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Word Definition
kagulong-legged bird of New Caledonia
kainotophobiafear of change
kaiserinwife of a kaiser
kakaolive-brown parrot native to New Zealand
kakakiWest African ceremonial trumpet
kakidrosisbody odour
kakistocracygovernment by the worst
kakorrhaphiophobiafear of failure
kalamkarifabric coloured by repeated dyeing
kaleidophoneinstrument for demonstrating sound waves by lines of light
kalimbaAfrican musical instrument made of metal strips along a hollow wooden tube
kalologystudy of beauty
kalonbeauty that is more than skin deep
kalpisa water jar
kalyptraveil worn by Greek women
kamagraphymaking copies of original paintings using treated canvas
kamesteep irregular ridge
kamelaukiontall cylindrical hat worn by Orthodox priests
kameradto surrender
kamikknee-length sealskin boot
kanehHebrew measure of 6 cubits
kantarTurkish unit of weight equal to approximately 100 pounds
kanteleFinnish zither
kantikoyto dance as an act of worship
kapnographymeans of producing designs on smoked glass surfaces
kapnographyprocess for producing designs on smoked glass
karabinersteel link with clip on side used in mountaineering
karezzaprolonged sex avoiding orgasm
karrozzinMaltese horse-drawn carriage
karstrough limestone country with underground drainage
karyokinesisdivision of cell nucleus
karyologystudy of cell nuclei
karyotypeappearance, number and arrangements of chromosomes
kashaporridge or gruel-like dish made from crushed buckwheat
katabasisgoing down; military retreat
katabothronunderground water-channel
katathermometerinstrument for measuring the cooling power of air
katharometerinstrument measuring changes in composition of gases
kathenotheismpolytheism in which several gods are considered supreme in succession
katzenjammerhangover; uproar; clamour
kausiaMacedonian felt hat with broad brim
kavanarcotic drink prepared from Polynesian plant
kazachocSlavic fast dance in which dancer squats and kicks out legs alternately
kazatzkaSlavic folk dance performed by a couple
keagreen parrot of New Zealand
kebewe that gives birth to stillborn lamb
kebbiea shepherd's crook
keckto retch; to feel disgust
keckleto protect by binding with rope
kedwingless fly that feeds on livestock
kedgesmall anchor to keep a ship steady
keelhaulto punish by dragging under keel of ship
keelsonlengthwise wooden or steel beam in ship for bearing stress
keevea large tub
kefstate of dreamy or drug-induced repose
keffela horse; a nag
keisterburglar's tool kit
keloidhard scar tissue which grows over injured skin
kelpiemischievous water spirit
keltcoarse fabric made of black and white wool
kembto comb
kempcoarse, rough strand of wool
kenodoxythe love or study of vain-glory
kenophobiafear of empty spaces
kenosisChrist's rejection of his divine side upon assuming human form
kenotismdoctrine that Christ rid himself of divinity in becoming human
kenspeckleeasily recognizable or distinguishable
kent-buglean obsolete keybugle
kentehand-woven African silk fabric
kentledgepig-iron used as ballast in ship's hold
kepto catch an approaching object or falling liquid
kephalonomancydivination using a baked ass's head
kerasinehorny; made of horn
keratogeniccausing growth of horn, skin or hair
keratometerinstrument for measuring curvature of the cornea
keraunographinstrument for recording distant thunderstorms
keraunoscopiadivination using thunder
kererupigeon variety of New Zealand
kerfcut, notch or groove; quantity of something cut at the same time
kermesbrilliant red colour; a red dye derived from insects
kermessecycle race held in an urban area
kermisindoor charity fair
kernIrish foot-soldier
kernpart of typeface letter that sticks out beyond its body
kernto granulate
kerseycoarse woollen cloth
kerseymeretwilled fine wool
kerygmapreaching of the Christian gospel
kerygmaticof, like or pertaining to preaching the Gospel
ketcarrion; matted wool
ketchsmall two-masted sailing vessel
ketjaktraditional Balinese dance accompanied by male chorus
kettlestitchstitch made at head and tail of section of book to connect sections
kexdry hollow plant stalk
keybuglebugle with keys
keylineoutline showing shape and position of an illustration
keystoneto double the wholesale price for retail
khaddarhomespun cotton cloth
khora dry watercourse; a ravine
kiangwild Tibetan horse
kibblethe bucket of a well
kibbleto grind cereal coarsely
kibechapped area of skin
kickie-wickiea wife
kickshawsa trinket; a cheap, worthless article
kiddera forestaller; a huckster
kiddlestake-fence set in stream for catching fish
kidleta very little kid
kidologystudy of kidding
kidologydeceptive trickery; nonsense
kierbleaching vat
kifdrug like marijuana smoked in North Africa
kilderkinold unit of capacity equal to 1/2 barrel or 18 gallons
kilfud-yokinga fireside disputation
killasclay slate
killcowa bully; a swaggerer
killcropgreedy insatiable baby; a changeling
killocksmall anchor
kilobaseunit of measure of length of nucleic acid chain equal to 1000 base pairs
kinchina child
kincobembroidered silk with gold and silver threads
kindergraphphotograph of a child
kinderspiela children's cantata or play
kinematicsstudy of motion
kinescopecathode ray tube for a television
kinesicsstudy of gestural communication
kinetheodolitetheodolite used in tracking missiles and satellites
kineticsstudy of forces producing or changing motion
kinetogeniccausing movement
kinetoscopeinstrument for producing curves by combination of circular movements
kingpostperpendicular beam in frame of roof
kinkajoucarnivorous South American raccoon-like mammal
kinklea slight kink
kipskin of a young animal
kipunit of weight equivalent to 1000 pounds
kippagestate of displeasure or anger
kirdrink of black currant syrup and white wine
kirkingfirst attendance of a couple at church after marriage
kirpansmall sword or dagger worn by Sikhs
kirschliqueur made from the wild cherry
kirtleman's or woman's tunic or coat
kishsolid graphite that separates from pig-iron
kismetfate; destiny
kisselthickened fruit purée dessert
kistvaentomb covered with stone slabs
kita small pocket violin
kitengebrightly coloured East African cotton fabric
kithknowledge; one's native land; one's friends
kitthogeleft-handed; awkward
klangfarbetone-colour; timbre
klaxonloud mechanical horn
kleeneboksmall South African antelope
klendusicable to withstand disease due to protective mechanism
kleptocracygovernment by thieves
klipspringersmall African antelope
knackishcunning; crafty
knagknot in wood
knarredgnarled; knotty
kneeletknee armour
knickerbockersloose breeches gathered in at the knee
knick-knackatorycollection of knick-knacks
knickpointdiscontinuity in river profile due to intersection of new erosion curve
knissomancydivination using burning incense
knitchbundle of wood tied together
knobbera stag in its second year
knoploop or tuft in yarn
knospunopened bud of a flower; ornament shaped like a bud
knoutto flog; to scourge
knubbleto beat with the fists
knurknob or knot in wood
knurlsmall excrescence or protuberance; to make knurls on
koannonsensical question given to Buddhist students for contemplation
kobAfrican water antelope
koboldspirit of the mines
kohleye-shadow; mascara
kohlrabivariety of cabbage
koinedialect that spreads to become common language of a region
koloCentral European folk dance having a ring of dancers
komatiksled with wooden runners
konimeterinstrument measuring amount of dust in air
koniologystudy of atmospheric pollutants and dust
koniscopeinstrument for measuring dust in air
kopbank of terracing at a football field
koramusical instrument similar to a harp
koreancient Greek statue of a draped maiden
kotoobnoxious-sounding Japanese stringed instrument
koupreywild ox of Cambodia
kourosstatue of a nude male
krakenlegendary sea monster
krasisaddition of water to sacramental wine
kraurosisshrivelling of the skin
kreatophagiaeating of raw meat
kremlina Russian citadel
krengwhale carcass after blubber is removed
kriegspielwar-game used to teach strategy
krimmertightly curled grey or black lamb's wool
kritarchygovernment by judges
krobylostuft of hair on the top of the head
krummhornancient double-reed wind instrument
krypsisdoctrine that Christ secretly exercised divine powers
ktenologyscience of putting people to death
kuduAfrican antelope with spiralling horns
kumissfermented mare's milk
kummelcumin-flavoured liqueur
kurganprehistoric burial mound
kurtaloose shirt or tunic
kurtosisrelative degree okf sharpness of peak of distribution curve
kurubrain disease transmitted by cannibalism
kvassEastern European rye beer
kwashiorkortropical disease of infants due to protein deficiency
kylenarrow strait
kylinChinese mythical animal
kyllosisclub foot
kyloesmall long-haired cattle
kymatologystudy of wave motion
kymographinstrument for recording fluid pressure
kyphorrhinoshumped nose
kyphosishunchbacked condition
kyriereligious petition for mercy
kyriellestring of short lines in stanzas all ending with the same word
kyriolexythe use of literal expressions

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