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Styles of Speech

Here we have 54 words referring to manners or styles of speaking, words that use the suffix '-loquent', '-loquence', or '-loquy', from Latin loqui (to speak). While in an age of text-messaging, public speaking has lost its once-vaunted status as a communication medium, as long as people meet face to face, others will judge them on their manner of speech. As a university instructor, I know only too well the perils of many of these words. One of my (friendly) rival word lists online and a favourite site of mine is the Grandiloquent Dictionary. Curiously, many '-loquence'-suffixed words are lost words, and thus cannot be included here.

Word Definition
alieniloquy speech on subjects other than the matter at hand; off-topic speech
alloquy speaking to another or many others; an address
altiloquence pompous or high speech
ambiloquous using dubious or ambiguous expressions
amphoriloquy cavernous voice of a patient heard over a patient's lung cavity
anteloquy a preface
antiloquy speaking against some idea; contradicting or gainsaying
biloquist one capable of speaking with two distinct voices
blandiloquence complimentary speech; flattery
blesiloquent speaking with a stammer or lisp
breviloquence short-windedness; tendency towards brevity in speech
caverniloquy cavernous voice of a patient heard over a patient's lung cavity
centiloquy work consisting of one hundred aphorisms, attributed to Ptolemy
colloquy speaking together; mutual discourse
dentiloquent speaking with clenched teeth
diversiloquent speaking in different ways; speaking on different subjects
doctiloquent speaking learnedly
dulciloquent speaking sweetly
eloquence forceful and appealing speech
falsiloquence deceitful speech
fatiloquent speaking prophetically; declaring fate
flexiloquent speaking ambiguously or using words of doubtful meaning
gastriloquist ventriloquist
grandiloquent bombastic
inaniloquent prone to foolish or empty babbling
ineloquence unappealing speech
largiloquent talkative; full of words
longiloquence long-winded language
loquence speech
magniloquent speaking in a grand or pompous style
melliloquent speaking harmoniously or sweetly
mendaciloquence lying speech
multiloquence talkativeness; use of many words
obloquy censure; calumny; slander; disgrace
omniloquent speaking on all subjects
parciloquy laconic speech
pauciloquent of few words; speaking little
pectoriloquy sound of patientís voice as heard through stethoscope
planiloquent speaking plainly
pleniloquence excessive talking; fullness of speech
polyloquent speaking much; loquacious
sanctiloquent speaking on heavenly or holy matters
sialoquent spitting greatly while speaking
soliloquent speaking in soliloquies; prone to giving soliloquies
soliloquy talking or conversing with oneself; dramatic production of this nature
somniloquence talking in oneís sleep
stultiloquence foolish or senseless talk
suaviloquence pleasing or agreeable speech
tardiloquent speaking slowly
tolutiloquence smooth or flowing speech
tristiloquy mournful manner of speech
vaniloquence vain or foolish talk
ventriloquism speaking so that the voice appears to come from elsewhere
veriloquent speaking truthfully; truthful

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