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Word Definition
eagresudden rise of tide in a river
earingline for fastening corner of a sail to the gaff or yard
earwiga small insect; to bias; to pester with demands; to eavesdrop
easementrights held over another's land
eau-de-nilpale green colour
ebbermanone who fishes under bridges
ebeneouslike or resembling ebony
éboulementfalling in of wall of a fort; landslide
ebriectionmental breakdown from too much drinking
ébrilladejerking of horse's rein when it does not turn
ebrioustending towards excessive drinking
ebullioscopeinstrument for measuring boiling point of liquids
ebullitionboiling over; agitation; outbreak
eburneanof or like ivory; ivory-coloured
ecardinatewithout hinges
ecarlatefine woollen cloth, usually dyed scarlet
ecbaticgrammatical construction indicating result without intention
ecbolicassisting childbirth; aiding abortion
ecchymosisblack-and-blue spot
ecclesiarchygovernment by clerics or ecclesiastical authorities
ecclesiastryaffairs of the church
ecclesiographytreatise or writing on the church
ecclesiolatryexcessive devotion to church tradition and form
ecclesiologystudy of church affairs
eccoproticlaxative; mildly cathartic; purgative
eccrinologystudy of excretion
ecdemicnot endemic; of foreign origin
ecdemomaniaabnormal compulsion for wandering
ecdysiaststriptease performer
ecesisthe establishment of a plant or animal in a new habitat
echardwater in the soil not available to plants
echidnaAustralian toothless spined monotreme resembling a hedgehog
echinatelike a hedgehog; prickly
echinuliformresembling small spines
echoismthe formation of imitative words
echolaliaecho-like repetition of another's words
echopraxiaecho-like repetition of another's actions
eclairciseto clear up
éclaircissementclarification; enlightenment
eclatto make notorious
éclatpublicity; dazzling effect; brilliance; applause
eclegmeancient syrupy medicine that is licked off a spoon
eclipsareonastronomical toy used to show phenomena of solar and lunar eclipses
eclipsisomission of sounds or words in speech
eclipticimaginary circle which the sun follows from Earth perspective
ecloguepastoral or rustic poem
eclosionemergence, as from a larva or egg, or of an era or movement
ecmnesialoss of memory of the events of a specific period
ecocidedestruction of the environment
economacyposition of controller of ecclesiastical affairs
ecophenerange of phenotypes produced by a genotype in a given environment
ecophobiafear of home
écorchéa human figure portrayed stripped of the skin
ecphasisexplicit declaration or interpretation
ecphonesisrhetorical exclamation
ecphrasisplain interpretation of a thing
écrevissefreshwater lobster
ecthlipsisomitting one or more sounds in pronouncing a word
ectobaticcarrying or leading towards the outside
ectogenesisvariation in response to outside conditions
ectopiadisplacement of internal organs in the body
ectypereproduction or copy
ectypographyetching in relief
écuelletwo-handled soup or porridge bowl
ecydisisshedding or moulting of the skin
edaciousvoracious; gluttonous; pertaining to eating
edaphaorganisms living in soil
edaphicof, like or pertaining to the soil
edaphologystudy of soils
edentatetoothless; without teeth; pertaining to anteaters and sloths
edhletter in Old English representing voiced 'th' sound
edulcorateto sweeten; to rid of soluble particles by washing
effablecapable of being expressed
efferentcarrying outward or away
effeteweak or worn-out; degenerate
effiguratehaving a definite shape
effleuragestroking movement in massage
effluviuminvisible emanation; offensive exhalation or smell
effulgeto shine out; to beam
effusiometerinstrument for comparing molecular weights of gases
effutiationtwaddle; humbug
efta newt
eftagain; afterwards
eftsoonssoon after
egadmild oath
egelidateto change congealed material to liquid
egestionthe removal of materials from the body
egestuousdesperately poor
egoismdoctrine that the pursuit of self-interest is the highest good
egotheismidentification of oneself with God
Egyptologystudy of ancient Egypt
eideticvivid mental image or memory
eidographinstrument for copying drawings
eidolismbelief in ghosts
eidolonimage, phantom or apparition; confusing reflected image
eignefirst born
eirenarchofficer in charge of keeping the public peace; justice of the peace
eireniconpeace-making message, proposition for peace
eirenicstheological doctrine of religious unification
eirenismpeaceful state of mind
eisegesisfaulty interpretation or explanation of text
eiselsour wine resembling vinegar
ejectamentamaterial ejected from a volcano
ekein addition; also; likewise
ekisticsstudy of human settlement
ekkasmall one-horse carriage
ekphrasisdescription of a work of art as rhetorical exercise
élanimpetuosity; dash or style; brilliancy or vivacity
elanceto throw as a lance
elandlarge heavily built African antelope
elaphineof, like or belonging to a red deer; of, of, like or pertaining to red deer
elaphurereddish Chinese deer
elapidof, like or pertaining to cobras
elastanehighly elastic artificial cotton-like fabric
elativeindicating movement out of or away from
elatrometerinstrument for measuring gaseous pressure
eldritchhorrifying; arcane; strange
electrocardiographinstrument for recording unusual electrical fluctuations of the heart
electrochemistrystudy of relations between electricity and chemicals
electrodynamometerinstrument for measuring electrical current
electroencephalographinstrument for measuring the brain's electrical impulses
electrogenesisproduction of electricity
electrographinstrument for recording electrical potential
electrologystudy of electricity
electrometerinstrument for measuring electrical potential
electromyographinstrument for diagnosing neuromuscular disorders
electrophilesubstance having an affinity for electrons or negative charge
electroretinographinstrument for measuring electrical activity in the retina
electroscopeinstrument for detecting electrical charges in the body
electrostaticsstudy of static electricity
electuarymedicine mixed with honey or syrup
eleemosynaryof, like or pertaining to charity or giving alms; dependent on charity
elenchusrefutation; sophism
elencticof, like or pertaining to argument; cross-examination or refuting
elephantlarge unit of paper measurement equal to 28 by 23 inches
elephanticidekilling of an elephant
elephantineof, like or pertaining to elephants
eleutheromaniamanic desire for freedom
eleutherophobiafear of freedom
elflocklock of tangled hair
elideomit; ignore; suppress or abridge
elinguateto remove the tongue
ellold unit of length equal to 45 inches
ellipsisthree dots used to indicate a break, pause, or unfinished thought (…)
ellipsographinstrument for describing ellipses
elocationremoval from someone's control; alienation
élogefuneral oration; panegyric
eloignto convey to a distance; to remove
elsinshoemaker's awl
elumbatedmade weak in the loins
elutionpurification or separation by washing
elutriateto separate by washing into finer portions
elydoricpainted with both oil and watercolour
elytriferoushaving or bearing hardened forewings
emunit of measuring width of typeface where width of letters equals height
emacityitch to be buying
emailtype of dark ink
emarcidwilted; limp
embaleto enclose; to bind in; to make into a bale
embarto shut in; to hinder; to put under embargo
embaseto lower; to debase
emberlucockto confuse; to bewilder
emblementsgrowing crops
embonpointstout; plump or full in figure; corpulent
embouchementopening of a passage or tunnel
embowerto place in a bower; to shelter with trees
embraceryattempt to influence a jury corruptly
embrangleto confuse or perplex
embrasurerecess of a door or window
embrocateto moisten and rub with a lotion
embryogenesisproduction of an embryo
embryographyscientific description of embryonic development
embryoniformshaped like an embryo
emendationcorrection; usually of a text
emergicenterurban clinic offering emergency outpatient services
emesisthe act of vomiting
emetologystudy of vomiting
émeutea popular rising or uproar
emicateto sparkle
emictionthe discharging of urine
emissileable to be emitted or pushed out
emmenagoguedrug aiding menstrual flow
emmenologythe study of menstruation
emmetropiacorrect refraction of light by the eyes
emmewto confine or mew up
emollientsoftening; making supple
emolumentpayment; profit arising from employment
emonomancydivination using demons
emotivismtheory that moral statements are inherently biased
empaesticof, like or pertaining to the art of embossing
empanoplyto clothe in full armor
empasmdeodorant powder
empennageairplane's tail unit
emperywide dominion; empire
emphracticstopping the pores of the skin
emphyteusisperpetual but conditional lease of property
empiecementan insertion in a garment
empleomaniamania for holding public office
emporeuticof, like or pertaining to trade
empressmentshow of affection or eagerness
empriseadventurous undertaking
emptingsyeast mixture
emptionthe act of buying; purchase
emptysisspitting up of blood
empyrealof, like or pertaining to heaven; sublime; skyward
emulgeto milk or drain out
emunctoryconveying waste; pertaining to nose-blowing
emysfreshwater tortoise
enallagethe exchange of one grammatical case for another
enantiodromiaprocess when a thing is replaced by its opposite
enantiomorphobject which is the mirror image of another
enantiopathyallopathy; sympathy with one's opposite
enantiosisironic expression of idea by refuting its contrary
enationoutgrowth; extension
encaeniaanniversary festival of renewal of an institution
encaustichaving the colours burned in
encephalographinstrument for recording brain images
encephaloidlike or resembling a brain
enchiridionbook carried in the hand for reference, esp. for music or theology
enchorialbelonging to or used in a country; domestic
encolpionreliquary; cross worn on the breast
encomiastperson who utters encomiums; praiser
encomichaving closely curled hair
encomiumglowing and warmly enthusiastic praise
encyclicalletter sent by the pope to multiple bishops
endarchycentralised government
endeicticshowing, exhibiting or demonstrating
endeixisan indication
endemiologystudy of local diseases
endocrinologystudy of glands
endogenoushaving no external cause
endophagycannibalism within a tribe; eating away from within
endoscopeinstrument for visualizing interior of a hollow organ
endosmometerinstrument for measuring osmosis into a solution
endysisgrowth of new feathers, hair or skin
energismtheory that the highest good is contented thought rather than pursuit of pleasure
energumenindividual inhabited by an evil spirit
enervateto weaken
enfiladeseries arranged as if threaded on a string
engastrationstuffing of one bird inside another
engouementexcessive infatuation
engrailmentring of dots around edge of a coin
engramlasting effect on memory
engrenageseries of decisions leading towards unspoken goal
enigmatographycomposition of riddles or enigmas
enigmatologystudy of enigmas
enjambmentcontinuation of the sense of a verse without pause
enjointo command; to order; to prohibit by injunction
enneadany group of nine objects
enneagonpolygon with nine sides
ennomiclawful; legal
enoptromancydivination using mirrors
enosimaniapathological belief that one has sinned
enosisunion; unification
enounceto enunciate; to proclaim
ensanguineto cover with blood
ensiformresembling or possessing characteristics of a sword
ensignlarge naval flag
ensilagestorage of green fodder in silos
entablaturewall that rests on top of columns
entasisswelling on vertical columns to counteract optical illusion of concavity
entelechyperfect realization of ultimate goal or reason for existence
entellussmall Indian monkey
enteralof, pertaining to or within the intestine
enthalpyheat per unit mass
entheomaniaabnormal belief that one is divinely inspired
entheticintroduced from outside the body
enthymemerhetorical suppression or omission of a premise
entifyto treat as or cause to become a separate entity
entitativeregarded as a distinct entity without regard to context
entomicalof, like or pertaining to insects
entomologystudy of insects
entomophagouseating insects
entomophilousadapted for pollination by insects
entopticwithin the eyeball; visibility of objects in the eye
entozoologystudy of parasites that live inside larger organisms
entremetsedible pastry sculpture served between main courses
entrepota warehouse, particularly for international trade
entropioninversion of the edge of the eyelid
entryismdoctrine of joining a group to change its policies
enuresisuncontrollable urination
environaround; about; in the vicinity of
enzoneto engirdle or surround with a zone or belt
enzymologystudy of enzymes
eoanof, like or pertaining to dawn
eolationgeological effects of the wind
éoliennefine silk and wool
eolithstone naturally formed but thought to be manufactured
eonismadoption by a male of female dress and manner
eosophobiafear of dawn
eozoiccontaining early evidence of animals
epactexcess of the calendar month over the lunar month
epagomenalintercalary; inserted between others
epanadiplosissentence which begins and ends with same word
epanaphorarepetition of same word at beginning of multiple phrases or sentences
epanastrophedevice where end of one sentence is repeated as beginning of next
epanodosrecapitulation of chief points in a discourse after digression
epanorthosisretraction of statement in order to intensify it
eparchydiocese of an Eastern church
epauletshoulder-plate of a suit of armour
epedaphicof, like or pertaining to atmospheric conditions
epeirogenesisbuilding continents by moving of earth's crust
epenthesisinsertion of extra sound into a word
epeolatryworship of words
epergnebranched ornamental centrepiece
epexegesisaddition of words to make the sense more clear
ephebiatricsbranch of medicine dealing with adolescence
ephectictending to reserve judgement
ephelisfreckle or mole
ephemeristable giving location of celestial body at different specific times
ephemeromorphlife form that cannot be classified as animal or vegetable
ephemeroncreature that lives for only one day
ephemeroninsect that lives for only one day
ephidrosisprofuse perspiration
ephodJewish priestly vestment
epiboledevice of beginning several clauses with same word
epicedefuneral ode
epicedialof, like or pertaining to dirges or elegies
epicenehaving form or characteristics of both sexes
epicheiremasyllogism confirmed by an incidental proposition
epichoricbelonging or pertaining to a rural area
epiclesiscalling on the Holy Spirit to consecrate the Eucharist
epicrisiscritical appreciation for literature
epicureanismdoctrine that pleasure is the highest value
epideicticdone for show or display
epidemiologystudy of diseases; epidemics
epidiascopeinstrument for projecting images of objects; magic lantern for projection
epigamicattractive to the other sex
epigealliving near or in the ground
epigenesistheory of embryonic development
epigeousgrowing or living on or above the ground
epigondescendant or successor
epigoneinferior follower or imitator of a distinguished original
epigraphyscience of inscriptions
epilateto remove hair from
epileptologystudy of epilepsy
epimythmoral of a story or work of literature
epiniciancelebrating a triumph
epinikionode in honour of a victor or winner
epinosicunhealthy; unwelcome
epipasticdusting powder used in medicine
epiphenomenalismdoctrine that mental processes are epiphenomena of brain activity
epiphonemaexclamation, finishing phrase or reflection
epiphorawatering of the eyes
epiphorarhetorical repetition of a word at the end of several sentences
epiplexispersuasion through stylized but severe criticism of opponent
epiploceuse of multiple entwined points in succession in an argument
episcopeinstrument for projecting images of opaque objects
episcopicidekilling of bishops
episcopolatryworship of bishops
episemonbadge or characteristic device; one of three extra Greek numeral-letters
epistaticsuppressing some factor
epistaxisnose bleeding
epistemologystudy or theory of the basis of knowledge
epistolaryof, like or pertaining to letters
epistolerreader of the epistle in Anglican service
epistropheending of successive clauses with the same word
epitasispart of a play where the action is developed
epithalamionsong or poem composed for weddings
epithesisaddition of one or more letters to a word
epithymeticof, like or pertaining to desire
epitimesisadverse criticism
epitogawide academic gown with bell sleeves
epitonicsubjected to excessive strain; overstrained
epitrachelionstole of an Orthodox priest or bishop
epitroperhetorical but ironic granting of permission to an opponent to do something
epizeuxisimmediate repetition of a word for emphasis
epizoicdwelling upon an animal
epomaniacraze for writing epics
eponympersonal name from which another name is derived
epopeeepic poem; saga
epopoeanbefitting an epic poet
epopoeistone who writes epic poetry
epoptone who is initiated into mysteries
eposepic poem
éprouvetteinstrument for testing strength of gunpowder
epularyof, like or pertaining to banquets
epuloticsubstance encouraging growth of scar tissue
epurationpurification or purging
equablesmooth; without wide variations
equanimityevenness of mind or temper; calmness
equativeindicating likeness or identity
equatoriumcomputational instrument for planetary astronomy
equilibristtightrope walker
equineof, like or pertaining to horses
equiparateto regard or treat as equal
equiparenthaving a level or mutual relationship
equipluveline drawn through locations having same annual rainfall
equipoiseequilibrium; counterbalancing thing
equipollenthaving equal power or force
equiponderateto be equal in weight; to balance
equisonhorse groom; jockey
equitationhorseback riding
equivorousconsuming horseflesh
eradiateto shoot out like a ray of light
ereanmade of copper or brass
erelongbefore long; soon
eremicof or belonging to deserts
eremitehermit; religious recluse
eremologystudy of deserts
eremophyteplant that lives in desert biome
erethismabnormal irritability
erewhileuntil now
ergunit of work measuring force of one dyne applied over one centimeter
ergasialove of work; workaholism
ergasiomaniaexcessive desire to work; ergomania
ergasiophobiafear of work
ergativeindicating subject of a transitive verb
ergatocracygovernment by the workers or the working class
ergotherefore; hence
ergographinstrument for measuring and recording muscular work
ergologystudy of effects of work on humans
ergomaniaexcessive desire to work; workaholism
ergometerinstrument for measuring work performed
ergonomicsstudy of people at work
ergophileone who loves work
ergophobiafear of work
ergotiseto wrangle
erinaceousof or relating to hedgehogs
eriometerinstrument for measuring very small diameters
eristicof, like or pertaining to controversy or argument
erogenesisinduction of sexual desire; production of arousal
eromancydivination using water vessels
erotesisrhetorical questioning
eroteticengaging in or pertaining to rhetorical questioning
erotogenicproducing erotic desire or sexual gratification
erotologyerotic description in literature
erotomaniaabnormally powerful sex drive
erotopathypathological sexual desire
erotophobiafear of sex
errhinesomething which causes sneezing or for nasal ingestion
erubescentgrowing red; blushing
eruciformlike or resembling a caterpillar
eructateto belch out; to emit lava
erumpentbursting out; bursting forth
erythemaredness of the skin
erythraeanreddish colour
erythrochroismexcessive or pathological redness of the hair
erythrophobiafear of red lights or of blushing
erythropsiacondition of seeing all colour as red
esbatmeeting of a witches' coven
escadrillesquadron of aircraft; flotilla
escaladecrossing moat or scaling wall using ladders
escapologystudy of freeing oneself from constraints
escargatoireplace where snails are reared
eschatocolconcluding clause or section of a charter
eschatologystudy of death or final matters; a doctrine of the afterlife
eschatonend of the world; end time
escheatmentforfeiture of property to state for lack of heir
esclandrenotoriety; unpleasantness
esculenteatable; fit for consumption
escutcheonpart of ship's stern where name is displayed
escutcheonshield on which coat of arms is represented
esemplasticunifying; moulding diverse ideas into one
esemplasythe unifying power of imagination
eskerridge of sandy soil
espalierlattice on which trees are trained across
espiègleroguish; frolicsome; mischievous
esrajIndian stringed instrument with sympathetic strings, played with a bow
essentialismdoctrine that things have real essences that can be discovered
essiveindicating a temporary state of being
essoingiving of an excuse for not appearing in court
estacadedike of stakes in a river against an enemy
estafettemilitary courier or express
estaminetsmall bar or cafe
estampievigorous rhythmic Provençal stamping dance
estiferousproducing heat
estivalof, like or pertaining to summer
estoppagepreventing someone from alleging a fact due to prior denial
estradelow platform or dais
estrapadehorse's attempt to throw its rider
estreatto consult court records in order to enable prosecution
estuosityheated state or condition
esurienthungry; greedy; starving
etaminelight open-mesh cotton or worsted
eternalismthe belief that matter has existed eternally
etesianperiodic; winds blowing at certain seasons
ethold English letter for voiced 'th' sound
etheromaniacraving for ether
ethmoidof or like a sieve
ethnarchygovernment over an ethnic group
ethnocidekilling of members of an ethnic group; destruction of a culture
ethnocracygovernment by an ethnic group or race
ethnogenesisorigin of an ethnic group
ethnogenystudy of origins of races or ethnic groups
ethnographywritten description of societies and cultures
ethnomaniaobsessive devotion to one's own people
ethnomethodologystudy of everyday communication
ethnomusicologystudy of comparative musical systems
ethnonymname for an ethnic group
ethographywritten description of manners or morals
ethologystudy of natural or biological character
ethonomicsstudy of economic and ethical principles of a society
ethopoeiadelineation of the character of someone or something
etiolateto become pale; to make pale by depriving of light
etiologythe science of causes; especially of disease
étuicase for holding sewing articles
etymologystudy of origins of words
etymontrue origin of a word
etypicalunconformable to type
euchologyprayer book
eucrasystate of fitness and physical well-being
eudaemonismethical belief that happiness equals morality
eudaemonyhappiness or well-being
eudiaphoresisnormal perspiration
eudiometerinstrument for measuring air purity
euhemerismexplanation of mythology as growing out of history
eulachonsmall fish of northwestern North America
eulogomaniaobsessive craze for eulogies
eumoirietyhappiness due to state of innocence and purity
eunoiamental health; normal mental state
eunomiastate of being well governed
euonyma pleasing or beautiful name
euonymousappropriately named
eupathystate of contentment
eupepticof, like or pertaining to good digestion; cheerful
euphobiafear of good news
euphonismcustom of using pleasing sounding words
euphononkeyboard instrument resembling the organ in sound
euphonymeuphonious synonym
euphuismhigh-flown and affected style of writing
eupraxiacorrect or orthodox action
eupsychicsproper education to induce human progress
euripusarm of the sea with strong currents
Europhileone who loves Europe
eurythermictolerating a wide variation in temperature
eurythmicssystem of rhythmic and harmonious movement
eustacychanges in world shoreline by changes in sea level
eustaticremaining at same altitude despite geological activity
eusuchianof, like or pertaining to alligators and crocodiles
eutaxygood order
eutechnicsimprovement in condition of humanity through natural forces
eutexiathe property of being easily melted
euthenicsscience concerned with improving living conditions
eutonypleasantness of the sound of a word
eutrapelywit, ease and urbanity of conversation
eutropicturning to face the sun
evagationwandering; digression
evaginateto remove from a sheath; without a sheath
evanescenttending to vanish like vapour
evanishto vanish; to die away
evanitionvanishing; dying away
evaporimeterinstrument for measuring rate of evaporation
evectionattraction of the moon to the sun causing change in its orbit
eventrationprotrusion of an organ from the abdomen
eversionturning inside out or outwards
evinceindicate or exhibit
evirateto castrate; to make weak
évoluéprimitive person educated in modern ways
evulgateto divulge; to publish
evulseto pluck out
exactorone who exacts; extortioner; claimer of rights
exanimatelifeless; spiritless; depressed
exaratecontaining grooves or furrows
exarchviceroy; rank below patriarch in Eastern church
exarchygovernment by bishops
exaugurateto desanctify; to deprive of sacred status
excalationomission of one of a series or sequence
excarnateto remove flesh from
exclaustrationreturn to public upon release from vows
exclavepart of a country surrounded by foreign soil
excogitateto discover by thinking out or reasoning
excoriatecensure severely; strip the hide off of
excorticateto strip the bark off of
excrementitialof, like or pertaining to excrement
excresenceoutgrowth; projection; tumour
excubanton guard
excursiveconstituting a digression
exeatformal leave of absence; permission to be absent
exeatpermission from bishop for clergyman to work elsewhere
execrateto denounce or place under a curse
executancytechnique in music
exedrasemicircular bench beside episcopal throne; outdoor bench or recess
exegeticexplanatory, especially of Scripture
exemplumshort story or anecdote with a moral
exenterateto disembowel
exequyfuneral rites; funeral procession
exercitationputting into practice; exercise
exergasiaremaining on one point of argument while gradually fleshing it out
exerguereverse of coin where date is contained
exgorgitationvomited material
exheredateto disinherit
exigibleliable to be exacted
exiguousscanty; slender; sparse
exilityslenderness or smallness; refinement
eximiousexcellent or distinguished
existentialismdoctrine of individual human responsibility in an unfathomable universe
exlexoutside the law
exlinealout of the direct line of descent
exobiologystudy of extraterrestrial life
exocentricof a linguistic compound, having a different grammatical function than its parts
exoculateblind; eyeless
exodefarce or afterpiece
exodistone who goes out; emigrant
exodontiaextraction of teeth
exodromystabilizing movement of exchange
exogenoushaving an external origin
exonymname for a town or country in a foreign language
exopathicdue to external forces or causes
exophagycannibalism outside one's own group
exorablecapable of being moved or influenced
exordiumbeginning or introduction to a composition
exosculateto kiss fervently or heartily
exotericintelligible to the uninitiated; commonplace
exotropiaoutward squint
expatiateto wander freely; to write about in great detail
expeditateto deprive of the ball of the foot or the claws
expergefacientawakening; arousing
experientialismdoctrine that knowledge comes from experience
expiateto make amends for wrong
expiscateto find out by strict examination
exponibleable to be explained
expostulateto remonstrate; to discuss or reason with
exprobateto reproach; to upbraid
expromissionrelieving another person's debt by taking it upon oneself
expugnto take by storm; to overcome
expurgateto purify or revise; to censor
exsanguinouswithout blood
exscindto cut off; to uproot
exsectto cut out
exsertto protrude
exsiccateto dry up
exstrophyturning an organ inside out
exsuccouslacking sap
exsufflateto blow away; to exorcise
extemporewithout preparation; offhand
extensometerinstrument for measuring deformation in object due to forces applied
exterritorityexemption from local regulations
extispicydivination using entrails
extramundanebeyond the known universe
extravasateto let out of the proper vessels; to flow out
extrorseturned outward
extrospectionexamination of matters external to oneself
exungulationparing of the nails
exuviateto cast off or shed
eyasunfledged falcon or other bird of prey
eyeletsmall hole in fabric to allow passage of a cord; cotton fabric with small holes
eyeservicework done while the boss is watching
eyewashhumbug; something done merely for effect
eyotsmall island in a lake or river

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