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This is a repository of pages that, for one reason or another, have outlived their usefulness as part of the Phrontistery, but which I will continue to make available to the public on an archival basis. Note that many of the pages may contain links that are very outdated.


Origins and Symbology of the Phrontistery
A now-outdated exposition of the Phrontistery's original insignia.

On Progress in the Arts
My views on historical trends in the fine arts, presented in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

On Merit and Meritocracy
A brief discussion of the merit principle and its competitors in modern hiring practices.

Why I am not a Conservative
A rather lengthy paper which began as a means of venting my frustration and ended up as a critical commentary on modern ideological differences. Considerable Canadian political content, but should be comprehensible to most informed readers.

State Formation: A Historical Systems Approach
A slightly modified version of my B.A (Honours) thesis, written in 1995 and thus a rather crude representation of some of my pet theories and ideas.

Linguistic Rants
A series of short diatribes on linguistic subjects, written in 1995 and 1996.


Role-Playing Links
A small set of links relating to role-playing games.

Archaeology Links
Links to web sites and newsgroups relating broadly to archaeology.

History of Mathematics Links
Links to web sites concerning the history of mathematics.

The Ingenious Internet
A small set of links of interesting and curious websites, circa 2002.

Friends of the Phrontistery
A now very-outdated page of reciprocal links to the site.

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