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Word Definition
labarummoral standard; ecclesiastical banner bearing Christ's monogram
labefactationa weakening decay; overthrow
labeorphilycollection and study of beer bottle labels
labidometerinstrument for measuring size of the head of a fetus
labileadaptable; unstable
labilityplasticity; openness to change or breakdown
labiomancylip reading
labretlip ornament
labtebricoleliving in holes
lacdark red transparent resin used to make shellac
laccolithmass of igneous rock intruded between two sedimentary beds
lacertiformshaped like a lizard
lacertilianof, like or pertaining to lizards
lachesnegligence or undue delay in fulfilling legal duty
lachrymatorynarrow-necked bottle or vase
lachrymiformshaped like a tear
lachrymogeniccausing tears or weeping
lachrymoseshedding tears
laciniatecut into narrow lobes; slashed; fringed
laciniformshaped like a fringe
lackadayexpression of regret or deprecation
lactariumdairy farm or milking operation
lactescentsecreting milk
lactifluousflowing with milk
lactogenicproducing milk
lactometerinstrument for testing relative density of milk
lactoscopeinstrument for measuring purity or richness of milk
lacunaa blank space or missing part
lacunarsunken panel or coffer in a ceiling
lacuscularof, like or pertaining to pools
lacustrineof, like or pertaining to lakes
ladronismbanditry; robbery
laeotropicturning to the left
laetificateto cheer up
laevoductionmovement leftwards
lagancargo jettisoned from ship but marked by buoys for recovery
laganwreckage or goods at the bottom of the sea
lageniformshaped like a flask
lagerphonepercussion instrument with bottlecaps loosely nailed to pole
lagotichaving ears like a hare's
laicof, like or pertaining to lay people rather than clergy
laicisationprocess of returning a clergyman to lay status
laicismdoctrine of opposition to clergy and priests
lairwitefine given to married women for adultery
laitancemilky deposit on top of fresh concrete
lallationchildish speech; mispronunciation of speech sounds
lambdoidshaped like the letter lambda (^) or “L”
lambentmoving about as if touching lightly; flickering; glowing
lambertunit of brightness of light
lambitivetaken by licking up with the tongue
lamboysarmoured plate skirt around the waist and thighs
lambrequindrapery over a window or doorway; veil over a helmet
lambrequinhood or covering for a helmet
laméfabric in which metallic threads are interwoven
lamellathin plate or layer
lamelliformshaped like a plate or layer
lamiaceousminty; of, like or pertaining to the mint plant
laminathin plate or layer
laminaryof, like or pertaining to thin plates or layer
lammergeiergiant vulture-like bird of prey
lampadlamp, candlestick or torch
lampadomancydivination by flame
lampasflowered silk fabric
lampiondecorated oil lamp
lamprophonyspeaking in loud and clear tones
lampyridineof, like or pertaining or pertaining to glow-worms or fireflies
lanaiprivate balcony in a hotel room
lanameterinstrument for measuring quality of wool
lanceolateshaped like a lance-head
lanciformshaped like a lance
lancinateto lacerate; to pierce
lancinationsharp; shooting pain
landauhorse-drawn carriage with folding top
landocracygovernment by the propertied class; timocracy
langlaufcross-country skiing or running
langleyunit of solar radiation
languescentgrowing languid
languettongue-like object or part
languorlistlessness; weariness
langurlong-tailed Indian monkey
laniaryof teeth or claws designed for tearing (canine teeth)
lanigerousbearing wool
lanuginosedowny; covered with fine soft hair
lanyardcord for hanging a knife or whistle around the neck
lanyardrope or line for fastening something in a ship
Laodiceanlukewarm; half-hearted
laparoscopeinstrument for viewing interior of peritoneal cavity
lapidarianof, like or pertaining to stones; inscribed on stones
lapidateto pelt with stones; to kill by stoning
lapidescentbecoming stone; petrifying
lapilliformshaped like a small stone
lapillussmall stone ejected by volcanic eruption
lappetfold or flap on a garment or headdress worn by priest
laqueariapanelled ceiling
larlocal god of a house
larboardleft side of a ship
lardaceousof, like or pertaining to lard
lareslocal Roman gods
largificalample; bountiful
largiloquenttalkative; full of words
largitiongiving of largess
larineof, like or pertaining to gulls
larithmicsstudy of population statistics
laroidof, like or pertaining to gulls
larriganhigh oil-tanned leather boot or moccasin
larrupto flog or thrash
larvicidekilling of larvae
larviparousgiving birth to larvae
larvivorousfeeding on larvae
laryngologystudy of larynx
laryngoscopeinstrument for examining interior of the larynx
lassitudestate of being tired or weary
lastageroom for stowing goods in a ship
lastingsturdy cotton or worsted cloth
latebricoleliving in holes
lateentriangular sail rigged on ship's spar
lateradtowards the side
laterigraderunning or moving sideways
latescentbecoming latent
laticiferouscontaining or conveying latex
latidentatehaving broad teeth
latifundiagreat landed estates
latinitastera petty scholar of Latin
latipennatehaving broad wings
latitantlurking; lying in wait; hibernating
latitatwrit based on supposition that person is in hiding
latitudinarianone having tolerant or free religious views
latitudinarianismdoctrine of broad liberality in religious belief and conduct
latitudinousbroad or wide interpretation
lativeindicating motion up to or as far as
latrationthe act of yelping or barking
latriahighest degree of veneration, assigned to God over saints
latrocinateto engage in highway robbery
lattenmetal in thin plates
latticinioglass having white veins
laudanuman opium preparation
laudsprayer service held at dawn following matins
lauricomoushaving hair like bay-leaves
lauriferousbearing laurels
lautenclavicymbellute harpsichord with gut strings
lavaboceremony in which priest washes his hands; basin for the ceremony
lavaderoplace for washing gold ore
lavalierejeweled pendant worn round the neck; pendant microphone
lavatorywash-basin for washing bodies of newly dead; room where lavabo kept
laveerto sail against the wind
laverlarge vessel for washing, especially for ritual purification
lavicof, like or pertaining to lava
lavoltalively bouncy dance for two persons
lavragroup of recluses' cells
lawnfine sheer plain-woven cotton or linen
laxismbelief that an unlikely opinion may be safely followed
layettebaby's complete set of clothing
laystallplace for depositing dung or rubbish
lazarleper or person with similar pestilential disease
lazaretspace in ship between decks used for storage
lazarettohospital for lepers
leaarable land left fallow or used for pasture
lecanomancydivination using water in a basin or pool
lecanoscopystaring at pool of water as means of self-hypnosis
lechwelight brown water antelope of South Africa
lecithalhaving a yolk
lecterndesk or stand from which church lessons are read
lectionreading; lesson read in church
lectisterniumsacrifice where images of gods placed on couches and offered food
lectricefemale reader in church
lectualrequiring bed rest or confinement to bed
leeboardwood or metal planes attached to hull to prevent leeway
leecha vertical edge of a square sail
legalismbelief that salvation depends on strict adherence to the law
legatineof, like or pertaining to a legate
legeritylightness; nimbleness
legicidekiller or destroyer of laws
legistperson knowledgeable about the law
leguleianlike a lawyer; underhanded and legalistic
leisterthree-pronged spear or trident used for fishing
lemana lover, sweetheart or paramour
lemmapreliminary proposition, theme, argument or headword
lemuresspirits of the dead
lemurineof, like or pertaining to lemurs
lendrumbilateto gullibly believe in a word's veracity
lenifyto mitigate or assuage
lenitivesoothing; laxative; mitigating
lenitymildness; clemency
lenoopen-woven fabric
lenticassociated with standing water
lentiformshaped like a lens
lentiginoseminutely dotted; freckled
lentitudelethargy; slowness
lentorsluggishness; viscidity
leonineof or like a lion; rhyming last two or three syllables in a line
leontiasisform of leprosy in which the face becomes wrinkly and somewhat lion-like
leoponcrossbreed between a leopard and a lion
lepadoidresembling a barnacle
lepidpleasant; charming; amusing
lepidinecomposed of scales
lepidityfacetiousness; wit
lepidopterologystudy of butterflies and moths
lepidopteroushaving four wings, such as a moth or butterfly
leporicidekilling or killer of hares
leporiformresembling or shaped like a hare
leporineof, like or pertaining to the hare
leprologystudy of leprosy
leprosariumhospital for lepers
leprosescaly; scurfy
leptochrousabnormally thick-skinned
leptometerinstrument for measuring oil viscosity
leptosomeperson with a slight or slender build
letheoblivion; forgetfulness
lethiferouscausing death; carrying or bearing death
lethologicainability to remember the right word
lethonomiatendency to forget names
leucochroicwhite or pale-coloured
leucomelanoushaving dark hair and eyes but fair skin
leucousalbino; having fair or pale hair or complexion
levmonetary unit of Bulgaria
levantto run away from a debt
levereta hare in its first year; a mistress
levigateto smooth; to grind to a fine powder; to polish; to lighten
leviratecustom of compulsory marriage with brother's widow
lexerlaw student
lexicologystudy of words and their meanings
lexigramsign which represents a word
lexigraphyart of definition of words
lexigraphysystem of writing in which each sign represents a word
lexiphanicbombastic; sesquipedalian; using many long words
lexisway in which a piece of writing is expressed in words
leymystical straight line between features of landscape
liardgrey; dapple-grey
liasfossil-bearing limestone
libaniferousyielding or bearing incense
libanomancydivination by watching incense smoke
libanotophorousproducing incense
libecciosouthwest wind
libellantone who brings a charge of libel
liberphloem or fibre from tree
liberalismdoctrine of social change and tolerance
libertarianismdoctrine that personal liberty is the highest value
liberticidedestruction of liberty
libidinistlewd person
libkenplace to sleep in
librateto oscillate; to be poised
librationapparent oscillation of moon's visible surface
libricidekilling or killer of books
libriformshaped like a book
lichenographydescription of lichens
lichenologystudy of lichens
lickerishlecherous; lusty; greedy
lictorancient Roman magistrate's attendant
lidobathing beach; open-air swimming pool
liefsoon; gladly
lienalof, like or pertaining to the spleen
lienterydischarge of partially digested food
ligationthe act of binding; the state of being bound
liggerhorizontal timber of a scaffolding
lighterlarge open boat used in loading and unloading ships
lighteragecargo carried by or fee for carrying cargo by lighter
ligneouswoody; wooden
ligniformof the form or shape of wood
lignifyto make woody; to turn into wood
ligniperdousdestructive of wood
lignitewoody coal
lignivorousfeeding on wood
ligulateresembling or shaped like a strap
ligyrophobiafear of loud noises
limacineof, like or pertaining to slugs
limacologystudy of slugs
limationpolishing or smoothing; correction of astronomical errors
limbatepossessing a border
limicolineliving on a shore; of, like or pertaining to wading birds
limicolousliving in mud
limitrophenear the frontier or border
limivorouseating mud
limnto portray, paint or delineate
limnerpainter of portraits
limneticliving in fresh water; pertaining to fresh water
limnobiologystudy of freshwater ecosystems
limnologystudy of bodies of fresh water
limnophilousliving in ponds or marshes
limoniadmeadow nymph
limophoitosinsanity due to lack of food
limosisabnormally ravenous appetite
limousmuddy; slimy
limpidclear; transparent
limpkinCaribbean crane-like bird
linaceousof, like or pertaining to flax
linchpinperson or thing vital to an organization
lincrustathick embossed wallpaper
lindy hoplively dance closely resembling the jitterbug and famous for its aerials
lineamentdistinctive feature or characteristic
lineolatemarked with fine lines
lingualof, like or pertaining to language, speech or the tongue
linguiformshaped like a tongue
linographyphotographic reproduction on linen
linonophobiafear of string
linsangwhite civet-like Javanese mammal
linseycoarse linen and wool blend
linsey-woolseycoarse inferior wool or wool-flax weave; nonsense or confusion
lintelhorizontal beam supporting the load above a door
lioncellesmall lion used as a bearing
lionismlion-like appearance symptomatic of leprosy
lipogrampiece of writing in which a certain letter is excluded
lipographyaccidental omission of letter or syllable in wrting
lippitudesoreness of the eyes
lipsanographerone who writes about relics
lipsanothecacontainer for relics
liquateto melt; to subject to liquation
liquescentbecoming liquid
liquifacientliquifying agent
liquifactionthe act of liquefying something
liripipelong tail of a graduate's hood; a part or lesson committed to memory
lissomelithe; nimble; flexible
litanyprayer of supplication in responsive style
literatimletter for letter
literationrepresentation of sounds by letters
literatordabbler in learning
literosespuriously or affectedly literary
lithochromypainting upon stone
lithoclaststone breaker; tool for breaking rocks
lithodomousliving in burrows in rocks
lithoglyphengraving on stone
lithographyart of imaging using impression on stone
lithologystudy of rocks
lithomancydivination by stones or meteorites
lithophagousstone-swallowing; rock-boring; eating rock
lithophilousliving among stones
lithophyteplant that grows on rock
litotesunderstatement by affirming using negation of the contrary
littoralof, like or pertaining to the shore of a body of water
liturgicianone who studies or recites church rituals
liturgiologystudy of liturgical forms and church rituals
liturgistleader in public worship
lituuslong curved trumpet
livedopathological blueness of skin
loan-wordword borrowed from another language
lobarof, like or pertaining to a lobe
lobatehaving a lobe or lobes
lobcockbumpkin, boor or lout
lobularshaped like a lobe
locandalodging-house; inn
locativeindicating location or place where
locellatedivided into small compartments
locellussmall compartment of a cell
locheticwaiting in ambush
lochletlittle loch
lockramcoarse linen
lockstepmethod of marching in tight formation
locomobileself-propelling machine; early automobile
loculatehaving loculi
loculussmall compartment or recess for holding an urn
locumclergyman temporarily replacing regular priest
locutoryroom for conversation
lodenheavy waterproof woollen fabric
loessdeposit of rich and fertile soil
loganamnosisobsession with trying to recall forgotten words
logarithmancydivination by means of algorithms
loggiacovered open arcade
logiacollection of sayings
logicastera petty logician
logicein a logical manner
logicismtheory that mathematics can be derived from a set of logical axioms
logocentrismbelief that meaning derives from the analysis of words and symbols
logocracygovernment of words
logodaedalusartificer in words
logodaedalyverbal legerdemain
logogogueone who issues laws or rules regarding words
logogramsingle sign standing for word or phrase
logographywriting using signs or units for entire words
logogriphriddle in which word is found from other words' letters
logomachycontention about words or in words
logomancydivination using words
logomaniapathological loquacity
logopedicsspeech therapy
logophilea lover of words
logorrheaexcessive flow of words; uncontrollable garrulity
logosdivine rational principle
logotypebody of text with frequently occurring word or syllable
loimicof, like or pertaining to plagues
loimographydescription of pestilential diseases
loimologystudy of plagues and epidemics
lollopto bound about wildly
longanimityforbearance; patience
longerope used in training horses
longeronlongitudinal membrane of an airplane
longiloquencelong-winded language
longueurperiod of dullness or tedium
loranthaceousof, like or pertaining to the mistletoe
lordolatryworship of nobility
lordosisconvex curvature of the spine
loreallocated in the area between the eyes and the nose or snout
lorgnetteeyeglasses with a handle
lorgnonan eyeglass
loricatearmoured with plates or scales; to coat or armour protectively
lorikeetbrightly coloured southeast Asian parrot
lorislarge-eyed south Asian arboreal primate
loselworthless fellow; scamp
loticassociated with or living in running water
lotophagousfeeding on lotuses; indolent; lazy; dreamy
louchesquinting; ambiguous; shady
louchettesspectacles used to reduce glare and prevent squinting
loupejeweller's magnifying glass worn on the eye-socket
lourto look sullen or threatening
louvresloping slat placed across an opening
lovatgrey-green; blue-green
loxodographdevice used to record ship's travels
loxodromeline on the globe equally oblique to all meridians
loxodromystudy of sailing along rhumb-lines
loxoticdistorted; oblique
lozengediamond-shaped mark indicating possibility in formal logic
lubriciousslippery; lewd
lubricitygreasiness; wiliness
lubritoriumservice station
lucarnedormer window
lucentshining; bright
lucernalof, like or pertaining to lamps
luciferouslight-bringing; light-giving
luciformlike light
lucifugousshunning or avoiding light
lucigenlamp burning oil mixed with air in a spray
lucimeterinstrument for measuring light intensity
luciphyllouslight-absorbing or consuming
lucresordid gain; riches
lucriferouslucrative; yielding profit
lucripetouseager for gain
lucubrationstudy protracted late into the night
luculentbright; clear; convincing
ludibrycontempt; derision
ludicspontaneously and aimlessly playful
luffwindward side of a ship; forward edge of fore-and-aft sail
lugsailfour-sided sail bent to an obliquely hanging yard
lugubriousmournful; dismal
lulavpalm-frond waved at certain Jewish religious services
lumbriciformshaped like a worm; worm-like
lumbricineof, like or pertaining to earthworms
lumenunit of luminous flux
luminiferousbearing or bringing light
luministartist who uses the effects of light; impressionist
lumpenintelligentsiathose of the intellectual class regarded disparagingly as of little worth
lunaristone who believes that the moon affects the weather
lunationlunar month; interval between successive new moons
lunettecrescent-shaped space where a vault meets a wall
lunisolarpertaining jointly to the moon and sun
lunisticetime when moon is farthest north or south each month
lunulaBronze Age crescent necklace; white part of fingernail base
lunulateshaped like a small crescent
lupanarianof, like or pertaining to a brothel
lupicidekilling of a wolf
lupiformshaped like a wolf
lupineof, like or pertaining to wolves
lupulicof, like or pertaining to hops
lurancient Scandinavian trumpet
lurdanlazy and dull individual
luridred-yellow; yellow-brown
lustrateto purify by sacrifice
lustrationritual washing; ablution
lustringglossy silk
lustrumperiod of five years; periodic purification of Roman empire
lutaceousof, like or pertaining to or comprised of mud
lutariousinhabiting mud
lutchetfitting on ship's deck to allow mast to pivot to pass under bridges
lutestringplain glossy silk
luthiermaker of stringed instruments
lutosecovered with mud or clay; muddy
lutrineof, like or pertaining to otters
lutulentthick; muddy
lutungsmall monkey of Malaysia
luxunit of illumination equal to one lumen per square meter
luxateto displace or dislocate
luxationdislocation of an anatomical part
luxmeterinstrument for measuring illumination
luxuriantoverabundant in growth
lycanthropymythical ability of humans to turn into wolves; werewolfism
lyceumschool of philosophical instruction
lychgateroofed gate of a churchyard
lychnobiteone who works at night and sleeps in the day
lychnoscopelow side window
Lydianeffeminate; luxurious
lygophilialove of darkness
lygophobiafear of darkness
lymphographydescription of lymph nodes
lynceanlynx-like; sharp-sighted
lyophileeasily dispersed in a suitable medium
lypemaniaextreme pathological mournfulness
lyrichordkind of obsolete harpsichord
lyriconelectronic wind instrument like a large obverse flute
lysardenold wind instrument like a cornett or serpent
lysigeniccaused by the breaking down of cells
lysimeterinstrument for measuring percolation of water through soil
lysisdisintegration; destruction
lyssophobiaabnormal fear of hydrophobia
lyterianindicating the end of a disease
lythcoopauction of household goods

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