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Word Definition
nacaratbright orange-red
nacellestructure on wing of airplane containing engine
nacketsnack; light lunch
nacreousof or resembling mother-of-pearl
nadirlowest point; point diametrically opposite the sun
naevousspotted; freckled
nagorreedbuck of equatorial Africa
naiantswimming horizontally
nailold measure of two and a quarter inches
nailagecharge for nailing up a package opened for customs inspection
nainsookfine cotton fabric
naissancenew development; birth
naissantnascent, rising or coming forth
nakedizeto go naked
nancifullyin an effeminate manner
nanismthe condition of being dwarfed or being a dwarf
nanitycondition of deficiency in some respect
nanizationartificial dwarfing
nankeenbuff-coloured; durable buff-coloured cotton
nanocephaloushaving an extremely small head
naologystudy of church or temple architecture
naostemple; inner cell of a temple
napaeanymph that inhabits wooded dells
napifolioushaving leaves like a turnip
napiformshaped like a turnip
napohsoutheast Asian mouse deer
napooto destroy; to kill
nappesheet of water flowing over a weir
nappeability of a liquid to coat the back of a spoon
napperone who naps cloth after it is fulled
narcocracygovernment by those who control the drug trade
narcohypnianumbness experienced upon awakening
narcolepsypathological drowsiness
narcologystudy and treatment of narcotic abuse
narcomancydivination using sleep
narcomaniauncontrollable craving for narcotics
narcoseexperiencing a hallucinogenic stupor
naresthe nostrils
narialof, like or pertaining to the nostrils
naricornhorny termination of a bird's nostril
nariformshaped like the nostrils or like the human nose
narquoismocking; malicious
narratologystudy of narrative structure of texts
narrischkeitfoolishness; nonsense
narrowbackone who does not engage in manual labour
narrowcastto transmit a program aimed at a small segment of the populace
narthecalof or relating to fennel
narthexsmall entrance or porch to a church
narynot a one; not at all
nasalnosepiece of a helmet
nasardorgan mutation stop
nascentimmature; in process of birth
nasicornoushaving a horn on the nose
nasillateto speak in a nasal manner
nasologystudy of the nose
nasonoak flute-stop for an organ
nasutekeen-scented; critically discriminating; having a big nose
nasutiformshaped like a nose
natableable to float; able to be sailed
natalitialof, like or pertaining to a birthday
natationalof or relating to swimming
natesthe buttocks
nathelessnevertheless; notwithstanding
naticideone who kills one's own child
natiformshaped like buttocks
nativismbelief that the mind possesses inborn thoughts
natricineof, like or pertaining to water-snakes
natronsodium bicarbonate
natuaryhospital maternity ward
naturalismbelief that the world can be explained in terms of natural forces
naturellepale pink or beige colour
naturismcommunal nudism
naucifyto despise; to hold in low esteem
naucraryone of forty-eight local divisions of the citizens of ancient Athens
naufrageousin a state of danger or ruin; threatened
naufragueshipwrecked person
naumachymock sea-battle
naupathiasea sickness
naupegicalof or relating to shipbuilding
nauscopypurported method for observing ships or land beyond the horizon
nauseantproducing nausea
nauticsart of navigation
nautiliformhaving the shape of a nautilus
navalismcult of naval supremacy or seapower
navarchyrulership over the seas
navelargest part of church where congregation sits
navettepointed oval shape; jewel cut in this shape
navifaunathe fauna aboard a ship
navigerousbearing or able to bear a ship
nazeheadland or cape
neanicof, like or pertaining to the adolescent period; young
neaptidal period of least difference between high and low tides
nearaboutnearby; in the vicinity
nearhandnearly; almost
nebbichcolourless; inconsequential person
nebelancient Hebrew harp or dulcimer
nebelwerfersix-barrelled rocket mortar
nebrisskin of a fawn worn as a garment in antiquity
nebulaphobiafear of fog
nebulewavy moulding
nebulistartist whose style has indistinct lines
nebulizeto reduce to spray
necationan act of killing
nécessaireornamental small case for personal objects
necessarianismtheory that actions are determined by prior history; fatalism
neckateescarf worn around the neck or head
necrobiosisdeath of cells
necrogenicderiving from dead animals
necrographerobituary writer
necrolatryworship of the dead
necrologyobituary list
necromaniasexual obsession with dead bodies; necrophilia
necrophagousfeeding on the dead
necrophobiafear of corpses
necropolitanof or relating to a necropolis or cemetery; mournful; funereal
necropsypost-mortem examination
necroscopyexamination of a dead body
necroticundergoing death of part of the body
necrotomydissection; cutting open of a dead body
necrotypeorganism formerly but no longer present in a locality
nectarealof or like nectar
nectariferousproducing nectar
nectarivorousfeeding on nectar
nectopodlimb used for swimming
necyomancydivination by summoning Satan
needlecordthinly ribbed cotton
needledomthe world of sewing
needsof necessity; necessarily
neencephalonevolutionarily newer part of the vertebrate brain
nefornamental stand in shape of ship for holding salt or cutlery
nefandousabominable; despicable
nefastouswretched; miserable
negaholichabitually pessimistic
negannepautcoarse cotton Indian fabric
negatoryno; expression of negation
negentropymeasurement of order or information of a system
négociantwine merchant
negotiosityhabitual state of being occupied with business
negrophileone who is sympathetic towards black people
negrophobiafear of blacks
nektonassemblage of swimming organisms in a body of water
nellylarge South Pacific petrel
nemalineof or like a thread
nematologythe study of nematodes
nembutsuBuddhist invocation chanted to achieve enlightenment
nemesismself-directed frustration
nemophilistone who loves the woods
nemoralof a wood or grove
nemoricolousliving in forests or groves
nemorivagantwandering through forests
neneHawaiian goose
neoblasticof, like or pertaining to new growth
neocatastrophismdoctrine that natural catastrophic events shaped the evolution of life
neocolonialismcontinued exercise of economic and social power over former colonial states
neocracygovernment by new or inexperienced rulers
neogenesisproducing regeneration of tissue
neogrammarianlinguist who contends that phonetic laws are exceptionless
neoistone who favours novelty
neolatryworship of novelty
neolocalof a married couple, living independently of either spouse's family
neologicalof or relating to the coining of new words
neologypractice of coining new words; neologism
neomeniaperiod of the new moon
neomorphicdeveloped suddenly and not inherited
neomortbrain-dead individual
neonatenewly born child
neonaticidekilling or killer of a newborn infant
neonatologystudy of newborn babies
neonomianismtheory that the gospel abrogates earlier moral codes
neontologystudy of extant or recently living organisms
neophileone who loves novelty and trends
neophobeone who fears change or novelty
neophobiafear of novelty
neophrasticof, like or pertaining to neologisms
neophronsmall Egyptian vulture
neoprimitivismartistic movement favouring return to earlier or unsophisticated values
neoramaview of interior of building
neoslaveone who is re-enslaved or employed at near-slavery conditions
neossologystudy of nestling birds
neossoptilesoft or downy feathers of a bird
neotechnicof or relating to development of new technology
neotectonicsstudy of more recent changes in the earth's crust
neotenyretention of juvenile characteristics in a mature organism
neotericof recent origin; modern
neoterismintroduction of new things, especially words
neottiousresembling a bird's nest
neovitalismtheory that total material explanation is impossible
nepsmall lump on cotton fibre
nepenthesomething, such as a drink, capable of making one forget suffering
neperunit for expressing ratio of two currents or voltages
nephalismtotal abstinence from alcoholic drinks
nepheligenousdischarging smoke in clouds
nephelococcygiaact of finding shapes in clouds
nephelognosyobservation of clouds
nephelometerinstrument for measuring cloudiness
nephelometrymeasurement of cloudiness of liquids
nephogramphotograph of clouds
nephographinstrument for photographing clouds
nephologystudy of clouds
nephoscopeinstrument for observing direction and velocity of clouds
nephralgiakidney pain
nephrectomyremoval of one or both kidneys
nephricof, like or pertaining to the kidneys
nephrographydescription or imagery of the kidneys
nephrolithkidney stone
nephrologystudy of the kidneys
nepionicof, like or pertaining to the embryonic period of development
nepotalof, like or pertaining to one's nephew
nepotationriotous behaviour; profligacy
neriticbelonging to the shallow waters near land
nerkasockeye salmon
nervifolioushaving leaves with prominent veins
nervinequieting; soothing nervous excitement
nervurevein of a leaf
nesciencelack of knowledge; ignorance
neshsoft; delicate; tender
nesioteliving on an island
nessberrysmall soft North American fruit like a loganberry
nestitherapymedical treatment by reducing food intake
nettlesomeirritable; difficult
neuralgiformlike or shaped like a nerve
neurergicof, like or pertaining to the function or action of the nerves
neurism“nerve-force” acting on evolution
neurobiologystudy of anatomy of the nervous system
neurogenesisproduction or generation of nerves
neuroidlike a nerve
neuropathone who believes in nervous origin of most diseases
neuropsychologystudy of relation between brain and behaviour
neurypnologystudy of hypnotism
neustonminute organisms floating or swimming on water's surface
neutrologisticexpressing neither praise nor disapproval
neutrosophystudy of the origin and nature of philosophical neutralities
névégranular snow; field of granular snow
nevositystate of being speckled
newelupright column in middle of circular staircase; post at end of stairs
nexalof or pertaining to a nexus
nexilitycompactness of speech
nexusa bond; a linked group
niaiseriesimplicity; foolishness
niccolicmade of, like or pertaining to nickel
nickeliferousbearing nickel
nicotianof, like or pertaining to tobacco
nictateto wink or blink
nidatoryof, like or pertaining to nests
nidderingone who shows shameful fear or timidity
nidicolousreared in a nest; sharing a nest
nidificateto construct a nest
nidifugousleaving the nest soon after hatching
nidifyto build a nest
nidologystudy of nests
nidorstrong smell or fume of animal cooking
nidusplace where something originates or develops; nest
nielloornamenting metal by placing black compound in engravings
nievehand or fist
niffan unpleasant smell
nighnearly; almost
nightjarnocturnal insectivorous Old World migratory bird
nightpiecework of art describing a night scene
nigrescenceblackness; dark colouring or pigmentation
nigricantof a blackish colour
nigritiesexceptionally dark coloration
nigroglobulateto blackball
nigrosineblackish coal-tar colour dye
nihilismdenial of all reality; extreme scepticism
nihilitynothingness; a mere nothing
nilnothing; not at all; in no way
nillto refuse; to be unwilling
nimto steal; to pilfer
nimonicof alloys used in high-temperature work
ninonsilk voile or other thin fabric
nippitatumexceptionally good and strong ale
nipterecclesiastical ceremony of washing the feet
niramiaiperiod of stamping and glaring to cow sumo opponent
nisuseffort; striving; impulse
nitencybrightness; lustrousness
nitencyeffort; impulse; tendency
nithinginfamous person; abject coward; traitor
nitidbright; shining; merry
nitriaryartificial bed of animal matter used to produce nitre
nitrometerinstrument for measuring nitrogen and its compounds
nitrophilousflourishing in or preferring locations with abundant nitrogen
nivellateto level or plane
niveoussnowy; white
nivialgrowing among snow
nobbutexcept; unless
nobiliaryof, like or pertaining to nobility
nobilitateto ennoble
nocenthurtful; guilty; harmful
nociceptivesensitive to pain; causing pain
noctidiurnalcomprising one day and one night
noctiflorousflowering at night
noctilucentphosphorescent; glowing in the dark
noctivagantwandering in the night
noctuaryrecord of one night's thoughts
nocuoushurtful; noxious
nodalityknottedness; state of being nodal
noddyplain two-wheeled horse-drawn cart
noddypeakfool; imbecile
nodosehaving knots or nodules; knotty
nodosityknottiness; a knotty swelling
nodusa knotty point; difficulty; complication
noegenesisproduction of knowledge
noemastating something obscurely, forcing listeners to work it out
noesisintellectual activity; purely intellectual perception
noeticslaws or rules of logic
noilsshort pieces of fibre separated from longer ones by combing
noisettesmall piece of lamb cut off the bone and rolled
nolitionadverse action of will; unwillingness
nomancydivination by examining letters of name
nomenclatorlexicon; word-list; one who assigns names
nomiatristlawyer specializing in medical cases
nomiccustomary; conventional
nominalismdoctrine that naming of things defines reality
nominatimby name; expressly
nominativeindicating subject of a verb
nomismview that moral conduct consists in observance of laws
nomisticbased on law or a sacred book
nomocracygovernment based on legal system; rule of law
nomogenyorigin of life according to natural law
nomographera writer of laws
nomographywriting or formulation of laws
nomologythe science of the laws; especially of the mind
nomotheticalgiving laws; legislative
nonagelegal infancy; minority; time of immaturity
nonesprayer service held at 3 p.m.
nonpareilthing of unequalled excellence; paragon
nonparousnot having given birth
nonpathogenicnot causing disease
noogenesisevolution of the mind
noologyscience of the intellect
noospheresum of human intellectual activities
nootropicscognitive enhancers; mind drugs
normalismstate of being normal
norselshort piece of line for fastening fishing nets and hooks
nosebagfood bag hung over a horse's head
nosegaybouquet of fragrant flowers
nosismuse of royal "we"; assumption of role of group mouthpiece
nosocomialof, like or pertaining to a hospital
nosographydescription of diseases
nosologystudy of diseases
nosomaniadelusion of suffering from a disease
nosophobiafear of disease
nostologystudy of senility
nostomaniaabnormal desire to go back to familiar places
nostopathyfear of returning to familiar places
nostrificationacceptance of foreign university degrees on par with native
nostrumsecret or quack medicine
notabilianotable sayings; things worthy of notice
notalgiaback pain
notandumsomething to be specially noted or observed
notaphilycollecting of bank-notes and cheques
notarikonmaking words from letters taken from throughout a sentence
nothingarianperson who has no particular belief
nothousspurious; bastard
notitiaroll, list or register
notonectalswimming on the back
noumenalismbelief in existence of noumena
noumenonobject whose reality defined by reason rather than perception
nouspure intellect or reason
novalialands newly brought under cultivation
novantiqueboth new and old through repair or imitation
novationsubstitution of a new obligation for an existing one
novenaseries of Catholic church services held on nine successive days
novenaryof, like or pertaining to the number nine
novendialfestival lasting nine days
novercalof, like or pertaining to a stepmother
novercaphobiafear of one's stepmother
novityinnovation; newness
nowisenot at all
noxalof, like or pertaining to wrongful injury by object or animal of another
noyadeexecution by drowning
nubeculaa cloudiness
nubilateto obscure
nucalof, like or pertaining to nuts
nuchathe nape of the neck
nuchalof, like or pertaining to the nape of the neck
nuciformshaped like a nut
nuculea nutlet
nudationthe act of making bare
nugaciousunimportant; trifling; trivial
nugamentnonsense; trifle
nugatoryinconsequential; inoperative; futile; trifling
nullibicitystate of being nowhere
nullibilismdenial that the soul exists in space
nullifidianhaving no faith; one who is faithless
nulliparoushaving not borne children
nullismbelief that reality does not exist; nihilism
nullitythe state of being null or void
nulliverseuniverse devoid of any plan or organizing principle
numbattermite-eating anteater-like marsupial with white stripes
numenpresiding deity
numenismbelief in local deities or spirits
numinousof, like or pertaining to a deity; suffused with religious awe
numismaticsstudy of coins
numismatographysystematic description of coins
nummaryof, like or pertaining to coins or money
nummetlight meal or luncheon
nummiformshaped like a coin
numquidan inquisitive person
nunciativebearing messages
nuncioone who brings tidings; high-ranking papal legate
nuncleto defraud
nuncupateto utter as a vow; to declare verbally
nuncupativeoral; designative
nundinalof, like or pertaining to a fair or market
nundinationtrading; mercantile commerce
nunnationaddition of a final n in the declension of nouns
nupsonsimpleton; fool
nuquenape of the neck
nutantnodding; drooping
nutarianperson who believes that nuts are the best kind of food
nutationfluctuation or nodding in movement of earth's pole
nutriaamphibious South American rodent
nutricialof, like or pertaining to nurses
nyalalarge south African antelope
nyatitieight-stringed lyre used by Luo people
nychthemeralof, like or pertaining to a nychthemeron or 24-hour period
nychthemerona full night and a day; 24 hours
nyctanthousflowering at night
nyctographdevice for recording ideas at night or when not fully awake
nyctophobiafear of the night or darkness
nympheanof, like or pertaining to a nymph
nympholepsyemotional frenzy, as that inspired in men by nymphs
nymphologystudy of nymphs

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