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The Phrontistery has been in existence since 1996 - just a minute slice of time compared to, say, the history of the English language, but a veritable aeon in the history of the Internet. Over that time, I have received countless notes of support and encouragement (too many to recognize here). Of these, however, a smaller but not insignificant fraction have made meaningful contributions to the Phrontistery, adding new words or suggesting needed corrections. Without their help, the Phrontistery would not be what it is today. First among these would have to be my wife, Julia, who came into my life after the Phrontistery was already in existence and has come to accept me nonetheless. The people mentioned below (by name or nickname) have also made contributions: Donors have made a monetary contribution through Paypal, while Contributors have made one or more additions or corrections to the site. If you would like your name removed for any reason, please let me know.

March 2006: Unfortunately, I have been unable to maintain this page to my satisfaction over the past year, due to commitments of work and family. Accordingly, I will no longer be updating the Contributors section of this page, although I will continue to update the Donors section. Please accept my apologies if you have made a suggestion of a new word or corrected an error and your name does not appear here - and please accept my sincere thanks for your work, without which the Phrontistery would not be what it is today!


Mark Riddell
Theodore Remington
Kate Orman
Damien Weaver
Bruce Liu
William Paris
Rebecca Paolantonio
Stephan Waldstrom
Daniel Cassar
Cynthia Farden
William Hofmann
Paula Fink
Evangelo Prodromou
Deborah Andrews
Barbara Sabin
Andrew Cross


A. Pepe
Adam Jenkins
Alex Grey
Alex Twiston-Davies
Alex Ward
Alexi Sahala
Allan Doodes
Allan Jackson
Andrew Leventis
Andy Aleinikov
Anthony DeLorenzo
Anthony Scolaro
Armand J. Macmurray
Art Levine
Audrey and Douglas Augier
Avianna Veneto
B. Philip Jonsson
Benoit Hudson
Bernice Simpson
Bert Smilde
Bill Hunt
Bill Watson
Billy Dorminy
Bob Lynch
Bonita Thacker
Brian Jones
Brian Nelson
Bruce Hammond
Bryan Keller
C.P.K. Smithies
C.S. Perry
Cameron Deacoff
Carol Shulman
Charles Finnell
Charles Osborn
Chris Glover
Chris Marsden
Christina Arneson
Clegg Mabry
Craig Mclean
Cynthia Perdue
Dale Hall
Dan Marchant
Daniel Fackrell
Daniel Levine
David Edwards
David Stetson
David Zemel
Derek Gennaro
Des Gataker
Dominique Golding
Don Tinsley
Doug Woods
Eamer O'Keeffe
Ed Vasquez
Edwin Thorpe
Eric Albert
Eric Dose
Evan Harrington
Floyd Lombardi
Fred D. Wood
Gar Walker
Garry Sandison
Gavin Hodgkinson
Geoff Fite
Gordon Fay
Graeme Marion
Graham Darby
Graham Stalker-Wilde
Guy K. Haas
Harry Whitaker
Howard Wills
Ian Aukema
Isabella von Lichtan
Ivana Troselj
James Zimmerman
Jean Ann Donnel
Jeanne Ginsburg
Jenni Nagode
Jeremy Wrinkle
Jerome Colburn
Jerry Keefer
Jim Flanagan
Jim McNamara
Jim Milner
Jo Rabin
John and Kathy Littler
John Campbell
John Elgin Keays
John F. Renish
John Fobian
John Henley
John Rivera
John Schoenfeld
Jonathan Allen
Joshua Keroes
Julia Ziobro
K.A. Corlett
Keith Tait
Kelly Armstrong
Kenneth Brown
Kevin Fitzgerald
Kevin Lewis
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Rainbow
Lacey Simmerman
Landon Proctor
Laurie Allen
Lee Harrison
Lynn McGhee
Marianne de Nazareth
Mark M. Szymcik
Mark Major
Mark Patterson
Mark Riddell
Mark Vanderlinde
Martin Frank
Maureen Lloyd
Mike Witkoski
Monique Frappier
Myriam Rebetez
Nadine Thompson
Nancy McKenna
Pat Tocatlian
Patti Ogden
Paul O'Leary
Phil Heneghan
Pierre Abbat
Rajdeep Chahal
Ramona Wood
Rev. Bryce Sibley
Rik Van Horn
Roald Fernandez
Rob Mayhew
Rob Riches
Robert Bunker
Robert Ussery
Rocky McKeon
Roger Cooper
Ron Dwyer
Sarah Hood
Scott Crittenden
Sean Love
Shirley Dean
Solomon Jedidiah
Sonja Quinones
Stefan Niemiec
Steve Austin
Steven Lidkea
Stuart Kidd
Sue Ellen Fealko
Terry Cox
Thomas Andersen
Thomas Young
Tim Ferrell
Tom King
Tony Wilson
Tony Wood
Trish Allen
V. Paul de Luise
Vilis Ozolins
Walter Horn
Warren Hubley
Will Hodge
Wim de Groot
Zeljko Heimer

I hope you have found this site to be useful. If you have any corrections, additions, or comments, please contact me. Please note that I am not able to respond to all requests. Please consult a major dictionary before e-mailing your query. All material on this page © 1996-2021 Stephen Chrisomalis. Links to this page may be made without permission.

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