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Word Definition
raadelectric catfish
rabannaraffia fabric of Madagascar
rabbetgroove cut to receive an edge
rabbledevice for stirring molten iron in a furnace
Rabelaisiancoarsely hilarious
rabicof, like or pertaining to rabies
racemationcluster or bundle of grapes or any other thing
racemecentral stem with flowers on small stalks
racemiferousbearing clusters or bunches
rachdog that hunts by scent
rachidianof or concerning the spine
rachiometerinstrument for measuring the spine
rachisspine or axis of a feather; the spinal cord
rachitogeniccausing rickets
raciologystudy of racial differences
rackrentexcessive rent
racloirscraper used by early hominids
raconteurteller of anecdotes
radappertizationtreatment of food with ionizing radiation to kill bacteria
radarscopeinstrument for detecting radar signals
raddleflexible rod used to make hurdles or fences
raddlered ochre used to make marks
radicatedrooted; established
radiciformlike a root
radicivorouseating roots
radiclerootlike organ or part
radicolousliving on roots
radiesthesiasensitivity to radiation from any source
radiogenicproduced by radioactive disintegration
radiogoniometerinstrument for finding direction through radio signals
radiographyuse of X-rays or other radiation to make images
radiologystudy of X-rays and their medical applications
radiometeorographinstrument for measuring atmospheric conditions at high altitude
radiometerinstrument measuring radiation energy
radioscopeinstrument for viewing objects using X-rays
radiosonderadio transmitter in balloon used to gather weather data
radixroot; root-number or numerical base; root word or stem
radularcoarse; scraping; raspy
raduliformlike a rasp or file
rafaleburst of artillery in quick rounds
raffishdisreputable; vulgar
ragabashidle worthless fellow
raglanhaving sleeves going all the way to the neck
ragmaticalwild; ill-behaved
ragulyin heraldry, having short alternating projections and depressions
railophonetelephone installed in a train
raisonneurperson in a play or book embodying author's viewpoint
rakethe inclination of a mast or another part of a ship
ramageboughs of a tree
ramealof, like or pertaining to branches
ramellosehaving small branches
ramentumchaffy scale on plants
ramiestrong lustrous fabric resembling linen or silk
ramiferousbearing branches
ramiformbranching; shaped like branches
rampallionscoundrel; villain
rampantheraldic animal portrayed on its hind legs
rampickdead tree or tree decayed at top
ramuliferousbearing small branches
ramulussmall branch
ramusbranch of anything
ranariumplace where frogs are kept
rancelmanlocal constable or law officer in Orkney and Shetland
rancescentbecoming rancid
randborder; edge; margin
randanuproar; din; riotous conduct
randemwith three horses in single file
rangiferineof, like or pertaining to or like reindeer
ranineof, like or pertaining to or like frogs
ranivorouseating frogs
rannygazoofoolish nonsense
rantipolewild; disorderly
rantizeto sprinkle with water during baptism
ranunculaceousof, like or pertaining to buttercups
raplochcoarse undyed woollen cloth
rappelcall to arms by the beating of a drum
rapprochementestablishment of or state of cordial relations
raptorialpredacious; of, like or pertaining to a bird of prey
raptustrance; rapture; seizure
rarissimaextremely rare books
raschellight loosely kitted cloth
rashsmooth silk or worsted fabric
rasophorelowest rank of Greek Orthodox monk
rasorialscraping the ground for food
rasterpattern of parallel lines or grid used in certain scanning devices
rasureact of scraping; erasure; obliteration
rataplandrumming sound
ratelhoney-eating Old World badger
ratemeterinstrument for measuring counting rate of electronic counters
rathprehistoric hill fort
rathequick; early; eager
ratheripeearly ripe
raticidesubstance or person who kills rats
ratinérough bulky plain-woven fabric
ratiocinateto reason or argue logically
rationalismbelief that reason is the fundamental source of knowledge
ratiteof, like or pertaining to flightless birds
ratlinesmall rope forming a rung of a rope ladder on a ship
rattento practise sabotage against
ravanastronancient Hindu stringed instrument played with a bow
ravelindetached work with two embankments
razzmatazzmeaningless talk; hype; nonsense
realismdoctrine that objects of cognition are real
reastto become rancid
rebarbativerepellent; repulsive
rebatementabatement; reduction; discount
rebecmedieval musical instrument like a mandolin or viol
reboantmarked by reverberation; resounding
rebullitionact of boiling up or effervescing
rebuspicture puzzle representing a word
recadencyrelapsing; falling back
recalesceto display again a state of glowing heat
recaptionreprisal; taking back that which is unlawfully obtained
recenseto revise critically
receptidea or imaged formed by repeated similar perceptions
receptacularserving as a receptacle
recherchécarefully chosen, rare or exotic
recidivismhabit of relapsing into crime
recipiangleold instrument with two arms used for measuring angles
reciprocornoushaving horns that turn backward and then forward
recisioncutting back; rescinding
récitsolo part for voice or instrument; narrative tale
recklingsmallest or weakest of a litter
réclameart or practice by which publicity or notoriety is secured
reclinatebent down or back
recoctto cook again; to concoct; to improvise
reconditeout of the way; little known
recreantcraven; false; apostate
recrementwaste; dross; secretion that is reabsorbed; excess matter
recriminateto charge one's accuser
recrudescencea resurgence after a period of abatement
rectalgiapain in the butt
rectecorrectly; which should be
rectigrademoving in a straight line
rectiserialin vertical ranks
rectitudinousmanifesting overly obvious moral correctness
rectofront side of a bookleaf; on the front
rectrixquill feathers of a bird's tail
recumbentreclining; lying comfortably
recureto cure; to heal; to bring back to health
recusantone who refuses to attend Catholic church services; nonconformist
redactto edit; work into shape; to frame
redanfield fortification with two parapets meeting at an angle
redargueto refute; to confute
reddendumreserving clause in a lease
redeto counsel or advise
redhibitionreturn of defective product and cancellation of sale
redintegrateto make whole again; to restore
redivivusresuscitated; come to life again
redolentfragrant; smelling of; suggestive of
redoubtrough and temporary fortification
redoubtableformidable; valiant
redoundrecoil back on; make contribution for own benefit
redshortbrittle at red-heat
reductionismbelief that complex phenomena are reducible to simple ones
reduitinner fortified retreat for a garrison
reeboksmall South African antelope
reedbuckantelope frequenting reeds
reefto reduce area of a sail by rolling or folding part of it
reellively dance of the Scottish Highlands
reeveto pass a rope through a ring
refectionrefreshment or relief; a meal
refectorydining-hall of a monastery or other institution
refelto refute; to disprove; to confute
reflationincrease in amount of economic activity and spending
reflectographymethod of revealing hidden drawing lines beneath painting
reflectometerinstrument for measuring reflectance of radiant energy
refletiridescent or metallic lustre
reflexologystudy of reflexes
refluentflowing back; ebbing; tidal
refluxan ebb; boiling using a condenser to avoid liquid loss
refocillateto refresh; to cherish
refractometerinstrument measuring refraction of light
refractoryunruly; unmanageable; perverse; obstinate
refrangiblethat may be refracted
refugiumarea that has retained earlier geographic conditions
refulgentcasting a flood of light; radiant; beaming
regala small portable organ
regalismdoctrine of the monarch's supremacy in church affairs
regardantin profile and looking to the rear
regelationfreezing together again
reginalof, like or pertaining to a queen
régisseurstage manager; director; manager
regletstrip for spacing between lines in printing
regnalof a reign
regolithlayer of loose rock overlaying solid rock
regorgeto disgorge; to regurgitate
regrateto buy and sell again in or near the same market
regredeto retrograde
regreetto exchange greetings
reguerdonto reward
regularule of a religious order
regulusimpure metal; intermediate product in ore smelting
reinfundto flow in again
rejectamentarefuse; excrement
rejoindersharp and clever answer
relâcherelaxation; rest; no performance
relationismdoctrine that relations between entities (space, time) are themselves entities
relativeindicating relation or a prepositional object
relativismdoctrine that knowledge and truth are relative to contexts
reliabilismtheory that justified belief is reached by reliable cognitive processes
relictleft behind; surviving
relictionrecession of sea leaving bare land
religateto tie together; to restrain
reliquarya small box or shrine used to hold relics
relucentreflecting; shining
relumeto light or light up again
remanenta remainder; a remnant
remanetpostponed case or parliamentary bill
remeantreturning; coming back
remexquill feather of a bird's wing
remigateto row
remittituract of sending case from appellate court back to trial court
remonstrateto protest; to expostulate
remontantflowering more than once per season
remoradelay; obstacle
remotionseparation; removal; removal of a person from an office
remuantrestless; fidgety
remueurperson who turns the bottles in wine-making
renalof, like or pertaining to the kidneys
renascentcoming into renewed life or vitality
rencounterchance meeting; encounter; casual combat
reniformshaped like a kidney
renitentresistant; reluctant; recalcitrant
renographyradiographic examination of the kidneys
renverseto reverse; to upset
repplain-woven fabric with crosswise ribs
repetendfigures, words, notes or numbers that are repeated
repineto feel or express discontent or dejection
replevinrepossession of stolen goods pending outcome of lawsuit
repositoryside altar in Catholic church
repousséraised in relief by hammering from behind or within
reprehendto rebuke
representamenthe product of representation
representationalismdoctrine that ideas rather than external objects are basis of knowledge
reprobatereprehensible or immoral person
reprographyreproduction of graphic or typeset material
reptantcreeping; crawling
reptationact of squirming along a smooth-walled narrow passage
repugnto fight against; to oppose
repunitnumber consisting of two or more identical integers
requiemlament or mass for the dead
requiescatprayer for the dead
requitalact of payment in return; repayment; vengeance
rerebracearmour for the upper arm
reredosscreen behind altar
rescriptanswer of pope or emperor to any legal question; edict or decree
réseaunetwork of lines used in star photographs
resectioncutting away a part of; especially the end
resileto recoil; to rebound; to draw back from a position
resiniferousbearing resin
resinographystudy or description of resins
resipiscencerecognition of error; change to better frame of mind
resistentialismhumorous theory that inanimate objects display malice towards humans
resofincularresembling a wire hanger
resorbto absorb back; to reabsorb
respirometerinstrument for measuring and studying respiration
respondentialoan on ship's cargo payable on safe arrival
responsoryset of responses sung or said after liturgical reading
restiformshaped like a cord
resupinelying on the back
retto expose to moisture; to soak; to soften by soaking
retableshelf or ornamental setting for panels behind an altar
retenetwork or net; stylized star-map of an astrolabe
retiaryof nets; using nets as a weapon; catching insects in webs
reticellaold Venetian lace-like fabric
reticelloglass formed with decorative network of fine glass threads
reticleset of intersecting wires used to facilitate accurate observations
reticularof, like or pertaining to nets; intricate
reticulatedivide or be divided into a network
reticulesmall woven lady's handbag
reticuloseof the nature of a network
retiformshaped like a net
retinaculumconnecting band; means of retention
retiniseto read mechanically by sight alone
retinoidlike resin
retinoscopeinstrument for measuring and viewing the retina
retiracyseclusion; enough to retire on
retorsebent backwards
retrahentdrawing back
retralat or toward the rear
retreeslightly damaged paper
retrenchmentcutting down on; reduction in amount of
retroin the past
retrocedeto move back; to cede back; to grant back
retrochoirspace in choir behind high altar
retrocognitionextrasensory knowledge of past events
retrogrademoving or directed backwards; degenerating; inverse
retrogressbackward movement; degeneration
retrojectto throw backwards
retromancydivination by looking over one's shoulder
retromingenturinating rearwards
retromorphosischange for the worse
retronymnew name as modification of older term used alone
retrophilialove of things of the past
retropulsionpushing backwards
retrorseturned back or downward
retrousséturned up; especially of the nose
retrovertto turn back
revto run an engine before bringing it into use
revalorizeto give new value to; to restore value of currency
revancherevenge; policy directed towards recovery of territory
revehentcarrying back
revendicateto make formal claim to; to try to retrieve lost goods
reversany part of a garment which is turned back
revestreinstate; reinvest
revetto face with masonry
revetmentretaining wall
revieto stake more than an opponent has proposed on
revirescentgrowing young or strong again
revoluterolled back at the edges
rhabdologyknowledge or learning concerning divining rods or numbering rods
rhabdomancydivination using a rod or stick
rhabdosmagic wand
rhadamanthinelike a stern judge
rhaebosiscurvature; bandiness
rhagadessmall fissures or chaps on the skin
rhamphoidhooked beak shaped
rhapsodomancydivination by opening works of poetry at random
rhathymiapersonality factor leading to optimism and cheerfulness
rheidsubstance that flows viscously when below its melting point
rhemaword; verb
rhematicof words or verbs; forming a word or words
rhemespeech element that expresses an idea
rheographymeasurement of blood flow
rheologyscience of the deformation or flow of matter
rheometerinstrument that measures current
rheophileliving or thriving in running water
rheostatinstrument for measuring electric resistance
rheotaxisdirection of movement by water
rheotropismchange in orientation or location of an organism due to running water
rhetoricasterpetty rhetorician
rheumwatery discharge from eyes and nose
rheumatologystudy of rheumatism
rhexisrupture of a blood-vessel
rhigosissensation of cold; ability to feel cold
rhinalof, like or pertaining to the nose
rhinocerialvery heavy; of or like a rhinoceros
rhinoceroticof, like or pertaining to the rhinoceros
rhinogenousderiving from the nose
rhinologystudy of the nose
rhinoscopeinstrument for examining the nose
rhinotillexomaniacompulsive nose picking
rhizicof the root of an equation
rhizogenicproducing or growing roots
rhizomeroot-like stalk or stem of a plant
rhizophilousgrowing or thriving on or near roots
rhochrematicsscience of inventory management and the movement of products
rhodopsinvisual purple
rhomboidshaped like a parallelogram
rhonchialof, like or pertaining to snoring
rhonchisonantmaking a snorting or snoring noise
rhopalichaving each word one syllable longer than that before
rhopographypainting in still life
rhotacismexcessive or incorrect pronunciation of the letter “r”
rhubarbnonsense; actors' nonsense background chatter
rhumbcompass point
rhynchodonthaving a toothed beak
rhyparographygenre or still-life pictures of sordid subjects
rhypophagyeating filth
rhysimeterinstrument for measuring speed of current or watercraft
rhythmometerinstrument for measuring speed of rhythms
rhytidectomywrinkle-removing operation
rhytondrinking cup with hole in the point to drink by
rianormal drowned valley; long wide creek
riantlaughing; merry
ribibean old crone, past the age of sexual attractiveness
rictalof the gape; of the corner of the mouth
rictusgaping mouth; orifice
riddle-me-reenonsense language
rideauridge or mound of earth used for defense
ridelaltar curtain
ridentlaughing or smiling radiantly; beaming
ridgelinghalf-castrated animal
ridibundeasily moved to laughter
ridottosocial gathering with music and dancing
riemrawhide thong
rifacimentorecasting of a literary or musical work
rifflersmall file with curved ends used in woodworking
rigadoonlively Baroque period dance
rigescentbecoming numb or stiff
rigiduloussomewhat stiff
rilletsmall brook or stream
rillmarkmarking produced by water running down a bank or beach
rimanarrow fissure
rimiformhaving a long furrow
rimosefull of chinks; covered with cracks
rimpleto wrinkle
rindlesmall watercourse
rinkomaniaobsession with skating
riometerinstrument for measuring absorbed cosmic radio waves
riparianof or inhabiting a riverbank; a riverside inhabitant
ripienistsupplementary instrumentalist
ripienosupplementary or reinforcing music
rippletoothed tool for removing seeds from flax or hemp
riqqMiddle Eastern tambourine
risorgimentorevival; rebirth
risorialof, like or pertaining to or causing laughter
risusa laugh; a grin
ritornelshort instrumental prelude or interlude in opera
rittmastercaptain of a troop of horse
rivageshore; bank
rivelto shrivel; to shrink
rivulationirregular marks of colour
rivulosemarked with winding and haphazard lines
riziformshaped like a grain of rice
roachcurved cut in edge of sail for preventing chafing
roadsterlight carriage
robandpiece of yarn used to fasten a sail to a spar
robinetancient light cannon
roborantstrengthening drug or tonic
roborateto strengthen; to corroborate
roboreanstrong; like an oak
roburhard-wooded oak
rocenormous legendary Arabian bird
rocailleartificial rockwork or similar ornament
rocherock or cliff; a rocky height
rochetsurplice-like vestment of a bishop or abbot
rockawaylight four-wheeled carriage with fixed top and open sides
rodenticidekilling of rodents
rodomontadebluster; boasting; bragging speech
roentgenunit of x-radiation or gamma radiation
roentgenographyimagery or examination using X-rays
rogationasking or supplication, especially in an ecclesiastical sense
rogatoryasking for the intervention of a foreign court in examining a witness
rollickexuberant jollity; to frolic gaily
rollytruck; trolley
roma gypsy man
romalhandkerchief or headcloth; silk or cotton fabric
rondeaupoem of thirteen lines
ronduregracefully rounded curvature
roodcross or crucifix at entrance to church chancel
roodold unit of land area equal to 1/4 acre
roodgeto push or lift with effort
rooirhebokreddish South African antelope
rookerystate of confusion
roorbackdefamatory falsehood published for political effect
roriferousproducing or bearing dew
rorquallarge whale with dorsal fin
rosariumrose garden
roseaceousof the rose family; roselike
roseateresembling a rose; overly optimistic
rosellabright-coloured Australian parakeet
rosetteknot or radiating loops of ribbon concentrically arranged
rosinresin applied to bows for stringed instruments
rosmarinemythical walrus-like sea animal that feeds on dew
rostelsmall beak or similar outgrowth
rostelliformshaped like a small beak
rostrumplatform for public speaking; conductor's dais
rostrumspike on prow of warship for ramming
rotameterinstrument consisting of glass tube with free float for measuring liquid flow
rotameterold instrument for measuring length of curved lines
rotiferousbearing rotifers
rotocracygovernment by those who control rotten boroughs
rotographphotograph made by laying negative on sensitive paper
rottackrubbish; nonsense
rotundaterounded off; orbicular
rouéman devoted to life of pleasure; rake
roulademelodic embellishment sung to one syllable
rouncehandle for moving carriage on hand printing press
rouncevala large, boisterous woman; a mannish woman; a lesbian
rounddance in a ring
roundelanything circular; circle; disc; ring-dance
roundelround metal disc used to protect joints of armour
roundelaysong with a refrain
rouppoultry disease
rowelsmall; spiked wheel on a spur
rowensecond mowing of grass in the same season; aftermath
rowlockcontrivance serving as a fulcrum for an oar
royalsmall sail on royal mast just above topgallant sail
ruaMaori pit for storing root vegetables
ruanaSouth American cape or poncho
rubaboopemmican broth
rubashkaRussian peasant shirt
rubefyto redden
rubescentgrowing red; blushing
rubicanof a horse, black or red with flecks of white
rubigomildew; blight
rubiousruby red; rusty
ruborredness of body part due to excess blood
rubricateto mark in red; to fix like a ritual
rubricistone who adheres closely to liturgical rules
ruchefrill of lace or other material
ructationthe act of belching
ructiondisturbance; uproar
ruddockEuropean robin
rudenturearchitectural moulding in the shape of a rope
ruderalgrowing in wasteland or among rubbish
ruderaryof or relating to rubbish
ruderateto fill or cover with small pebbles
rudiclesmall spatula or spoon
rudstaystrap over horse's back to which a wagon can be attached
ruellespace between bed and wall
rufescentinclining to redness
ruffianizeto behave violently or brutally
rufousreddish or brownish-red
rugcoarse woollen cloth
rugelachcrescent-shaped Jewish pastry
rugiblecapable of roaring
ruginesurgeon's scraping instrument
rugouswrinkled; covered with sunken lines
ruguloushaving small wrinkles
ruiniferousbearing many ruins
ruiniformhaving the form or appearance of ruins
rulleyflat four-wheeled wagon for carrying goods
rulliona rawhide shoe
rumchunderfine silk
rumfustianhot alcoholic drink made from rum and various spices
rummerlarge drinking-glass
runagatefugitive; vagabond
runcationaction of weeding
runcinatehaving irregular saw-toothed divisions
rundalesystem of holding land in single detached pieces
rundlerung of a ladder
rundletold liquid measure equal to about 15 gallons
runnellittle brook
runologystudy of runes
rupestriancomposed of rock; inscribed on rock
rupicaprineof, like or pertaining to chamoises
ruptileeasily breakable
ruridecanalconcerning a rural dean and his jurisdiction
rurigenousliving or born in the country
rushlighta type of candle dipped in grease
russelribbed cotton and wool
russetcoarse homespun cloth
russetreddish brown
Russophileone who admires Russia or the Russians
Russophobiafear of Russia or Russians
rusticateto send into the country; to banish to rural areas
rusticityrustic manner; simplicity; rudeness
ruthpity; remorse; sorrow
rutherfordunit of radioactive decay equal to 1 million disintegrations per second
ruthfulpiteous; sorrowful
rutilantshining; glowing ruddily
ryacolourful Scandinavian knotted-pile rug

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