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Causation and Formation

These words refer to causation, formation, origination, production, growth, development or generation. While this might seem like a pretty broad category, all of the words in the list derive from the single Greek word genesis, which can have all of the above meanings. Of course, Genesis is also the name of the first book of the Bible, in which the causation, origin and development of the world is described. I have found 160 words using this stem and variations thereof, which I hope will contribute to your noogenesis.

Word Definition
abiogenesis spontaneous generation of living matter
aerogenesis forming or generating gas or air
aesthesiogenic producing or causing a sensation
agamogenesis reproduction by non-sexual means
allergenic producing allergies
angiogenesis production of blood vessels
anogenic formed from below or beneath
anthropogenesis origin of human beings
autogenesis spontaneous generation
bibliogenesis production of books
biogenesis theory that all life is derived from living matter alone
blastogenesis reproduction by budding
caenogenesis process of growth in individual not common in its species
carcinogenesis causing cancer
cariogenic causing dental cavities
carpogenous producing or bearing fruit
catogenic formed from above
cauligenous originating on the stem of a plant
chondrogenesis production of cartilage
cladogenesis origin and evolution as if branching from common ancestor
comedogenic causing blackheads; causing acne
coralligenous producing coral
cosmogenic produced by interaction of cosmic rays with earth's surface
criminogenic causing crime
cryptogenic of unknown origin
crystallogenesis production of crystals
cyanogenesis production of cyanide
cytogenesis formation of cells
diagenesis production of rock out of sediment
diplogenesis doubling of ordinarily single organ or part
dynamogenesis production of increased nerve activity
dysgenesis sterility in hybrid creatures
ectogenesis variation in response to outside conditions
electrogenesis production of electricity
embryogenesis production of an embryo
endogenous having no external cause
epeirogenesis building continents by moving of earth's crust
epigenesis theory of embryonic development
erogenesis induction of sexual desire; production of arousal
erotogenic producing erotic desire or sexual gratification
ethnogenesis origin of an ethnic group
ethnogeny study of origins of races or ethnic groups
exogenous having an external origin
frontogenesis creation of a weather front by meeting of air currents
gametogenesis formation of gametes
gamogenesis sexual reproduction
gelogenic tending to produce laughter
geogenous growing on the ground
geogeny science of the formation of the earth's crust
geomorphogeny study of the origins of land forms
gluconeogenesis production of glucose from non-carbohydrates
glycogenesis production of glycogen
haematogenesis production of blood
hallucinogenic causing hallucinations
heterogenesis spontaneous or alternate generation
histogenesis the formation or differentiation of tissues
hydrogenic caused or formed by water
hylogenesis the origin of matter
hypnogeny production of the hypnotic state
hypoallergenic causing few allergies
hysterogenic causing hysteria
iatrogenic induced inadvertently by medical treatment
icterogenic causing jaundice
ideogenetic producing images or ideas
ideogenous being of mental origin
ideogeny study of origins of ideas
ignigenous produced by fire
immunogenic producing an immune response
isogeny sameness or similarity of origin
keratogenic causing growth of horn, skin or hair
kinetogenic causing movement
lachrymogenic causing tears or weeping
lactogenic producing milk
lithogenous rock-building
lysigenic caused by the breaking down of cells
mammogenic promoting growth of the milk glands
marigenous produced by or in the sea
merogenesis segmentation
metallogenic metal occurring as an ore as opposed to in rocks
metallogeny study of the origin and distribution of metal deposits
mitogenic causing cell division
monogenesis origin of offspring from identical parent
morphogenesis origin or development of a body part or organ
mutagenesis origin or induction of mutation
myogenic having a muscular origin
mythogenesis origin of myths
necrogenic deriving from dead animals
neogenesis producing regeneration of tissue
nepheligenous discharging smoke in clouds
neurogenesis production or generation of nerves
noegenesis production of knowledge
nomogeny origin of life according to natural law
nonpathogenic not causing disease
noogenesis evolution of the mind
nubigenous cloud-born
odontogeny origin and development of teeth
oestrogenic producing female sex hormones
oncogenesis producing cancerous tumours
ontogenesis origin and development of a single individual organism
oogenesis production of eggs or ova
organogenesis origin or development of living organs
orogenesis mountain-building
orthogenesis directional evolution of organisms
osteogenesis production or formation of bone
paedogenesis reproduction by an infant or larval organism
palingenesis new birth; reincarnation; second creation
paragenesis formation of minerals as a joined mass
parthenogenesis reproduction by a virgin or by means of an unfertilized egg
pathogenesis causation or production of disease
petrogenesis formation or development of rocks
phenogenesis origin of racial groups
phlogogenetic causing inflamation
phylogenesis origin and history of a species' evolution
phytogenesis origin and development of plants
phytogenic derived from plants
planetogeny theory of the origin of planets
polygenesis theory that humans derived from many separate origins
polygenous of multiple origin or composition
precipitinogenic causing precipitation
protogenic formed at the beginning
psychogenesis origin and development of the mind
pyogenic pus-forming
pyrogenous produced by or producing heat or fever
pythogenic produced by filth; causing dirt or decay
rachitogenic causing rickets
radiogenic produced by radioactive disintegration
rhinogenous deriving from the nose
rhizogenic producing or growing roots
saprogenous growing on decaying material; causing putrefaction
schizogenesis reproduction by division
skeletogenous producing a skeleton
sociogenesis origin of human societies
soligenous produced by the sun
somatogenic caused from within the body or by the cells of the body
spermatogenesis producing sperm
spermiogenesis producing sperm
spodogenous caused by waste matter
sporogenesis reproduction by means of spores
steatogenous producing fat
syngenesis sexual reproduction
taphrogenesis vertical movement of the earth’s crust
teratogenic producing monsters or abnormal growth
terrigenous produced on land; produced by the land
tetanigenous causing tetanus
thaumatogeny doctrine of the miraculous origin of life
thermogenesis production of heat
thymogenic due to emotion
toxicogenic producing or produced by poisons
trichogenous producing hair
tumorigenic producing tumours
typhogenic causing fever
unigenous of the same origin, kind or sort
urogenous producing or produced in urine
venigenous containing veins of metal or quartz
viridigenous producing greenness
vitelligenous producing yolk
xenogenous due to an outside cause
xylogenous growing on wood
zoogenic produced from animals
zymogenic causing fermentation

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