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Carriages and Chariots

Each of the 58 vehicles listed here is wheeled and non-motorized - a carriage, chariot, cart, buggy or similar thing. In general, this means that they will be horse-drawn (or donkey-drawn, or ... well, you get the picture). A number of these terms are foreign and thus I have adopted English orthography where appropriate.

Word Definition
araba wheeled Middle Eastern carriage
barouche four-wheeled hooded carriage
berlin four-wheeled covered carriage
britska open four-wheeled carriage
brouette small two-wheeled carriage
brougham one-horse closed carriage
cabriolet two-wheeled carriage
calash light low-wheeled carriage with folding top
cariole light open carriage
caroche stately carriage used on ceremonial occasions
chaise light open carriage for one or two people
charabanc open tourist coach with benches
clarence four-wheeled carriage
coupe four-wheeled closed horse-drawn carriage
curricle two-wheeled open carriage
dennet light two-wheeled carriage
désobligeante carriage for one passenger
diligence horse-drawn stage-coach
dogcart light two-wheeled carriage with seats back-to-back
dos-a-dos carriage where passengers seated back to back
droskhy low four-wheeled open carriage
ekka small one-horse carriage
fiacre hackney coach; cab
fourgon baggage-wagon
gharry box-like Middle Eastern horse-drawn cab
gig light two-wheeled one-horse carriage
hackney four-wheeled two-horse carriage
hansom light two-wheeled cab
herdic low-hung carriage with back entrance
jinker light horse-drawn passenger carriage
karrozzin Maltese horse-drawn carriage
landau horse-drawn carriage with folding top
noddy plain two-wheeled horse-drawn cart
phaeton open four-wheeled carriage
quadriga two-wheeled carriage drawn by four horses
roadster light carriage
rockaway light four-wheeled carriage with fixed top and open sides
rulley flat four-wheeled wagon for carrying goods
shandry light cart on springs
shay open carriage or chaise
sociable four-wheeled open carriage with side-seats
spider light high-wheeled carriage
stanhope light open one-seated carriage
sulky light two-wheeled, one-person horse-drawn carriage
surrey light four-wheeled carriage with two seats
tandem two-seated carriage with horses harnessed in series
tarantas four-wheeled carriage mounted on poles
telega four-wheeled springless wagon
tilbury light open two-wheeled carriage
timwhisky light carriage for one or two people, pulled by one or two horses
tonga light two-wheeled carriage
trap light one-horse carriage with springs
troika carriage drawn by three horses
tum-tum dog-cart
vettura carriage, cab or car
victoria light open two-seated four-wheeled carriage
vis-a-vis light carriage with seats facing one another
wagonette carriage with one crosswise seat in front, two seats in back

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