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Word Definition
habaneraslow and seductive Cuban dance
habergeonsleeveless mail coat
habilablecapable of being clothed
habilatoryof, like or pertaining to clothes or dressing
habiledexterous; adroit
habilitateto equip or finance; to qualify
habromaniainsanity featuring cheerful delusions
haèekmark placed over consonant in Slavic languages to indicate palatalization
hachureshading or lines showing a slope on a map
hacklecomb for flax or hemp
hackneyfour-wheeled two-horse carriage
hadalparts of the ocean below 6000 metres
hadehariaconstant use of the word “hell”
haecceityaspect of existence on which individuality depends
haemalof, like or pertaining to blood
haemataulicsstudy of movement of blood through blood vessels
haematogenesisproduction of blood
haemophiliahereditary disease causing excesssive bleeding
hagiarchygovernment by saints or holy persons
hagiocracygovernment by holy men
hagiographywriting of the lives of saints
hagiolatryworship or reverence for saints
hagiologystudy of saints
hagiomaniamania for sainthood
hagioscopeopening in wall to enable viewing of altar
halationblurring in a photograph due to light reflection
halcyonineof, like or pertaining to kingfishers
halecretlight half-suit of plate armour
halfpacelanding or broad step
halibioticof, like or pertaining to the entirety of life under the sea
halieuticof, like or pertaining to fishing
halieuticsstudy of fishing
haligraphytreatise on salt
haliographydescription of the sea
halitosisbad breath
halitusvapour; breath
halluxbig toe
halolimnicof, like or pertaining to sea creatures who spend time in fresh water
halomancydivination using salt
halophiloustolerant of salt or salt-water
halyardrope or tackle for hoisting and lowering sails
hamarchygovernment by a cooperative body of parts
hamartiaflaw in a character leading to his downfall
hamartiologystudy of sin
hambleto mutilate a dog by cutting of the balls of its feet
hamboSwedish folk dance in three-four time
hamecurved projection attached to the collar of a draft horse
hamiformshaped like a hook
hammerkopbrown African heron with hammer-shaped crest on head
hamshackleto fetter; to restrain
hamularlike a small hook
hamulatetipped with a small hook
hamulusa small hook or hook-like process
hanapchalice used in communion whose cover is a second chalice
hanasterone who paid the entrance fee for Oxford's medieval merchant's guild
handfasta firm grip; a contract
handlistlist without detail
handselinaugural gift; first installment or payment
handspikebar used as a lever
hankseries of rings or clips for attaching a jib or staysail to a stay
hansomlight two-wheeled cab
hapaxword which occurs only once
hapaxanthousflowering only once
haplographyomission of words or lines in recopying text
haplologyomission of a doubled or similar sound or syllable in a word
hapticof, like or pertaining to the sense of touch
haptometerinstrument measuring sensitivity to touch
haptotropiccurving in response to touch
haquetonstuffed jacket worn under mail
hardihoodboldness; audacity
hardpartsskeletal parts of an organism
harengiformshaped like a herring
hariolateto divine; to foretell
harkto pay close attention; to listen
harlbarb of feather used to make artificial fishing fly
harmonicsstudy of musical acoustics
harmoniphonekeyboard instrument with reeds
harmonographinstrument drawing curves representing vibrations
harmonometerinstrument measuring harmonic relations of sounds
harncoarse linen
harridansharp-tongued; scolding woman
harriermedium-sized scenting dog for hunting hares
harryto plunder; to ravage; to destroy
haruspicationdivination by inspecting animal entrails
haslockwool on sheep's throat and neck
haslotcooked animal entrails
hassockkneeling cushion in a church
hatchmentcoat of arms of a deceased person
hauberklong chain mail coat
haulmstems of plants or straw collectively
haurientrising as if to breathe
hausse-colmail or plate armour for the neck
haussmannizeto open out; to rebuild
haustellumsucking proboscis or sucking end
haustorialhaving a sucking proboscis
hauthigh; haughty
hauteurhaughtiness; arrogance
havelockwhite cover for a military cap
haverfoolish nonsense
haversackbag worn over the shoulder for carrying provisions
haviercastrated deer
hawsedistance between ship's bow and its anchor
hawseholehole for ship's cable
hawserlarge rope for mooring or towing a ship
haycockconical pile of hay in a field
hayselhay season
headboroughpetty constable
headlandcape; point; promontory
headsailsail set forward of the foremast of a ship
headstockdevice for supporting end or head of a member
heapsteadbuildings and places around a mine shaft
hearseclothcloth lain over coffin during funeral
heartsomeexhilarating; merry
heaumemassive helmet covering head and shoulders
hebamicof, like or pertaining to the socratic method
hebdomadallyevery week
hebenonanything with poisonous juices
hebephreniaform of dementia occurring at puberty
hebetateto make dull or obtuse
hebeticof, like or pertaining to puberty
hecatarchygovernment by one hundred people; hecatontarchy
hecatomblarge sacrifice or slaughter; killing of one hundred animals or people
hecatontarchygovernment by one hundred people
hectographyprocess for producing multiple copies of writing
hectorto intimidate by bluster, pomp or arrogance
heddleseries of vertical cords to receive warp-thread
hederaivy-leaf sign used to separate paragraphs
hederaceousof, like or pertaining to ivy
hederatedcrowned with a wreath of ivy
hederiformshaped like ivy
hednonwedding present
hedonicspart of ethics or psychology dealing with pleasure
hedonismbelief that pleasure is the highest good
heelera worker for a local politician or political party
hegemonyleadership of one state within a confederacy
hegumenehead of a nunnery
hekistothermplant which can grow in very cold environments
helcologystudy of ulcers
heliacsolar; coincident with that of the sun
helicographinstrument for drawing spirals on a plane
helicoidscrew-shaped; like a coil
heliconbass tuba
helicosophygeometry that deals with spirals
helictitetwisted; branching stalactite
heliofugalmoving away from the sun
heliographinstrument for measuring intensity of sunlight
heliographydescription of the sun
heliolatrysun worship
heliologyscience of the sun
heliometerinstrument for measuring apparent diameter of the sun
heliophilouspreferring or attracted to the sunlight
heliophobiafear of sunlight
heliosciophyteplant that thrives in sun better than shade
helioscopeinstrument for observing sun without injury to the eyes
helioseismologystudy of sun's interior by observing its surface oscillations
heliosisexposure to the sun; sunburn
heliotaxisresponse of an organism to the sun's rays
heliotropepurplish hue; purplish-flowered plant; ancient sundial; signalling mirror
heliotropismmovement of plants towards sunlight
helixscrew-shaped coil
hellbenderlarge flat North American aquatic salamander
Hellenomaniaobsession with Greece and the Greeks; Graecomania
hellkitekite of infernal breed; extremely cruel person
helmship's steering wheel
helminthiasisinfestation with worms
helminthologystudy of worms
helobiousliving in marshes or moors
helotagethe state of helots or being enslaved
helotryclass of slaves
helvehandle of an axe or similar tool
hemacytometerinstrument for counting blood cells
hematologystudy of blood
hematomancydivination using blood
hemeralopiaday-blindness; vision requiring dim light
hemialgiapain in one side of the body alone
hemianopsiablindness in one eye
hemiolicbased on the ratio of 3 to 2
hemiplegicparalyzed on one side only
hemistichhalf a verse line
hemiterycongenital deformity
hendecagoneleven-sided figure
hendecarchygovernment by eleven people
hendiadysexpression of adjective and noun as two adjectives
henismdoctrine that there is only one kind of existence
henotheismbelief in one tribal or community god, but not as the only god
henotictending to unify or reconcile; promoting harmony
henryunit of electrical inductance
hentto grasp; to seize
heortologystudy of religious feasts
hepaticof, like or pertaining to or acting upon the liver
hepatologystudy of liver
hepatoscopydivination by examining animal livers
hephaesticof, like or pertaining to iron-working and blacksmiths
heptameroushaving parts in sevens
heptarchygovernment by seven people
hepterisship with seven rows of oars
herbariumcollection of preserved plants and herbs
herbescentgrowing like an herb
herborizeto gather or tend herbs
herboseabounding with herbs
hercogamyprevention of self-pollination in plants
herdiclow-hung carriage with back entrance
hereditamentproperty that may pass on to an heir
heresiarchleader of a heretical movement
heresiographywritten description or treatise on heresies or heretics
heresiologystudy of heresies
hereticastera petty or contemptible heretic
hereticateto denounce as heretical
hereticidekilling of heretics
heretoforeuntil now
hericidekilling of one's lord or master
heriotpayment to feudal lord upon death of tenant farmer
herissonswinging beam bearing iron spikes
hermhead or bust of Hermes with a big wang on a square base
hermeneuticof, like or pertaining to the interpretation of passages
hermeticof, like or pertaining to sorcery or alchemy
heroarchygovernment by heroes
heroontemple to a hero; temple-shaped tomb
herpetiformresembling or shaped like a reptile
herpetographywritten description of herpes
herpetoidof, like or pertaining to snakes
herpetologystudy of reptiles and amphibians
herpetophobiafear of snakes
herringbonetwilled fabric woven in rows of parallel sloping lines
herwardtoward her
hesternalof, like or pertaining to yesterday
hesternopothiayearning for yesterday or earlier times
hesychastickeeping silence; soothing or quieting
hetaeraparamour; prostitute; concubine
hetaerocracygovernment by paramours
hetairismconcubinage; system of communal marriage
heterarchygovernment by a foreign ruler
heterochronydivergence from normal time sequence
heteroclitousirregularly inflected
heterodymusconjoined twins with two heads and torsos but one pair of legs
heterodyneinterference due to different wave frequencies
heteroeciousparasitism upon several hosts
heteroepyirregular or non-standard pronunciation
heterogenesisspontaneous or alternate generation
heterographyincorrect or unorthodox spelling
heterologydifferences due to different origin
heteronomoussubject to different or foreign laws
heteronymword having same spelling but different sound and meaning
heteropathyexcessive sensitivity
heterophemyaccidental use of word different from that meant
heterosciandweller of a temperate zone
heterosisuse of one form of a noun or pronoun in place of another for rhetorical effect
heterotaxisanomalous arrangement of body parts
heterothermaltaking the temperature of the surroundings
heterotransplantationtransplantation of tissue from an individual of another species
heterotrichosishaving hair of varied or mixed colours
heuristichelping to discover by trial and error
hexactinalhaving six rays
hexaemeronperiod of six days of creation
hexameroushaving six parts
hexametromaniamania for writing in hexameter
hexastichalhaving six lines or rows
hexerisgalley with six rows of oars
heydayexpression of elation or wonder
hibernaculumwinter retreat
hibernalof, like or pertaining to winter
hidationmeasuring or assessing land by hides
hideold unit of land area equal to 120 acres
hidroticcausing or exuding sweat
hiemalof, like or pertaining to winter
hieraticalpriestly; bound by religious convention
hierocracygovernment by priests or religious ministers
hieroduletemple slave
hierogramsacred or hieroglyphic symbol
hierographydescription of sacred things
hierolatryworship of saints or sacred things
hierologyscience of sacred matters
hieromachyfight or quarrel between priests
hieromancydivination by studying objects offered in sacrifice
hieromaniapathological religious visions or delusions
hieromonachmonk who also serves as a priest
hieropathicpertaining to a strong love of the clergy
hierophantone who shows or reveals sacred things
hierophobiafear of sacred things
hieroscopydivination using entrails
hierurgysacred performance
highbindera scheming or corrupt politician
hightnamed; called; to command or call
himationloose outer garment worn by ancient Greeks
himwardtoward him
hindermatecompanion who is a hindrance
hindforemostwith the back part in the front place
hinnableable to neigh or whinny
hiplingswith the hips foremost
hipparchyrule or control of horses
hippedmelancholy; peevish; offended
hippiatricof, like or pertaining to the treatment of horses' diseases
hippiatricsstudy of diseases of horses
hippicof, like or pertaining to horses
hippocrasmedieval hot spiced wine
hippocrepiformshaped like a horseshoe
hippoidequine; of, like or pertaining to horses
hippologythe study of horses
hippomancydivination using horses
hippomaniaobsession with horses
hippometerinstrument to measure height of horses
hippomobilehorse-drawn vehicle
hippophagyfeeding on horses
hippophilelover of horses
hippophobehater of horses
hircinegoat-like; having a goatish smell; of, like or pertaining to smelly goats
hircismusstinky armpits
hirrientroughly trilled
hirsutehaving or covered with coarse shaggy hair
hirudineof, like or pertaining to leeches
hirudineanof, like or pertaining to leeches
hirundineof, like or pertaining to swallows
hispidrough with or covered with strong hairs or bristles
histexpression used to attract attention
histogenesisthe formation or differentiation of tissues
histologystudy of the tissues of organisms
histopathologystudy of changes in tissue due to disease
historicismbelief that all phenomena are historically determined
historiographystudy of writing history
historiologystudy of history
histrionicof, like or pertaining to the stage or actors
hitherto this place
hithermostnearest on this side
hithersidethe nearest side
hoarypale silver-grey colour; grey with age
hoatzinSouth American tropical bird whose young have clawed wings
hobbledehoyawkward; gawky youth
hobnailthick and strong nail for shoeing horses
hobohemiacommunity of hoboes
hoccoSouth American bird resembling a turkey
hodV-shaped trough for carrying bricks or mortar on the shoulders
hoddencoarse undyed woollen cloth
hodiernalof, like or pertaining to the present day
hodometrymeasurement of distance of a sea voyage
hodoscopeinstrument for tracing paths of ionizing particles
hoggasteryoung sheep, hog, or boar
hoggetone-year-old sheep or colt
hogginsifted gravel
hogmanaygift or cake made on New Year's Eve
hogsheadunit of capacity equal to 63 gallons
hogwashnonsense; worthless idea
holderbatclamp fixed around sides of pipe
holismbelief that fundamental universal principle is creation of wholes
hollandcoarse plain-woven cotton or linen
holmisland in a river
holobaptismbelief in baptism with total immersion in water
holobenthicpassing entire life in the deep ocean
holocrypticinscrutable; undecipherable
holographtext written entirely in its author's handwriting
holographyprocess of producing holographic images
holophrasesingle word expressing sentence or phrase
holoptichaving the eyes meeting in front
holosterictotally solid
holtwoody hill or grove
holystonesandstone material used to scrape ships' decks
homaloidalof the nature of a plane; flat; plane-shaped
homarineof, like or pertaining to lobsters
homeomerouscomposed of similar parts
homeoteleutonthe use or occurrence of similar word endings
homichlophobiafear of fog
homileticalof, like or pertaining to homilies
homileticsthe art of preaching
homiliarybook of sermons
hominiformshaped like a human
hommockridge in an ice field
homnivorouseating humans
homocentrichaving the same central or focal point
homochiralidentically shaped
homodonthaving teeth all alike
homoeoptotonuse of series of words sharing the same verb or noun inflections
homographwords spelled the same but of different meaning
homoiousiasimilarity but not identicality in substance
homolegomenabooks of the Bible used in early Christianity
homologateto confirm; to agree; to ratify
homomerouspossessing similar parts or components
homonymwords having the same sound but different meanings
homoousiaidenticality in substance
homophileone who prefers the company of the same sex; a homosexual
homophobiafear of homosexuals
homophylyresemblance due to common ancestry
homoplastyresemblance due to convergent evolution
homotaxicarranged in a similar manner
homunculelittle artificial person
hooeynonsense; humbug
hoplarchygovernment by the military
hoplitea heavily armed Greek foot soldier
hoplologythe study of weapons
hoplomachyfighting while heavily armoured
hoppleto restrain by tying the feet together
hopsackrough-surfaced loose fabric
horacircle dance
horalof, like or pertaining to hours; hourly
horaryof, like or pertaining to an hour; continuing for an hour; hourly
hordeaceousof, like or pertaining to barley
hordeiformshaped like a barleycorn
hormegoal-directed or purposive behaviour
hornbookrudimentary treatise
hornitolow oven
hornpipelively British folk dance
horographyart of constructing sundials or clocks
horologiographydescription of timepieces
horologyscience of time measurement
horometrytime measurement
horrescentexpressing or showing horror
horripilationprocess causing goose-bumps
hortatorygiving exhortation or advice
hortensialof, like or pertaining to gardens
hortulanof, like or pertaining to gardens
hospitateto greet; to welcome
hospiticidekiller of one's guest or host
hosticidekiller of one's enemy
hotchpotaggregation of property prior to equal division among heirs
houndstoothfabric with an irregular checked pattern
hourdtimber gallery on summit of castle tower
housalbelonging to the house
houselthe eucharist; the act of taking the eucharist
howdahseat with a canopy erected on an elephant's back
hoylarge one-decked boat
huckabackabsorbent cotton or linen used for towels
huemulyellow-brown South American deer
huggerythe action of hugging
huitaingroup of eight lines of verse
hulasinuous Polynesian dance with rhythmic hip movements
humanismbelief that human interests and mind are paramount
humanitarianismdoctrine that the highest moral obligation is to improve human welfare
humectto moisten; to cause to become moist
humgruffinterrible person
humicubationact of lying on the ground penitently
humifyto moisten
hummockpile or ridge of ice
humoralof, like or pertaining to body fluid
humpenscrumpcrude musical instrument like a hurdy-gurdy
hustlelively disco dance derived from swing elements with a plus-like pattern
hutialarge Caribbean rat-like rodent
hwylemotional state capable of arousing intense eloquence
hyacinthineof a blue or purple colour
hyalineglassy, of or like glass, transparent
hyalographyengraving upon glass
hyaloidof, like or pertaining to glass
hyalopteroushaving glassy or transparent wings
hydragogueremoving water or serum
hydrargyrismmercury poisoning
hydricof, like or pertaining to an abundance of moisture
hydriotaphiaburial in an urn
hydrobiologystudy of aquatic organisms
hydrodynamicsstudy of movement in liquids
hydrogeniccaused or formed by water
hydrogeologystudy of ground water
hydrognosyhistorical account of water surfaces of the earth
hydrographystudy of investigating bodies of water
hydrokineticsstudy of motion of fluids
hydrologystudy of water resources
hydromancydivination using water
hydromaniairrational craving for water
hydrometeorologystudy of atmospheric moisture
hydrometerinstrument for measuring specific gravity of liquids
hydropathystudy of treating diseases with water
hydrophanousbecoming transparent when placed in water
hydrophilousloving or preferring water
hydrophobiafear of water
hydropicdropsical; thirsty
hydroscopeinstrument for viewing under water
hydroscopistone who divines sources of fresh water
hydrospaceregions beneath the oceans' surface
hydrotaxismovement towards or away from water
hydrotimeterinstrument for measuring water hardness
hyetalrainy; of, like or pertaining to rainfall
hyetographinstrument for recording rainfall
hyetologyscience of rainfall
hyetometerinstrument for measuring rainfall
hyetometrographinstrument for recording rainfall
hygeianof, like or pertaining to health; healthy
hygeiolatryexcessive devotion to health
hygiasticsscience of health and hygiene
hygiologyhygienics; study of cleanliness
hygricof, like or pertaining to water or moisture
hygrographinstrument for recording variations in atmospheric humidity
hygrologystudy of humidity
hygrometerinstrument for measuring air moisture
hygrometryscience of humidity
hygrophilouspreferring or living where there is an abundance of moisture
hygroscopeinstrument for displaying changes in air humidity
hygrostatmachine for regulating humidity of air
hylacticbarking; in a barking manner
hylarchicruling over matter
hylobatineof, like or pertaining to gibbons
hylogenesisthe origin of matter
hylomaniaexcessive tendency towards materialism
hylomorphismbelief that matter is cause of the universe
hylopathismbelief in ability of matter to affect the spiritual world
hylophagouseating wood
hylotheismbelief that the universe is purely material
hylozoismdoctrine that all matter is endowed with life
hymenealof, like or pertaining to marriage
hymnalcollection of church hymns
hymnicidekilling of a hymn through inappropriate alterations
hymnodyhymns collectively; hymn-singing
hymnographystudy of writing hymns
hymnologystudy of hymns
hyoidhaving a "U" shape
hypaethralroofless; open to the sky
hypalgesiadiminished susceptibility to pain
hypallagefigure in which relations between words are changed
hypaspistshield-bearing elite soldier
hyperacusisabnormally good sense of hearing
hyperalgiaextreme sensitivity to pain
hyperanarchycondition of extreme anarchy
hyperaphiaextraordinarily keen sense of touch
hyperarchyexcessive government
hyperbatonrhetorical device in which word order is reversed
hyperboleimpression by extravagant exaggeration
hyperboreanan inhabitant of the extreme north
hyperbuliaexcessive zeal for action or activity
hypercatalectichaving an extra syllable on the end of a line of verse
hypercathexismanic desire for a particular object
hyperduliaveneration of the Virgin Mary above saints and angels
hyperemesisexcessive vomiting
hypergamymarriage of a man to a woman of lower status
hyperhidrosisexcessive sweating
hypermaniasevere mania
hypernymword representing a class of words or things
hyperopefar-sighted person
hyperosmiavery keen sense of smell
hyperphagiaeating too much
hyperpyrexiaexcessive body temperature
hypertrichologistperson who treats unsightly facial hair
hyphaeresisomission of sound or letter from a word
hypnagogicsleep-inducing; pertaining to drowsiness or sleep
hypnoeticof, like or pertaining to unconscious logical thought
hypnogenyproduction of the hypnotic state
hypnoidlike sleep or hypnosis
hypnologystudy of sleep; study of hypnosis
hypnomancydivination using sleep
hypnopompicof, like or pertaining to period between sleep and wakefulness
hypnosophyknowledge of phenomena relating to sleep
hypoboleanticipating and refuting objections to an argument
hypobulicweak-willed; lacking willpower
hypocaustspace under floor for heating by hot air
hypocorismpet-name; diminutive or abbreviated name
hypodynamialoss of strength
hypogeiodysurveying underground
hypogeumunderground chamber
hypogeusiadiminished sense of taste
hypolimnioncolder and deeper layer of water in a lake
hypomaniaminor mania
hyponychialunderneath fingernail or toenail
hyponymterm which is a member of a larger class
hypophorastatement of an opponent's probable but as yet unstated objection
hypophreniaweakness of mental facilities
hypostasisbasis; foundation; essence
hypostrophereturn to primary argument after digression
hypotaxisdependent construction
hypothecaryof, like or pertaining to mortgages
hypothecateto mortgage; to place as security
hypotyposisvivid description of a scene
hypsiloidshaped like the Greek letter upsilon
hypsographyscience of measuring heights
hypsometerinstrument for measuring height of trees through triangulation
hypsophobiafear of high places
hypuralsituated beneath the tail
hyraxsmall rodent-like ungulate
hysteresislagging of an effect behind its cause
hysterogeniccausing hysteria
hysteroidlike or resembling a womb
hysteron proteronin rhetoric, putting first what normally comes last
hystricineof, like or pertaining to porcupines

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