cavity in a rock
vulcanology study of volcanoes
vulgo commonly; popularly
vulgus the common people; schoolboy Latin composition
vulnerary healing wounds
vulnerate to wound
vulnerose wounded
vulpecular of, like or pertaining to a young fox
vulpicide killing of a fox
vulpine of, like or pertaining to foxes; cunning
vulsella forceps with toothed blades
vulturine rapacious; of, like or pertaining to a vulture
vulvar of, like or pertaining to or resembling the vulva
vulviform shaped like an oval or a vulva

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