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Word Definition
qanatunderground tunnel for carrying irrigation water
qasidaArabic or Persian elegiac poem
qatleaves chewed or brewed in tea as a stimulant
qawwalifervent Muslim devotional music
qigongsystem of Chinese meditational exercises
qintarAlbanian unit of currency
qiviutwool of the undercoat of a musk-ox
qopha Hebrew letter
quain the capacity of
quabsomething unfinished or immature; unfledged bird
quabto throb; to quiver
quackleto choke; to suffocate
quacksalverone who falsely pretends to knowledge of medicine
quadunit of energy equal to one quadrillion British thermal units
quadrasquare frame; plinth
quadrablecapable of being expressed in a finite number of algebraic terms
quadragenariana person between 40 and 49 years of age
quadragesimalof, like or pertaining to Lent; lasting forty days
quadragesimarianone who observes Lent
quadragintesimalforty-fold; having forty parts
quadralin four parts
quadraphonicproduced by a sound system that employs four signal sources
quadratsmall square block used as a space in printing
quadrataryrelating to a square
quadrateto make square; to make to agree
quadratrixa curve by which a circle may be squared
quadraturawall or ceiling painted with arches and columns in strong perspective
quadrelsquare block of brick
quadrenniallasting four years; occurring once every four years
quadrenniumperiod of four years
quadrifidsplit into four
quadrifoliatehaving four leaves
quadrigatwo-wheeled carriage drawn by four horses
quadrigeminalin four similar or equal parts
quadrigenariouscomprising four hundred
quadrillesquare dance for four couples; card game for four people
quadrilocularhaving four compartments
quadrimiumfour-year-old wine; best or oldest wine
quadringenariouscontaining four hundred of something
quadripoledevice having one pair of output terminals and one pair of input terminals
quadriremeancient ship with four sets of oars
quadrivialleading in four directions; concerning a four-way junction
quadriviumfour branches of mathematics in medieval education
quadrivoltinehaving four litters in a single year
quadroonold term for a person of one-quarter black ancestry
quadrumanousof the primates other than man
quadrupedationstamping with four feet
quaedamdisparaging term for a woman
quaereto introduce a question or issue
quaeriturthe question is asked
quaesitumsomething sought for; the true value
quaestionaryreligious pardoner
quaestorancient magistrate; a medieval pardoner
quaestuarymoney-making; money-seeking; in business only for profit
quaggaextinct African wild ass like the zebra
quagmahypothetical matter made up of quarks and gluons
quagswagto shake to and fro
quahogtype of edible clam
quainangle; wedge-like corner
qualequality or property of something; abstract virtue or quality
qualificatorone who prepares ecclesiastical cases for trial
qualimeterapparatus for measuring penetrating power of X-ray beams
quallyof wine, cloudy or turbid
qualtaghfirst person encountered after leaving home on a special day
quamoclittropical climbing plant with brilliant flowers
quangoa quasi-autonomous non-governmental organization
quangocracyrule of quasi-autonomous non-governmental organizations
quannetflat file used like a plane
quantpunting or jumping pole with a flat end
quantileany of a set of equal fractions of a given population
quantimeterapparatus for measuring quantity of X-rays
quantivalencechemical valence; ability of atoms to hold other atoms in combination
quantometerinstrument for measuring proportions of elements in metallic samples
quantophreniaobsessive reliance on statistics and mathematical results
quantulateto calculate the magnitude of
quantulumsmall quantity
quantuplicityrelative magnitude of a quantity
quaquadratea sixteenth power
quaquaversalfacing or bending all ways
quarenderdark red apple
quaresimalLenten; having the meagreness of Lenten meals
quarksoft cheese made from skim milk
quarkoniummeson formed of a quark and an anti-quark
quarllarge curved brick or tile used to support melting pot
quarredsoured; clotted
quarreletsmall square
quarrendenvariety of apple
quarrionAustralian parrot like the cockatiel
quartana fever recurring every third day
quartationmixing one part gold with three parts silver prior to purifying it
quarterunit of weight equal to 28 pounds
quarterdeckpart of ship's deck set aside by captain for ceremonial functions
quarteringsailing nearly before the wind
quarterlandancient land division on the Isle of Man
quarterlightsmall triangular ventilation window in a car
quarternone quarter of various measures
quartica curve or equation of the fourth degree
quartinvariantan invariant of the fourth degree
quartodecimanearly Christian who celebrated Easter on Passover even if not a Sunday
quartziferousbearing quartz
quasias if; seemingly; in a manner
quasquicentennialone hundred twenty-fifth anniversary
quassationact of shaking or being shaken
quassiatropical tree whose bark is used to make a bitter medicinal product
quata pimple; an insignificant person
quatcha word; a sound
quatenusin the capacity of; in so far as
quaternarranged in fours
quaternionany set of four things; quotient of two vectors expressed quadrinomially
quaternitarianone who believes that God consists of four parts
quaternityfourness; any group of four things
quatintengraving using nitric acid
quatorzainpiece of verse having fourteen lines; a sonnet
quatrainstanza of four lines of verse
quatraylegreat-great-great grandfather
quatrefoilfour-petalled flower; design or ornament with four flowers or leaves
quatriduallasting for four days
quattrocentismstyle of art of the fifteenth century in Italy
quattrocentothe fifteenth century; Italian art and architecture of that period
quatuorviratea body of four men
quaviverfish otherwise known as the sea-dragon or dragonet
quawkblack-crowned night heron
queacha thicket
queanlewd woman; hussy; woman of bad character
queemprotected from the wind
queenitea queen's partisan
queenrightof a colony of social insects, having a queen
quelchto squelch
queleaan African weaver-bird
quellioa Spanish ruff
quenavertical bamboo flute used in the Andes
quenellepoached meat dumpling
quenouilleconcerning the training of trees into cone-like shape
quercetumplantation of oak trees
quercineof, like or pertaining to oak trees
quercitronyellowish pigment derived from bark of a variety of oak
querenciapart of a bullfighting arena where the bull makes his stand
querentone who asks a question
quericalof the nature of queries
querimoniousfull of complaints
querkento stifle; to suffocate
querlto twist; to curl
quernstone mill worked by hand
querquedulepin-tail duck; a teal
quersprungin skiing, a jump-turn at right angles
querulistone who complains
querulouscomplaining; peevish
quesitedsought for; asked about
questmongerone whose occupation is to conduct inquests
quetschdark-skinned oval plum; liqueur made from such plums
quetzalgold and green bird with long tail feathers
quevéein heraldry, having a tail
quichto stir; to move
quickenmountain ash tree
quicklimecalcium oxide
quicksetformed of living plants arranged in place
quicksilverold name for mercury
quickstepfast march-like dance
quickstickswithout delay
quicquidlibetwhatever one pleases; anything whatsoever
quida cut or wad or something chewable
quidama certain person; somebody
quiddanyjelly or thick syrup made from sweetened quince juice
quidderanimal that lets half-chewed food drop from its mouth
quidditativequirky; eccentric
quiddityunique essence; eccentricity
quiddlea fastidious person
quidlibetminor or trifling point of an argument
quidnuncbusybody; one keenly interested in gossip
quidsworthable to be bought for one pound
quietationthe action of quieting a person or persons
quietismdoctrine of enlightenment through mental tranquility
quietusdischarge from life; extinction; death; silencing
quietysilence; tranquility
quiffpuff or gust of wind
quifftuft of hair brushed away from the forehead; oiled lock of hair
quillaiaSouth American tree whose bark is used to make soap
quilletsubtle point in argument; a quibble
quillingstrip or ribbon gathered into flutings
quillonarm of the cross-guard of a sword handle
quilomboremote settlement where fugitive slaves hide
quinarianadvocate of the division of lifeforms into groups of five classes
quinarybased on the number five
quincailleriehardware store
quinceorange-coloured, pear-shaped fruit
quinceañeracelebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday
quinchto wince
quincunxfive things with four at corners and one in middle
quincurionleader of five men
quindecadset of fifteen things
quindecagonplane figure having fifteen sides
quindecasyllabichaving fifteen syllables
quindenefourteenth day after a holy festival
quinellabet predicting first and second-place finishers, in either order
quingenariousrelating to the number five hundred
quingentenaryfive-hundredth anniversary
quingentumvirategovernment by five hundred individuals
quiniblehigh-pitched voice; a musical part pitched very high
quiniferousyielding quinine
quinimetrymeasurement of amount of quinine in bark
quinismpathological state resulting from excessive use of quinine
quinka grey goose
quinnatthe king salmon
quinoagrain seeds of the goosefoot plant
quinologystudy of quinine
quinquadratea thirty-second power of a number
quinquagenarianperson between the ages of 40 and 49
quinquagesimalbelonging to a set of fifty
quinquefariousarranged in five rows
quinquenniumperiod of five years
quinquesectto divide into five parts
quinquiplicateto multiply by five
quinsellhorse's rein
quinsyold disease like tonsilitis
quintainpost for tilting with turning cross-piece
quintalunit of weight equal to 100 kilograms
quintantdevice like a sextant for making astronomical observations
quinternionset of five sheets of paper
quintessencethe most essential part or embodiment of something
quinticof the fifth order or degree
quinticlaveupright brass-wind instrument like a keyed bugle
quintonfive-stringed tenor viol
quintroonold term for someone who is of 1/16 black descent
quinzainepiece of verse having fifteen lines
quinzheesnow shelter with domed chamber dug into it
quipperythe act or art of making quips
quipuknotted cords used as Inca mnemonic device
quireunit of 24 sheets of paper
quiristera chorister
quiritaryin accordance with Roman civil law
quiritationcomplaining; lamentation
quiritiana Roman citizen
quirlyhand-rolled cigarette
quirtshort-handled riding whip
quisbyan idler; suspicious or odd
quisleto betray
quislingone who aids the enemy; a puppet leader supported by foreign power
quisquiliousmade of rubbish
quisquousperplexing; difficult to deal with
quitcha kind of wild grass
quitclaimdeed relinquishing a claim, such as a mining title
quiteronsuperconducting device similar to a transistor
quitrentsmall nominal rent paid to commute feudal service
quittancerelease from a debt or obligation; a document expressing such a release
quitterpus; suppurating discharge
quixoticextravagantly and romantically chivalrous; idealistic
quixotismidealistic or quixotic principles or beliefs
quoadwith respect to; as regards
quob to throb; to quiver
quoddamodotativeexisting in a certain manner
quodditysubtle quibble or point of argument
quodlibetphilosophical argument of disputation; humorous medley
quodlibetificateto quibble with
quoiceneckgrey iridescent shale
quoina wedge; salient angle of a building; cornerstone
quoitheavy flat ring thrown over pin in a game like horseshoes
quokkashort-tailed wallaby
quollnative cat-like marsupial of Australia
quomodocunquizeto make money in any way possible
quondamformer; sometime; formerly
quoniamfemale genitals
quopto writhe; to pulsate; to undulate
quoratehaving or being a quorum
quotatioustending to quote; given to quoting
quothaexpression of surprise or contempt
quotidianeveryday; commonplace
quotietynumber; numerical relationship
quotitiona division regarded as a repeated subtraction
quotuma number considered in its proportion to a larger number
quotuplewhat multiple
quozabsurd person or thing
qurshcurrency of Saudi Arabia equal to 1/20 of a rial

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