The Phrontistery



Word Definition
caballineof, like or pertaining to or suited to a horse
cabaswoman's work basket or handbag
cabassetlight iron helmet
cableheavy rope or chain for mooring a ship
cabochedheraldic animal shown in full face with no neck or body
cabochonhighly polished convex gem
caboosekitchen on the deck of a ship
cabotageshipping and sailing between points in the same country
cabréflying upside down with tail down
cabriea pronghorn
cabrillaAtlantic sea bass
cabriolecurved furniture leg ending in a ball; exuberant dance or caper
cabriolettwo-wheeled carriage
cacaesthesiamorbid sensation
cachaemichaving diseased or poisoned blood
cachalotsperm whale
cachalotlarge whale with teeth in the lower jaw
cachepotornamental container used to conceal a flowerpot
cacheta seal of approval; a mark of prestige
cachexichaving an unhealthy physical or mental state
cachinnateto laugh loudly and inappropriately
cacidrosissmelly sweat
cackrubbish; worthless nonsense
cacodemomaniapathological belief that one is inhabited by an evil spirit
cacodoxybad doctrine or wrong opinion
cacoepypoor or wrong pronunciation
cacoethesinsatiable desire or mania; bad habit
cacogenantisocial person
cacogenicsstudy of racial degeneration
cacographybad handwriting or spelling
cacoletmilitary mule litter
cacologybad choice of words or faulty pronunciation
cacomistleraccoon-like animal of the American southwest
caconymwrongly derived name
cacotopiaa state in which everything is as bad as it can be
cacuminalretroflex, pertaining to a point, crown, top or peak
cadastrerecord of ownership and value of property
caddisworsted yarn
cadgeto beg or sponge from another
cadileskerchief judge in the Turkish empire
cadransinstrument by which a gem is adjusted while being cut
caducarypassing or expiring due to lapse or forfeit
caduceatorherald; messenger
caducitybeing of a transitory or impermanent nature
caenogenesisprocess of growth in individual not common in its species
caesaropapismcontrol of the church by a secular ruler
caesiousbluish or greyish green
caespitosegrowing in clusters or tufts
caesuranatural breathing space in a line of verse
caesuravertical line in a text used to indicate a pause or prosodic break
cafarddepression; the blues
caffoyvelvety fabric
cagamosisunhappy marriage
cagoulelightweight waterproof hooded garment
caimansmall alligator-like reptile
cairngormyellow-brown quartz
caissonvehicle or chest for holding ammunition
caitiffbase; cowardly; despicable
cakewalkprancing stage dance with backward tilt
calamancosatin twilled woollen fabric
calamistpiper; one who plays using a reed
calamusquill or reed used as a pen
calandoslowing with gradually lowering volume
calandrathick-bodied Mediterranean lark
calashlight low-wheeled carriage with folding top
calathusfruit basket carried on the head
calcarfurnace or oven for annealing
calcariferoushaving or bearing spurs
calceateto shoe
calceiformshaped like a slipper
calciferousbearing lime
calcifugeplant that will not tolerate limy soil
calcimineto whitewash
calcineto burn so as to drive out water and carbon dioxide
calcivorousfeeding on or living in limestone
calcographerone who draws with crayons or pastels
calefacientwarming; anything that warms
calefactorya monastery sitting room
calendermachine with rollers which presses paper or cloth
calenturetropical fever due to heat exposure
calesasmall two-wheeled horse-drawn buggy
calescenceincrease in heat
calicoplain white cotton
calicularlike a chalice or cup
caliginousmisty; dark; dim; obscure
caliologystudy of bird's nests
calipaceturtle's carapace
calixcup; chalice
calkpointed piece on a horseshoe to prevent slipping
callantboy; fellow
calligramdesign using the letters of a word
callipygoushaving beautiful buttocks
callisteiaawards given for beauty
callithumpboisterous and noisy parade
callowunfledged; inexperienced
calodemongood or beneficial spirit
calorifacientproducing or generating heat
calorificsstudy of heat
calorimeterinstrument for measuring absorbed or evolved heat
calotteRoman Catholic skullcap
calqueword or expression introduced into a language by literally translating it
calumetornamented ceremonial pipe
calumniateto slander; misrepresent; besmirch
calumnyvile misrepresentation
calvaryexperience of intense mental suffering
calverto prepare fish while alive or freshly caught
calycineof, like or pertaining to a cup or calyx
calyxouter covering of a flower
camacafine silk fabric
camaïeumonotonous or uninteresting play or literary work
camailchainmail armour for the neck and shoulders
camanshinty stick
camarillasecret society of favourites of the king
camberslight arch or convexity to a beam or deck of a ship
cambistperson skilled in the science of financial exchange
cambistryscience of international exchange
cambiumsoft tissue found in trees
cambresinefine linen fabric
cambricfine thin white cotton or linen fabric
camelineof, like or pertaining to camels
cameliousjocular term describing camel's hump
camelotnewspaper vendor
camelrytroops mounted on camels
cameralismmercantilism designed to increase a ruler's power
camerateddivided into separate chambers
camerierewaiter or valet
camerlengopapal treasurer
camisadenight attack
camisolestraitjacket used for unruly prisoners
camletstrong waterproof silk or wool fabric
camorragroup united for nefarious or traitorous ends
camoufletmine used to destroy underground enemy emplacement
campagnolshort-tailed field mouse
campanilefreestanding bell tower on church property
campanologythe art of bell ringing
campanulateshaped like a bell
campestralof, like or pertaining to the country; pertaining to level ground
camstearyperverse; unruly
canailleriffraff; proletarian; the mob; rabble
canaliculategrooved or channelled lengthwise
canardfalse rumour; hoax
canarylively Renaissance courtly dance
cancellarialof, like or pertaining to a chancellor
cancelloushaving a porous structure
cancerophobiafear of cancer
cancriformshaped like a crab
cancrineof, like or pertaining to crabs; palindromic
cancrizansmoving backwards; repeating a musical theme backwards
candelaunit of luminous intensity
candentheated to whiteness
candescentglowing hotly
canephorsculpted figure carrying a basket on the head
canescenthoary; tending to become white or grey
canevafancy woollen fabric made to resemble canvas
canezouwoman's garment like a blouse
cangwooden yoke hung around a criminal's neck
canicidekiller of a dog
canicularof, like or pertaining to the dog star
canitieswhiteness of the hair
cannelbevel on the edge of a chisel
canneluregroove or fluting
cannikinsmall can or drinking vessel
cannonadean attack with heavy artillery
cannonarchygovernment by superior firepower or by cannons
cannularhollow or tube-shaped
canonesswoman living in a community under a religious rule
canonicatethe rank or office of a cannon
canophilialove or fondness for dogs
canopusvase for holding dead individual's inner organs
canorousmusical; singing; resonant
canqueChinese cotton fabric
cantabankstrolling singer; second-rate musician
cantativeof, like or pertaining to singing
cantatricefemale singer
canterperson who makes hypocritical or affected statements
canterburystand with divisions for holding books or music
canthusangle between eyelids at the corner of the eye
canticleshort holy song or sung prayer
cantillateto chant or intone
cantlecorner, edge or slice of anything
cantondexter chief region of a heraldic field
cantonmentsmall military town
cantoriallocated on the north side of the choir in a church
canzoneinstrumental work that is melodious or song-like
caparisonornamented covering for a horse
caparisonarmour for a horse
capelinesurgical bandage for the stump of amputated limb; small iron skullcap
capelocracygovernment by shopkeepers
capiaswrit authorizing the arrest of a person
capilotadestewed meat dish
capitalismdoctrine that private ownership and free markets should govern economies
capitationnumbering of individuals; head tax
capitularyof, like or pertaining to a chapter of an organization
caplea horse
capnomancydivination by means of smoke
caponiercovered passage across a moat or ditch
capreolatehaving or resembling tentacles
caprichaving a goatlike smell; of, like or pertaining to goats
caprifoliaceousof, like or pertaining to the honeysuckle plant
caprineof, like or pertaining to goats
caprioleleap and kick performed by a trained horse
capruncleearthen vessel
capstanupright device for winding in heavy ropes or cables
captationattempt to obtain applause or recognition
captiouspeevish; ready to take offence or find fault
capuchinpointed hooded cloak worn by friars
capybaratailless aquatic rodent of South America
caracallong-legged nocturnal cat of African and Asian savannahs with long ears
caracaralong-legged South American falcon
caracolespiral staircase; a half turn by a trained horse
caravanseraiinn or rest station for caravans
carbasuslint or gauze
carboniferousbearing carbon
carboylarge green bottle encased in wicker
carbunclearchitectural monstrosity or eyesore; red precious stone
carcanetornamental necklace, collar or headband
carcelageprison fees
carceralof, like or pertaining to prisons
carcinologystudy of crabs and other crustaceans
cardimelechsupposed vital force causing heart to work
cardinaldeep scarlet red colour
cardinalitialof, like or pertaining to church cardinals
cardiognostone who knows the workings of the heart
cardiographinstrument for recording movements of the heart
cardophagusdonkey; something that eats thistles
careento turn a ship on its side in order to clean or repair it
caretmark used to note an omission
carfaxplace where four roads meet; intersection of roads at center of a town
carferalcompound of carbon, iron and aluminum
caricologystudy of sedges
caricousof, like or pertaining to figs
carillonset of bells of different sizes
carinatedshaped like the prow or keel of a ship
cariocavariation of the samba
cariogeniccausing dental cavities
cariolelight open carriage
cariousof, like or pertaining to dental cavities; decayed
caritativegenerous; charitable
caritiveindicating lack of something
carkingimposing great hardship or strain
carminativeexpelling, causing or relieving flatulence
carnaptiousbad-tempered; cantankerous
carnassialspecially adapted for eating flesh
carneousfleshy; flesh-coloured; like or pertaining to flesh
carnetcustoms or other permit; book of coupons
carniferousbearing flesh; fleshy
carnificationconversion into flesh
carnificialof, like or pertaining to butchers or executioners
carnificineplace of execution; office of the executioner
carnosefleshy; of or like flesh
carochestately carriage used on ceremonial occasions
carpalof, like or pertaining to the wrist
carphologyfitful plucking movements as in delirium
carpogenousproducing or bearing fruit
carpologystudy of fruit
carriwitcheta quip or quibble; a pun; a conundrum
carronadeshort and light maritime cannon
cartiliginouslike or composed of cartilage
cartomancytelling fortunes using playing cards
cartophilythe hobby of collecting cigarette cards
cartoucheoval- or scroll-shaped ornamentation on monument or tomb
cartularykeeper of monastic records
carucateas much land as a team of oxen ploughs in a season
caruncleany fleshy growth on the body
caryatidcolumn shaped like female figure
cascabelpart behind the base-ring of a cannon
caschromspade with bent handle for tilling soil
casefyto become or make cheese-like
casematebombproof chamber or armored compartment
casernbarrack or billet for soldiers
cashmeresoft twilled fabric made of fine goat's wool
cashmerettesoft imitation of cashmere
casquetlight open-faced helmet
casquetellight steel helmet with no visor
cassationannulment; overthrow of legal decision
cassimereclosely woven twilled cloth of fine wool
cassockclose-fitting ankle-length clergyman's garment
cassowarylarge flightless Melanesian bird
castellangovernor of castle or fortification
castellarof, like or pertaining to a castle
castellatedhaving battlements or turrets
castophreniabelief that one's thoughts are being stolen
castorybrown colour; brown dye derived from beaver pelts
castralof or belonging to the camp
castrametationthe art of designing a camp
casualismthe belief that chance governs all things
casuistryplausible but flawed moral reasoning
catabaptismbelief in the wrongness of infant baptism
catabasisthe decline of a disease in a population
catachresisincorrect usage of a word
catachthonianunderground; subterranean
cataclasmdisruption; breaking down
catacousticsscience of echoes or reflected sounds
catadioptricemploying both reflection and refraction of light
catadromousmigrating from fresh to salt water to spawn
catafalquetemporary tomb used in funerals and processions
catalacticof, like or pertaining to exchange
catalacticsscience of commercial exchange
catalecticincomplete; missing final syllable
catamiteboy kept for homosexual purposes
catamountany wild species of mountain lion or large cat
catapedamaniaobsession with jumping from high places
cataphractsuit of mail; soldier in full armour; armoured ship
cataplasmplaster or poultice
cataplexycondition feigning death used by animals
catarolysisletting off steam by cursing
catarrhineof, like or pertaining to Old World Monkeys
catastascaffold or stage for torture or selling slaves
catastasisintroductory part of speech where narrator introduces subject
catastasispart of drama with highest action; climax
catastrophismbelief in rapid geological and biological change
catchpoleconstable; sheriff's officer
catechecticsthe art of teaching by question and answer
catechumenone undergoing instruction prior to conversion to Christianity
catenaseries, chain or sequence
catenarianof, like or pertaining to chains
catenateto connect as in or by a chain
caterana Scottish military irregular or brigand
catheadprojection near the bow of a ship to which anchor is secured
cathedrachair or throne of office for a bishop or other high official
cathetometerinstrument for measuring short vertical distances
cathexisinvestment of emotional energy in a thought or idea
cathismashort hymn used as response
cathisophobiafear of sitting
catholiconcure-all; panacea
catholicosprimate of Armenian or Nestorian church
catogenicformed from above
catoptricof, like or pertaining to reflection or reflected light
catoptromancydivination by examining mirror placed underwater
caudalof, like or pertaining to the tail
caudiformtail-like; tail-shaped
caudlewarm drink given to the sick
caulnet or similar covering for the head; afterbirth
cauliformshaped like or resembling a stem
cauligenousoriginating on the stem of a plant
caulotaxydisposition and location of branches on a stem
cauponateto engage in questionable trade for the sake of gain
causativeindicating causation by
causeriechat or gossip; short and informal essay
causidicalof, like or pertaining to those who plead legal cases
causimancydivination by means of fire
cauteloustreacherous; cunning; wily; cautious
cavaquinhofour-stringed Brazilian ukulele
cavatinashort operatic air
caverniloquycavernous voice of a patient heard over a patient's lung cavity
cavernulousfull of small cavities or holes
cavessonnoseband for a horse
cavilto raise trivial and frivolous objections
cebocephalichaving a head shaped like a monkey's
cecilsminced meat made into balls and fried
cecutiencya tendency toward blindness
cedillamark placed under letter c to indicate pronunciation as s
ceilometerinstrument for measuring height of cloud ceiling above earth
celadonpale green; pale green glazed pottery
celestakeyboard instrument with hammers that strike on steel plates
celestesky blue
celidographydescriptions of markings on the sun, a planet or moon
cellainner chamber of a classical temple
cellarermonastery official in charge of provisions
cellaretcase or drawer for holding wine bottles
celliferousbearing cells
celluliferousbearing little cells
celtprehistoric bevelled-edge axe
celtucelettuce with an edible stalk
cementatoryhaving the quality of binding or uniting firmly
cementumhard tissue covering roots of teeth
cenaclemeeting or dining room; group with common interests
cenacleroom where the Last Supper was eaten
cenatoryof, like or pertaining to supper
cendalsilk fabric resembling taffeta
ceneromancydivination using ashes
cenobitemonk; member of religious group
cenobymonastery or convent
cenophobiafear of empty spaces
cenotedeep natural well
censervessel for burning incense in religious rituals
centesimalcounting or counted by hundreds or hundredths
centiloquywork consisting of one hundred aphorisms, attributed to Ptolemy
centnerold unit of weight equal to about 110 pounds
centopatchwork composition; collection of short quotations
centrobaricof, like or pertaining to the centre of gravity
cepbrown edible mushroom
cepaceoussmelling or tasting of garlic or onion
cephalatehaving a head
cephaligationplacing of major organs and bodily functions in the head
cephalonomancydivination by boiling an ass head
cephalophoredecapitated saint depicted with head tucked under arm
cephalopodcreature with tentacles or limbs attached to head
ceraceousresembling wax
ceramographyhistorical description of types of pottery
ceratedcovered with wax
ceratoidshaped like a horn; horny
ceraunographinstrument for recording thunder and lightning
ceraunomancydivination using thunderbolts
ceraunoscopydivination using lightning
cerbericvigilant; dragon-like; like Cerberus
cercopithecanof, like or pertaining to long-tailed monkeys
cercustail-like appendage
cerebrationunconscious action of the brain
cerementsclothes placed on a deceased individual
cergelarge wax candle burned before the altar
ceriferousproducing wax
cerisebright reddish-pink
cernuousdrooping or hanging
cerographywriting or printing on plates spread with wax
ceromancydivination by means of wax drippings
ceroscopydivination using wax
certesin truth; certainly
ceruleansky-blue; dark blue
cerumenear wax
ceruminiferousbearing or yielding ear wax
cervelatshort bassoon-like instrument
cervelatsmoked pork sausage
cervellieresteel cap worn under a great helm
cervicidekilling of a deer
cervicornbranching like antlers
cervineof, pertaining to or resembling deer, elk or moose
cervisialof, like or pertaining or pertaining to beer
cespitouscomposed of or resembling turf
cessionarysomeone to which something is ceded
cetaceantype of aquatic mammal, including whales and dolphins
cetecollective name for a group of badgers
ceticidekilling of whales and other cetaceans
cetologystudy of whales and dolphins
cevesaileornamental corner of a coat
chaconneSpanish baroque dance in triple time
chadbits of paper punched out of paper tape or cards
chaetiferousbearing bristles; bristly
chaetophorousin need of a shave
chafferto bargain or haggle
chainunit of length equal to 22 yards
chaiselight open carriage for one or two people
chalcographythe art of engraving on copper or brass
chalcotripticsart of taking rubbings from ornamental brasses
chaldronold unit of dry volume equal to between 32 and 72 bushels
challissoft lightweight silk, wool or cotton fabric
chalypsographyart of engraving on steel
chambranledecoration around a door frame or fireplace
chambraylightweight fabric with coloured warp and white filling
chambréwine kept at room temperature
chamferto channel or make furrows upon; to bevel
chamfrainpiece of leather to protect a war horse's face
chamoiscotton fabric made in imitation of chamois leather
chamoisgoatlike antelope of mountainous regions of Europe
champaignlevel countryside or plain
champertyillegal contract to finance a lawsuit for a percentage fee
chancelpart of church containing altar and seats for choir
chancerychurch office dealing with legal matters and archives
chandellesharp upward turn in aviation
chantageblackmail to prevent exposure of scandalous facts
chanterpart of bagpipes on which the melody is played
chanticleera rooster
chantrychapel or altar built for prayers for its benefactor's soul
chaologythe study of chaos or chaos theory
chaomancydivination by examining phenomena of the air
chapbooksmall independently produced popular book
chapletcirclet or wreath for the head; short string of prayer beads
chaptalizeto add extra sugar to wine to raise alcohol content
charabancopen tourist coach
characterologystudy of development of character
charientismexpression of an unpleasant thing in an agreeable manner; euphemism
charivaricacophonous mock-serenade performed for wedding
charkto burn wood to charcoal
Charlestonfast-paced 1920s dance characterized by energetic kicking
charmantesilk fabric with a crepe back
charmeusesoft and satiny silk fabric
charnelroom where corpses are placed
charnelhinge of a helmet for the visor
charpieshredded lint used to dress wounds
charterhouseCarthusian monastic building
chartreuseyellow-green colour
charydiscreetly cautious or sparing
chasmogamyopening of a flower in order to be fertilized
chasmophilelover of nooks and crannies
chasmophilousfond of nooks, crevices and crannies
chasseurhunter; liveried hotel attendant
chasublesleeveless ecclesiastical garment
chatelainefemale castle owner, manager or caretaker
chatelainering attached to belt for carrying keys
chatonsetting or stone of a finger-ring
chatoyantwith a changing lustre; iridescent
chauffersmall furnace
chaussesmail coverings for the lower legs and feet
chaussuresgeneral name for boots and shoes; footwear
cheiloplastyplastic surgery on the lip
cheiloprocliticattracted to lips
cheliferousbearing pincers or claws
cheliformshaped like a pincer
chelonianof, like or pertaining to tortoises or turtles
chenillevelvety silk, wool or cotton fabric with protruding pile
chernozemblack earth typically found in cool grassland climates
chevaletbridge of a stringed instrument
chevalinehorse meat
chevasterdouble bandage for supporting chin in case of broken jaw
chevelurenebulous part of a comet
cheverelsoft; flexible kidskin leather
cheveteast end of a church
chevilleunnecessary word used to extend line of verse
cheviotcoarse heavy plain or twilled wool or worsted
chevisanceresource; achievement; gain
chevongoat flesh
chevrotainsmall deer-like mammal
chevrotainsmall cloven-footed deerlike animal of southeast Asia
chiaroscurojuxtaposition of light and shade in artwork or literature
chiasmuscontrast by parallelism in reverse order
chicaneryclever but misleading talk; deception
chiffonsheer silk fabric
chiffonierchest of drawers
chignonknot or roll of hair worn at the back of the head
chilgozaedible pine seed
chiliadone thousand
chiliahedronone-thousand sided solid figure
chiliarchygovernment by one thousand people
chiliasmbelief that Jesus will reign on Earth for a thousand years
chiliombsacrifice of one thousand animals
chilopodmulti-legged insect
chimereloose sleeveless robes worn by Anglican bishops
chimericalimaginary; fanciful
chiminagetoll paid for going through a forest
chinamaniaobsession with collecting china
chinebackbone and adjoining flesh of an animal
chinethe intersection of the middle and sides of a boat
chinostrong twilled cotton cloth
chintzglazed printed cotton fabric
chionablepsiasnow blindness
chiralof, like or pertaining to the hand or handedness
chiralitychemical property of structural handedness
chirmcollective term for goldfinches
chirocosmeticsbeautifying the hands; art of manicure
chirocracygovernment by physical force
chirognomydivination by studying the hands
chirographwritten or signed document
chirographystudy of handwriting or penmanship
chirogymnastfinger exercise machine for pianists
chirologystudy of the hands
chiromancydivination by means of palmistry
chironomygesticulation or mime
chiropodymedical science of feet
chiropractictreatment of disorders of the locomotor system and spinal column
chiropterophilouspollinated or frequented by bats
chirosophyknowledge of palm-reading
chirospasmwriter's cramp
chirotonyelection by a show of hands
chirustraight-horned Tibetan antelope
chitalIndian spotted deer
chitarronelong double-necked lute
chlamydatehaving a mantle or hood
chlamyshorseman's loose cloak
chlorometerinstrument for measuring amount of chlorine in a solution
choanoidshaped like a funnel
chockmetal casting with curved arms for passing ropes for mooring ship
chogaloose Afghan dressing-gown
cholelithiasisproduction of gall stones
choliambverse with an iambus in the fifth place and a spondee in the sixth
cholicof, like or pertaining to bile
chollerdouble chin
chololithgall stone
chômagework stoppage or slump
chondrogenesisproduction of cartilage
chondroidlike or resembling cartilage
choragusleader of a choir or organizer of musical festivals
chordeepainful, downward-curving erection of the penis
choreomaniadancing mania or frenzy
chorepiscopalof, like or pertaining to an early local bishop
choreuticof, like or pertaining to a chorus
chorisismultiplication of parts by branching or splitting
chorizontone who disputes identity of authorship
chorographerone who maps or describes a region
chorographywritten work or treatise on a region or district
chorologyscience of the geographic description of anything
chorometryland surveying
chouseto cheat; to swindle
chrematisticof, like or pertaining to the pursuit of wealth or to business
chrematisticsthe study of wealth; political economy
chrematophobiafear of money
chreotechnicsuseful or practical trades or arts
chrestomathicof, like or pertaining to useful knowledge
chrestomathyanthology of passages used in learning languages
chrismconsecrated or holy oil
chrismationsacrament of baptism in Eastern churches
chrismatoryvessel for holding holy oil
chrisomwhite robe put on newly baptised child
chrisomalisthe loser who wrote this damn list
Christolatryworship of Christ
christophanyappearance of Christ to men
chromatismpresence of abnormal coloration
chromatocracygovernment by rulers of a particular skin colour
chromatographinstrument for performing chromatographic separations
chromatoptometerinstrument measuring eyes' sensitivity to colour
chromolithographyart of printing in colour using stone
chromophilousstaining easily
chromoxylographyart of printing in colour using wood
chronobiologystudy of biological rhythms
chronograminscription whose letters form a Roman numeral date
chronographinstrument for recording the moment of an event
chronographywriting or written work describing chronological events
chronomancydivination by means of time
chronopherelectrical instrument for transmitting time signals
chronoscopeinstrument for measuring very short time intervals
chronostichonchronogrammatic line or stanza
chronosynchronicitypresentation of all stages of a person's life in a single piece of art
chryselephantineinlaid with gold and ivory
chrysoaristocracygovernment by the wealthy; plutocracy
chrysocracygovernment by the wealthy; plutocracy
chrysographywriting in gold or silver letters
chrysologystudy of precious metals
chrysopoeticstransmutation of substances into gold
chrystocrenerock formation resembling glacier
chthonianof, like or pertaining to the earth or the underworld
chthonographywritten description of soils
chthonophagiaeating dirt
chuckwallaherbivorous desert-dwelling lizard
churchingchurch ceremony given to women after childbirth
churchismdevotion to church rules over religious precepts
chylemilky fluid secreted into blood by small intestine
chyliferousbearing chyle
chymepartially digested food
chymiferousbearing chyme
chypremixture of resins used in making perfume
cibariousof, like or pertaining to food; useful for food
cibationtaking food; feeding
cibophobiafear of or distaste for food
ciboriumfreestanding canopy to cover altar; vessel for holding eucharistic bread
cicatrizationscarification; production of marks upon
ciceroneguide; tour guide
cicisbeomale companion of a married woman
ciconineof, like or pertaining to storks
cienegamarsh or swamp
cilicehaircloth shirt worn as penance
cillosisspasm or twitch in the upper eyelid
cimeliatreasures in storage
cimeliarchchurch vestry or treasury
cimicidesubstance used to kill bed-bugs
cimiercrest of helmet; removable heraldic device or favour of courtly love
cinctureto gird or surround; belt worn around ecclesiastical vestment
cineastone who takes artistic interest in motion pictures
cinerariumcontainer for cremated ashes
cineraryof, like or pertaining to ashes
cineriousashen; ash-grey
cingularshaped like a girdle or ring
cingulumgirdle or girdle-like structure; priest's belt
cinnabarred crystalline mercuric sulfide pigment; deep red or scarlet colour
cinque-pacelively medieval dance with five steps
ciplinarianone who teaches disorder
cipolinwhite marble streaked with green
cippussmall column used to mark burial location
cippusthe stocks
circaabout; around
circadianoccurring every 24 hours
circinatering-shaped; rolled inwards; spiralling
circiterabout; around
circuitymotion in a roundabout course
circumambagiousroundabout in speech
circumambientgoing round about; encompassing
circumaviateto fly around
circumbendibusa roundabout way or expression
circumcrescentgrowing around; above or over
circumductto cause to revolve around an imaginary axis
circumflexaccent mark placed above vowel to indicate sound change
circumforaneouswandering about as from market to market
circumforentorsurveyor's instrument used to measure angles
circumfulgentshining about or around
circumfuseto pour around or about
circumincessionthe reciprocal existence of three parts of the Trinity in each other
circumjacentbordering on every side
circumlittoralaround or near the shore
circumposeto place around
circumvallateto surround with a rampart or fortification
circumvolutionanything winding or sinuous
cirefabric with a glazed finish
cirratehaving tendrils
cirripedbarnacle or other parasitic crustacean
ciselurethe art of chasing metal
cismarineon this or the near side of the ocean
cismontaneon this or the near side of the mountains
cispontineon this or the near side of a bridge
cisttomb consisting of stone chest covered with stone slabs
cisvestismwearing strange or inappropriate clothes
citharaancient Greek musical instrument like a lyre
citigrademoving quickly
citreouslemon-coloured; lemony
citrinedark greenish-yellow
cittosisabnormal desire for strange foods
civetlong-tailed catlike carnivorous mammal with musk glands
cladisticstaxonomic theory distinguishing by common ancestor
cladogenesisorigin and evolution as if branching from common ancestor
cladoptosisannual shedding of twigs and branches
cladosebranching; branched
clamantloud; insistent; urgent
clangorloud ringing noise or clang
claptrapshowy language designed to gain praise; nonsense
claquegroup of hired applauders or sycophants
clarencefour-wheeled carriage
clarigateto declare war formally
classisa group; governing body of Reformed churches
clasticable to be disassembled into its component parts
clatfartidle chatter; nonsense
clathrateshaped like a net or lattice
clathrosemarked with latticed lines or grooves
claudentclosing; ending; confining
claudicationlimpness; cramp-like pain
claustralcloistral; secluded; narrow-minded
claustrationthe act of shutting in a cloister
claustrophobiafear of closed spaces
clavichordold keyboard stringed instrument
clavicylindersquare keyboard instrument whose sound produced from a glass cylinder
clavicymbalold name for a harpsichord
claviformin the shape of a club
clavigerouskeeping keys
claviolekeyed string instrument
claviskey; glossary; index; legend
cledonismcircumlocution used to avoid speaking unlucky words
cleidomancydivination using keys
cleithralcompletely roofed over
clemto starve
clepeto name; to call
clepsydrainstrument which measures time by trickling water
clerestoryupper storey of a church; windows near the roof of a building
clerihewjingle summing up person's life in two couplets
clerisyscholars and educated people as a class
cleromancydivination using dice
clevisU-shaped fastener with pin used to close the open end
clewcorner of sail with hole to attach ropes
clicketa latch
clientagethe whole number of one's clients
climacophobiafear of falling down stairs
climactericcritical time in a person's life; any critical turning point
climatarchicpresiding over a climate or region of the earth
climatographydescription of the climate of a region
clinameninclination; bias; prejudice
clinkstonetype of igneous rock that rings when struck
clinologystudy of aging or individual decline after maturity
clinomaniaexcessive desire to stay in bed
clinometerinstrument used to measure slopes and elevations
clinophiliapassion for beds
clinophobiafear of staying in bed
clinquanttinselly; glittering
cliometricsthe application of statistics in economic history
clitellumraised band encircling an earthworm's body
clithridiateshaped like a keyhole
clitterto make a shrill rattling noise
clivosehilly; steep
cloacasewer; toilet; cesspool of moral filth
clochardtramp; vagrant; hobo
cloisonpartition; dividing band
clonicspasmodic; occasional; irregular
cloquefabric with an embossed design
cloturemeans of ending legislative debate
cloumain point of interest; dominant idea
cloughravine; trench; gully
cloveold weight of seven to ten pounds for wool or cheese
clowdercollective term for cats
clupeoidlike or resembling a herring
clypeateshaped like a buckler
clysmianof, like or pertaining to or caused by flood
cnemialof, like, or pertaining to the tibia (shin-bone)
cnemisshin bone
cnicnodepoint where tangents form a cone of the second order
cnidarianof, like, or pertaining to invertebrates such as jellyfish and anemones
coacervateto heap; to cause to mass together
coadjumentmutual assistance
coadjutorbishop assisting a diocesan bishop and having the right of succession
coadunateto unite; to combine
coagmentto join or cement together
coalizeto bring into coalition
coamingraised edge around ship's hatches to keep water out
coaptationjoining or fitting together
cobaltiferousbearing cobalt
coburgthin single-twilled worsted fabric with cotton or silk
cocardeemblem on airplane's wing indicating its nationality
cocciferousbearing or yielding berries
coccineousbright red
cochlearanything spiral-shaped; twisted spirally
cockalorumboastful and self-important person
cockamamieridiculous; incredible
cockerto pamper; to indulge
cocketofficial shipping seal; customs clearance form
cockloftsmall room just under the roof
cockshyobject of criticism or ridicule
cocotteprostitute; a flirt or tease
coctilebaked; hardened by fire
codicilsupplement to a will
codicologystudy of manuscripts
codlingunripe apple
codonmouth of a trumpet or bell
codswallopsomething utterly senseless; nonsense
coehornsmall mortar for throwing grenades
coelacanthlobe-finned fish long thought to be extinct
coeliacof, like or pertaining to the abdomen
coelombody cavity; abdomen
coemptionpurchase of the entire supply of a commodity
coenaculousfond of dining; relishing food; especially suppers
coercimeterinstrument for measuring coercive force
coetaneousof the same age; coeval
coevalof the same length of time; having the same duration
cofferdamnarrow vacant space between two bulkheads of a ship
cofflegang of slaves tied together
coffretsmall coffer; presentation box
cogsingle-masted, square-sailed ship with raised stern
cogentconvincing; compelling
cogitabundmeditative; engaged in deep thought
cognomenfamily name
cohibitto restrain
cohobateto redistill
cohyponymword which is one of multiple hyponyms of another word
coifiron skull-cap
coignangle; viewpoint
coinstantaneoussimultaneous; at the same time
coldepression or pass in a mountain range
coleopterologystudy of beetles and weevils
coliformresembling or shaped like a sieve
collectaneacollection of passages; miscellany
collecticadhesive; sticky
collectivismdoctrine of communal control of means of production
collegialismtheory that church is independent from the state
colliformshaped like or resembling a neck
colligationbringing or binding together; conjunction
collimationmaking parallel; adjusting to put into line
colliquationthe process of melting or wasting away
collocationthe placing of things together
collogueto converse confidentially; to conspire with
colloquyspeaking together; mutual discourse
colluctationstrife; opposition
colluviesaccumulated filth; foul discharge
collyriumeye lotion or ointment
colobuslong-tailed African monkey
colocolowild South American cat
colonnaderow of evenly spaced column or trees
colonoscopeinstrument for viewing the colon
colophonpublisher's emblem or inscription in a book
colorimeterinstrument for measuring and determining color
colostrummother's first milk
colporteurpeddler of religious tracts and books
colposcopeinstrument for viewing the neck of the uterus
colubriformshaped like a snake
colubrinelike a snake; cunning; of, like or pertaining to snakes
colugoflying lemur
columbaceousof, like or pertaining to doves or pigeons
columbariuma structure of vaults lined with recesses
columbineof or like a dove; dove-coloured
columellafleshy part of nose that separates nostrils
colurecelestial circle that intersects another at the poles
colyticrestraining; preventative
combridge atop a helmet
comb-capridged helmet
comburentburning; causing combustion
comburivorousconsuming by fire
comedogeniccausing blackheads
comephorousbearing or having hair; hairy
cometographyscientific description of comets
cometologystudy of comets
comitativeindicating accompaniment
comitatusband of warriors who escort a prince; a county or shire
comitycourteousness; civility
commaticdivided into short lines; divided with commas
comminationthreatening; denunciation
comminuteto reduce or break into minute particles
commisassistant; deputy; apprentice
commissurejoint; joining surface
commonaltycommon people; the general populace
commonefactionact of reminding or admonishing
commonitionwarning; cautioning
commonitiveserving as a reminder
commorantresident of an institution
commorientdying together
commoveto excite; to put into motion; to disturb
comosehaving tufts of hair; tufted; hairy
compaginateto join; to connect
companionwaystairs from upper deck of ship to lower deck
compaternityspiritual relationship between child's parents and godparents
compeerone who is equal in rank; a companion
compellationthe act of addressing someone
compellativeindicating address or appellation; vocative
compendiousconcise but comprehensive
comperone who habitually enters many competitions
comperendinateto delay or defer
compitalof, like or pertaining to crossroads
complaisantwishing to please others; obliging
complectto embrace; to interweave
complineprayer service held just before bedtime
complotto plot or conspire
comporta dish with a stemmed base for serving desserts
compossiblepossible in coexistence with something else
compotationan act of carousing in company
comprecationprayer meeting
compunctionregret; remorse
compurgationclearing an accused person by means of oaths
compusionwrinkling one's face
comstockerycensorship of lewd and salacious material
conationmental effort towards a goal, desire, purpose
conativeof, like or pertaining to purposeful action or desire
conatusa natural impulse or tendency
concelebrateto jointly recite the canon of the Eucharist in unison with others
concenta harmony or concord of sounds or voices
conceptualismtheory that universal truths exist as mental concepts
concertinaaccordion-like instrument with two sets of keys
concettoingenious expression; witticism
conchiferousbearing a shell
conchiformshaped like a shell
conchologystudy of shells
conchomancydivination using shells
conchyliferousbearing a shell
conciliabulesecret meeting of conspirators
concinnityharmony; congruity; elegance
concisionschism; separation; division
conclamationa shout of many voices together
concoloratehaving the same colour on both sides
concordatagreement between the pope and a secular government
concresceto grow together; coalesce
concrewto grow together
concubitantof a suitable age for marriage
concupiscencestrong desire, appetite or lust
condignwell-deserved; fitting; appropriate
confabulateto chat; to invent past experiences
confelicitoustaking pleasure in others' happiness
confervagreen algae that floats on surface of stagnant water
confirmandcandidate for religious confirmation
confiteorprayer of confession of sins
conflateblend or fuse together
conformativeindicating resemblance; similative
confuteto disprove or overcome through argument
congeepermission to depart; dismissal; discharge
congelationact of freezing something into a solid state
congenersomething of the same kind or nature
congeriesaggregation; collection
congiarygift distributed amongst the people or soldiers
conglobateshaped like a small ball or globe
conglobeto gather together into a globe or round mass
conglutinateto glue or join together
coniakercoin counterfeiter
coniferousbearing cones
conificationmaking conical or pyramidal in shape
connatecongenitally or firmly united
connubialof, like or pertaining to marriage
connumerateto count together
consciunclepedantic or hair-splitting conscience
consectarydeduction; conclusion or corollary; consequent
consecutionlogical sequence or progression of an argument
consenescencestate of general decay
consentaneousaccordant or agreeable; consistent
consentientunanimous; of one accord
consequentialismdoctrine that morality of actions is determined by their consequences
consilienceconcurrence; coincidence
consilienthaving common inferences drawn from different premises
consistorya solemn assembly or council; a church tribunal
consociateto ally or associate
conspeciesdifferent species that are part of the same genus
conspectuscomprehensive survey; synopsis; summary
conspueto despise; to abhor; to loathe
constateto assert
constativecapable of being true or false
constellateto cluster; to compel by stellar influence
constringeto draw together; to cause to contract or shrink
constructivismbelief that knowledge and reality do not have an objective value
constuprateto ravish
consuetudecustom; familiarity
consuetudinarybook of customs, traditions and principles
consultoradvisor to a Catholic bishop
contabescentwasting away; atrophied
contectto cover or overlay
contemnto despise or scorn
contemnorone found guilty of contempt of court
contemperto blend together; to adapt
contenementproperty necessary to maintain one's station
contesserationforming a union by breaking a tablet as token
contextualismdoctrine that context is essential to establishing meaning
contignationjoining together of timber
contlinespace between casks or strands of rope
contorniatehaving a groove around the edge
contornocontour or outline
contractilehaving the power or property of contracting
contradistinguishto distinguish by contrasting qualities
contrahenta contracting party
contrailcondensation trail
contranatantswimming upstream
contraplexhaving messages passing both ways simultaneously
contrapositionopposition; contrast
contrariantopposed or acting contrary to; one who is opposed to something
contraterreneopposite in character to earthly or terrestrial
contravallationfortification built around besieged place
contredansefolk dance in which two lines of couples face each other
contretempsembarrassing occurrence; mishap
contristto sadden
contriturateto pulverize
contubernalliving together in the same tent; cohabiting
contumaciousstubborn; obstinate; opposing lawful authority
contumelyinsolence; a scornful insult
contumulationlying in the same tomb as another
conurbationcity surrounded by many urban areas
conuretropical parrot-like bird of Central and South America
convenanceswhat is suitable or proper; the required proprieties
conventiclesecret or illegal church assembly
convolveto roll together
copaceticvery satisfactory; fine
coparcenaryjoint heirship or ownership
coprolaliapathological use of obscene language
coprolithball of hardened feces
coprologystudy of pornography
copromaniaobsession with feces
coprophagouseating feces
coprophemiaobscene language
coprophiliaabnormal love or fondness for feces
copyholdland tenure dependent on will of the lord of the manor
coquelicotbrilliant red; poppy red
coquicidekilling of a cook
coquillageshell-like decoration
coracoidshaped like a crow's beak
coralliferousbearing coral
coralligenousproducing coral
coramin the presence of; before
corbanoffering to God in fulfilment of a vow
corbeaublackish green
corbeilbasket filled with earth used as a missile
corbelbracket or projection from the face of a wall
corbiculatelike a small basket
cordageropes in the rigging of a ship
cordovansoft goatskin leather
corfminer's basket, trolley or wagon
coriaceoushaving a leathery appearance; consisting, of, like or pertaining to leather
coriumskin layer
cormswollen subterranean part of a stem
cornetmilitary rank of horn-bearer or standard-bearer
cornicemoulding at the junction of ceiling and walls
corniculatehorn-shaped; horned
cornificproducing or forming horns
corniformshaped like a horn
coronachfuneral dirge
coronagraphinstrument for viewing the corona of the sun
coronoidshaped like a beak
corpocracygovernment by corporate bureaucrats
corporalwhite cloth on which Communion bread and wine are placed
corposantSt. Elmo's fire or similar electrical discharge
corradeto wear away through the action of loose solids
correptionshortening in pronunciation
corrigendumsomething which requires correction
corrivateto cause to flow together
corrodyright of lord to demand free lodging from vassal
corsetiercorset maker
corsletarmour for the torso
cortegetrain of attendants; procession
cortinatelike a cobweb
coruscateto sparkle; to throw off flashes of light
corvettehighly manoeuvrable armed escort ship
corviformshaped like a crow
corvinecrow-like; of, like or pertaining to crows or ravens
corybanticwildly excited; frenzied
coryphaeusspokesman; leader of a chorus
coscinomancydivination using a sieve and a pair of shears
cosherto live on dependents
cosmarchyrulership over the entire world, esp. by the devil
cosmetologystudy of cosmetics
cosmismbelief that the cosmos is a self-existing whole
cosmocratruler of the world
cosmogenicproduced by interaction of cosmic rays with earth's surface
cosmogonytheory of the origin of the universe
cosmographydescription of the universe or cosmos
cosmolatryworship of the world
cosmoplasticmoulding or shaping the universe
cosmoramaa view of different parts of the world
cosmosophyknowledge of the cosmos
cosmotellurianof, like or pertaining to both heaven and earth
cosmotheismthe belief that identifies God with the cosmos
cossetto fondle or pamper
costalof, like or pertaining to the ribs
costiveaffected with or causing constipation
coteauuplands; higher ground of a region
cotehardiemedieval long close-fitting garment with tight sleeves
coteriea social or literary circle
cothurnalof, like or pertaining to tragedy
coticularof, like or pertaining to whetstones
cotillionelaborate ballroom dance with frequent changes of partner
cotqueanman who does women's work
cottashort surplice worn over a cassock
cottarmedieval peasant inhabiting a cottage
cottonocracygovernment by those involved in the cotton trade
cotyliformdisc-shaped with a raised rim
couchantin heraldry, an animal lying on its belly with head lifted
coucheeevening reception
couléesteep and dry gully
coulombmeterinstrument for measuring electric charge
coulometerinstrument measuring amount of substance released in electrolysis
coulrophobiafear of clowns
coulteriron cutter in front of a ploughshare
countenanceapprove of; condone; encourage
counterblasta defiant pronouncement or denunciation
counterfoilpart of ticket or cheque retained by giver
countermandto revoke an order by a contrary order
counterphobicseeking out situation that is feared
counterscarpnarrow earth band on the outer wall of a defensive ditch
coupefour-wheeled closed horse-drawn carriage
courantequick Italian baroque dance involving running steps
couterarmor for the elbow
couvadesymptoms of pregnancy suffered by the father
couveuseincubator for babies
cowcatperson whose function is to occupy space
coxalgiahip pain
coxcombfoolishly vain or conceited man
coypularge aquatic South American rodent
cozento coax or deceive by trickery
crackjawhard to pronounce
crambogame in which rhyme must be found for given word
cramponboot-spike for rock and ice climbing
craniometerinstrument for measuring the skull
crapulentphysically ill through overeating or overdrinking
craquelurefine cracking that appears in old paintings
crashcoarse drapery and towelling fabric
crasisblending; melding two vowels into a diphthong
crassilingualhaving a thick tongue
crassitudestate of being coarse, gross or crass
cratometerinstrument for measuring power of magnification
creancerguardian or mentor
creantcreating; formative
creaticof, like or pertaining to flesh
creatophagouscarnivorous; flesh-eating
credalof, like or pertaining to a creed
credencesmall table for holding sacred vessels
credendathings to be believed
credenzacredence table or shelf; a sideboard
credoconcise statement of doctrine; section of Mass followed by offertory
cremaillerezigzag line of fortification
cremastermuscle by which the testicles are suspended
cremnophobiafear of cliffs and precipices
crenelopen space on a parapet used for launching projectiles at enemies
crenellatednotched; having battlements
creniticof, like or pertaining to mineral springs
creophagousflesh-eating; carnivorous
crepancesore on a horse's hind ankle-joint
crepelight crinkled fabric
crepehangerpessimist; gloomy person
crepitateto crackle; to snap; to rattle
creponheavy crepe fabric with lengthwise crinkles
crepuscularof, like or pertaining to twilight
crescivegrowing; increasing
crescographinstrument for measuring the growth of plants
cressetiron basket for burning oil to provide light
cretaceousof or resembling chalk; of a whitish colour
cretifyto change into calcium or lime; to fossilize
cretonneheavy cotton or linen cloth
crewelfine worsted yarn used in tapestry
criantgarish; discordantly coloured
cribbleto decorate wood or metal with small dots or punctures
cribriformshaped like a sieve
cribrousperforated or punctured like a sieve
criminogeniccausing crime
criminologystudy of crime; criminals
crinhorsehair fabric
crinalof or related to the hair
crinetarmour for the top and sides of a horse's neck
cringleloop at corner of sail to which a line is attached
crinolinestiff flax or cotton fabric
criophoresculpture of a man carrying a ram
cristaridge or fold resembling a crest
crithomancydivination by strewing meal over sacrifices
criticasterinferior or petty critic
critomancydivination using viands and cakes
crocheknob at top of a deer's horn
cromlechprehistoric stone circle
cromnyomancydivination using onions
croquinolecurling of one's hair with curling iron
crosierpastoral staff or crook held by bishop or abbot
crossletsmall cross with crossed arms used as heraldic bearing
crosstreeshorizontal crosspieces at a masthead used to support ship's mast
crotalsmall spherical bell
crotalineof, like or pertaining to rattlesnakes
crotchetsquare bracket
crozegroove in the staves of a cask
crubeenterm for pig's feet as food
cruciferousbearing a cross
cruentationleaking or oozing of blood from dead body
cruetvessel used in religious ceremonies, especially to hold the Eucharist
cruivepen or sty for animals
crumenala purse
crupperstrap of saddle that passes beneath horse's tail; armour for horse's flanks
cruralof or belonging to the leg
crusetgoldsmith's crucible
crwthWelsh six-stringed instrument played with a bow
cryobiologystudy of life under cold conditions
cryometerinstrument for measuring low temperatures
cryoscopeinstrument for determining freezing points of substances
cryptadiathings to be kept hidden
cryptaestheticof, like or pertaining to supranormal perception
cryptarchysecret rulership
cryptodynamichaving secret or hidden power
cryptogenicof unknown origin
cryptonymsecret name
cryptotypean implicit and specific rule of language use
cryptousof, like or pertaining to crypts
crystallogenesisproduction of crystals
crystallographystudy and classification of crystals
crystallomancydivination by means of clear objects
crystalomancydivination using a crystal globe
ctetologystudy of the inheritance of acquired characteristics
cubationact of lying down or reclining
cubicafine unglazed fabric resembling shalloon
cubiformshaped like a cube
cubomancydivination by throwing dice
cuculineof, like or pertaining to cuckoos
cucullatehooded; hood-shaped
cucurbitchemical vessel used in a still or alembic
cucurbitaceousof, like or pertaining to gourds
cuddyright of a lord to entertainment from a tenant
cuirassleather or metal armour consisting of a breastplate and backplate
cuissearmour for the front of the thighs
culetflat back or base of a gemstone
culetarmour plates for the body below the waist
culiciformlike or resembling a mosquito
culicinomark left on a tablecloth by a wet glass
culletwaste glass which is melted into new objects
cullionmean or base person; rascal
culmstem of grass or sedge
culmenhighest point
culmiferousbearing coal-dust
cultchflooring of an oyster-bed; rubbish
cultusreligious ritual; a cult
culverdove or pigeon
culverinlightweight, portal, long-barrelled cannon
culvertagedegradation of a peasant to the position of serf
cumbentlying down; reclining
cumuliformshaped like a heap
cumulosecontaining or consisting of small heaps
cunctationdelay; procrastination
cuneiformshaped like a wedge
cuniculousfull of holes and tunnels; full of rabbits
cupelgoldsmith's vessel for assaying metal
cupolaspherical vault or concave ceiling
cupriferousbearing copper
cupulateof, like or pertaining to a cup; cup-shaped
cupuliferousbearing cupules
curateassistant to a parish priest
curetteinstrument for scraping sides of body cavities
curiapapal court and its officials
curieunit of radioactive decay and intensity
curiosapornographic books
curlewlong-legged migratory bird with downward-curving bill
curmurringrumbling or flatulent sound
curricletwo-wheeled open carriage
currycombmetal comb used to groom horses
cursorialused in walking or running
curtalshort; abbreviated; curtailed
curtalkind of archaic bassoon
curtateshortened; short
curtilagecourt or field attached to a dwelling
curuleof high authority
curvetto leap; to frisk
curvicaudatehaving a curvy tail
cusecunit of liquid flow equal to one cubic foot per second
cusklarge Atlantic fish like the cod
cuspidora spittoon
custosguardian, custodian or keeper, especially of convents or monasteries
custrelattendant to a knight; a knave
cutaneousof or related to the skin
cuvetteshallow dish for holding liquids
cwmvalley or glen
cyaneoussky blue
cyanogenesisproduction of cyanide
cyanometerinstrument for measuring blueness of the sky or ocean
cyathiformshaped like a cup
cybernateto control by means of a computer
cyberphobiafear of computers
cyclasgarment, longer at back than in front, worn over armour
cyclographinstrument for describing arcs of circles without compasses
cyclolithstone circle
cyclometerinstrument for measuring revolutions of a wheel
cyclophoriasquint due to weakness in the eye muscles
cyclostyledevice for making multiple copies of written text
cyesolagniasexual attraction to pregnant women
cylixshallow cup with long stem
cyllosiscongenital physical deformity
cymaphentelephone receiver
cymarloose light robe worn by women
cymbiformshaped like a boat
cymographinstrument for tracing the outline of mouldings
cymometerinstrument for measuring frequency of electrical waves
cymophanousopalescent; having a wavy or floating light
cynanthropypathological belief that one is a dog
cynartomachybear-baiting using dogs
cynegeticof or related to hunting
cynocleptone who steals dogs
cynographywriting or treatise on dogs
cynoiddog-like; canine
cynolatryworship of dogs
cynologyscientific study of dogs
cynomorphicpertaining to a dog's viewpoint
cynophilistone who loves dogs
cynophobiafear of dogs
cynosureanything that attracts attention; object of interest
cyphonismuse of pillorying as punishment
cypresssilk or cotton gauze fabric, usually black
cyprianlewd woman; prostitute
cyprinoidof, like or pertaining to carp
cypselineof, like or pertaining to swifts
cyrenaicadherent of doctrine that pleasure is ultimate goal
cystolithcalcium carbonate that masses in cell wall of some plants
cystoscopeinstrument for examining the bladder
cytogenesisformation of cells
cytologystudy of living cells
cytometerinstrument for counting cells
czardasHungarian dance that increases in speed

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