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Divination and Fortune-Telling

This list defines 163 terms for kinds of divination and fortune telling, ranging from very common (runes, tarot cards, or horoscopes) to extraordinarily rare. In fact, you won't believe the range of methods that people have developed to rip other people off by claiming they can predict the future. The vast majority of these words end in 'mancy', from the Greek word for divination, manteia. This list thus does not include general terms such as 'astrology' and 'numerology', which are etymologically sciences rather than fortune-telling techniques. Feel free to send me any new 'mancies' you may have encountered. Finally, allow me to propose a neologism: novocentomancy, the art of divination by calling '1-900' numbers for TV psychics.

Word Definition
acultomancy divination using needles
aeromancy divination by means of the weather
ailuromancy divination by watching catsí movements
alectormancy divination by sacrificing a rooster
alectryomancy divination by watching a rooster gather corn kernels
aleuromancy divination using flour or meal
alomancy divination using salt
alphitomancy divination using loaves of barley
alveromancy divination using sounds
ambulomancy divination by taking a walk
amniomancy divination by examining afterbirth
anthomancy divination using flowers
anthracomancy divination using burning coals
anthropomancy divination using human entrails
apantomancy divination using objects at hand
arithmancy divination using numbers
armomancy divination by examining oneís shoulders
aspidomancy divination by sitting and chanting within a circle
astragalomancy divination using dice or knucklebones
astromancy divination using stars
austromancy divination using wind
axinomancy divination using an axe or hatchet
batraquomancy divination using frogs
belomancy divination by means of arrows
bibliomancy divination by opening a book at random
botanomancy divination using burning branches or plants
brontomancy divination using thunder
capnomancy divination by means of smoke
cartomancy telling fortunes using playing cards
catoptromancy divination by examining mirror placed underwater
causimancy divination by means of fire
ceneromancy divination using ashes
cephalonomancy divination by boiling an ass head
ceraunomancy divination using thunderbolts
ceraunoscopy divination using lightning
ceromancy divination by means of wax drippings
ceroscopy divination using wax
chaomancy divination by examining phenomena of the air
chirognomy divination by studying the hands
chiromancy divination by means of palmistry
chronomancy divination by means of time
cleidomancy divination using keys
cleromancy divination using dice
conchomancy divination using shells
coscinomancy divination using a sieve and a pair of shears
crithomancy divination by strewing meal over sacrifices
critomancy divination using viands and cakes
cromnyomancy divination using onions
crystallomancy divination by means of clear objects
crystalomancy divination using a crystal globe
cubomancy divination by throwing dice
dactyliomancy divination by means of a finger
dactylomancy divination using rings
daphnomancy divination using a laurel
demonomancy divination using demons
dririmancy divination by observing dripping blood
emonomancy divination using demons
enoptromancy divination using mirrors
eromancy divination using water vessels
extispicy divination using entrails
floromancy belief that flowers have feelings
gastromancy divination by sounds from the belly
geloscopy fortune-telling by means of laughter
geomancy divination by casting earth onto a surface
grafology divination by studying writing
graptomancy divination by studying handwriting
gyromancy divination by falling from dizziness
halomancy divination using salt
haruspication divination by inspecting animal entrails
hematomancy divination using blood
hepatoscopy divination by examining animal livers
hieromancy divination by studying objects offered in sacrifice
hieroscopy divination using entrails
hippomancy divination using horses
hydromancy divination using water
hypnomancy divination using sleep
ichnomancy divination using footprints
ichthyomancy divination by inspecting fish entrails
iconomancy divination using icons
idolomancy divination using idols
kephalonomancy divination using a baked assís head
keraunoscopia divination using thunder
knissomancy divination using burning incense
labiomancy lip reading
lampadomancy divination by flame
lecanomancy divination using water in a basin or pool
libanomancy divination by watching incense smoke
lithomancy divination by stones or meteorites
logarithmancy divination by means of algorithms
logomancy divination using words
macromancy divination using large objects
maculomancy divination using spots
margaritomancy divination using pearls
mathemancy divination by counting
meconomancy divination using sleep
meteoromancy divination by studying meteors
metopomancy divination using the forehead or face
metoposcopy fortune-telling or judgement of character by the lines of the forehead
micromancy divination using small objects
myomancy divination from the movements of mice
narcomancy divination using sleep
necyomancy divination by summoning Satan
nomancy divination by examining letters of name
odontomancy divination using teeth
oenomancy divination by studying appearance of wine
oinomancy divination using wine
ololygmancy fortune-telling by the howling of dogs
omoplatoscopy divination by observing cracks in burning scapulae
omphalomancy divination from the knots in the umbilical cord
oneiromancy divination by dreams
onomancy divination using a donkey or ass
onomancy divination using proper names
onychomancy divination by the fingernails
onymancy divination by the fingernails
oomancy divination using eggs
ophidiomancy divination using snakes
ophiomancy divination by watching snakes
ornithomancy divination by observing flight of birds
oryctomancy divination using excavated objects
ossomancy divination using bones
osteomancy divination using bones
ouranomancy divination using the heavens
pedomancy divination by examining the soles of the feet
pegomancy divination by springs or fountains
pessomancy divination using pebbles
phyllomancy divination using leaves or tea leaves
physiognomancy divination by studying the face
psephomancy divination by drawing lots or markers at random
psychomancy divination by means of spirits
pyromancy divination using fire
retromancy divination by looking over oneís shoulder
rhabdomancy divination using a rod or stick
rhapsodomancy divination by opening works of poetry at random
scapulomancy divination by examining burnt shoulder blade
scatomancy divination by studying excrement
scatoscopy divination by studying excrement; scatomancy
schematomancy divination using the human form
sciomancy divination using ghosts
scyphomancy divination by means of a cup
selenomancy divination by studying the moon
sideromancy divination using stars; divination by burning straws
sortilege divination by drawing lots
spasmatomancy divination by twitching or convulsions of the body
spatilomancy divination by means of feces
spheromancy divination using a crystal ball
spodomancy divination by means of ashes
stercomancy fortune-telling by studying seeds in dung
stichomancy divination by picking passages from books at random
stolisomancy divination by observing how one dresses oneself
sycomancy divination using fig leaves
tephromancy divination by ashes
theomancy divination by means of oracles
thrioboly divination using pebbles
thumomancy divination by means of one's own soul
tiromancy divination using cheese
topomancy divination using landforms
trochomancy divination by studying wheel tracks
tyromancy divination using cheese
uranomancy divination by studying the heavens
urimancy divination by observing urine
xenomancy divination using strangers
xylomancy divination by examining wood found in oneís path
zoomancy divination by observing animals

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