The Phrontistery



Word Definition
mabbleto wrap up
macadamizeto cover a road with small broken stones
macarisma beatitude; taking pleasure in another's joy
macarizeto declare to be happy or blessed
macaroninonsense; foolishness
macaronicmuddled or mixed-up
macerateto steep or soak; to break up; to emaciate
maceratora person who fasts and becomes emaciated
machairlow-lying sandy beach
machicolationspace between corbels in a parapet
machinuletool used by surveyors to obtain right angle
macilentlean; excessively thin
mackinawheavy napped and felted wool cloth
mackintoshlightweight rubberized waterproof cotton
maconsmoked salted mutton
macrobiotelong-lived organism
macrocephalichaving an abnormally large head
macrocephaloushaving a large head
macrocosmlarge and complex structure considered as a whole
macrographyviewing an object with the naked eye
macrologymuch talk with little to say; redundancy; pleonasm
macromancydivination using large objects
macromaniadelusion that objects are larger than natural size
macronstraight line placed above vowel to indicate stress
macrophobiafear of prolonged waiting
macropicidekiller of kangaroos
macropodineof, like or pertaining to kangaroos
macropteroushaving large wings or fins
macroscianone with a long shadow; one who inhabits polar regions
macrotonemacron; straight line placed above vowel to indicate stress
macruralhaving a long tail
mactationkilling or slaughter of a sacrificial victim
macularspotted; patchy
maculationthe act of spotting or staining
maculomancydivination using spots
madapollamfine cotton cloth
madarosisloss of eyelashes or eyebrows
madderred dye made from brazil wood; a reddish or red-orange colour
madefyto moisten or make wet
maderizationwine becoming rusty in colour and flat in taste
madescentgrowing damp
madidwet; dank
madolinevegetable slicer with adjustable blade
madrasfine plain-woven cotton or silk
maenadicfurious; bacchanalian
maffickto celebrate exuberantly and boisterously
magadisancient bridged stringed instrument
maggotoriumplace where maggots are bred for sale to fishers
magianismteachings or philosophy of the magi
magiricsart of cookery
magisterialin the manner of a teacher or magistrate
magisteriumteaching function of the Catholic church
magistralof, like or pertaining to a master or teacher
magistricidekiller of one's teacher
magnalitywonderful or great thing
magnanerieart of raising silkworms
magneticsstudy of magnetism
magnetographinstrument for recording measurements of magnetic fields
magnetometerinstrument for measuring intensity of magnetic fields
magnetonunit of the quantized magnetic moment of a particle
magnicaudatehaving a long tail
magnificatcanticle in praise of the Virgin Mary
magniloquentspeaking in a grand or pompous style
magomancydivination by magic or sorcery
mahoutone who rides or drives elephants
maidanopen plain; open space near a town
maieuticbringing out latent thoughts; socratic
maillottights worn by a ballet dancer
mainmastsailing ship's principal mast
mainourstolen goods discovered on thief
mainpernorone who gives mainprise
mainprisesurety for the appearance of a prisoner at trial
mainsailprincipal sail on a ship's mainmast
mainsheetrope by which mainsail is trimmed and secured
mainstaystay that extends from the main-top to the foot of the foremast
majolicaelaborate glazed Italian pottery
makafhyphen used to join words in Hebrew texts
malabathrumdried leaf used in ancient times to make perfumed ointments
malacissationact of making soft or supple
malacoidmade of a soft or fleshy substance
malacologystudy of molluscs
malacophilouspollinated by snails
malagmaemollient plaster
malaguenaSpanish dance performed by a couple, similar to the fandango
malapertbold; forward; saucy
malapropismmisapplication of words without mispronunciation
malarof, like or pertaining to the cheek
malariologystudy of malaria
malarkeyhumbug; nonsense
malaxagesoftening of clay by kneading it
malaxateto soften by kneading, rubbing or mixing with a liquid
malbrouckarboreal monkey of West Africa
malchusshort cutting sword
maleficdoing mischief; producing evil
malfeasanceevil-doing; illegal activities
malgréin spite of
maliferousharmful; unhealthy
malingerto feign sickness in order to avoid duty or work
malismthe belief that the world is evil
malisona curse
malleationhammering; a hammer-mark or dent
malleiformshaped like a hammer
mallophagouseating wool or fleece
malloseismicsuffering from frequent and severe earthquakes
malmcalcareous loam used in making brick
malmseysweet perfumed wine
malthathick mineral pitch
maltsterone who makes or deals in malt
malvaceousof, like or pertaining to the mallow family of plants
malversationcorruption in office; corrupt administration; misconduct
mamboCuban ballroom dance resembling the rumba or cha-cha
mamellerounded hill
mamelonrounded hill or protuberance
mammalogystudy of mammals
mammerto stammer; to waver; to be undecided
mammetryidolatry; idols collectively
mammiferoushaving breasts
mammiformshaped like a breast
mammiliformshaped like a nipple
mammockscrap or shred; a broken piece
mammogenicpromoting growth of the milk glands
mammonriches; the wealthy; the upper classes
mammonismdevotion to pursuit of wealth
mammoseshaped like a breast
mammothreptspoiled child
mamzerillegitimate child
manalof, like or pertaining to the hand
mancipationlegal transfer by actual or symbolic sale
manciplesteward of a college or monastery; purveyor
mandamentcommand; order
mandamuswrit instructing that an action should be performed
mandarismgovernment with a large bureaucracy
mandativeof, like or pertaining to commands or leadership
mandibuliformshaped like a mandible or jaw-bone
mandorlaoval panel containing a work of art; elliptical halo around holy person
mandrelaxle of a circular saw
mandriarchfounder or leader of a monastic order
manducateto chew or eat
mandylionloose outer garment worn over armour
manègethe art of horsemanship
mangabeylong-tailed tropical African monkey
manganiferousbearing manganese
mangonelmedieval war engine for throwing stones
manicatehaving a woolly growth that can be peeled off
maniformhaving the shape of a hand
manipleclerical vestment worn on the left arm
manometerinstrument for measuring pressure of a liquid or gas
manquéhaving had unfulfilled ambition; failing to achieve expectation
manroperope used as a handrail on a ship
mansionaryresidence; mansions
mansuetudemeekness; tameness; sweetness of temper
mantellettaknee-length sleeveless garment worn by Catholic cardinals and bishops
manticof, like or pertaining to divination; prophetic; divinely inspired
mantissadecimal part of logarithm
manubrialshaped like a handle
manubriumany handle-like structure
manuductioncareful guidance; leading by hand
manumissionemancipation; freedom from slavery
manzellovariant form of soprano saxophone
mappemondmap of the world
maquettesmall model of something to be made on a larger scale
maquisguerrilla resistance force
maraboutthin downy silk
maragingprocess by which alloy is slowly cooled in the air
marahbitterness; something bitter
marasmuswasting away of the body; emaciation due to malnutrition
marcrefuse from winemaking
marcellacotton or linen in twill weave
marcescentwithering without falling off
marchpaneold name for marzipan
marciditystate of great leanness
marcottagepropagation of trees by stripping ring of bark and covering with moss
maremmamarsh; miasma
margaritomancydivination using pearls
maricolousliving in the sea
mariculturecultivation of aquatic flora and fauna
marigenousproduced by or in the sea
marigraphinstrument for recording tide levels
marimbaphonemarimba with steel keys
Mariolatryworship of the virgin mother
Mariologystudy of the Virgin Mary
maritageright of feudal lord to arrange marriages of vassals
mariticidekilling or killer of one's husband
maritodespotismruthless domination by a husband
marivaudagepreciosity in literary style or expression
markhorreddish-grey central Asian wild goat
marlclay used as fertilizer
marlinesmall rope wound about larger rope to keep it from fraying
marmarosisconversion of limestone into marble
marmorealof or like marble
marocainribbed crepe fabric
marquetryfurniture inlaid with multicoloured wood, ivory, or metal
marquisettesheer meshed cloth
marranoJew converted to Christianity to avoid persecution
marryexpression of surprised agreement
martellocircular fort for coastal defence
martextignorant preacher
martineta strict disciplinarian; one who adheres to rules
martingalelower stay of rope used to sustain strain of the forestays
martingalestrap between horse's forelegs to keep its head down
martletheraldic representation of a bird without feet
martyriumshrine erected in memory of a martyr
martyrolatryexcessive devotion to martyrs
martyrologystudy of martyrs
marvermarble or iron slab on which molten glass is rolled
mascarongrotesque face on a door-knocker
maschalephidrosismassive sweating of the armpits
masclediamond-shaped plate or scale
masconconcentration of dense mass beneath the moon's surface
maskirovkause of deception or camouflage as military stratagem
massetermuscle used to move the lower jaw
masteratedegree or title of a master
masticateto chew; to knead mechanically
mastigophorousbearing a whip
mastoidlike a nipple or teat
mastologystudy of mammals
matachinSpanish ritualised sword-dance or battle dance
matelasséhaving a quilted ornamentation; fabric with raised pattern as if quilted
materialismbelief that matter is the only extant substance
materteralof or resembling an aunt
mathemancydivination by counting
mathematicasterminor or inferior mathematician
mathematicismbelief that everything is expressible in mathematical terms
mathesismental discipline; learning or wisdom
matinalof, like or pertaining to the morning
matinsprayer service held in early morning hours
matrasslong-necked chemical flask
matricalof, like or pertaining to a womb or a matrix
matricularof, like or pertaining to a register
matriheritalof, like or pertaining to inheritance along the female line
matriotismlove for country or other institution when regarded as a mother
matripotestalof, like or pertaining to the power of mothers
matroclinicmore like the mother than the father
matryoshkaRussian hollow wooden doll
mattockpickaxe for loosening soil
mattoidperson on borderline between sanity and insanity
maturescentbecoming mature
matutinalof, like or pertaining to the morning; happening early in the day
matutolypeagetting up on the wrong side of the bed
maudlintearfully sentimental
maugrein spite of; notwithstanding
maulstickstick used by painters to steady the hand
maunderto grumble; to drivel; to mutter
maundycustom of sovereign washing feet of poor or giving alms
mavrodaphnesweet dark red Greek wine
maxillaryof, like or pertaining to a jaw
maximalismuncompromising adherence to extreme demands
maxixeBrazilian ballroom dance resembling the two-step
maxwellunit of magnetic flux
mayaillusion; the world of phenomena
mazarinerich blue or reddish-blue colour
mazerhardwood drinking bowl
mazocacothesisabnormal position of the placenta
mazologymammalogy; study of mammals
mazopathiaany disease of the placenta
mazurkaPolish folk dance in moderate triple measure
mazutpetroleum residue after distillation
mazydizzy; confused; labyrinthine; convoluted
mazzardwild sweet cherry
mazzebahancient Jewish sacred stone pillar
mbalaxWest African popular music
mbaqangajazz-influenced southern African popular music style
mbiraAfrican musical instrument made of a hollow resonator and metal vibrating strips
meableeasily penetrable
meatusopening of a passage or canal
mecateold Mexican measure of about one-tenth of an acre
mechanismbelief that life is explainable by mechanical forces
mechanographymechanical reproduction of art
mechanolatryworship of machines
mechanomorphichaving the form of a machine
mecometerinstrument for measuring length
meconiumfirst feces of a newborn child
meconologystudy of or treatise concerning opium
meconomancydivination using sleep
meconophagistconsumer of opium or heroin
mediagenicable to present a good image in the media
medianicof, like or pertaining to spiritualists, mediums or prophets
medicamentexternally applied curative treatment
medicasterquack; charlatan
meditabundabsorbed in meditation
mediusthe middle finger
medullaryconsisting of or resembling marrow or pith
medusiformresembling a jellyfish
meedlessundeserving; unrewarded
meerkatsmall long-tailed African ground squirrel or mongoose
meetfitting; proper
megacerineextinct giant deer
megachiropteranof, like or pertaining to fruit bats
megalithlarge rough stone used as a monument
megalographyartistic depiction of legendary or significant events
megameterinstrument for determining longitude by observing stars
megaprosopoushaving a large face
megascopeinstrument for projecting an enlarged image
megascopicvisible to the naked eye
megathermicsurviving only in tropical climates
megistothermplant requiring very high temperatures
megrimdizziness; migraine; low spirits
meharicamel used for racing
meiosisunderstatement of size or importance for rhetorical effect
melalgiapain in the limbs
melanicblack; very dark
melaniferouscontaining or bearing melanin
melanoabnormally dark person or animal
melasmadark patch of skin
meldometerinstrument for measuring melting points of substances
meleagrineof, like or pertaining to turkeys
melicto be sung; lyric
melichroushaving a honey-like colour
meliorismthe belief the world tends to become better
meliphagousfeeding upon honey
melismatune; melodic embellishment; ornamentation
melismaticflorid in melody
melittologystudy of bees
mellaginousof, like or pertaining to or resembling honey
melliferousproducing or forming honey
melliloquentspeaking harmoniously or sweetly
melodikonkeyboard instrument that brings tuning forks in contact with rotating cone
melologuerecitation with musical accompaniment
melomaniacraze for music
melopeponany of various kinds of squash
melopoeiacomposition of music
meltonstrong and smooth heavy woollen cloth
membralof, like or pertaining to the limbs rather than the trunk
memoriterfrom memory; by heart
memoriterfrom memory
menaldspeckled; spotted
menarchefirst menstruation
mendaciloquencelying speech
mendacityinsincerity; inclination to tell falsehoods
mendicantmember of impoverished religious order
menisciformshaped like a crescent
meniscuscrescent-shaped object; concave lens
menologyregister or calendar of saints' days
mensalof, like or pertaining to the dinner-table; monthly
menstruumsolvent used in the preparation of drugs
mensurationmeasuring to find the dimensions of things
mentalof, like or pertaining to the chin
mentalismbelief that the world can be explained as aspect of the mind
mentationthought; cogitation; cognition
menticidereduction of mind by psychological pressure
mentonnierearmour covering the chin, neck, and lower part of the face
mentumthe chin
meraciouspure; unmixed
mercedarypertaining to the giving or receiving of wages
mercerdealer in small wares or textiles
mercurialvolatile; fluctuating
merdurinouscomposed of urine and feces
merengueCaribbean ballroom dance in which feet are frequently dragged
mereologystudy of part-whole relationships
meretriciousof, like or pertaining to prostitution; superficially attractive but lacking value
merinosoft wool of the merino sheep; any soft merino-like wool or wool and cotton cloth
merismrhetorical device of contrasting two parts of a whole
meristicdivided into parts or segments
meritocracygovernment by the meritorious
merkinpubic wig
merlonnarrow wall in battlement between embrasures
merocracygovernment by a part of the citizenry
meronymword whose relation to another is a part to the whole
meropiapartial blindness
mersiondipping; as in baptism
mesailmovable visor of a helmet
mésallianceunsuitable marriage
meseemsit seems to me
mesicadapted to life with a moderate supply of moisture
mesnaltyfeudal estate
mesochroichaving skin colour intermediate between light and dark
mesocracygovernment by the middle classes
mesothermplant living only in moderate climates
mesozeugmaplacement of a word referring to two different clauses between them
mesquinmean; ungracious
messalinesoft lightweight silk with a satin weave
messianismbelief in a single messiah or saviour
messuagehouse with land and auxiliary buildings
metabasistransition; transfer; in rhetoric, movement from one topic to another
metabiosisreliance of an organism on another for environment
metachronisman error of dating an event too late
metachrosisability of animals to change colour
metageofficial weighing of goods; charge for such weighing
metagnosticincomprehensible; beyond understanding
metagrobolizeto mystify; to puzzle out
metalepsismetonymy of a double or indirect kind
metalliferousbearing metal
metallogenicmetal occurring as an ore as opposed to in rocks
metallogenystudy of the origin and distribution of metal deposits
metallographystudy of the structure and constitution of metals
metallophoneinstrument like the xylophone but with metal bars
metallurgystudy of alloying and treating metals
metamericof, like or pertaining to serial division or segmentation of body
metanalysisincorrect placement of 'n' at start of word following a nindefinite article
metanoiarepentance; fundamental change in character
metanomenmetaphorical name
metaphonyumlaut; change in vöwel sound due to nearby consonant
metaphraseturning of prose into verse or vice versa
metaphrastone who produces a metaphrase
metaphysicsstudy of principles of nature and thought
metaphysischange in form; metamorphosis
metaplasmalteration in spelling of a word by adding, removing, or transposing letters
metapoliticsstudy of politics in theory or abstract
metapsychologystudy of nature of the mind
metastasisremoval from one place to another; rapid transition in argument
metasthenichaving strong haunches or hindquarters
metastrophemutual exchange
metathesistransposition of sounds or letters of a word
métayagesystem of agricultural labour with share of produce as wages
metempiricalbeyond the scope of knowledge
metempsychosispassing of soul after death into another body
metemptosisomission of day from calendar to correct lunar calendar
metensomatosismovement of soul into new body before or after death
meteorismabdominal cramps and swelling due to flatulence
meteoriticsthe study of meteors
meteorographinstrument recording a variety of meteorological observations
meteorographywritten description of weather
meteoromancydivination by studying meteors
methanometerinstrument for detecting presence of methane
metheglinmead; honey ale
methinksI believe; I think
methomaniamorbid craving for alcohol
métierprofession, occupation, calling or business
metonymyfigurative use of word to name an attribute of its subject
metopefront, forehead or frontal surface
metopicof, like or pertaining to the forehead
metopomancydivination using the forehead or face
metoposcopyfortune-telling or judgement of character by the lines of the forehead
metricsstudy of versification
metrocracygovernment by mothers or women; matriarchy
metrologyscience of weights and measures
metromaniainsatiable desire for writing verse
metronymysystem of naming after the mother's or female line
metrophobiafear of poetry
metropolitanarchbishop holding authority over other bishops
meusespace through which animal track passes
mewto shed, moult or change
mewlingcrying feebly
mezzotintmethod of copper engraving with even gradation of tones
mhounit of electrical conductance
miasmafoul vapours from rotting matter; unwholesome air
micaceousconsisting of or made of mica
micranderdwarf male plant
microanatomystudy of microscopic tissues
microbarographinstrument for recording minute changes in atmospheric pressure
microbiologystudy of microscopic organisms
microcalorimeterinstrument for measuring tiny quantities of heat
microcephalichaving a very small head
microclimatologystudy of local climates
micrographinstrument used to write on a very small scale
micrographydescription of objects observed under a microscope
microlithvery small stone tool
micrologystudy or discussion of trivialities
micromancydivination using small objects
micromaniapathological self-deprecation or belief that one is very small
micrometerinstrument for measuring very small distances
microminiaturizationextreme miniaturization used in making electronic components
micronometerinstrument for measuring short periods of time
micropalaeontologystudy of microscopic fossils
microphagousfeeding on small creatures or plants
microphylloushaving small leaves
microphytologystudy of very small plant life
micropodalhaving extremely small feet
micropolissmall city
micropsiadisease causing objects to appear smaller than actual size
micropylemicroscopic orifice
microscopystudy of minute objects
microseismographinstrument for recording small or distant earthquakes
microseismometerinstrument for measuring small or distant earthquakes
microsomatoushaving a small body
microtomeinstrument used to cut very small sections of something
micrurgydissection under magnification or under a microscope
micturitionthe act of urinating
midalarva of the bean-fly
midlentingcustom of giving gifts to parents on mid-Lent Sunday
mienair or look; manner
mignonsmall and dainty
migraineurone who suffers from migraines
milunit of 1/1000 inch used for measuring thickness of wire
mileometerinstrument for recording distance travelled in miles
miliarylike or concerning millet seeds
militastersoldier without skill or ability
millefloriglassware made of coloured rods embedded in clear glass
millenarianismbelief that an ideal society will be produced in the near future
millesimalthousandth; consisting of thousandth parts
milliadmillennium; period of a thousand years
milliammeterinstrument for recording very small electrical currents
millionocracygovernment by millionaires
millocracygovernment by mill owners
milquetoastvery timid; unassertive person
miltfish spawn
milvineof, like or pertaining to kites and similar birds
mimprim, demure
mimesisrhetorical imitation of another's words or mannerisms
mimeticimitative; of, like or pertaining to mimicry
mimographywritten representation of signs
minargentalloy of copper, silver and aluminum
minauderiedisplay of affectation
mineralographystudy and description of minerals
mineralogystudy of minerals
miniaceouscolour of reddish lead
miniateto decorate with rubrics; to illuminate a manuscript
miniaturistone who paints miniature pictures
minifyto diminish, in appearance or reality
minimunit of liquid volume equal to 1/480 fluid ounces
minimifidianhaving the smallest possible degree of faith
minimisminclination to reduce a dogma to the least possible
miniumvermilion; red lead
miniverermine in winter coat; ermine or squirrel fur
minnesingermedieval troubadour or poet
minsterchurch associated with a monastery
minuendnumber from which another is to be subtracted
minuetslow and stately Baroque dance in 3/4 time
minutiouspaying undue attention to minutiae
miosisabnormal contraction of the pupil of the eye
miothermicof, like or pertaining to temperature conditions of the present day
mirabiliarymiracle worker
miradorbelvedere or watchtower; architectural feature with good view
mirdto meddle
mirificwonder-working; marvellous
mirlitonreed pipe
misandryhatred of men
misauntermisadventure or mishap
misbeseemto be unsuited or unsuitable to
miscegeneperson of mixed racial heritage
miscellanarianwriter of miscellanies
misericordledge in church to lean against while standing; forgiveness or mercy
misfeasancedoing of a lawful act in a wrongful manner
mislightto lead astray by a light
misocaineahatred of new ideas
misocapnichating tobacco or its smoke
misoclereone who hates the clergy
misogallichating France or the French
misologyhatred of reason or knowledge
misoneismhatred of novelty
misopaediahatred of children
misosophyhatred of knowledge or wisdom
misotheismhatred of God or deities
mispriseto scorn; to slight; to undervalue
misprisionmistake; overlooking of a crime of another
missalbook containing complete service for mass
mistetchbad habit
mistigrisvariation of poker where blank card can have any value
misyoketo yoke or marry unsuitably
miterhigh headdress worn by bishop or archbishop
mithridateantidote to poison
mithridatismimmunity to poison by taking increasingly large doses
miticideagent which kills mites
mitogeniccausing cell division
mitrateshaped like a mitre or bonnet
mittimuswarrant granted for sending a charged person to jail
mixotrophiccombining different modes of nutrition
mizmazelabyrinth; bewilderment
mizzenthree-masted vessel; aft sail of such a vessel
mizzenmastmast aft or next aft of the mainmast in a ship
mizzleto rain in small drops
mnemonunit of memory, largely hypothetical
mnemonistone from whose memory nothing is erased
mnemotechnysystem for improving memory
mnesicof, like or pertaining to memory
mobilismbelief that nothing is fixed
mobocracygovernment by mobs or crowds
mockadoinferior quality woollen fabric
modalismbelief that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are three modes of a single entity
modillionornamental bracket under Corinthian or other column
modishfashionable; stylish
modistea maker or seller of fashionable dresses and hats
modiuscylindrical headdress of the gods
modulotaking into account
modulusnumber leaving same remainder when divided into two others
mofettevolcanic opening in the earth emitting carbon dioxide
mofussilprovincial; rural
mogadoreribbed silk used in making neckties
mogigraphiawriting only with difficulty
mogigraphycramped writing; writer's cramp
mogilaliaspeaking only with difficulty
mohairfabric made from silky hair of angora goats
moineausmall flat bastion that protects fortification when being built
moirewatered silk
moiréwatered appearance on cloth or metal
moirologistmourner for hire
molariformshaped like a molar
molendinarof, like or pertaining to a mill or miller
moleskinheavy durable cotton
molimengreat effort, especially in performing natural functions
molimowooden trumpet used by Mbuti pygmies
molinaryof, like or pertaining to mills or grinding
molinologystudy of mills and milling
mollipilosedowny; soft; having soft plumage
mollitiessoftness; softening
mollitiousluxurious; sensuous
molluscicidekilling of mollusks
mollycoddlean effeminate man
molotwo or three-stringed lute of West Africa
molochizeto sacrifice
molossusverse foot of three long syllables
molybdosislead poisoning
momentaneousmomentary; instantaneous
momilogystudy of mummies
Momussatirist; critic
monJapanese family crest
monachiseto cause to become a monk
monadismtheory that there exist ultimate units of being
monandrymarriage to only one man at a time
monanthoushaving only a single flower
monaxialhaving only one axis
mondainworldly; fashionable; such a person
monepiccomprising only one word or single-word sentences
monergismtheory that the Holy Spirit alone can act
moneyocracygovernment by the monied classes
mongerytrafficking or marketing, especially in discreditable ways
moniala nun
moniliformshaped like a string of beads
monismbelief that all things can be placed in one category
monitioncaution; warning
monitoryletter containing a warning
monkerymonks in general; monasticism; behaviour of monks
monoblepsiacolour-blindness for all but one colour
monocarpicproducing fruit only once
monoceroushaving only one horn
monochordmusical instrument having only one string
monochroicof one colour
monochromasycomplete colour-blindness
monocracygovernment by one individual
monoculturegrowing of one agricultural crop only
monoculusone-eyed person
monodramaone-man show; play having only one actor
monodymournful ode or poem performed by a single mourner
monoecioushaving both male and female reproductive organs
monogenesisorigin of offspring from identical parent
monogoneutichaving only a single brood or litter
monogonyasexual reproduction
monoideismobsession or fixation on a single idea or thought
monolatryworship of one god without excluding belief in others
monoliteralcomprising only one letter
monolithlarge single stone in form of monument, obelisk or column
monologyhabit of offering soliloquies or monologues
monomachysingle combat; a duel
monomaniaabnormal obsession with a single thought or idea
monomorphichaving only one form
monoousianhaving the same substance
monophagousfeeding on only one type of food
monophobiafear of being alone
monophylleticderived from common ancestry or parentage
monophysitismbelief that Christ was primarily divine but in human form
monopodeone-footed person with foot large enough to be a sunshade
monopolyloguedramatic work in which one actor plays many roles
monopsonycase of only one buyer for products of several sellers
monopsychismbelief that individuals have a single eternal soul
monopteroncircular temple with one ring of columns
monoptoteword with one form for all cases; indeclinable noun
monorhymeseries of lines all rhyming together
monoschemichaving the same metrical pattern throughout
monostichousin one line; in one row
monostrophepoem in which all stanzas share an identical structure
monostylarconsisting of a single shaft
monosyseparation of parts normally fused
monotheismbelief in only one God
monotheletismbelief that Christ had only one will
monoxyloncanoe made from one log
monstrancevessel used to expose the Eucharist
monstricidekilling of a monster
montanemountainous; mountain-dwelling
montantvertical member in panelling or framing
montgolfierballoon using fire for propulsion
monticlea little hill
montiformshaped like a mountain
montrevisible pipes of an organ
monturemounting, setting or frame
mooncalffalse conception or fleshy mass in the womb
moonrakertopmost sail of a ship, above the skyscraper
moorlogdeposit of decayed woody material under a marsh
mootmeeting; gathering; meeting-hall
moquettethick piled fabric used in upholstery and carpeting
morhumus layer formed by slow decomposition in acidic soil
morassicof, like or pertaining to a morass
morbidezzaan extreme delicacy and softness
morbilliformlike or resembling measles
morcellateto divide into small portions
mordaciousgiven to biting; biting in quality
mordantbiting; caustic; incisive; corrosive
mordentrapidly alternating a tone with one half-tone lower; reverse trill
moreenstout corded wool or cotton
moreldark-coloured horse; blackish colour
morescoa Moorish dance or morris-dance
morganunit of inferred distance between genes on a chromosome
morganaticof, like or pertaining to a marriage between those of unequal rank
morganiseto secretly do away with
morgenunit of land area slightly more than two acres
morguehaughtiness; arrogance
moriformshaped like a mulberry
morigerationdeferential behaviour
morigerousobsequious or deferent
morionopen helmet without visor
morioplastyrestoration of lost parts of the body
morkinanimal that has died by accident
morlingsheep dead from disease; its wool
mormalinflamed sore
mornedismal; gloomy; sombre
morosispathological feeble-mindedness
morosophyfoolish pretence of wisdom
morphallaxisregeneration in a changed form
morpheanof, like or pertaining to dreams
morphewskin eruption
morphinomaniahabitual craving or desire for morphine
morphogenesisorigin or development of a body part or organ
morphographyscientific description of external form
morphologystudy of forms and the development of structures
morphometrymeasurement of form or shape
morphonomylaws governing biological morphology
morphoticof, like or pertaining to formation or development
morrisvigorous English dance performed by costumed men
morrorounded hill or headland
morsalof, like or pertaining to the cutting edge of a knife
morsitationact of biting or gnawing
morsurea bite
mortalismbelief that the soul is mortal
mortiferousdeath-bringing; fatal
mortisehole or recess made in wood to receive a tenon
mortmainrestrictive influence of the past on the present
moschatehaving a musky odour
moschiferousproducing musk
moslingsthin strips taken off when dressing skins
motableconstantly moving
motatorycontinually moving
motiferousconveying motion
motilecapable of moving spontaneously as a whole
motographold telegraph or telephone receiver
motonarmour for the armpit
motrixfemale motor
motteartificial mound upon which a castle is built
mottleto variegate blotchily
moucharabyprojecting latticed window
mouchardpolice spy
mouillésounded in a liquid manner; palatized
moulinshaft in a glacier caused by water running down a crack
moulinetmachine for bending a crossbow
mountenanceamount; distance
mournivalset of four things
mousselinefine sheer fabric
mousselinevery fine glassware
moutonsheepskin processed to look like the fur of another animal
moventmoving; capable of causing motion
mowto make a grimace
moyavolcanic mud
moyenantby means of; on condition that
mozzettashort cape with ornamental hood worn by Catholic prelates
mucagomucus; mucilage
mucedinousmouldy; mildewy
muchitygreat size or bulk
mucidmouldy; musty
muciferousconveying or secreting mucus
mucilageany sticky substance
mucivorousfeeding on plant juices
mucopurulentof mucus and pus
mucorrhoeadischarge of mucus
mucronateterminating in a sharp point
mucronestiff sharp point forming an abrupt end
mucroniformlike, having or resembling a sharp point
muculentlike mucus
muffineerdish for keeping muffins hot
mugientbellowing; braying
mugwumpone who is neutral politically
mulciberianof, like or pertaining to metalworking
mulctto swindle; to obtain by fraud
mulctuarypunishable by a fine
muliebrilewomanly; feminine
mulismobstinate quirk or habit
mullsoft fine sheer cotton or silk fabric
mullto moisten leather to make it more supple
mullerflat heavy stone or iron pulverizing tool
mulletfive-pointed star in heraldry; ridiculous hairstyle
mulligrubsa despondent or ill-tempered mood
mullionupright division between window panes
mullockwaste earth or rock from a mine
mullocknonsense; rubbish
mulmorganic sediment at bottom of an aquarium
mulseboiled wine with honey
multanimoushaving a many-sided mind
multeitymanifoldness; very great numerousness
multifarioushaving great diversity; manifold
multifidhaving many divisions
multilocationappearance in many places simultaneously
multiloquencetalkativeness; use of many words
multiparoushaving given birth to multiple children
multiplicativeindicating repetition or augmentation
multipotenthaving the power to do many things
multiscienceknowledge of many things
multisonantproducing many or very loud sounds
multitarianhaving many forms but one central essence
multiviousleading in many directions; offering many different paths
multivocalhaving many meanings
multivolenthaving several differing opinions; disagreeing
multivoltinehaving several broods in one season
multurefee for grinding grain
mumbo-jumboobscure nonsense
mumpsimusview stubbornly held even when shown to be wrong
mundificativea cleansing or purifying medicine
mundifyto cleanse; to purify; to heal
mundungusfoul-smelling tobacco
mungoshoddy cloth made from shredding old or waste woven material
munificencemagnificent liberality in giving
munifyto fortify
munimentmeans of defence; record fortifying or proving a claim
muntingvertical framing piece between door panels
muntjacsmall tusked East Asian deer
muoniumpositively-charged muon attached to an electron
muragetax for the upkeep of walls
murallyby means of walls; on or from a wall
murcoushaving the thumb cut off
murdrumkilling of a human being in a secret manner
murengerofficial in charge of ensuring city walls are repaired
muriatedpickled; preserved
muricaterough or warty with sharp points
muricidekilling or killer of mice or rats
muriformresembling a mouse or rat
murineof, like or pertaining to mice and rats
muriphobiafear of mice
murrainepidemic or plague affecting livestock
murrewhite-breasted North Atlantic seabird
murrhineclear glassware containing pieces of coloured glass
musalof, like or pertaining to poetry or the Muses
muscariformshaped like a brush
muscicapineof, like or pertaining to flycatchers and related birds
muscicidesubstance for killing flies
muscidof, like or pertaining to house-flies
muscoidof, like or pertaining to mosses; moss-like
muscologythe study of mosses
museographydescription of the contents of a museum
museologythe study of museums
musicastera mediocre musician
musicographyart of writing music
muslinplain-woven fine cotton
musomaniaobsession with music
musrolnose-band of a bridle
mussitateto mutter
mussitationmurmuring; grumbling
mustelidotters, badgers and weasels
mustelineof, like or pertaining to weasels, martens and badgers
musterdevillersarchaic mixed grey woollen cloth
mutagenesisorigin or induction of mutation
mutativeindicating a change of place or state
mutchkinold unit of liquid measurement equal to 3/4 of an imperial pint
muticlacking normal defensive parts or organs
mutivitytendency to alter
mutualismbelief in mutual dependence of society and the individual
mvulekind of African tree like a mulberry; hard wood of that tree
myastheniamuscular weakness or debility
mycetismfungus poisoning
mycologystudy of funguses
mycophagouseating fungus
mycosisdisease due to the growth of a fungus
myctericof, like or pertaining to the nostrils
mycterismsneering; rhetorical sarcasm or irony
mydriasismorbid dilatation of the pupil of the eye
myelicof, like or pertaining to the spinal cord
myogenichaving a muscular origin
myographinstrument for recording muscular contractions
myographydescription of the muscles
myologystudy of muscles
myomancydivination from the movements of mice
myophobiafear of mice
myosisexcessive contraction of the pupil of the eye
myoxineof, like or pertaining to dormice
myriacanthoushaving many prickles
myriadthbeing a one-ten-thousandth part of a whole
myriarchygovernment by ten thousand individuals
myringoscopeinstrument for viewing the eardrum
myrioramapicture consisting of many interchangeable parts
myristicivorousfeeding upon nutmegs
myrmecologystudy of ants
myrmecophagidof, like or pertaining to anteaters
myrmecophagousfeeding on ants
myrmecophiloushaving a symbiotic relationship with ants
myrmicineof, like or pertaining to ants
myrmidonfollower; hireling; mercenary
myropologistone who sells perfume
myrtledeep green
mysophobiafear of contamination or dirt
mystacialhaving a mustache-like stripe
mystagogicalof, like or pertaining to religious ritual initiation
mysteriosophysystem of knowledge concerning secrets and mysteries
mythoclastdestroyer of myths
mythogenesisorigin of myths
mythographydescriptive study or representation of myths
mythomanialying or exaggerating to an abnormal extent
mythopoeicgiving rise to myths

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