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Pronunciation Polls: Master List

These are links to all of the completed pronunciation polls and analytical essays I've done since the inception of the project in January 2006. A couple of the polls have no separate analyses because they were bonus polls done as follow-ups to previous polls.

corollary | Analysis
poultry | Analysis
debacle | Analysis
foyer | Analysis
puma | Analysis
coyote | Analysis
buoy | Analysis
respite | Analysis
forte | Analysis
primer | Analysis
applicable | Analysis
envelope | Analysis
succinct / flaccid | Analysis
economic | Analysis
deluge | Analysis
irony | Analysis
environment | Analysis
[Mystery poll] | Analysis
schism | Analysis
schedule / schist | Analysis
often | Analysis
messiah | Analysis
necklace | Analysis
species | Analysis
grocery | Analysis
almond | Analysis
jaguar | Analysis
melee | Analysis
comptroller | Analysis
pwned | Analysis
diaper | Analysis
niche | Analysis
dour | Analysis
shaman (and shamen) | Analysis
process | Analysis
forbade | Analysis
lasso | Analysis
slavish / slaver | Analysis
ogle | Analysis
fungi/magi/foci/abaci | Analysis
cooperate/zoology | Analysis
extraordinary | Analysis
fission/fissure | Analysis
serif | Analysis
err | Analysis

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