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Word Definition
yabbalarge Jamaican earthenware or wooden vessel
yabbysmall edible freshwater crayfish
yachtyrelating to yachts
yadrod used by readers of the Torah as a pointer for following text
yaffto bark like a snarling dog
yaffingalegreen woodpecker
yagsynthetic diamond made of yttrium aluminum garnet
yagernineteenth-century rifle
yahrzeitJewish remembrance of the first anniversary of someone's death
yairtidal enclosure for catching fish
yajnaHindu sacrificial rite
yakhdanbox used for carrying ice on back of pack animal
yakowanimal crossbred from male yak and domestic cow
yalemythical animal resembling tusked horse with elephant's tail and used in heraldry
yamposting-house along a road
yang-chinChinese hammered dulcimer
yantrageometrical diagram designed as a meditation aid
yapokan amphibious opossum of South America
yapplimp leather binding in which cover overlaps edges of book
yarakof a hawk, in good condition for hunting
yarboroughhand of cards containing no card above nine
yardagecharge for use of a yard
yardangridge formed by wind erosion parallel to prevailing winds
yardarmeither end of the yard of a square-rigged ship
yarderdonkey-engine used in logging
yardlandunit of land area equal to 30 acres
yaremarked by quickness and agility; nimble; prepared; easily handled
yarlingwailing; howling
yarmulkeskullcap worn by Orthodox Jewish men
yarnwindletool for winding yarn into a ball
yarphapeatbog; sandy or fibrous peat
yarrowflowering herb growing in moist areas; milfoil
yashikiresidence of a feudal Japanese nobleman
yashmakdouble Muslim veil leaving only eyes uncovered
yataghanlong curved knife or sabre
yatespecies of eucalyptus tree with strong wood
yautiaroot crop of the West Indies like a yam
yawto move unsteadily side to side; to rotate about a vertical axis
yawlship's small boat; sailboat carrying mainsail and one or more jibs
yawnyprone to yawning; characterized by yawning
yealingperson of the same age
yeanto give birth to a lamb or kid
yeanlinglamb; kid
yearlinganimal or plant one year old
yeastyfull of restless energy or creativity; insubstantial
yeddagrass used to make straw hats
yedeto go
yeepto cheep; to chirp
yegga burglar of safes
yelekouter garment worn by Turkish women
yellowto bellow; to yelp
yellowbackcheap sensational novel
yellowplusha footman
yelma straight bundle of straw used for thatching
yelta young sow
yeltingglass-eyed snapper
yencraving or yearning
yentagossip or busybody
yeostream or drain used in mining
yeomanetteold term for a female yeoman in the American naval reserve
yeowomanfemale yeoman
yerkto draw tight; to bind
yestertempestimmediately preceding the last tempest
yetlingcast iron; an object of cast iron
yeukto itch
yewto rise, as a layer of froth in a boiling liquid
yewenmade of yew-wood
yexto hiccup, belch or spit
yikeimitation of the woodpecker's cry
yikkerto utter sharp little cries
yillto ply with ale
yipsnervous state in golf causing player to miss an easy putt
yirdto bury
ylemin alchemy, substance from which the elements developed
ylidcompound bonding negatively charged carbon to a positively charged atom
yodizationinsertion of a 'y' sound after a consonant
yoghletter in Middle English representing y or 'hh' sound
yogibogeyboxmaterials used by a spiritualist
yogicof or pertaining to yoga
yoginifemale yogi
yoicksexpression of surprise or excitement
yokpejorative Jewish term for a non-Jew
yolkgreasy substance emitted by sheep's skin to moisten the wool
yompto carry heavy equipment over difficult terrain
yonyonder; that over there; those over there
yonderlymentally or emotionally distant; absent-minded
yonisymbol representing female genitals
yonsideon the farther side of
yordimemigrants who leave Israel
yorkstrap used to tie trouser legs beneath the knee
yoteto cast in metal
youngto present the younger side of a geological formation
youngberrydewberry similar to a loganberry
youngstockyoung domestic animals
younkera young person
yousterto fester
youthquakethe series of cultural upheavals of the 1960s
yowiea little ewe
yowndriftsnow driven by the wind
yperitemustard gas
ypsiliformshaped like an upsilon
yrnehunit of reciprocal inductance
yttriferousbearing yttrium
yuprecious jade
yuanflat perforated Chinese jade disk
yuccawoody North American plant
yuftRussian leather
yuketo itch
yuloChinese sculling oar
yushoskin-staining disease caused by contaminated rice oil
yuzbashiTurkish military officer

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