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Word Definition
iamatologystudy of remedies
iambicconsisting of iambuses; employing iambuses
iambizeto satirize or lampoon; to ridicule in iambic verse
iambographerone who writes iambic verses
iambuspoetic foot consisting of short then a long syllable
iatralipticrelating to the curing of diseases by means of unguents
iatrameliamedical negligence
iatrarchygovernment by physicians
iatrochemistryapplication of chemistry to medical theory
iatrogenicinduced inadvertently by medical treatment
iatrologytreatise or text on medical topics; study of medicine
iatromathematicsarchaic practice of medicine in conjunction with astrology
iatrophobiafear of going to the doctor
iberislow-growing flowering shrubby herb
ibexwild mountain goat with recurved horns
ibidemin the same place
ibidinepertaining to the ibis
ibislarge stork-like bird; a pale apricot colour
icacosmall fruit-bearing tropical tree
iceblinkglare in the sky caused by light reflected off ice
icelandany land of perpetual ice
ichneumonsmall mongoose-like carnivorous quadruped
ichneuticof, like or pertaining to a tracker or tracking
ichnitefossilized footprint
ichnographyart of drawing ground plans; a ground plan
ichnologyscience of fossilized footprints
ichnomancydivination using footprints
ichorescentbecoming ichorous
ichthyicof, resembling or pertaining to fish
ichthyoacanthotoxismpoisoning from the sting or bite of a fish
ichthyocoprolitefossilized fish poop
ichthyographywriting or description of fishes
ichthyolatrythe worship of fish
ichthyologystudy of fish
ichthyomancydivination by inspecting fish entrails
ichthyomorphicshaped like a fish
ichthyonomyclassification of fishes
ichthyophileone who loves fish or fishes
ichthyopolistfish seller
ichthyotoxismpoisoning from fish venom
ichthytaxidermyfish taxidermy
ichuAndean alpine grass
iconismimagery; metaphor
iconoclasmattacking of established beliefs
iconodulyveneration of icons or images
iconographystudy of drawing symbols
iconolagnysexual stimulation from pictures or statues
iconologystudy of icons; symbols
iconomachyopposition to the worship of images or icons
iconomancydivination using icons
iconomaniaobsession with icons or portraits
iconomaticusing pictures to represent sounds of words; rebus-writing
iconometerinstrument for finding size of object by measuring its image
iconophilisma taste for pictures and symbols
iconophobiafear or hatred of images
iconoplastone who makes images or icons
iconoscopeold kind of television camera tube
iconostasisscreen or partition in Eastern churches with tiers of icons
iconotropymisinterpretation by one group of the mythic imagery of another group
icosahedronsolid with twenty plane faces
ictericalof, like or pertaining to or suffering from jaundice
icterineof, like or pertaining to orioles and related birds
icterineyellowish or marked with yellow
icteritiousjaundiced; yellow
icterogeniccausing jaundice
icteroidresembling jaundice
icticof, pertaining to, or caused by, a blow or stroke; pertaining to metrical stress
ictuateto emphasize; to put metrical stress on
ictusstress in poetry or verse
idealismdoctrine that reality is ultimately mental
idempotentquantity which does not change when squared
ideogenousbeing of mental origin
ideogenystudy of origins of ideas
ideogramsymbol that stands for a concept rather than a word
ideographywriting using signs representing ideas rather than sounds
ideophoneword that is spoken but not written
ideopraxistone who is impelled to carry out an idea
idiochromatichaving unique or distinctive coloration
idiocrasisintrinsic peculiarity or unique feature
idioglossiaprivate language developed between children
idiographprivate mark; trademark
idiographystudy or description of individual events or facts rather than patterns
idiolectdistinctive individual form of speech
idiologismpersonal speech peculiarity
idiomologystudy of idiom, jargon or dialect
idiomorphichaving a unique or distinct form
idiopathicdisease particular to an individual
idiophonepercussion instrument made of naturally resonant material
idioticonvocabulary of a particular district
idolomancydivination using idols
idolomaniaobsession or devotion to idols
idolothytesacrifice presented to an idol
idolummental image; logical fallacy
idoneoussuitable; appropriate
ifsoeverif ever
ignavialaziness; laxity
ignescentcapable of emitting sparks; of a volatile mood
ignifyto burn
ignipotentpresiding over fire
ignivomousvomiting or spewing forth fire
ignotismmistake due to ignorance
iguanalarge tropical New World lizard
iiwibright red Hawaiian bird
ilasticalpropitiatory; expiatory
iliacof, like or pertaining to the loins
ilicicof, like or pertaining to holly
ilkekind or nature
illapseto glide in
illaqueateto ensnare
illationthe act of inferring from premises
illativeindicating movement into or toward
illaudablenot praiseworthy
illecebrousenticing; attractive
illeistone who refers to oneself in the third person
illimitablelimitlessly infinite
illinitionact of rubbing against or on
illiquationthe melting of one thing into another
illisionthe act of striking against something
illocutionan act which is performed by speaking words
illudeto trick
illuminismbelief in an inward spiritual light
illusionismbelief that the external world is philosophy
illutationmud bath
illuviummaterial dissolved in water and deposited in layers
imagismdoctrine of use of precise images with unrestricted subject
imagoidealized mental image of a person
imbibitionthe absorption of a liquid by a solid or gel
imbreviateto enroll
imbricateto lay overlapping one another
imbroglioconfusing or disturbing situation; confused mass or heap
imbrueto wet or moisten
imbruteto degrade to the state of a brute
imburseto put in a purse; to pay
immanationflowing in
immanentinherent; permanently pervading the universe
immanentismbelief in an immanent or permanent god
immarcescibleunfading; imperishable
immaterialismthe doctrine that there is no material substance
immeabilitystate of being impassable or impermeable
immergeto immerse; to dip into water
imminutionlessening; decreasing
immiserationprogressive impoverishment or degradation
immissioninsertion; infusion
immixto commingle
immoralismrejection of morality
immortelleeverlasting dried flower
immunifacientcausing immunity
immunogeneticsstudy of genetic characteristics of immunity
immunogenicproducing an immune response
immunopathologystudy of immunity to disease
immureto imprison; to shut in
impacablenot able to be quieted or appeased
impanateembodied in bread
imparidigitatehaving an odd number of fingers on each limb
imparlancedelay in pleading for amicable adjustment
impasteto lay paint or colours thickly on
impavidfearless; undaunted
impecuniouswithout money; penniless
impedimentathings that impede; baggage
impedimentaryhindering; obstructing
impennatefeatherless; wingless
imperscriptiblenot recorded; unwritten
imperseverantlacking the power to perceive
impestto infest with plague or pestilence
impetrateto obtain by entreaty, request or prayer
impignorateto pledge, pawn or mortgage
impleachto intertwine
impletionfilling; fullness; fulfilment
implexnot simple; involved; complicated
implodentan implosive sound
implumouswithout feathers
imponentthat which imposes an obligation
importuneto press or urge with repeated requests
imprecateto call down by prayer; to curse; to invoke evil on
impresta loan or advance of money
imprimaturlicence to print a book
imprimisin the first place
imprimitivenot primitive
impropriateto appropriate for private use
improvidentlacking foresight; thoughtless
impugnto oppose; to attack by words or arguments
imputationattribution of fault to
inaniloquentprone to foolish or empty babbling
inanitionemptiness; starvation
inappetentlacking desire or appetite
inaptunfit or unqualified
inaurategilded; golden
inbeinginherence; inherent existence
inboardinside the line of a ship's bulwarks or hull
incalescentgrowing warm
incanouscovered with soft white hair
incardinationacceptance by a diocese of clergyman from another diocese
incarnadinecarnation-coloured; blood-red
incatenationharnessing; chaining together
incedeto advance majestically
incendivitythe power of causing ignition
incentivizeto be given an incentive
inceptto take into the body; ingest
inceptivemarking the beginning or formation
inchoateundeveloped; just begun
incipientbeginning; in an early stage
incivismneglect of duty as a citizen
inclinometerinstrument for measuring inclination to the horizontal of an axis
incommiscibleunable to be mixed or intermingled
incommodeto cause trouble or inconvenience to
incommutablethat cannot be commuted or exchanged
incompossibleincapable of coexisting
inconcinnitylack of congruousness or proportion
inconditenot well put together; poorly constructed
inconscientunconscious; abstracted
incontrairin opposition to
incorpseto incorporate
incrassateto thicken
incubusnightmare; burden
inculcateimplant in by persistent urging
inculpateto blame; to incriminate
incultuncultivated; coarse
incunabulistone who collects early books
incunabulumearly printed book; early version of a thing
incuseimpressed or stamped upon
indagateto search out; to investigate
indehiscentnot opening when mature
indiciaindicating marks or symptoms
indifferentismthe belief that all religions are equally valid
indigencepoverty; state of being needy
indignunworthy; disgraceful; unseemly
indigodeep blue-violet colour; a blue-violet dye
indiscerptiblenot able to be separated
inditeto compose
individualismbelief that individual interests and rights are paramount
indolesinherent disposition
induciaepeace treaty or armistice
inductivismbelief in the superiority of induction over deduction
indueto supply; to endow
indulgenceformer Catholic pardon granted for remission of punishment for sins
indultspecial temporary dispensation granted by the Catholic church
indumentumtotal body covering of hair, fur or feathers
indurateto make hard, callous or unfeeling
induviaewithered leaves which persist on plants
indwellto exist within as a guiding force
ineloquenceunappealing speech
ineluctableagainst which it is useless to struggle
inescatoryof, like or pertaining to baiting; adapted to bait
inessiveindicating location within
inexpiablethat which cannot be expiated or atoned for
inexpugnablenot able to be attacked or captured
infantocracygovernment by an infant
infarctiontissue dying due to lack of blood flow
infaustunlucky; ill-omened
infelicitousinappropriate in application or expression
inferiaeofferings to the spirits of the dead
inficetenot facetious; rudely jesting
infinitismbelief that God or the universe are infinite
inflorescenceprocess of producing flowers; flowering
infomaniaexcessive devotion to accumulating facts
infrabelow; later in a text
infrangiblenot able to be broken or violated
infructuousnot fruitful
infumatesmoky; blackened
infundibuliformhaving the form or shape of a funnel or cone
infuscateclouded or tinged with brown; obscured; cloudy brown colour
ingateinlet for molten metal in founding
ingeminateto reiterate; to redouble
ingerenceintrusion; interference
inglea fire in a room; a fireplace
inglenookalcove by a large open fire
ingluviesa crop or craw of birds
ingravescentbecoming more severe
ingressionpronounced with inhalation rather than exhalation
inguinalof, like or pertaining to the groin
ingurgitateto swallow; to guzzle
inhaustto drink in
inherebe inherent
inhumationburial; act of depositing in the ground
inhumistreferring to a society that burns its dead
inimicalhostile; harmful
iniquitywickedness; gross injustice
inkhornportable case for ink
inkhornismpedantic word or expression
inlagationpardoning of an outlaw
inlapidateto petrify
inlyinwardly; thoroughly
innitencystate of leaning or resting upon something
innominatehaving no name
inoperculatewithout an operculum or lid
inopinatenot thought of; unexpected
inorthographyincorrect spelling
inosculateto join together with ducts or openings; to blend or combine
inquilineliving with another; dwelling in another creature's lair
inquinateto corrupt or defile
inquirendoauthority to inquire into something
inquisiturienteager to act as an inquisitor
inquoratenot making up a quorum
inscenationstaging; setting
inscienthaving little or no knowledge
insculpto engrave, to cut or carve from something
insectifugeinsect repellent
insectivorouseating insects
insectologystudy of insects
insessorialadapted for perching
insidiateto conspire against; to betray
insipiencelack of wisdom; stupidity
insolateto treat by exposure to the sun's rays
insoucianceindifference; apathy
insouciantlighthearted and unconcerned
inspanto bring or force into service
inspissateto thicken or condense
instanterat once
instaurationrestoration; renewal
institorialof, like or pertaining to an agent or factor
instructiveindicating means whereby
instrumentalindicating means by which
instrumentalismdoctrine that ideas are instruments of action
insufflateto disseminate by blowing; to breathe upon
insulselacking wit; dull; stupid; insipid
intaglioa figure engraved into a gem or another substance
integumentan external covering or coating
intellectionact of thinking; exercise of the intellect
intellectualismbelief that all knowledge is derived from reason
intemeratepure; undefiled
intempestiveunseasonable; untimely; inopportune
intenerateto make tender; to soften
inteniblenot capable of holding or retaining
interactionismbelief that mind and body act on each other
interamnianbetween two rivers
intercalaryinterpolated; inserted between other things
intercalationinterpolation; insertion between others
interciliarybetween the eyebrows
intercludeto block; to enclose; to cut off
intercollinelying between hills
intercostalbetween the ribs
intercruralwithin or pertaining to the area between the legs
interdigitateto interlock in the manner of locked fingers
interdineto eat together
interfenestrationspacing of windows
interferometerinstrument for analysing spectra of light
interfluvearea between two rivers that flow in the same direction
intergradeto merge or shade by means of intermediate steps
interjacentintervening; situated between two things
interjaculateto ejaculate in interruption
interlaminateto insert between layers
interlocutorone who converses; interpreter; participant in conversation
interlucationthinning of a forest to let some light in
interlunationdark time between old moon and new
intermureto wall in
internecinecausing (mutual) destruction
internunciomessenger between two parties; low-ranking papal legate
interosculantpossessing attributes common to different groups
interpellationquestion raised during the course of debate
interpilasterspace between two pilasters
interpunctpoint or dot between words in•place•of•spaces
interpunctioninsertion of punctuation marks in writing
interramificationinterweaving of branches
interrexone who rules during an interregnum; regent
interrobangcombination of exclamation point and question mark
interscribeto write between
intersiderealbetween stars
interstitialof, like or pertaining to the space between things
intertesselationcomplex interrelationship
intertieshort timber binding together upright posts
intertrigoskin rash due to friction of two moist surfaces
intervallumbetween the ramparts
intervolveto roll up or entwine with one another
intinctionadministering communion by dipping bread into wine
intituleto endow or furnish with a title
intortedtwisted inwards; involved
intradosundersurface of an arch or vault
intrantentering; penetrating
introessiveindicating motion into
introitpsalm or hymn sung at beginning of church service
intromitto introduce; to admit; to insert
introrseturned or facing inward
introspectionismdoctrine that knowledge of mind must derive from introspection
intuitionismbelief that the perception of truth is by intuition
intumesceto enlarge; to swell; to bubble
intussusceptionmovement of one part of a thing into another
inumbrateto cast a shadow upon; to shade
inunctionanointing, smearing or rubbing with ointment
inurbanitylack of manners or deportment; incivility
inusitationdisuse; disrepair
inustionburning in; cauterization
invaginateto sheathe; to draw in; to enfold
inveighto make an attack in speech or writing
inveigleto entice; to wheedle
invenitinvented it
inverecundshameless; unabashed
inveteratelong-established; confirmed
invictiveinsurmountable; undefeatable
invidiouslikely to excite indignation against the performer
invinationpresence of Christ's blood in sanctified wine
inviscateto entrap with sticky material
invitatorypsalm or anthem sung before prayer during church service
invultuationthe making of an image for use in witchcraft
ionophoneloudspeaker that uses vibrations of ionized air to amplify sound
ionosondedevice for recording information about the ionosphere using echoes
iopteroushaving violet-coloured wings
iotacismexcessive use of the letter 'i'
iotizeto add the letter 'i' before another letter
ipecacan emetic root-plant
ipecacuanhicof or relating to ipecac
ipitia small antelope
ipseandold name for the ampersand
ipseityselfhood; state of being oneself
ipsilateraloccurring on the same side of the body
iracundinclined to become angry
iracunduloussomewhat inclined to become angry
irascentbecoming enraged or angry
irelesswithout anger or ire
irenarchancient Roman and Byzantine keeper of the peace
irenicconducive to or working towards peace
ireniconproposal to promote peace between rival churches
irenologythe study of peace
irianbelonging to the iris of the eye
iridaceousof, like, or pertaining to iris plants
iridalof or pertaining to the rainbow
iridianhaving or suggestive of the colours of a rainbow
iridicof, like or pertaining to the iris of the eye
iridizeto make iridescent
iridologystudy of the iris; diagnosis of disease based on the iris of the eye
irisateto render iridescent
iriscopeinstrument for exhibiting the prismatic colours
irokoWest African hardwood tree
ironismpractice of using irony
ironlessnot possessing iron
ironmasterhead of an ironworks
ironwortherb reputed to be effective in treating sword wounds
irradiantemitting rays of light
irradicateto fix firmly
irrasedin heraldry, indented
irrecusablethat cannot be rejected
irredentaterritory related ethnically to one state but subject to another
irredentismadvocating restoration of territory to a nation
irredivivousunable to be revived
irreflexnot turned back; not turned aside
irrefragablethat cannot be refuted; unanswerable
irrefrangibleincapable of refraction
irregeneratenot regenerate; unregenerate
irreligionhostility to religious principles; lack of religion
irreligionismsystem of belief that is hostile to religions
irremeablewhich cannot be returned; irrevocable
irremissiblethat cannot be forgiven; unpardonable
irremovalabsence of removal
irreplevisablein law, that cannot be restored to its rightful owner
irreposcibleunable to be demanded back
irreptionstealthy entrance; a subtle or creeping entry into
irreptitioushaving crept into a text
irresianthaving no residence; not resident
irresultivehaving no result
irretiateto ensnare; to trap in a net
irrevincibleinvincible; incontrovertible
irriguouswatered; wet; irrigating
irrisibleworthy of derision
irrisionthe act of laughing at another
irrisorymocking; derisive
irroborateto strengthen
irrorationwatering a plant with discharge of a sick person
irruentrunning hastily; rushing
irrumpentbursting or breaking in
irruptionbreaking or bursting in
isabellinegreyish yellow
isabnormalline connecting points of equal deviation from mean temperature
isacousticline connecting points of equal acoustic quality
isagogeacademic introduction to a subject
isallobarline connecting points of equal change in barometric pressure
isallothermline connecting points of equal temperature variation in a period
isanemoneline connecting points on map having same wind velocity
isantherline connecting points where flowers bloom at the same time of year
isapostolicequal to or contemporary with the apostles
isatisArctic fox
ischaemialack of blood in a part of the body due to an obstruction
ischiaticof or pertaining to the ischium or hip
ischiorrhogicof an iambic line, having spondees in the second, fourth or sixth place
ischuriaretention of urine
iseidomalline connecting points of equal visibility of a spectacle
isentropicline connecting points of equal entropy
ishanprehistoric Iraqi mound
isingmeat sausage
isinglassfirm semitransparent substance used to make jellies
islandicof or pertaining to an island
islesmaninhabitant of a group of islands
islomaniacraze or obsession for islands
ismaticaddicted to “isms” or faddish theories
isnessthe fact of being; essence
isobarline connecting points of same atmospheric pressure
isobaseline connecting points of equal land upheaval
isobathline connecting points of equal underwater depth
isobathythermline connecting points of equal temperature and depth underground
isobrontline connecting points of simultaneous storm development
isocephalyarrangement of figures in art so that their heads are at the same height
isocharline connecting points of similar distinguishing characteristics of plant life
isochasmline connecting points of equal frequency of aurorae
isocheimline connecting points of same average winter temperature
isochlorline connecting points of equal chlorine concentration
isochorline connecting points of varying conditions under constant volume
isochroneline connecting points of equal time difference or simultaneous occurrence
isochronoushaving the same duration; recurring at equal intervals
isochrooushaving a uniform colour
isoclinalline connecting points of same magnetic dip
isocostline connecting points of equal cost
isocracyequal political power
isocrymeline connecting points of equal winter temperature
isodiabatichaving equal transmission of heat
isodoseline connecting points that receive equal doses of radiation
isodynamicline connecting points of equal magnetic intensity
isoflorline connecting points of equal number of plant species
isogamline connecting points of equal acceleration due to gravity
isogenline connecting points of equal birthrates
isogenysameness or similarity of origin
isogeothermline connecting points of equal subterranean temperature
isoglossline connecting points of similar regional dialect
isoglossalhaving similar speech patterns or language
isogonalhaving equal angles
isogonalline connecting points of equal magnetic declination
isogradline connecting points of similar conditions during geological metamorphism
isogramline connecting points on a map having some similar feature
isographline connecting points of same linguistic usage in some respect
isographyimitation of handwriting
isohalineline connecting points of equal salinity
isohalsineline connecting points of equal ocean salinity
isohelline connecting points of equal sunlight
isohyetline connecting points of equal rainfall
isokeraunicline connecting points of equal occurrence of thunderstorms
isolexline connecting points of same vocabulary usage
isolineline connecting points on a map having some similar feature
isomagneticline connecting points of equal magnetic induction
isometricline connecting points of equal variations of pressure
isomorphline connecting points of same linguistic morphological forms
isonephelicline connecting points of equal cloud cover
isonomyequal law; rights or privileges
isonymword having the same derivation or form as another
isopachline connecting points of equal thickness of geological strata
isopheneline connecting points of the same phenotype or seasonal variation
isophoteline connecting points of equal light intensity from a given source
isopiesticline connecting points of equal pressure but varying temperature and volume
isopiptesisline connecting points of same arrival date of migratory species
isoplethline connecting points of equal aspect of climate
isopolityreciprocity of rights of citizenship in two communities
isoporline connecting points of equal annual change in magnetic field
isoprofitline connecting points of equal profit
isopsephicequal in number
isopycnicline connecting points of equal density
isoquantline connecting points of equal output
isorithmline connecting points of equal population density
isorropicof equal value
isoseismalline connecting points of same earthquake intensity
isostasycondition of equilibrium in the earth's crust
isostereline connecting points of equal specific volume of a substance
isotacline joining points where the ice melts at the same time of year
isotachline connecting points of the same wind speed
isothereline connecting points of equal summer temperature
isothermline connecting points of equal temperature
isothermobathline connecting points of equal temperature at a given ocean depth
isotherombroseline connecting points of equal ratio of summer rainfall to annual rainfall
isotropichaving the same properties in every direction
isovolline connecting points of equal ratio of fixed to volatile carbon in coal
isslessparks; embers
issuantissuing from; in heraldry, emerging from the bottom of a chief
istone who holds to an 'ism'
isthmianliving on or situated on an isthmus
isthmoidresembling an isthmus
istlecoarse tough Central American fibre used to make cords and nets
itacismpronunciation of the Greek letter eta as 'ee'
itai-itaidisease caused by cadmium poisoning and resulting in back pain
Italiotperson of Greek descent dwelling in ancient Italy
Italomaniaobsession with Italy or Italians
itemlikewise; also
itercircuit; path; road or line of travel
iterantrepeating; echoing
iterumagain; afresh; anew
ithomiidtropical South American butterfly
ithyphallicindecent; immoral
itinerarilyin the course of wandering
itionthe action of going
itisbodily condition or disease
iulanof the first growth of the beard
iviTahitian chestnut tree
ivorideimitation ivory
ivorinewhite and smooth like ivory
ivoristone who carves ivory professionally
iwissurely; certainly
ixiaSouth African beautiful flowering plant
ixiodicof, like or pertaining to ticks
ixoratropical evergreen shrub with white flowers
izardgoatlike antelope found in the Pyrenees
izzardarchaic name for the letter Z
izzatpublic esteem; honour

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