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Word Definition
jabberwocknonsense, gibberish
jabirularge tropical stork with massive bill
jabotlace frill worn on shirt or dress front
jacanalong-toed tropical freshwater wading bird
jacentlying flat; sluggish
jacintheorange colour
jackship's flag flown from jack-staff at bow of vessel
jackmedieval leather coat worn as armour
jackanapesimpudent child; conceited fellow
jack-blockpulley system for raising topgallant masts
jack-cross-treesingle iron cross-tree at head of a topgallant mast
jackstaffshort staff at ship's bow from which the jack is hoisted
jackstayiron or wooden bar running along yard of ship to which sails fastened
jackyardspar used to spread the foot of a gaff-topsail
jacobinextremist or radical in politics
jaconetstout cotton cloth
jacquardintricately-woven variegated fabric; loom for making jacquard
jactancyboastfulness, vainglory
jactationthrowing; boasting
jactitationa tossing, twitching or jerking of the body; a false claim
jacularge South American game bird
jaculationthe act of throwing or hurling
jaculiferoushaving arrow-like prickles
jadepitiful horse; a nag
jaggertoothed chisel
jaggerycoarse and dark sugar
jailagefee paid to jailer
jaleolively Spanish dance
jalouseto suspect; to be jealous of
jalousieoutside shutter with slats
jambmetal leg-armour
jambeauarmour worn on the legs
jambiyacurved dagger with two edges
jamdanifine Indian cotton cloth with woven flower pattern
jampanan Indian sedan chair
jangadacrude log raft
janiformhaving two faces
janitrixa female janitor
janizarya follower or supporter
jankerlong pole on wheels for transporting logs
jannockoutspoken; honest; outgoing
janskyunit of strength of radio wave emission
japanglossy black varnish or lacquer
japanophilialove or admiration for Japan or the Japanese
jarabeMexican dance for male and female partners
jararacapoisonous Brazilian snake
jardinièrecontainer for displaying flowers
jardoncallous or swelling on a horse's leg
jargonautone who uses excessive jargon
jargonelleearly pear
jargoonbrilliant pale or colourless zircon
jarkseal or insignia on a counterfeit document
jartaterm of endearment
jaseranfine chain mail jacket
jaspecotton or rayon cloth with shaded effect
jasperto marble; to speckle
jasperatedmottled; streaked with various colours
jaspideousof the nature of jasper
jatojet-assisted takeoff engine
jaunceto prance; to cause a horse to prance
javanaisword alternation slang adding 'av' or 'va' to end of syllables
javelotsmall spear or javelin
jawholecesspool; sewer entrance
jaw-jawempty, sterile chatter
jazzboslapstick comedy
jazzetrypoetry read to jazz accompaniment
jazzophonemusical instrument like a kazoo with a trumpet bell
jebelhill or mountain
jecoralof, like or pertaining to the liver
jectigationwagging, tremulous movement
jeepableable to be traversed by jeep
jejunatorone who fasts
jejunelacking interest or significance; dull or insipid; dry; empty
jellygraphold device for copying that used a plate of jelly
jemadaran Indian police or customs officer
jemmyburglar's short crowbar
jennetsmall Spanish horse
jennetingearly type of apple
jentacularof, like or pertaining to breakfast
jeofailofficial or legal acknowledgement of a mistake
jerboanocturnal desert-dwelling jumping rodent
jeremiadprolonged complaint; angry or cautionary harangue; lamentation
jerkinheadtruncated gable with a lipped roof
jeroboamlarge bottle for holding equivalent of 6 ordinary wine bottles
jerqueto search for smuggled goods
jerseyplain weft-knitted fabric of wool, cotton, nylon or silk
jessringed strap tied to leg of falcon or hawk
jessamyyellow like a jasmine
jessantin heraldry, overlying
jesserantsplinted armour
jesuiticalcunning; quibbling
jesuitocracygovernment by Jesuits
jetavatorcontrol surface for deflecting rocket exhaust
jetonstamped metal token used in card-playing or reckoning accounts
jettaturathe evil eye
jibsmall triangular sail extending from the head of the foremast
jibboomspar forming an extension of the bowsprit
jibeto change a ship's course to make the boom shift sides
jiboyaboa constrictor
jiffyunit of time used in computing equal to 1/100 second; any small unit of time
jigamareea thingamajig; a cunning manoeuvre
jiggermastaftermost mast of a four-masted ship
jiggery-pokerydeceptive or manipulative humbug
jiggumboba thingamabob; a gadget; a whatsit; a gewgaw
jimswingera frock coat
jinkto move quickly with sudden turns and shifts
jinkerlight horse-drawn passenger carriage
jitneysmall passenger vehicle
jitterbugjazz dance featuring vigorous acrobatic feats
jivefast dance done to jazz or swing music
jnanaknowledge obtained through meditation
jobationtedious scolding
jobbernowla blockish or stupid head
jobberythe conduct of public business for private gain
jockoa chimpanzee
jockteleglarge clasp knife
jocosemerry; characterized by joking
jocoserioushalf in jest; half serious
joculatorprofessional jester or minstrel
joggletooth or pin to prevent surfaces from slipping
joinderlegal uniting or joining
jointureproperty granted to wife for use after husband's death
joistbeam supporting boards of a floor or laths of a ceiling
jolleyguide for fixing a pottery mould for plates
jollyboatsmall boat kept hoisted at ship's stern
jolterheadclumsy oaf; blockhead
jongleurwandering minstrel
jordana chamberpot
jorumlarge bowl containing drinks
jossluck, fate
jotafast Spanish folk dance in triple time
jougsiron collar attached to post and put around neck as punishment
jounceto bump or jolt
jovialista convivial person
jowto ring a bell; a stroke of a bell
jubadance with clapping and leg slapping performed by Southern blacks
jubatemaned; having or possessing a mane
jubbahlong loose outer garment worn by Muslims
jubeornamental choir-screen
jubilarianone who celebrates a jubilee, especially a priest, monk, or nun
jubilatethe third Sunday after Easter
judmass of coal ready for final removal
judderstrong vibration in an aircraft
judicaturepower of dispensing justice by trial
judogijacket and trousers worn by practitioner of judo
jugsound of the nightingale
jugateside by side; in pairs; overlapping
jugginsa simpleton
juglandaceousof, like or pertaining to walnuts
jugulateto cut the throat of
julepsweetened and often medicated drink
jumarmountaineering clip that grips rope when weight is applied
jumartimpossible mythical offspring of a cow and donkey
jumbalthin crisp sweet cake
jumboismadmiration for large things
jumellepaired or twinned article; opera-glasses
jumentouslike a horse
juncaceousof, like or pertaining to rushes
juncoNorth American finch
juntocracygovernment by a junta
juponsleeveless jacket worn beneath a hauberk
juralof, like or pertaining to the law
juranttaking an oath; one who takes an oath
juratmemorandum at end of affidavit showing to whom it was sworn
juratoryof, like or pertaining to an oath
jureby law
jurelcoastal fish of southern United States
jurimetricsapplication of scientific methods to legal problems
jurisconsultlegal expert
jurymastmast erected on ship in place of one lost
juslaw; legal right
jussiveexpressing a command
justiciaradministrator of justice; supreme judge
juttyprojecting part of a wall
juvenala youth; young bird's plumage
juvenescentbecoming youthful
juveniliaworks of one's youth; early works of an artist or author
juxtapositiveindicating juxtaposition

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