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Bearing and Carrying

The following table is a relatively complete listing of words relating to the bearing, exuding, carrying, emitting, or containing of things by other things. Note that almost all of them end in "ferous" or "gerous" (from the Latin ferre and gerere, both meaning 'to bear'). Many of the 203 words below are relatively uncommon and/or technical; nevertheless (if one is permitted to coin a neologism), one could say that this is a rather "verbiferous" list.

Word Definition
aligerous winged
aluminiferous bearing aluminum
antenniferous bearing antennae
argentiferous bearing silver
armigerous entitled to bear arms
arundiferous bearing or producing reeds
auriferous bearing gold
bacciferous bearing berries
balaniferous acorn-bearing
barbigerous bearded; bearing a beard
belliferous bringing war
brachiferous bearing or having branches or arms
branchiferous having or bearing gills
bulbiferous bearing bulbs
byssiferous having tufts or threads
calcariferous having or bearing spurs
calciferous bearing lime
carboniferous bearing carbon
carniferous bearing flesh; fleshy
celliferous bearing cells
celluliferous bearing little cells
ceriferous producing wax
ceruminiferous bearing or yielding ear wax
chaetiferous bearing bristles; bristly
cheliferous bearing pincers or claws
chyliferous bearing chyle
chymiferous bearing chyme
clavigerous club-bearing
clavigerous keeping keys
cobaltiferous bearing cobalt
cocciferous bearing or yielding berries
conchiferous bearing a shell
conchyliferous bearing a shell
coniferous bearing cones
coralliferous bearing coral
cornigerous horned
crinigerous hairy
cruciferous bearing a cross
culmiferous bearing coal-dust
cupriferous bearing copper
cupuliferous bearing cupules
dentigerous toothed; bearing teeth
diamantiferous bearing diamonds
discigerous bearing a disc or discus
doloriferous bearing grief or pain
elytriferous having or bearing hardened forewings
estiferous producing heat
ferriferous bearing iron
filiferous thread-bearing
flagelliferous bearing a whip or flagellum
flammiferous producing flame
floriferous bearing flowers
foetiferous bearing or carrying a fetus
foliaceous bearing leaves; leaf-like
foliferous bearing leaves
foraminiferous bearing foramina
fossiliferous bearing fossils
frigiferous bearing or bringing cold
frondiferous bearing or producing fronds
fructiferous bearing fruit
frugiferous bearing fruit
furciferous bearing a fork
furciferous bearing a forked appendage; rascally
galactophorous bearing or carrying milk
garnetiferous bearing garnets
gemmiferous bearing gems
glandiferous bearing acorns or nuts
glanduliferous bearing glands
globuliferous bearing globules
glumiferous bearing glumes
granuliferous bearing granules
guaniferous bearing dung
gummiferous bearing gum
guttiferous exuding drops
gypsiferous bearing gypsum
hederiferous ivy-bearing
igniferous bearing fire
jaculiferous having arrow-like prickles
lactiferous milk-bearing
laniferous wool-bearing
lanigerous bearing wool
laticiferous containing or conveying latex
lauriferous bearing laurels
lethiferous causing death; carrying or bearing death
libaniferous yielding or bearing incense
luciferous light-bringing; light-giving
lucriferous lucrative; yielding profit
luminiferous bearing or bringing light
maliferous harmful; unhealthy
mammiferous having breasts
manganiferous bearing manganese
margaritiferous pearl-bearing
mastigophorous bearing a whip
melaniferous containing or bearing melanin
melliferous producing or forming honey
mentatiferous telepathic
metalliferous bearing metal
morbiferous disease-bringing
morigerous obsequious or deferent
mortiferous death-bringing; fatal
moschiferous producing musk
motiferous conveying motion
muciferous conveying or secreting mucus
nectariferous producing nectar
nickeliferous bearing nickel
nubiferous cloud-bringing
nuciferous nut-bearing
odoriferous emitting a usually pleasant smell
oleiferous producing oil
omniferous bearing everything
ossiferous bearing bones
oviferous egg-carrying
ovigerous bearing eggs
ovuliferous bearing ovules
ozoniferous bearing ozone
papilliferous bearing papillae
papuliferous pimply; bearing or pertaining to pimples
pedigerous having or bearing feet
peltiferous bearing a shield
penniferous bearing feathers
pestiferous bringing plague or pestilence
petaliferous bearing petals
petroliferous bearing petroleum
piliferous bearing or growing hair
placentigerous bearing a placenta
platiniferous bearing platinum
plumbiferous bearing or yielding lead
plumigerous plumaged
polliniferous bearing pollen
pollinigerous pollen-bearing
pomiferous bearing apples
poriferous having pores
proligerous bearing offspring
pruniferous bearing plums
pubigerous hairy; bearing or growing hair
pupigerous bearing a puparium
pyritiferous bearing pyrite
quartziferous bearing quartz
quiniferous yielding quinine
racemiferous bearing clusters or bunches
ramiferous bearing branches
ramuliferous bearing small branches
resiniferous bearing resin
roriferous producing or bearing dew
rotiferous bearing rotifers
sacchariferous bearing sugar
sacciferous bearing a sac or sacs
saliferous salt-bearing
salutiferous conducive to health or well-being
sanguiferous bearing blood
scapigerous having a scape
scutigerous bearing a shield or scales
scyphiferous bearing a cup
sebiferous bearing fatty matter
securigerous bearing an axe
seminiferous seed-bearing
sensiferous conveying sensation
septiferous having barriers
serpentiferous bearing a snake; abounding in snakes
setiferous bearing bristles
setigerous bearing bristles
siliciferous bearing or containing silica
soboliferous bearing shoots or suckers
somniferous bearing sleep
soniferous producing sound
soporiferous bearing sleep
spicigerous bearing spikes
spiniferous bearing spines
spinigerous bearing spines
spinuliferous bearing spinules
sporiferous bearing spores
staminiferous bearing stamens
stanniferous bearing tin
stelliferous having many stars
stigmatiferous bearing stigma
stoloniferous bearing or having runners
stomatiferous having an orifice or mouth
strombuliferous bearing spirally coiled organs
styliferous bearing a bristle
succiferous bearing or producing sap
succiniferous bearing or producing amber
sudoriferous inducing or secreting sweat
surculigerous producing suckers
tediferous bearing a torch
thuriferous incense-bearing
titaniferous bearing titanium
toxiferous producing or bearing poison
trochiferous bearing a wheel or wheel-like organ
tuberiferous bearing tubers
turriferous bearing towers
umbelliferous bearing umbels
umbriferous giving or bearing shade
uraniferous bearing uranium
uriniferous bearing urine
vasiferous bearing a vessel or vas
veliferous bearing a sail or membrane
veneniferous carrying poison
vermigerous bearing, containing or infested with worms
viruliferous bearing or containing a virus
vitiferous bearing vines
yttriferous bearing yttrium
zinciferous bearing zinc
zinkiferous bearing zinc

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