The Phrontistery



Word Definition
dabchicksmall grebe
daboyalarge Indian viper
dacnomaniaobsession with killing
dacoitagerobbery by gang or mob
dacryopswateriness of the eyes
dactylioglyphengraver of rings or of gems
dactyliologystudy of rings
dactyliomancydivination by means of a finger
dactylographythe study of fingerprints
dactyloidlike or resembling a finger
dactylologystudy of sign language
dactylomancydivination using rings
dactylomegalycondition of having abnormally large digits
dactylonomycounting using the fingers and toes
dactyloscopycomparing fingerprints for purpose of identification
dadolarge wooden moulding along bottom of wall
daedalformed with art; displaying inventive skill
daedalistaviator; pilot
dagdirty tatted tuft of sheep's wool
dageraadbrightly coloured South African fish
dala dried legume, such as lentils, beans or peas
dalmaticecclesiastical robe or other outer vestment
daltonunit of atomic mass
damascenedecorate or engrave metal with wavy lines and patterns
damaskfine lustrous fabric with flat patterns and a satin weave
daminehaving antlers like a fallow deer
dammarhard resin used in making varnish
damnificationcausation of injury or loss
damoiseaumale form of damsel; a young man not yet dubbed a knight
damsondark brownish purple
dancettédeeply indented
danismlending money on usury
dapto dip gently into water; to fish with a surface fly
dapaticallavish; sumptuous; costly
daphnomancydivination using a laurel
dapiferone who brings meat to the table
dapocaginousmean-spirited; heartless
darbylarge trowel for levelling concrete or plaster
darcyunit of permeability of rock to various substances
darkleto grow or make dark
darraignto vindicate; to justify or prove
dashnon-specific very small unit of measurement used in cooking
dashpotshock absorber
dasypeltissmall African egg-eating snake
dasyphylloushaving crowded, thick or woolly leaves
dasypoedestypes of birds having downy-feathered young
dasyureflesh-eating marsupial
datarypapal officer who registers and dates bulls and edicts
dationact of giving, conferring or donating
dativeindicating indirect object of a verb
davenportsmall ornamental writing desk; large sofa
davitdevice for hoisting and lowering a boat
dawsimpleton; bird of the crow family
deaconingact of putting best looking goods on top of pile
deadeyerounded wooden block with hole used to set up ship's stays
deadstockfarm equipment
deadwoodtimbers built into ends of ship when too narrow to permit framing
dealateinsect divested of its wings
dealbationwhitening; bleaching
deambulatoryplace for walking around or about in
dearticulateto disjoint
deasilsunwise motion
debarrassto disembarrass; disentangle; free
debelto conquer in war
debellateto conquer or overcome through battle
debouchto issue or emerge; to flow from a confined place
debouchuremouth of a river or strait
debridementthe removal of foreign matter from a wound
decadarchygovernment by ten individuals; decarchy
decadistauthor who writes works in ten parts
decalcomaniaprocess of transferring a design onto a surface using specially prepared paper
decalescencepoint in heating metal where it appears to cool
decalogistexponent of rules such as the Ten Commandments
decalvantremoving hair; depilatory
decameroushaving parts in tens
decanallocated on south side of the choir in a church
decanalof, like or pertaining to a dean or deacon
decantateto chant or say repeatedly
decarchygovernment by ten individuals
decare1000 square metres
decarnatedenied or deprived of physical bodily form
decastichten-line poem
decatiseto uncurl through the use of steam or moisture
decaudateto cut off the tail of
decelerometerinstrument for measuring deceleration
decennovalof, like or pertaining to the number nineteen
decimestriallasting ten months
deckleragged edge of paper
declassébelow one's social class
declinometerinstrument for measuring magnetic declination
declivityplace that slopes downwards; inclination downwards
decoctto prepare or extract by boiling; to devise
decollateto behead; to disorganize
decomplexrepeatedly compound
decorticateto remove the bark, husk or peel of
decoupagethe application of paper cutouts to wood surfaces
decrassifyto make less crass or boorish
decrementa gradual decrease in quantity or quality
decrepitateto crackle; to roast so as to cause to crackle
decrescentbecoming gradually less
decretalof, like or pertaining to a decree
decretalpapal decree deciding a point of church law
decrudescencediminution or reduction of a disease
decumanprinciple; large; primary
decumbentlying down; reclining on the ground
decumbiturethe time spent by an invalid in bed
decurrentextending or running downwards
decurtateto curtail, shorten or abbreviate
decussateto divide in the form of an X; to cross or intersect
dedansspectators at a court tennis match
deditionsurrender; capitulation
deductivismbelief in the superiority of deduction over induction
deeklook at; see
deemsterjudge on the Isle of Man
defalcateto embezzle money held on trust
defeasiblethat may be annulled
defenestrationthrowing a person or object out a window
deferriseto remove iron from
defervescenceabatement of heat; coolness; decrease of fever
defiladeto arrange fortifications against frontal attack
defiliationdepriving a parent of a child
definiensword or words used in a dictionary definition
deflocculateto break down into small pieces
defluentrunning down; decurrent
defluviumfalling of hair
dégagéat rest; untroubled; at ease
deglutinateto unglue or unstick
deglutitionthe power or act of swallowing
degressiongradual decrease; reduction in taxes
dégringoladerapid decline or decay; downfall
degurat-like rodent of South America
degustationeating in a series of small portions
dehisceto gape; to burst open
dehorsoutside of
dehortto dissuade
deicidedestruction or killing of a god
deicticdirectly demonstrating something or some proposition
deiformappearing like or shaped like a god
deiparousbearing a god
deipnosophylearned dinner-conversation
deipotenthaving godlike power
deismbelief in God but rejection of religion
deixisrelating to time and place of a linguistic utterance
delainelight fabric of wool or mixed wool and cotton
delaminateto split into layers
delateto pass on; to charge with a crime
delativeindicating motion downward
delectusanthology of useful passages or quotations
delendathings to be deleted or destroyed
deleteriousharmful to body or mind
delfdrain; ditch; excavation
delibateto sip
delignateto remove wood from; to deprive of wood
deliquesceto melt into liquid by absorbing moisture
delirationmadness; aberration
delirifacientproducing or creating delirium
deloonorth African antelope
delopeto fire one's gun into the air in a duel
delphicallyenigmatically; obscurely
delphinepertaining to the Dauphin of France
delphinineof, like or pertaining to dolphins
deltiologythe collection and study of picture postcards
deltoidshaped like a delta or triangle
delubruma font, a temple or shrine having a font
demagoguepolitical agitator appealing to popular prejudices
démarchedecisive course of action taken in diplomacy
demarchygovernment by the people; popular government
demegoricof, like or pertaining to demagogues or demagogic speech
démentiofficial denial or refusal
demephitiseto purify air
demergeto immerse; to plunge
demersalsubaqueous; living underwater; sinking to the bottom
demesnefeudal manor-house with adjacent lands
demicastorbeaver pelt of poor quality; beaver fur mixed with another type of fur
demigrationchange of abode
demijohnlarge bottle having a wicker case
demisanghalf-breed; hybrid
demiurgecreative spirit or entity
demogenicof, like or pertaining to membership by citizenship rather than kinship
demologystudy of human behaviour
demonarchygovernment by a demon
demonetiseto deprive of monetary value; to withdraw from circulation
demonocracygovernment by demons or evil forces
demonographystudy and description of demons
demonolatryworship of or devotion to demons
demonologystudy of demons
demonomancydivination using demons
demonomaniapathological belief that one is possessed by demons
demonosopherone who is inspired by a demon or devil
demonymname for a resident of a place
demoticof, like or pertaining to the common people
demulcentemulsifier; something soothing
demurragedelay of vessel's departure or loading with cargo
denaryone of ten; tenfold; of, like or pertaining to group of ten
dendriformshaped like a tree
dendrochronologystudy of tree rings
dendroidtree-like; resembling a tree
dendrolatryworship of trees
dendrologystudy of trees
dendrometerinstrument for measuring trees
dendrophilousfond of trees
deneholevertical shaft having chambers at the base
denierunit of yarn fineness
dennetlight two-wheeled carriage
densimeterinstrument for measuring closeness of grain of a substance
densitometerinstrument for measuring optical or photographic density
dentellatedhaving small notches or teeth
dentellelace; lacework
denticlesmall toothlike structure
dentiformshaped like a tooth
dentigeroustoothed; bearing teeth
dentiloquentspeaking with clenched teeth
dentineivory-like material making up teeth
dentiologistone who speaks with closed teeth
dentirostralwith notched beak
deobstruentsomething that removes an obstacle
deodatea gift to or from God
deonerateto disburden
deonticof or relating to duty or obligation
deontologythe theory or study of moral obligation
deoppilateto free from obstruction
deordinationabnormality or irregularity
deorsumversionturning downwards
deosculateto kiss affectionately
depayséout of one's element or natural environment
depeculationembezzlement of public funds
deponenthaving a passive form but active meaning
depotentiateto deprive or divest of power
deprehendto catch; to seize
depurateto purify
deracinateto root up
derayto go wild; to derange
dericof, like or pertaining to the skin
dermatoglyphicsthe study of skin patterns and fingerprints
dermatoidlike or resembling skin
dermatologystudy of skin
dermographiacondition where writing on skin causes red mark to form
derodidymustwo-headed beast
derrickhoisting mechanism using a boom and a central post
desacraliseto deprive or remove sacred qualities
descriptivismdoctrine that moral judgements are equivalent to descriptive judgements
descriveto describe
desideratumsomething which is greatly desired
desideriumlonging or yearning
desinentterminal; ending
desipientplaying the fool; trifling
desmanlarge European muskrat
desmologystudy of ligaments
désobligeantecarriage for one passenger
despoliationdespoiling; despoilment
despotocracygovernment by despots or tyrants
despumateto throw off impurities in foam; to skim; to remove scum
desquamateto scale or flake off
desudationextreme sweating
desuetudestate of disuse
desultoryjumping from one thing to another; rambling; unplanned
detersionthe act of cleaning
detinuewrongful seizure of property; action to recover it
detortto untwist; to twist the other way
détraquéa person who is deranged
detritivoreanimal that eats decomposing organic matter
detrituswaste or debris
detrudeto thrust downward or outward
detumescencediminution of swelling
deuteragonista person who serves as a foil to another
deuterogamysecond marriage after the death of the first wife
deuteropathysecond illness in addition to an initial one
deuteroscopysecond view or meaning; second sight
devallto sink; to decline
deviseeone to whom property is bequeathed in a will
devoirwhat is due; duty
dewlapturkey's wattle; flap of skin under the throat
dexiotropicturning to the right
dexterrelating to the right side of a heraldic shield
dextertowards the right side
dextroductionshifting the eyes from left to right
dextrogyratoryturning to the right
dholewild Indian dog
diableunglazed earthenware casserole
diableriemagic; sorcery; mischief
diabolocracygovernment by the Devil
diabologystudy of devils
diaconalof, like or pertaining to a deacon
diaconiconsacristy for sacred vessels in Orthodox churches
diacopedeep wound or incision
diacoperhetorical separation of a compound word by a third word; tmesis
diacousticof, like or pertaining to the refraction of sound
diacriticmaking a distinction; aiding a diagnosis or evaluation
diactinalhaving two pointed ends
diadermicof, like or pertaining to the puncturing of the skin
diadromcourse or passing; vibration
diaeresistwo dots placed over a vowel to indicate a syllable break (naïve)
diagenesisproduction of rock out of sediment
diaglyphfigure etched or engraved in surface of gem or stone; intaglio
diagometerinstrument for measuring electrical conductivity
diagraphinstrument for enlarging or projecting drawings
diagraphicsart of making diagrams or drawings
dialectologystudy of dialects
diallagedevice in which many arguments brought upon one point
dialleluscircular argument
dialogismrhetorical discussion in form of an imaginary dialogue
diamantéglittering; decoration using glitter
diamantiferousbearing diamonds
dianoeticcapable of, like or pertaining to thought
diaphanometerinstrument for measuring the transparency of air
diaphanoustransparent; translucent
diaphonelow-pitched fog signal consisting of two tones
diaphoresisartificially induced sweat
diaporesisrhetorical expression of uncertainty of which of two options to adopt
diapyesisrelease or discharge of pus
diarchygovernment by two people
diaskeuastreviser; interpolator
diastemaspace between teeth
diastomaticmoving through the pores
diastropheupheaval or drastic modification of the earth's crust
diasyrmrhetorical device of condemning through faint praise
diatessaronmedicine of four ingredients
diathermicpermeable to or able to conduct radiant heat
diathesisparticular condition of body or mind; predisposing factor
diatyposisrhetorically vivid and clear description of a subject
diaulosancient Greek double flute
dibatagSomalian antelope with recurved horns
dibblepointed tool for making holes for seeds or plants
dicacityraillery; banter
dicaeologydefending oneself in argument by claiming justification
dicephalusconjoined twins with two heads
diceroustwo-horned; having two antennae
dichogamoushaving males and females maturing at different rates
dichordmusical instrument with two strings
dichroscopeinstrument for examining crystals for dichroism
didacta person given to lecturing or moralizing
didappersomeone who disappears and bobs up again
didascalicdidactic; pertaining to education or teaching
diddicoyitinerant tinker or scrap-dealer
didelphineof, like or pertaining to opossums
didelphousmarsupial or pouched mammal
didgeridooAustralian aboriginal instrument consisting of a long wood or bamboo tube
didineof, like or pertaining to dodos
didymoustwin; twinned; growing in pairs
diectasisextending line of verse by adding extra syllable
diegesisthe narration of facts
diesisdouble dagger sign
diestrusperiod of sexual inactivity
diffarreationRoman form of divorce
differentiaproperty which distinguishes one from another
diffidentoverly shy or modest
diffinitylack of similarity or affinity
diffluentreadily flowing away
diffractto break up into segments or portions
diffractometerinstrument for determining structure of crystal through light diffraction
diffrangiblecapable of being diffracted or separated
diffugientdispersing; diffusing
dightdisposed, adorned, clothed
digitatehaving or resembling fingers
digitiformshaped like a finger
digitigradewalking on the toes alone
digitoriumsilent piano for practicing
digladiateto fight with swords; to fence
digonalfigure such that a half-turn gives the same figure
digoneuticdouble brooded
digraphtwo letters expressing a single sound
dijudicateto judge; to decide
dik-diksmall east African antelope
dilacerateto rend or tear asunder
dilaniateto tear to pieces
dilatometerinstrument for measuring expansion
dilatoryslow; given to delay or procrastination
dilettantedabbler or lover of fine arts
dilogicalambiguous; having two meanings
dilogyintentional ambiguousness
dilrubaIndian stringed instrument like a small sitar
diluvialof, like or pertaining to floods; especially mythical ones
dimerousconsisting of two parts
dimidiatedivided into halves
dimissorysending away or giving leave to depart; dismissing
dimitysheer and stout white cotton
dinanderiebronze-coloured metal alloy used for decorative vessels
dinarchygovernment by two people; diarchy
dinicof, like or pertaining to vertigo or dizziness
dinomaniamania for dancing
dinumerationnumbering of rhetorical points one by one
dioecioushaving male and female sexual organs in different individuals
dionymname containing two parts or terms
dioptometerinstrument for measuring focus or refraction of the eyes
dioptreunit of measurement of power of lens or eye
dioptricsstudy of light refraction
diorismdistinction; definition
diorthosisa critical revision of a text; any correction or adjustment
dioticaffecting both ears
diphyleticdescended from two distinct ancestral groups
diphyodonthaving second set of teeth that replaces the first
diphysitismbelief in the dual nature of Christ
diplemark in margin of text to indicate rejected verses or new paragraph
dipleidoscopeinstrument for measuring moment when an object passes a meridian
diplocephalustwo-headed monster
diplogenesisdoubling of ordinarily single organ or part
diplographinstrument for writing two lines of text at once
diplomaticsscience of deciphering ancient writings and texts
diplomatologystudy of diplomats
diplopiadouble vision
dipnooushaving both lungs and gills
dippydroperson who often changes mind
diprionidianserrated on both sides
diprotodongigantic prehistoric marsupial with two incisors in lower jaw
dipseticcausing to be thirsty
dipsomaniaabnormal craving for alcohol
dipsosispathological great thirst
diptotenoun taking two grammatical cases only
diptychpair of pictures on hinged panels; register of bishops and saints
diremptionseparation into two; disjunction
dirigibleable to be directed
dirigismstate control in economic and social spheres
dirimentcondition of legal nullification
disafforestto clear of forest; to disforest
disagiofee charged for exchanging foreign or depreciated currency
disbosomto make known; to reveal
discalcedwithout shoes; barefoot; a religious order wearing no shoes
discarnatedisembodied; separated from the body
disceptto dispute; to debate
discerptibleable to be separated
disciformround or oval in shape
discigerousbearing a disc or discus
discissionopen incision or cut
discobolusdiscus thrower
discographycatalogue or listing of musical recordings
discomaniaobsession for disco music
discombobulateto disconcert; to upset
discophileone who loves and studies sound recordings
discophoranof, like or pertaining to jellyfishes
discountenanceto abash; to discourage
disculpateto free from blame
disembogueto discharge or eject into the sea
disembrangleto free from dispute
diseusefemale orator or reciter of verse
disgarnishto despoil
disgenericbeing of a different genus
disgregationseparation; scattering
disilludeto free from illusion
disimmureto liberate; to release from walls
disinureto render unfamiliar
disjectionscattering or dispersion
disomusmonster with two bodies
disorbeddeprived of authority or sovereignty
dispendiousextravagant; expensive
dispiteouspitiless; malicious
disponeto set in order; dispose
dispongeto sprinkle or discharge as if from a sponge
disportto play about, frolic or gambol
dispreadto spread in different ways
dispurveyto deprive of provisions
disquisitioncarefully argued examination of a topic
disseizeto seize or deprive of property wrongfully
dissentientone who dissents; dissenter
dissepimentpartition or separation of tissue
dissilientspringing apart; bursting open with force
dissimulateto pretend; to feign; to fake
dissoluteof loose morals; debauched
distaffof, like or pertaining to the female branch of a family or women's work
distichousin or having two rows
distraintseizure of goods
distraitdistracted; inattentive
distributarybranch of river that flows away from the main stream
distributiveindicating separate members of a group, one at a time
ditpoem; words of a song
ditheismbelief in two equal gods, one good and one evil
ditheletismdoctrine that Christ had two wills
dithyrambicpassionate; ecstatic; frenzied
ditokousproducing two at a birth or in a clutch
ditrichotomousdivided into either two or three parts
dittographyunintentional repetition of letters in print
dittologydouble reading or interpretation
diurnationhibernating or sleeping during daylight
diutiurnallasting long
divagateto digress; wander about
divaricateto divide into two branches
divellentdrawing apart; pulling apart in pieces
diversiloquentspeaking in different ways; speaking on different subjects
diverticulumblind passage or tunnel
divulsionact of pulling or rendering apart or away
dixitindividual's uncorroborated statement
dizento dress up; to dress gaudily
dobsonflysoft-bodied insect with large mandibles
docimasyscrutiny; assaying; application of tests
docimologythe art of assaying
doctiloquentspeaking learnedly
doddereddecayed with loss of branches
dodecafiddivisible into twelve parts or regions
dodecarchygovernment by twelve people
dodgershield against rain or spray on a ship's bridge
dodoismstupid remark
dogcartlight two-wheeled carriage with seats back-to-back
dogwatcha short, evening period of watch duty on a ship
doita trifle or minor thing
dolunit for measuring intensity of pain
dolabrateof, like or pertaining to axes or hatchets
dolabriformresembling a hatchet or cleaver
doleeone who receives a government benefit, especially unemployment benefits
dolentmourning; doleful
dolichopodoushaving long feet
dolioformshaped like a barrel
dolmenprehistoric structure or tomb of unhewn stones
doloriferousbearing grief or pain
dolorificcausing great sadness or sorrow
dolosehaving evil or malicious intent
domalof, like or pertaining to a house or dome
domettplain cotton-wool blend
dominicidekilling or killer of one's master
dompteusefemale animal trainer
donarything given for a sacred purpose
donativebenefice presented to church without reference to bishop
donnébasic assumption or axiom; basic principle of an artwork
donnybrookan uproarious brawl
dontopedalogyputting one's foot in one's mouth
doomsterjudge; pessimist
dopcopper cup for holding a diamond while cutting it
doppiodouble meter Renaissance dance step
doramaniaobsession with owning furs
doriastriped cotton muslin
dormergabled window
dormitionfalling asleep; death
dornickstout linen
doromaniaobsession with giving gifts
dorsadtowards the back
dorsiventralhaving differentiated opposite faces or surfaces
doryphorussculpture of a spear-bearer
dos-a-doscarriage where passengers seated back to back
dosimeterinstrument for measuring dose of radiation
dosimetrymeasurement of doses of drugs
dosiologythe study of doses
dossalornamental cloth hung behind and above an altar
dossilplug; spigot; wad of lint for wiping a wound
dotationendowment or donation
douaniercustoms official
doublettecopy of own artwork made by an artist
doucsouthern Chinese monkey
doucetsavory tart baked in sweet dough
douceurgentleness or sweetness; a subtly offered bribe
doulocracygovernment by slaves
douroucoulismall South American nocturnal monkey
dowitcherlong-billed North American wading bird
dowlascoarse linen
downhaulrope for holding down or hauling down a sail or spar
doxasticof, like or pertaining to opinion
doxographercompiler of opinions of philosophers
doxologyhymn or verse of praise to God
drabbetcoarse linen
drabbleto besmear; bedraggle
draconiformshaped like a dragon
draconitesjewel supposedly found inside a dragon's head
drageoirbox for holding sweetmeats
dragonismunremitting watchfulness
dragonnadepersecution by military means
dragoonto compel by military bullying; to compel by force
drailiron bow of a plough; heavy fishhook
dramaturgyart of producing and staging dramatic works
drap-de-Berryold woollen cloth
drapetomaniaintense desire to run away from home
dreadnoughtheavy woollen cloth
dreamerya place favourable to dreams
dreeto endure or withstand
dreikanterthree-faced pebble worn by wind
drepaniformshaped like a sickle
drepanoidlike a sickle
drilldurable twilled cotton
dripstonestone projection used to dispose of rainwater
dririmancydivination by observing dripping blood
droguetribbed woollen dress fabric
drogulusentity whose existence is unverifiable due to lack of physical effects
drollerydrollness; comic show; jest
dromestonerspersons who remove stones from temporary airfields
dromicof, like or pertaining to a racecourse
dromomaniacompulsive longing for travel
dromometerinstrument for measuring speed
dromondlarge single-sailed ship powered by rowers
dromophobiafear of crossing streets
droskhylow four-wheeled open carriage
drosometerinstrument for measuring dew
druggetcoarse durable wool fabric
drumlinlong hill formed by glacial retreat
drungnarrow road or path to a pasture
drupaceousof, like or pertaining to drupes or stone-fruits
druxyhaving decayed spots concealed by healthy wood
drygulchto murder by pushing off a cliff
drysalterseller of dry goods and chemicals
duarchygovernment by two people; diarchy
duarffictitious nineteen-toed fish of Erewhon
dubitateto doubt; to hesitate
dubitativemood signifying doubt or incertitude
ducapeplain-woven stout silk fabric
ducdamemeaningless refrain
duckdurable closely woven cotton fabric
duckamphibious military truck
ductiavigorous stamping dance
dudgeonresentment; offended resignation
duendepower to attract through personal charm
duennagoverness; chaperone
duffelfabric of thick, low-quality woolen cloth
dugongaquatic herbivorous mammal like the manatee
duikersmall African antelope
dulciana small early bassoon
dulcifluousflowing sweetly
dulciloquentspeaking sweetly
duliainferior veneration of saints and angels in comparison with God
dulocracygovernment by slaves; doulocracy
dulosisslavery practiced by animals; especially ants
dumpobsolete English dance in 4/4 time
dundull greyish brown
duncicalstupid; dim-witted
dungareeheavy coarse durable twilled cotton, usually coloured
duniwassala Scottish gentleman
dunnagewood laid in hold to keep cargo dry and safe
dunnartmouse-like marsupial with pointed snout
duodenaryof, like or pertaining to the number twelve
duomachyduel or fight between two people
dupioncoarse silk
durancestout heavy wool-based fabric
durativecontinuing; not completed; undergoing transformation
dureto last; to endure
durometerinstrument for measuring hardness of substances
duroycoarse woollen
duteousdevoted to duty; obedient
duumvirategoverning council or body of two individuals
duvetynsmooth lustrous velvety fabric
dwalestupefying drink
dwilefloorcloth or mop
dyarchygovernment by two people; diarchy
dynamogenesisproduction of increased nerve activity
dynamographinstrument for recording mechanical forces
dynamometerinstrument for measuring mechanical force
dyneunit of force to accelerate 1 gram to 1 cm per second per second
dyogramship's chart indicating compass deflection due to ship's iron
dyphonedouble lute with fifty strings
dysaesthesialoss of sensation
dysaniahaving a hard time waking up in the morning
dysbulialoss of willpower
dyschroadiscoloration of the skin
dysgenesissterility in hybrid creatures
dysgenicsthe study of racial degeneration
dyslogiainability to express ideas due to mental incompetence
dyslogisticconveying censure; opprobrious
dysmorphophobiafear of physical deformities
dysphagiapathological difficulty in swallowing
dysphemismreplacement of an inoffensive by an offensive word
dysphoniaphysical abnormality causing speech impediment
dysphoriauneasiness; restlessness; general depression
dystecticnot easily fused
dysteleologystudy of purposeless organs; doctrine of purposelessness
dystociadifficult childbirth
dystopiaplace where all is as bad as possible
dziggetaiMongolian wild ass

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