The Phrontistery



Word Definition
aardwolfSouth African carnivorous fox-like quadruped
aasvogelSouth African vulture
abagarment of camel or goat hair; camel or goat-hair fabric
abacinateto blind by putting red-hot copper basin near the eyes
abactorcattle thief
abaculussmall tile for mosaic
abafttoward or at the stern of a ship; further aft
abampereunit equivalent to 10 amperes
abapicalat the lowest point
abarticularnot connected with the joint
abasementaction of humbling or degrading
abasiainability to walk due to lack of muscular coordination
abaskin genial warmth
abatisrampart of felled trees and branches
abatjourskylight or device to direct light into a room
abattoirpublic slaughterhouse
abaturetrail through wood beaten down by a stag
abbyarn used for warp
abbaSyriac or Coptic bishop
abbatialof, like or pertaining to abbots or an abbey
abbozzopreliminary sketch
abditiveremote; secret; hidden
abdominoushaving a paunch or big belly
abducentturning away; bearing away from
abeamin a line at right angles to the length of a vessel, on the beam
abearto bear; to comport; to behave
abecedarianof, like or pertaining to the order of the alphabet; rudimentary
abecedismword created from the initials of words in a phrase
abelewhite poplar tree
abengJamaican bugle made from cow horn
aberdevinealternate name for the siskin
aberuncatorslong tool for pruning tall branches
abessiveindicating absence or lack
abiecticof, like or pertaining to fir trees or fir sap
abigaila lady's maid
abigeuscattle rustler
abiogenesisspontaneous generation of living matter
abiotrophydegeneration; loss of physical vitality or ability
abirritateto alleviate irritation; to reduce sensitivity
abiturientpupil leaving school for university
abjecthumble; miserable; craven
ablactationweaning of a child from its mother's milk
ablativeindicating direction from or time when
ablatorthermal protection on outside of spacecraft
ablautvariation in root vowel of words to change meaning
ablegatepapal envoy or legate
ablowin a blowing state
abluentcleanser or cleansing product
ablutionritual washing
ablutomaniamania for washing oneself
abnegateto renounce or repudiate
abodementan omen; a foretelling
aboideautide gate
abollaRoman military cloak
abomasumruminant's fourth stomach
aboralaway from the mouth
abordto accost; to approach
aborningduring birth; while being born
aborticidekilling of a fetus; abortion
abortuaryanti-abortion term for an abortion clinic
aboulialoss of ability to make decisions
aboulomaniapathological indecisiveness
aboutsledgelargest blacksmith's hammer
abranarrow mountain pass
abradanta substance that abrades
abraidto awaken or rouse
abraxasgem engraved with mystical word and bearing human-animal figure
abreuvoirjoint or gap between two stones in masonry
abroachin a condition to allow liquor to run out
abscindto pare, reduce, cut off or away
abscissahorizontal distance from a fixed line to a point
abscissioncutting off; cutting away
absconcelantern used in monasteries and night offices
abseilto descend a rock face using a double rope
absentaneousdone in absence; pertaining to absence
absinthialof, like or pertaining to wormwood; bitter
absinthismdisease resembling alcoholism
absitleave to pass one night away from college
absolutismdoctrine of government by a single absolute ruler; autocracy
absolutiveindicating subject or object of intransitive verb
absolutoryforgiving or absolving
absonantdiscordant; abhorrent
absorbefacientcausing or promoting absorption
absorptiometerinstrument for measuring solubility of gases in liquids
absquatulateto decamp; to leave quickly; to flee
abstergewipe clean; expunge; purge; purify
absurdismdoctrine that we live in an irrational universe
abterminalgoing from the end inwards
abthanemonastic region of the old Irish church
abulialack of ability to make decisions; aboulia
abunaEthiopian patriarch
abusionmisuse; outrage; deception
abutmentmasonry on a wall that supports an arch
abvoltunit of electrical potential equal to one hundred millionth of a volt
abyto make amends; atone; pay a penalty
abyssopelagicof, like or pertaining to the depths of the ocean
academicismdoctrine that nothing can be known
acanaceousbearing prickles or thistles; prickly
acanthousspiny; prickly
acapnialack or deficiency of carbon dioxide
acapnoticnon-smoker; non-smoking
acariasisirritating itching insect infestation
acaricidekiller of mites and ticks
acarineof, like or pertaining to ticks or mites
acarologystudy of mites
acarophobiafear of itching or of insects causing itching
acarpoussterile; not bearing fruit
acatalectichaving complete or full number of syllables in a poetic line
acatalepsythe unknowableness of all things to a certainty
acatamathesiainability to understand data presented to the senses
acatesprovisions that have been purchased
acatourprovisioner; quartermaster
acaulescenthaving a very short stem
accelerometerinstrument for measuring acceleration or vibrations
accendto kindle
acceptilationremission of debt or liability through fictitious repayment
accessitprize for students in second place; honourable mention
acciaccaturavery short note played before a longer one
accidencegrammar book; science of inflections in grammar
accidentalismtheory that events do not have causes
accidiesloth; physical torpor
accingeto gird
accipiterbandage worn around the nose
accipitrallike a bird of prey; rapacious
accipitrineof, like or pertaining to falcons and hawks
accismusin rhetoric, pretending to refuse something
acciteto cite; to summon
acclinatesloping upwards
acclivityupward slope
accloyto hobble with a horseshoe nail
accoladecurved architectural moulding; vertical line joining two musical staves
accolléof a heraldic animal, entwined or collared
accostedin heraldry, two figures placed side by side
accoucheurmale midwife
accoucheusefemale midwife
accourageto encourage
accourtto entertain
accoyto subdue; to pacify; to soothe
accrementitionincrease or growth by adding similar material
accretionaccumulation; addition of parts to form a whole
accubationreclining as on a couch
accubitumcrescent-shaped couch
accusativeindicating direct object of a verb
acedialistlessness; sloth
aceldamasite or scene of violence or bloodshed
acequiairrigation ditch
acerateof, like or resembling a needle
acerbateto embitter; to irritate
acerouslacking horns or antennae
acersecomicone whose hair has never been cut
acervateheaped; clustered
acervulinelike or in small mounds or heaps
acescencebecoming sour; souring; turning of milk
acetabulumsmall anatomical cup or hollow, such as a sucker
acetariousreferring to plants that are used in salads
acetimeterinstrument for measuring strength of vinegar
achaenocarpany dry indehiscent fruit
acharnéfurious or desperate (of a battle)
achenesmall one-seeded fruit or naked seed of plant
achloropsiacolour-blindness with respect to green
achoreruption or scab on the head
acidaemiaundue acidity of blood
acidimeterinstrument for measuring concentration of acids
aciduloussharp or bitter-tasting
acierateto turn into steel
acinaceousfull of kernels
aciniformshaped like a berry
acinusberry which grows in clusters
ackamarackuspretentious or deceptive nonsense
aclinichaving no inclination or magnetic dip
acoemetiancient monastic order who maintained eternal choir service
acologystudy of medical remedies
acolouthicof, like or pertaining to an after-image or other after-sensation
acopiccuring or relieving fatigue
acoriapathologically great appetite
acosmismdisbelief in existence of eternal universe distinct from God
acouasmringing noise in head
acquestobject which is acquired
acracygovernment by none; anarchy
acre-breadthold unit of length of 22 yards
acrocephaloushaving a pointed or peaked skull
acrographythe art of making wood blocks in relief
acrolithwooden statue with stone extremities
acrologicof, like or pertaining to initials
acromegalyglandular disorder causing gigantism of extremities
acronicaloccurring at nightfall or sunset
acronymword formed from initial letters of another word
acronyxingrown nail
acropathydisease or illness of the extremities
acrophobiafear of heights
acrophonicusing a symbol for the initial sound of a thing
acropodiumpedestal upon which a statue rests
acroscopiclooking or moving towards the apex
acroteleuticphrase or words at the end of a psalm
acroterionpedestal or ornament at the angle of a pediment
acrotismabsence of pulsing
actinismaction of solar radiation causing chemical change
actinographinstrument used to calculate time of photographic exposure
actinometerinstrument for measuring incident radiation
actinotherapyuse of ultraviolet rays as medical therapy
actonstuffed jacket worn under armour; haqueton
actuatecommunicate motion to; cause
aculeateprickly; pointed; stinging; a stinging insect
aculeiformshaped like a thorn
acultomancydivination using needles
acuminatetapered; pointed; to sharpen
acutiatorsharpener of weapons
acutorsiontwisting artery with needle to stop bleeding
acyanopsiacolour-blindness with respect to blue
acyesisfemale sterility
acyrologyincorrect diction or pronunciation
adactylouslacking fingers or claws
adamantineunbreakable; impenetrable
adamitismnakedness for religious reasons
adaxialnext to or towards the axis
addaxlarge African antelope
addaxspiral-horned antelope dwelling in the Sahara desert
additamentthing added or appended; heraldic ornament
addititiousof, pertaining to or resulting from addition
addleputrid; barren; muddled
addorsedturned back to back in heraldry
adducecite as proof or instance
adeciduateevergreen; coniferous
adeemto cancel a bequest by destruction of the object
adelasterprovisional name for a plant whose flowers are unknown
adelphogamysharing of a wife by two or more brothers
ademptionrevocation of donation by donor
adenalgiapainful swelling of a gland
adeniaglandular swelling
adeniformshaped like a gland
adenographydescriptive work on the glandular system
adenoidof, like or pertaining to or like a gland
adenologystudy of glands
adenotomyremoval or excision of gland
adespotaanonymous works
adessiveindicating place where or proximity to
adevismdenial of gods of mythology and legend
adhibitto attach; to admit; to administer
adhocracygovernment in an unstructured fashion; an unstructured organization
adiabaticwithout transference of heat
adiaphoresisabsence of perspiration; inability to perspire
adiaphorismdoctrine of theological indifference or latitudinarianism
adiaphorontenet or belief on which a theological system is indifferent
adiapneustiadefective perspiration
adiathermancyimpermeability to radiant energy
adipescentbecoming fat or fatty
adipicof, like or pertaining to fatty substances
adipocerefatty substance occurring in corpses left in moist areas
adipsiaabsence or lack of thirst
aditopening or passage into a mine
adjudgeto decide; to award
adjutantenormous Indian stork
adjutorhelper; assistant
adjuvantsubstance added to make vaccine more effective
admanuensisone who takes an oath on a religious book
admaxillaryconnected to or near the jaw
admeasurementthe act of measuring or apportioning
adminiclethat which supports or aids, especially evidence
adnascentgrowing on some other thing
adnominalindicating adjective used as a noun
adnounadjective serving or used as a noun
adoniseto adorn oneself
adoptionismbelief that Christ was the adopted and not natural son of God
adoralnear the mouth
adosculationimpregnation by contact alone or by wind
adownin a descending direction
adoxographygood writing on a trivial subject
adoxybeliefs that are neither orthodox nor heterodox
adpressto press together
adrogationadoption of a boy or girl before adolescence
adscititiousadded; additional
adscriptattached or feudally bound to the soil or earth
adsorbto attract and stick to the surface
adumbrateindicate faintly; foreshadow
aduncateshaped like a hook or crook
adustburnt; scorched
advectionhorizontal movement of air
advehentbringing inwards
advenientdue to outside causes
adventitiousaccidental; casual
adventivea thing or person coming from outside
adversariamiscellaneous notes; commonplace books
adversativeword or phrase expressing opposition
advertrefer to in speech or writing
advertorialadvertisement presented as if it were editorial material
advesperatedarken; become late
advocaatliqueur containing rum and raw eggs
advowsonright of presentation to church living
adynamiahelplessness; lack of strength
adynatonrhetorical use of a nearly impossible situation for emphasis
adytumsacred part of a temple or church; church chancel
adzebillprehistoric flightless bird of New Zealand
aedilemagistrate in charge of games, markets or buildings
aedoeologyscience of generative organs
aegilopsstye in inner corner of eye
aegisprotection; support
aegrotatmedical certificate of illness excusing student's sickness
aeneousshining bronze colour
aeoliangiving forth a tone as if produced by the wind
aeolipylehollow ball that turns through steam escaping through valves
aeolotropyvariation in physical properties on basis of position
aeonianlasting for an immeasurably long period of time
aepyornisgigantic flightless bird of Madagascar
aerenchymarespiratory tissue
aeriformof the form or shape of gas; gaseous
aeriousof the nature of air; airy
aerobeorganism requiring oxygen to survive
aerobiologystudy of airborne organisms
aerodoneticsscience or study of gliding
aerogenesisforming or generating gas or air
aerographydescriptive work on the atmosphere
aerolithstone that falls from the sky; meteorite
aerolithologystudy of aerolites; meteorites
aerologystudy of the atmosphere
aeromancydivination by means of the weather
aerometerinstrument for measuring weight or density of gas
aerophanethin crinkled semi-transparent fabric
aerophilatelycollecting of air-mail stamps
aerophobiafear of flying or draughts
aerophonemusical instrument like a concertina
aerophoreinstrument used to inflate stillborn child's lungs
aeropleusticof, like or pertaining to aerial navigation
aerostatany lighter-than air craft; balloon
aerostaticsscience of air pressure; art of ballooning
aeruginousof, like or pertaining to copper-rust or verdigris
aerugorust of any metal
aescletter used in Old English for 'ae'
aesopianconveying meaning only to those in a secret movement
aesthesiogenicproducing or causing a sensation
aestheticismdoctrine that beauty is central to other moral principles
aestivalof, like or pertaining to summer
aethrioscopeinstrument for measuring temperature variations due to sky conditions
aeviternaleverlasting; endless
aeviternityeternal existence
afebrilenot suffering from fever
affabulationmoral of a fable
affeerto assess; to reduce to a fixed sum
afferentbearing, bringing or carrying towards
affianceto trust; to betroth
affinea relation by marriage
afflatusinspiration; divine impetus
afforceto strengthen a jury by adding skilled people
afforestto cover with forest; to convert into hunting grounds
affranchiseto free from slavery or similar obligation
affrayan attack or assault; an alarm or fright
affrayerdisturber of the peace
affreightmenthiring of a vessel
affricateconsonant that begins as a plosive and ends as a fricative
affrontéof two heraldic animals, facing one another
affusionpouring on; as of baptismal water
afterclapunexpected damaging or unsettling after-effect
afterdeckdeck behind a ship's bridge
aftergamerematch; means employed after first turn of affairs
afterguardmen who work the aft sails on the quarterdeck and poop deck
afteringslast milk drawn when milking a cow
afterpieceminor piece after a play
aftershaftsecond shaft coming out of the quill of a feather
afterwillocking of the barn after the cows have been let out
agacerieallurement; coquetry
agalactiafailure or inability to produce milk
agamistone who opposes marriage
agamogenesisreproduction by non-sexual means
agapeselfless Christian love; a feast in celebration of such love
agapeisticcharacterized by Christian love
agapetlover of women
agapetaechurchwomen who live platonically with celibate men
agapismethics of love
agastopiaadmiration of part of another's body
agateweartype of ceramic resembling agate stone
agathismbelief in ultimate triumph of good despite evil means
agathodaimonone's good genius; the good part of one's conscience
agelastone who never laughs
agennesicsterile; impotent
agenocratiaopposition to birth control
agentiveindicating agent performing an action
ageotropicmoving or turning away from the earth
agersiaquality of not growing old
ageusiadamage to the sense of taste
aggerartificial mound or elevation for military use
aggerosein heaps; piled up
aggiornamentomodernization of ideas of the Catholic church
aggradeto raise level of a surface through depositing detritus
aggrandizeincrease power or rank of; make greater
aggrateto gratify or please
aggrytype of West African glass beads
agiopremium paid on foreign currency exchange
agiotageplaying the stock market; speculation
agistto charge with a public burden; to take in to graze for payment
agistmentland tax assessed for cattle pasturing
agletmetal point attached to a lace or string
agmasymbol or sound for a velar nasal consonant "ng"
agnailsore, corn or hangnail on the toe or foot
agnamename over and above the ordinary name and surname
agnizeto acknowledge or confess
agnomenadditional name; surname; nickname
agnominationrhetorical use of similar-sounding words for effect
agnosicunable to recognize familiar objects due to brain damage
agnosticismdoctrine that we can know nothing beyond material phenomena
agogetempo or sequence in melody in ancient Greek music
agogicaccenting a musical note by slightly dwelling on it
agomphosislooseness in the teeth
agonicmaking no angle
agonismcompetition; effort; striving
agonistessomeone in the grip of inner conflict
agonisticof, like or pertaining to or being aggressive or argumentative
agonisticsart and theory of prize-fighting
agoraphobiafear of open spaces
agoutitropical rabbit-sized rodent
agowiltsudden sickening and unnecessary fear
agraffehooked clasp used by masons to hold blocks together
agraphasayings of Jesus not found in the canonical gospels
agraphiainability to write
agravichaving no gravity; pertaining to the condition of zero-gravity
agresticof the fields; rural; unpolished
agriologythe comparative study of primitive peoples
agrizeto horrify; to disfigure
agrizoiatrymedicine specializing in wild animals
agrobiologystudy of plant nutrition; soil yields
agrologystudy of agricultural soils
agromaniaintense desire to be in open spaces
agronomicsstudy of productivity of land
agrostographywriting about grasses
agrostologyscience or study of grasses
agrypnoticanything taken to aid wakefulness
aguardienteSpanish or Portuguese brandy
agyiophobiafear of crossing busy streets
agynarylacking female genitals
ahimsathe duty of sparing animal life; non-violence
ahullwith sails furled and helm lashed to the lee-side
aithree-toed sloth
aichmophobiafear of sharp or pointed objects
aigertidal wave occurring in rivers
aigrettea spray of jewels; ornamental feather plume; an egret
aiguillesharp; needle-like peak of rock
aileronflap on airplane wing for lateral balance
ailetteplate of armour worn on shoulder
ailuromancydivination by watching cats' movements
ailurophilialove of cats
ailurophobiafear of cats
aioligarlic-flavoured mayonnaise
airscrewaircraft propeller
aischrolatryworship of filth, dirt, or smut
aislinga vision or dream
aitsmall island in lake or river
aitchbonerump bone of cattle; rump cut of beef
aiuéelderly; senior
akeratophorousnot horned
akinesialoss of ability to move
alamembranous outgrowth on a plant or animal
alabaminealternate name for the element astatine
alackexpression of sorrow or regret
alalialoss of ability to speak
alamedapublic walkway between rows of poplar trees
alamodelightweight glossy silk
alamorthalf-dead; dejected
alannahterm of endearment used with one's child
alarof, like or pertaining to the wing or shoulder
alastrimmild form of smallpox
alationstate of having wings; position of wings on a creature
alaudineof, like or pertaining to skylarks
alblong white robe worn by priests
albarellocylindrical jar used to hold drugs
albatavariety of German silver
albealthough; albeit
albedowhiteness, as of a celestial object
albescentbecoming white; whiteness
albicantwhitish; becoming white
albificativeable to whiten or be whitened
albionmedieval astronomical device for finding positions of planets
albocracygovernment by white people
albolithwhite cement formed from magnesia and silica
albugineouslike the white of an eye or an egg; white-coloured
alcahestalchemical universal solvent
alcatotesilly elf
alcineof, like or pertaining to elks; of, like or pertaining to auks
alcoholometerinstrument for measuring proportion of alcohol in solutions
alcovinometerinstrument to measure strength of wine
aleatoricdepending on contingencies or chance
aleberrybeverage made from ale, spices, and dried bread
alecostcostmary, an herb used in flavouring ale
alectormancydivination by sacrificing a rooster
alectryomancydivination by watching a rooster gather corn kernels
aleeon or toward the lee
alegarvinegar made by turning ale sour
alepinemixed wool and silk or mohair and cotton fabric
alethiologystudy of truth
aleuromancydivination using flour or meal
alexiainability to read
alfetcauldron of boiling water used during trials by ordeal
alforgewallet or leather bag
algedonicsscience of pleasure and pain
algeticcausing or producing pain
algicidekiller of algae
algidcold; chilly
alginuresispainful urination
algolagniasexual pleasure derived from inflicting pain
algologystudy of algae
algophobiafear of pain
algorcoldness; shivering fit
algraphyart of printing from aluminum plates
alicornmythical wavy-horned bull, often used as heraldic device
alidaderevolving index on astrolabe or other instrument for reading gradations
alieniloquyspeech on subjects other than the matter at hand; off-topic speech
aliicidekilling of someone other than oneself; murder
alipedhaving wings on the feet
aliphaticof, like or pertaining to fat or fats in general
aliquantnumber dividing into another with a remainder
aliquotnumber dividing into another without leaving a remainder
aliterrequiring a different law to be applied; it is otherwise; in other words
aliundefrom elsewhere
alksap or resin from turpentine trees
alkalimeterinstrument for measuring strength of alkalines
alkanetreddish plant-based dye
allantiasisfood poisoning resulting from inadequate preservation
allantoidshaped like a sausage
allativeindicating movement towards
allemainenormous pudding out of which acrobats leap
allemandecourtly baroque dance in which the arms are interlaced
alliaceousof, like or pertaining to garlic; garlicky
allicientattracting something else
allisionintentional collision of two ships
allocaturamount allowed for costs
allochthonousformed or produced elsewhere or externally
allodicnot subject to a superior
allographywriting another individual's signature
allolaliaspeech disorder featuring randomly spoken words
allongepaper attached to commercial bill requiring signatures
allonymother person's name used by an author
alloquyspeaking to another or many others; an address
allotheismbelief in or worship of strange gods
allotriophagycraving for strange foods
allotropyof an element, having more than one form
alluvioneffect of water impacting on shoreline
allwhereelsewhere; everywhere
almacantarcircle of altitude, parallel to the horizon
almagesttextbook or handbook, especially dealing with astronomy
almandineviolet-coloured garnet
almonergiver of alms; social worker in a hospital
almucecloth or fur hood
alnagerinspector of cloth
alogismillogical statement
alomancydivination using salt
alopeciabaldness; hair loss
alopecoidof or resembling a fox
alpacafine wool made from alpaca hair
alpenglowreddish glow appearing at sunrise or sunset in mountains
alpenstockermountain climber
alpestrineof, like or pertaining to alpine regions
alphenicsugary candy used in medicine
alphitomancydivination using loaves of barley
alphonsininstrument used to extract bullets from bodies
althigh musical tone
altaragepayment to priest for mass; offerings at altar
alteritystate of being different
altiloquencepompous or high speech
altitonantthundering on high or loudly
altricialhaving young requiring care for a lengthy period
aludelpear-shaped pot used in sublimation
aluminiferousbearing aluminum
alvearybeehive; area of the ear where wax collects; word-list
alveolateof or like a honeycomb
alveromancydivination using sounds
alvineof the belly
amaa Japanese pearl-diver
amadelphousoutgoing; gregarious
amainto a high degree; exceedingly; at full speed
amanouslacking hands
amanuensisone employed to write from dictation
amaranthimaginary flower reputed never to fade
amaranthineimmortal; undying; deep purple-red colour
amasesisinability to chew
amasthenicfocusing light rays to a single point
amathophobiafear of dust
amaxophobiafear of riding in a car
ambageswindings; roundabout ways; delays
ambeerjuice from chewing tobacco
amberjackspiny-finned Atlantic sport fish
ambiloquoususing dubious or ambiguous expressions
ambisinistrousawkward in the use of both hands
ambitcircuit; scope; compass; confines
amboearly Christian raised reading desk or pulpit
ambryrecess for church vessels; cupboard or niche
ambsacebad luck; a low score
ambulatoryaisle down the east end of a church
ambulomancydivination by taking a walk
ambulophobiafear of walking
ambustionburn or scald
amendefine or reparation paid
amenta person who fails to develop mentally
amerceto fine; to deprive; to punish
ametropiaabnormal optical refraction
amicestrip of fine linen worn as cloak or wrap by priest at mass
amicicidemurder of a friend
amidmostin the very middle
amidshipsmidway between the bow and stern of a ship
ammeterinstrument for measuring electrical current
ammophiloussand-loving; preferring to dwell in sand
amnicolistone who lives near a river
amniomancydivination by examining afterbirth
amorcepercussion cap for a toy pistol
amoretlove sonnet or song
amorettoa cherub or spirit of love
ampelidiousof, like or pertaining to vines
ampelographyscientific description of the vine
ampereunit for measuring amount of electrical current
amphibiolithfossilized amphibian
amphibolicable to turn both backwards and forwards; double-jointed
amphibologyambiguity in language; dual grammatical meaning
amphigeanoccurring in both hemispheres of the brain or body
amphigorya nonsense verse
amphimixisinterbreeding; intermixing of two individuals' genetic matter
amphipneustanimal with both lungs and gills
amphisbaenamythical two-headed serpent or lizard
amphiscianof, like or pertaining to torrid regions
amphiumaaquatic American salamander with two pairs of small feet
amphoriloquycavernous voice of a patient heard over a patient's lung cavity
amplectto embrace
amplexusrutting of frogs and toads
ampliativesupplemental; additional
amplivagantstretching far; having a great scope
ampullavessel for holy oil or wine for coronations or rituals
amritaHindu ambrosia bestowing immortality
amygdaloidalmond-shaped; of, like or pertaining to tonsils
amyloidcontaining or pertaining to starch; starchy
amyouslacking muscle
anain equal quantities
anabasisjourney leading upwards; first phase of an illness
anabiosisreturn to life after apparent death
anacampserotesomething which can bring back a lost love
anacampticreflecting or reflected light; sound or water
anacardicof, like or pertaining to cashews
anacatharticcausing vomiting or expectoration
anachoricforeign or geographically absurd relating to a country
anaclasticrefractive; of, like or pertaining to refraction
anacliticdependent on other phenomenon or ability
anacoenosisrhetorical questioning of hearers or opponents for opinions on a matter
anacoluthonmoving to new topic of discussion before finishing current one
anacrisisinterrogation accompanied by torture
anacrusissyllable prior to the normal rhythm of a verse
anacusiccompletely deaf
anademwreath, fillet or band
anadiplosisrepeating last word of clause at beginning of next clause
anadromousfish which ascend rivers to spawn
anaesthesiologystudy of anaesthetics
anagalacticcoming from or existing beyond our own galaxy
anaglyphornament in low relief
anaglypticsart of carving in bas-relief
anaglyptographyart of engraving so as to give the subject an embossed appearance
anagnorisisrecognition leading to denouement of a play
anagogymystical interpretation
anagraphyart of constructing catalogues
analectscrumbs that fall from the table
analepsisrepetition of a word or phrase for emphasis; pleonasm
analgiainability to feel pain
anamnesisreminiscence; prayer recalling death and resurrection of Jesus
anamorphicchanging to a more complex form
ananymname written backward; often used as synonym
anapeiraticcaused by excessive use
anapesttwo short metrical syllables followed by one long one
anaphalantiasisfalling out of the eyebrows
anaphialoss of sense of touch
anaphorarepetition of a word at beginning of successive phrases for emphasis
anapnearecovery of one's breath; restoration of breath
anastrophereversing or inverting word order as rhetorical device
anatineof, like or pertaining to ducks
anatocismcompound interest
anatrepticovercoming; overturning
anaudialoss of voice
anaunteron the chance; lest
anburysoft fleshy tumour in horses
anchoriteone withdrawn from the world for religious reasons
ancillaryauxiliary; secondary
ancipitoustwo-edged and flattened
anconoidof, like or pertaining to the elbow
ancoralof, shaped like or resembling an anchor
ancressfemale religious recluse
andironiron bar used to support the end of a log in a fire
andragogyscience of teaching adults
androcracygovernment by men
androlepsiagovernmental kidnapping for political purposes
aneabilsingle; unmarried
anearnearly; almost
aneleto administer extreme unction to
anemocracygovernment by the wind or by whim
anemographinstrument for measuring pressure and velocity of wind
anemographytreatise on the winds
anemologystudy of winds
anemometerinstrument for measuring wind velocity
anemophilouspollinated by wind
anencephaliclacking a brain
anentabout; concerning
anergiafailure of immune system; loss of energy
anesistuning to a lower musical pitch
aneurialack of nervous energy
anfractuousfull of windings and intricate turnings
angarythe right of a belligerent to seize neutral property
angelocracygovernment by angels
angelolatryworship of or belief in angels
angelologystudy of angels
angelotmusical instrument resembling a lute
angelusprayer said in morning, at noon and at sunset
angiogenesisproduction of blood vessels
angiographydescription or examination of the blood vessels
angiologystudy of blood flow and lymphatic system
anglicein plain English
anglomaniacraze or obsession with England and the English
anglophilialove or fondness for England or the English
anglophobiafear of England or the English
angorasilk-like fabric made from wool of angora goats
angstromunit of one ten-billionth of a meter
anguiformshaped like a snake
anguilliformshaped like an eel
anguineof, like or pertaining to snakes
anhedoniaan unresponsiveness to pleasure
anhelationshortness of breath
anhidrosisabsence of perspiration
anhingalong-necked fish-eating tropical American bird
aniconicsymbolizing without aiming at resemblance
anicularlike an old woman
anileimbecilic; senile; like a very old woman
animadvertto comment critically on; to censure
animalismbelief that humans are mere animals
animasticspiritual; animate
animéof a heraldic animal, having eyes differently-coloured from the animal itself
animismattribution of soul to inanimate objects
anionpositively charged ion
anisothenicbeing of unequal strength
ankerliquid measure of 8 1/2 gallons
ankusspiked elephant goad
ankyloglossiacondition where motion of tongue is impeded; state of being tongue-tied
anlaceshort two-edged dagger
annealto heat and cool metal gradually to temper
annectenthaving intermediate features between two taxa
annihilationismdoctrine that the wicked are utterly destroyed after death
annodatedshaped like the letter S
annominationpun; play on words
annuentnodding or moving of the head
annulatedfurnished with rings, wearing rings
annuletsmall ring around a classical column
annuloseringed; composed of rings
anoasmall wild ox of Indonesia
anocatharticemetic; causing vomiting or expectoration
anodynesomething that relieves pain or suffering
anoesissensation not accompanied by understanding of it
anogenicformed from below or beneath
anolearboreal American lizard with ability to change colour
anomiainability to remember names
anomicin a state lacking social order and norms
anomiecondition of lacking accepted social values or standards
anomphalouswithout a navel
anonat once; immediately
anonymperson whose name is not given; pseudonym
anonymunculeminor anonymous writer
anophelineof, like or pertaining to malarial mosquitoes
anopisthographicbearing writing or inscription only on one side
anorchouslacking testicles
anosmialack or loss of sense of smell
anoticlacking ears
ansatehaving a handle or hand-like shape
anseratedof a heraldic cross, having the extremities cleft
anserineof, like or pertaining to geese
antapier produced by thickening wall at one end
antalgicalleviating or relieving pain
antanaclasisrepetition of key word of phrase as a play on words
antapologyresponse to an apology
antarchyopposition to government; anarchy
antechapelanteroom to a chapel or church
antechinuscarnivorous mouselike Australian marsupial
antejentacularbefore breakfast
anteloquya preface
antelucanbefore dawn or daylight
antemundanebefore one's own birth; before the creation of the world
antenniferousbearing antennae
antependiumcovering or cloth over pulpit or altar
antephialticpreventing nightmares
anteponeto put before; to prefer
anteprandialbefore dinner
anthelionluminous ring seen on a cloud opposite the sun
anthelminthicdestroying or expelling worms
anthesisfull bloom
anthographyscientific description of flowers
anthomancydivination using flowers
anthomaniaobsession with flowers
anthophilousloving or frequenting flowers
anthorismcounter-definition; redefinition of opponent's term for rhetorical effect
anthracomancydivination using burning coals
anthrophobiafear of humans
anthropobiologystudy of human biology
anthropocentrismbelief that humans are central to the universe
anthropogenesisorigin of human beings
anthropoglotanimal with human tongue; animal capable of speech
anthropolatryworship of human beings
anthropolithfossilized human skeleton
anthropomancydivination using human entrails
anthropomorphizationattribution of human qualities to animals
anthropopathyascription of human feelings to inanimate object
anthropophagouseating humans
anthroposophyknowledge of the nature of humanity; human wisdom
anthropotheismbelief that gods are only deified men
anthypophorarefuting an objection using a contrary inference
antibasilicanopposed to monarchic principle
antiblasticproviding natural immunity against harmful substances
antibromiceliminating offensive odours
antichresisenjoyment of mortgaged property in lieu of interest payments
antichthonhypothetical second Earth on the opposite side of the sun
anticlimaxexpression whose last part is decreased in effect from the prior part
anticrypticcamouflaged; having protective resemblance to environment
antidisestablishmentarianismdoctrine opposed to removing Church of England's official religion status
antigalacticpreventing the secretion of milk
antigropeloswaterproof leggings
antilapsarianismdenial of doctrine of the fall of humanity
antilegomenabooks of the New Testament not part of early Christian Bible
antilogarithmnumber of which a given number is the logarithm
antilogismstatement of three propositions containing contradiction
antiloquyspeaking against some idea; contradicting or gainsaying
antimacassarprotective covering for back of sofa or chair
antimetabolefigure in which words or phrases are repeated but in inverse order
antimetathesisinversion of the parts of an antithesis
antimnemonicdamaging the memory; eliminating memories
antimonybrittle, bluish-white metallic element
antinomianismdoctrine of the rejection of moral law
antinomycontradiction between two logical conclusions
antipedobaptismdenial of validity of infant baptism
antiperistasisopposition or resistance
antiphonanthem sung as a response during church service
antiphrasisuse of words in a sense opposite to literal
antipudicconcealing private parts of the body
antisciandweller on the exact opposite side of the world
antistropherepetition of words in reverse order
antistrophonturning of opponent's own argument against them
antithalianopposed to mirth or fun
antithesiscontrast of ideas by means of parallel arrangement of words or clauses
antitypyresistance to being penetrated
antonomasiause of descriptive phrase or epithet instead of proper name
antrorseturned upward and forward
anuptaphobiafear of staying single
anuresisinability to urinate
anzactilearmy biscuit
aoristexpressing simple past time with no continuance
apaesthesianumbness or loss of sensation in a limb
apagogeproof by showing the falsehood of the opposite
apanageprivilege of office; especially one given to younger offspring
apantomancydivination using objects at hand
aparithmesisrhetorical answer to a proposition
apateticof an animal's coloration or markings
apayto satisfy
apercubrief outline; glimpse; intuitive insight
aphagiainability to eat or swallow
aphemialoss of ability to produce articulate speech
apheresistaking away a sound or syllable at the beginning of a word
aphesisloss of initial unaccented vowel from beginning of a word
aphicidekiller of aphids
aphidicidekiller of aphids
aphnologyscience of wealth
aphrasiainability to speak
aphrodisiomaniaabnormal sexual interest
aphthongsilent letter
apianof, like or pertaining to bees
apiarianof, like or pertaining to bees or beekeeping
apicalof or at the apex
apiculateending in a small apex or point
apiologystudy of bees
apistiafaithlessness in marriage
apivorouseating bees
aplanatica lens free of spherical aberration
apocalypticismdoctrine of the imminent end of the world
apocarteresissuicide by starvation
apocatastasisfinal restitution of all things at the appearance of the Messiah
apocatastisisreversion or restoration to original position
apocopecutting off the last sound of a word
apocrisiarypapal secretary
apodallacking feet
apodicticnecessarily true beyond contradiction
apodosismain concluding clause in a conditional sentence
apodysophiliafeverish desire to undress
apographexact copy; facsimile
apolausticdedicated to the search for enjoyment
apologeticsdefense and proof of Christianity or other doctrine
apophasissaying something by stating that you will not mention it
apophoreta gift given to celebrate a new year
apophthegmbrief saying; proverb; epigram
aporiaprofessed but false doubt of what to say or choose, for rhetorical effect
aposiopesissuddenly stopping in the middle of a speech for emphasis
apositiadislike of or distaste for food
apostasyrenunciation of former beliefs
apostilmarginal note
apostropheaddressing of a personified thing rhetorically
apotelesmcasting of a horoscope
apothegma short, instructive saying or formula
apotheosiselevation to divine status; a perfect example
apotropaicdesigned to turn away evil
apparitorofficer in court who attends to execute orders; harbinger
appauméhaving the palm displayed
appendantattached to; hanging from; adjunct
apperceptionmind's perception of itself as a conscious agent
appersonationirrational belief that one is another person
appetencestrong craving or powerful desire
applanateflat; flattened; compressed
appointéin heraldry, having two things touching at the ends
apportto transport objects without material agency
apposeto place in juxtaposition or proximity
approbationapproval; consent
appromptto borrow
appuito support militarily
appulsea striking against something
appurtenancea subordinate or adjunct part of
apricateto bask in the sun
apricidekilling of a boar
apserounded extension of church or other building
apselophesialoss of sense of touch
apsidalshaped like an apse
apterygialwingless; finless
aptoticuninflected; indeclinable
aptronymname that suits its owner
apyrexyperiod of intermission in a fever
aquamanileewer in the form of a human or animal figure for ceremonial handwashing
aquaphobiafear of water
aquarellewatercolour painting
aquifera rock formation containing water
aquiformwatery; liquid
aquilatedin heraldry, adorned with eagle's heads
aquilineof, like or pertaining to eagles; hooked like an eagle's beak
arabawheeled Middle Eastern carriage
arachibutyrophobiafear of peanut butter sticking to roof of mouth
arachnivorousfeeding on spiders
arachnologystudy of spiders
arachnophobiafear of spiders
araneidanof, like or pertaining to spiders
araneiformshaped like a spider
araneoustransparent; delicate; like a spider's web
arbalesttype of crossbow
arborescentbranched; branching; tree-shaped
arboricidekilling of trees
arboricolousgrowing on or living in trees
arboriformshaped like a tree
arbrolatryworship of start
arbuscledwarf or shrub-like tree
arbustumorchard; copse of trees
arcannared chalk used to mark trees
arceateto prevent; to ward off
archaeolatryworship of archaic things or old customs
archelogythe study of first principles
archetviolin box
archididascalianof, like or pertaining to headmasters
archididascalosschool principal
archiloquyfirst part of a speech
archimandritehead of a monastery or convent
archimimechief buffoon or mimic
architectonicsof, like or pertaining to the arrangement of knowledge
architecuralizationadaptation of non-architectural entities for architectural purposes
architraveparts surrounding a door or window, especially the top
archologyscience of the origins of government
arciformshaped like a bow
arcticianone skilled in navigating arctic regions
arctogaealof the arctic regions of the earth
arctophilecollector of teddy bears
arctophilystudy of teddy bears
arcuatearched; bow-shaped
ardplough used to scratch top surface of soil
ardassfine silk
arefyto dry up; to wither
arenaceouslike, growing in or consisting of sand
arenoidsandy; like sand
areologystudy of Mars
areometerinstrument used for measuring specific gravity
areopagiticof, like or pertaining to tribunals or courts
aretto assign or allot
aretaicsthe science of virtue
aretesharp mountain ridge
argalilarge-horned Asian wild sheep
argandgas or oil lamp
argentthe heraldic colour silver or white
argentiferousbearing silver
argentocracygovernment by money
argilclay used in making pottery
argillaceousclayey; of or resembling clay
argolcrust formed on wine kept too long or improperly
argoldried cow dung used as fuel
argosya large merchant ship; a rich supply
arguendofor the sake of argument
arguriasilver poisoning
arguteshrill; keen; shrewd
argyllsilver gravy dish
arietineof, like or pertaining to rams
arietinousshaped like a ram's head
arightright; correctly
ariolationdivination in general
aristarcha severe critic
aristarchygovernment by the best
aristologythe science or art of dining
arithmancydivination using numbers
arithmocracygovernment by simple majority
arithmogramnumber composed of numerical values of letters in a word
arithmographywriting a number using letters; gematria
arithmomaniaobsessive preoccupation with numbers
armamentariumcollective equipment available to a doctor
armetround iron helmet
armigerousentitled to bear arms
armillarylike or composed of rings
armipotenthaving strong weapons; militarily potent
armisonantresounding with noises of battle or weapons
armletpiece of armour for the arm
armomancydivination by examining one's shoulders
armuretwilled woollen or silk fabric
arpeggionestringed instrument like the cello
arpentunit of land area slightly smaller than an acre
arpenteurland surveyor
arrantdownright; unmitigated
arrastapestry covering a wall
arraseneembroidery fabric of wool and silk
arrectattentive; erect; raised up
arrendatorone who rents or farms at a yearly rent
arreptitiousecstatic; frantic; hasty or hurried
arrestantsubstance causing an insect to stop moving
arrhizallacking roots
arrissharp edge on stone; meeting of two surfaces
arrogateto claim unduly as one's own; to ascribe
arrondiof a heraldic device, having rounded sides
arrosivegnawing; chewing; corroding
arthrologystudy of joints
arthroscopeinstrument for examining interior of a joint
arundiferousbearing or producing reeds
arundinaceouslike or having the properties of a reed
arvalof, like or pertaining to ploughed land
ascesisthe practice of disciplining oneself; asceticism
asceticismdoctrine that self-denial of the body permits spiritual enlightenment
aschambox for keeping bows and arrows dry
ascianinhabitant of the equatorial zone
ashlarsquared stone used in building walls
ashplantwalking stick
asinineof, like or pertaining to asses; stupid
asitialack of appetite
askefiseone who blows on ashes to bring them to flame
asomatouslacking a body; incorporeal
asoniadeafness to specific pitches of sound
aspergeto sprinkle
aspergilliformshaped like a brush
aspergillumvessel for sprinkling holy water
asperityroughness of surface or sound
asperseslander; disparage
aspersedin heraldry, covered with an indefinite number of small figures
aspersoryvessel for holding holy water
aspheterismdenial of the right to private property
aspidomancydivination by sitting and chanting within a circle
asportationto carry property away wrongfully
assartto reclaim for agriculture by clearing away trees
assecurationmarine insurance
assentationinsincere or glib assent
asseverationpositive or earnest affirmation
assibilateto pronounce with a hiss or sibilant
assiduitypersevering application to a pursuit
assizerofficer or judge in charge of weights and measures
associativeindicating association with or accompaniment by
assoilto absolve; to acquit
assotto befool; to besot
assuetudeaccustomedness; habit
assurgentascending; rising; curving upward
astacologythe science of crayfish
astaticin equilibrium
asteismrefined irony
asterismcluster of three asterisks arranged in triangle to draw attention to passage
asternat the stern of a ship
astheniologystudy of diseases of weakening and aging
asthenopiamuscular weakening of the eyes
astichousnot in rows
astragalsmall semicircular moulding; dice
astragalomancydivination using dice or knucklebones
astraphobiafear of being struck by lightning
astrapophobiafear of thunder and lightning
astrictionbinding obligation
astringeto draw together; to tighten
astrionicselectronics as applied to space flight
astroblemescar on the earth's surface from meteorite impact
astrogeologystudy of extraterrestrial geology
astrognosyknowledge of fixed stars
astrogonytheory of the origin of stars
astrolatryworship of stars
astrologastera foolish or petty astrologer
astromancydivination using stars
astrometeorologystudy of effect of stars on climate
astrophileperson interested in astronomy
astroseismologystudy of star oscillations
astrutprotrudingly; distendedly
asynartetichaving two members with different rhythms
asyndetonrhetorical device of omitting conjunctions
ataraxiatranquility; freedom from anxiety; stoicism
atavismreversion to early or ancestral type
atelierartist's studio or workshop
ateliosisimperfect development; developmental irregularity
athanoralchemist's self-feeding digesting furnace
athelingAnglo-Saxon prince or nobleman
athenaeumliterary or scientific association
athermiclacking heat
athetesisrejection of a passage as spurious
athetosisnervous twitching of digits and extremities
athwartacross; in opposition to; sideways; transversely
atimyloss of honour; disgrace
atlantesmale figures used as columns
atlasrich satin fabric
atmaterteragreat-grandfather's grandmother's sister
atmologythe science of aqueous vapour
atmometerinstrument for measuring evaporating capacity of air
atociafemale sterility
atokouslacking offspring
atomismbelief that the universe consists of small indivisible particles
atonymuscular weakness
atpatruusgreat-grandfather's grandfather's brother
atrabiliarymelancholy; hypochondriac
atrabiliousmelancholy; splenetic; acrimonious
atramentblacking; ink; black dye
atresiaabsence or irregular closure of a passage in the body
atrousjet black
attainderthe loss of civil rights for high treason
attaintdisgrace; sully; infect; taint
attemperto adapt or alter quality by adding to something
attenuatemake thin; reduce in value
atticismexpression characterized by conciseness and elegance
attollentlifting up; raising
attornto transfer to another
attrahentattracting or drawing
attristto sadden
attriterepentant through fear of punishment
attuitionoperation between sensation and perception
aubademusical announcement of dawn; sunrise song
aubinhorse's gait between an amble and a gallop
aucepshawker or bird-tender
aucupateto hunt birds; to pursue prey with vigilance
audileperson more attuned to sound than the other senses
audiologystudy of hearing
audiometerinstrument for measuring acuity of hearing
audiophileone who loves accurately reproduced recorded sound
audismbelief that people who can hear are superior to people who are deaf
augeanfilthy; difficult
augendnumber to which another number is added
aughtat all
aularianof, like or pertaining to a hall in a university
auliccourtly; ceremonious; genteel
auncelcrude balance for weighing
aurantiaceousof, like or pertaining or pertaining to oranges or orange trees
aureityproperty of being golden in colour or substance
aureoleradiant light around head or body of holy personage
auricomoushaving golden or blond hair
auricularof, like or pertaining to the ear; spoken secretly
auriferousbearing gold
auriformshaped like an ear
aurigraphywriting or engraving in gold
aurilaveinstrument for cleaning the ear
auriphrygiagold embroidery
auriscopeinstrument for examining the ear
aurochsextinct wild ox
auscultationlistening to sounds arising within organs
auslautfinal sound of a word or syllable
austringerkeeper of goshawks
austromancydivination using wind
autarchygovernment by an absolute ruler
autarkicself-sufficient; independent
autecologystudy of ecology of one species
autocephalityecclesiastical self-government
autocidekilling of oneself; suicide
autocidekilling of oneself or another by means of a motor vehicle
autocoprophagyeating one's own feces
autocracygovernment by one individual
auto-da-feburning of a heretic
autodidactself-taught person
autogenesisspontaneous generation
autognosisknowledge of or about oneself
autographywriting in one's own hand
autologyscientific study of oneself
automorphismascription to others of one's own characteristics
automysophobiafear of being dirty
autonyma writer's real name; work published under writer's own name
autophagyfeeding on body's own tissues
autophobiafear of solitude
autoschediasmanything extemporized
autosoterismbelief that one can obtain salvation through oneself
autotelicbeing an end in itself
autothaumaturgistperson pretending to be mystical or mysterious
autotheismbelief that one is God incarnate or that one is Christ
autotropicgrowing in a straight line
auxanometerinstrument for measuring growth of plants
auxesisincrease in size; hyperbole or augmentation of meaning
auxologyscience of growth
auxometerinstrument for measuring magnifying power
avalof, like or pertaining to a grandparent
avalementallowing knees to flex while skiing
avauntaway; hence; to boast
aveniformshaped like oats
aventailmovable front of a helmet
averruncateto ward off; to uproot
averruncatorpole for pruning trees
aversantin heraldry, with a hand turned towards the back
avicidekilling of birds
avicularof, like or pertaining to birds
avinosisair sickness
avionicsthe science of electronic devices for aircraft
avizandumprivate consideration of a case by a judge
avocetlong-legged wading bird with upward-curving bill
avulseto pluck or tear away by force
avuncularlike an uncle; of, like or pertaining to uncles
awnbeard or similar bristly growth on stalk of grain
axiniformshaped like an axe-head
axinomancydivination using an axe or hatchet
axiologythe science of the ultimate nature of values
axolotlsalamander dwelling in mountainous lakes
aye-ayenocturnal lemur-like animal of Madagascar
azimutharc of the horizon
azothalchemical name for mercury
azurelight or sky blue; the heraldic colour blue

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