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Word Definition
oakumold ropes untwisted for caulking the seams of ships
oakuswallet; pocket billfold
oastkiln to dry hops or malt
obambulateto wander about
obdormitionnumbness in a limb caused by pressure on a nerve
obduracystubbornness; persistence
obedibledocile; capable of obedience
obedientiarysomeone subject to obedience
obeismpractice of West African magic
obeliskdagger sign used as a critical mark or note
obelizeto condemn as spurious, doubtful, or corrupt
obelusdivision sign; mark used to indicate unacceptable passages
obeophonemechanical keyboard instrument used to imitate woodwind instruments
obequitateto ride about
obfuscateto obscure; to darken; to confuse
obganiateto irritate someone by constantly repeating oneself
obibroad sash worn with a kimono
obitreligious office for a dead person
obiterin passing; incidentally
obitualof, like or pertaining to obituaries
objectivismdoctrine that all reality is objective
objurationthe act of binding by oath; a solemn charge
objurgateto chide; to scold; to rebuke
oblateflattened at opposite sides or poles
oblatelayman living in a religious community under modified rule
oblationact of offering; a sacrifice; anything offered in worship
oblectationenjoyment; pleasure
oblivescenceforgetfulness; forgetting
oblocutorone who denies or disputes
obloquycensure; calumny; slander; disgrace
obluctationresistance; opposition
obmutescentspeechless; persistently silent
obnixelyearnestly; strenuously
obnubilateto becloud; to obscure
obolaryextremely poor
obreptionseeking to obtain a gift by false premises
obrogateto alter the law by passing a new law
obrotundround but flattened on top and bottom
obscurantismpolicy of withholding knowledge from the public
obsecrateto beseech; to implore
obsequentflowing in opposite direction to original slope of land
obsequiousservilely ingratiating; fawning
observationalismbelief that all knowledge is based on observation
obsidionalof, like or pertaining to a siege
obsignto seal or confirm
obsolagniumwaning sexual desire due to age
obstetricsstudy of midwifery
obstreperousnoisy; unruly
obtendto put forward or allege
obtenebrateto cast a shadow over
obtestto call to witness; to adjure; to protest; to beseech
obtruncateto cut or lop off the head of
obtundto blunt or dull; to deaden
obturateto stop up; to seal up
obumbrateto overshadow
obvallatewalled in; sealed up
obventionany incidental occurrence or advantage
obvertto turn; to alter
obvoluteoverlapping; twisted
obvolventenwrapping; curved downward or inward
ocarinaegg-shaped flute-like wind instrument
occamyalloy imitating gold or silver
occasionalismbelief that interactions between mind and body are intermediated by God
occipitalof, like or pertaining to the back of the head
occlusionclosing of an opening, passage or cavity
occultationconcealing of one heavenly body by another
ocellatedeyelike and ringed; having an eyelike spot or spots
ocellussmall eye or eye-like coloured spot
ochlesissickness resulting from overcrowded living conditions
ochlocracygovernment by mobs
ochlophobiafear of crowds
ochreyellowish or yellow-brown colour
ochroleucousyellowish white
ocreatewearing boots or leggings
octactinalhaving eight rays or points
octadset of eight things
octameroushaving parts in eights
octanrecurring every eight days
octaplamulti-lingual book in eight texts
octarchygovernment by eight people
octastichpoem of eight lines
octingentenaryeight hundredth anniversary of an event
octonaryof, like or pertaining to or consisting of eight things; grouped in eights
octonocularhaving eight eyes
octothorphash; pound sign
octroitrading privilege, monopoly or concession granted to a town
oculatehaving eyes
oculiformshaped like an eye
oculusround window, especially over main door in church
odmild oath
odalisquefemale slave in a harem
odditoriumplace for displaying oddities
odeuma usually small theatre or concert hall
odibleworthy of hatred
odiumhatred; offensiveness; blame
odographodometer; instrument for measuring distance travelled
odologyscience of the hypothetical mystical force of od
odonterismchattering of the teeth
odontogenyorigin and development of teeth
odontographinstrument for obtaining curves for gear-teeth
odontographyscientific description of teeth
odontologystudy of teeth
odontoloxiairregularity of the teeth
odontomancydivination using teeth
odophonescale of odours
odoriferousemitting a usually pleasant smell
odorimetrymeasurement of strength and persistence of odours
odorivectorsubstance producing an odour
oecistfounder of a colony
oecodomicof, like or pertaining to architecture
oeilladean ogle; a glance or wink
oenologystudy of wines
oenomancydivination by studying appearance of wine
oenomaniaobsession or craze for wine
oenometerinstrument for measuring alcoholic strength of wine
oenophileone who is fond of or loves wine
oenophobiafear or hatred of wine
oenopoeticof, like or pertaining to wine-making
oerstedunit of magnetic field strength
oestrogenicproducing female sex hormones
officialismexcessive devotion to routine or position
officinalbelonging to or used in a shop
officiousvolunteering one's services too eagerly
ogdoadset of eight
ogivegraph representing cumulative frequency
ogonekmark placed under Slavic consonant to indicate nasalization
ohmmeterinstrument for measuring electrical resistance
oikologyscience of housekeeping
oikonisusdesire to start a family
oinomancydivination using wine
okapishort-necked giraffe
olamicof or belonging to a vast period or eon
oleaginousoily, fawning or sycophantic
olecranonfunny bone
oleicof, like or pertaining to or derived from oil
oleiferousproducing oil
olenthaving a smell; fragrant
oleographprint in oil-colours to imitate an oil painting
oleographylithography employed to resemble oil painting
oleometerinstrument for measuring amount of oil in a substance
oleraceousof the nature of a pot-herb; for kitchen use; edible
olericulturegrowing of herbs and vegetables
olfactibleable to be smelled
olfactologystudy of the sense of smell
olfactometerinstrument measuring intensity of odour of a substance
oligarchygovernment by the few
oligochromework of art using few colours
oligodynamicof, like or pertaining to the effect of small quantities
oligogenicsbirth control
oligomaniaobsession with a few thoughts or ideas
oligopolymarket situation of few sellers of a service
oligopsonymarket situation of few buyers of a service
oligosyllableword of few syllables
oliomiscellany; potpourri
olitoryof, like or pertaining to kitchen vegetables
olivasterhaving an olive complexion
olivetartificial pearl
olivettacontainer used to hold olives
oliviformshaped like an olive
ollamhlearned man in ancient Ireland
olmblind aquatic cave-dwelling European salamander
ololygmancyfortune-telling by the howling of dogs
ombréshadowy; shaded; dusky
ombrologystudy of rain
ombrophiloustolerant of large amounts of rainfall
ombrophobiafear of rain
omegoidshaped like a horseshoe or omega
ommateumcompound eye
omneitystate of being all; allness
omnianaabout all sorts of things
omnicompetentlegally competent in all matters
omnifariousof all kinds
omniferousbearing everything
omnifyto make large or universal
omnigatherummiscellaneous assemblage or collection
omnigenousof all kinds
omniloquentspeaking on all subjects
omniparitygeneral equality
omnismbelief in all religions
omophagyeating of raw flesh as a ritual observance
omoplatoscopydivination by observing cracks in burning scapulae
omphalismcentralization in government
omphalomancydivination from the knots in the umbilical cord
omphalopsychiteone who meditates by gazing at the navel
omphalosthe navel; a boss; a centre
onagermilitary engine for throwing great stones
onagerAsiatic wild ass
onanismmasturbation; self-gratification
oncogenesisproducing cancerous tumours
oncologystudy of tumours
oncometerinstrument measuring change in size of internal organs
oncosimeterinstrument measuring variations in density of molten metal
oncostmanmine worker paid by the day
ondographinstrument measuring change in wave formations of electricity
oneiricof, like or pertaining to dreams
oneirocriticismdream interpretation
oneirologystudy of dreams
oneiromancydivination by dreams
one-stepballroom dance marked by quick walking steps
oniomaniamania for making purchases
oniscoidlike a woodlouse
onocrotalold term for the pelican
onolatryworship of asses or donkeys
onomamaniamania for names
onomancydivination using a donkey or ass
onomancydivination using proper names
onomasiologystudy of nomenclature
onomasticof, like or pertaining to a name or signature
onomasticondictionary of proper names
onomasticsstudy of proper names
onomatomaniairresistible desire to repeat certain words
onomatophobiafear of hearing a certain word
onomatousbearing the author's name
ontalof, like or pertaining to reality or existence
ontocyclicreturning to an infantile state or character in old age
ontogenesisorigin and development of a single individual organism
ontographydescription of reality, essence or being
ontologicalbased upon being or existence
ontologyscience of pure being; the nature of things
ontosophyknowledge of being or existence
onychocryptosisingrowing toenail
onychoidlike a fingernail
onychomancydivination by the fingernails
onychophorousbearing nails or claws
onychotillomaniacompulsive picking at the fingernails
onymancydivination by the fingernails
onymaticof, like or pertaining to names
onymousbearing the author's name
onymyscientific nomenclature
onyxisingrown nail
oogenesisproduction of eggs or ova
oologystudy of eggs
oomancydivination using eggs
oometerinstrument for measuring eggs
oosefurry dust that gathers under beds
ootocousproducing eggs; oviparous
opacimeterinstrument for measuring opacity
opacularsomewhat opaque
opalescencemilky iridescence
opalotypephotograph taken on a milky opal glass plate
opeidoscopeinstrument for illustrating sound by means of light
operculumcover or lid; lid-like organ or covering
operoselaborious; tedious
ophelimityability to please sexually; ability to satisfy
ophiasisbaldness in wavy bands
ophicof, like or pertaining to serpents
ophicleidekeyed bass brass musical instrument
ophidianof or like a snake
ophidiomancydivination using snakes
ophidiophobiafear of snakes
ophiolatryworship of snakes
ophiologystudy of snakes
ophiomancydivination by watching snakes
ophiomorphicshaped like a snake
ophiophagouseating snakes
ophiuranbrittle star
ophthalmometerinstrument for measuring the eye
ophthalmophobiafear of being stared at
ophthalmoscopeinstrument for viewing the interior of the eye
opinablecapable of being thought
opiniasterone who obstinately holds to an opinion
opinicusmythic heraldic winged beast with lion's body, eagle's head, camel's tail
opinionatorone who holds or gives an opinion
opiomaniacraving for opium
opisometerinstrument for measuring curved lines
opisthenarthe back of the hand
opisthographmanuscript or slab inscribed on both back and front
opisthosomalof, like or pertaining to posteriors
opodeldocsoapy liniment
oppignorateto pawn
oppilateto block up; to stop up
oppositiveindicating opposition or location opposite to
opprobriumdisgrace; bad reputation
oppugnto attack by argument; to oppose; to call in question
opsigamyone who marries late in life
opsimathone who learns late in life
opsiometerinstrument for testing vision
opsomaniaabnormal love for one kind of food
opsoniumanything eaten with bread as a relish
optativemood expressing a desire or wish
opticsstudy of light
optimateof the nobility or aristocracy
optogramimage fixed on the retina
optologystudy of sight
optometerinstrument for testing vision
optophobiafear of opening one's eyes
optophonedevice transforming light into sound
opusculelittle work or composition
orheraldic colour gold or yellow
oradtoward the mouth
oradtowards the mouth
oralisminstruction of the deaf through speech rather than sign language
orangerybuilding for growing orange trees in a cool climate
orantrepresentation of praying figure in early art
orariancoastal; a coast-dweller
orariondeacon's stole in Orthodox church
orariumbook of private devotions
orariumhandkerchief; scarf attached to bishop's staff
oratiuncleshort oration
oratorysmall chapel for private prayer; lectern for prayer
orbificcreating the world
orchesisact of dancing or rhythmical moving of the body
orchesographynotation of dance movements by means of diagrams
orchidaceousexceptionally beautiful; gaudy; ostentatious
orchidologystudy of orchids
orchidomaniaabnormal obsession with orchids
orchidometerinstrument for measuring the size of the testicles
ordpoint of a weapon; a beginning
ordalianof, like or pertaining to an ordeal
ordinalbook containing religious rites, especially for ordination
ordinantone who ordains
ordinatein rows or columns
ordocalendar with list of services for each day of the year
ordonnanceproper coordination of figures in a picture
ordureloathsome dirt or refuse; something morally degrading
oreadmountain nymph
orecticof, like or pertaining to appetite or desires
oreilletearpiece of a helmet
oremusRoman Catholic liturgical prayer
orey-eyedexpressing anger through the eyes
orfviral infection of sheep
orfèvreriegoldsmith's work
organdiefine translucent cotton
organicismconception of life or society as an organism
organistrumearly musical instrument resembling the hurdy-gurdy
organityan organized whole
organogenesisorigin or development of living organs
organographyscientific description of organs
organolepticdealing with testing effects of a substance on senses
organonmethod of investigation; logical technique or system
organonomylaws of organic life
organzatransparent thin silk or nylon
orguinettemechanical instrument with reeds and bellows, playing music from a paper roll
orgulousproud; haughty
oribismall African antelope with vertical horns
orichalcgold-coloured alloy; brass
orielsmall room or recess with a polygonal bay window
oriflammebanner of red silk split into several points
oriformshaped like a mouth
orillionsemicircular projection on a bastion to protect flanks
orismologytechnical definition or terminology
orleansinterwoven cotton and worsted
orloplowest deck in a ship having four or more decks
ormolusomething expensive looking; gold-plated metal
ornithicof, like or pertaining to birds
ornithobiographylife history of birds
ornithologystudy of birds
ornithomancydivination by observing flight of birds
ornithophilouspollinated by birds
ornithophobiafear of birds
ornithopterbird-like archaic flying machine
ornithoscopybird watching
orobathymetricof, like or pertaining to map showing submerged heights and sea depths
orogenmountain pass
orographydescription of mountains
orohydrographydescription of the role of mountains in forming watersheds
oroidealloy used to imitate gold
orologystudy of mountains
oropendolatropical oriole living in long hanging nests
orotundmarked by fullness and clarity of sound; pompous
orphanotrophismcare and support of orphans
orpharionlarge lute with six to nine pairs of strings
orphreygold or other rich embroidery on clerical robes
orpimentyellow arsenic compound used as pigment
orreryclockwork model of the solar system
ortscrap of food; morsel
orthobiosiscorrect or moral living
orthodromicsgreat-circle sailing; sailing by most direct route
orthoepystudy of correct pronunciation
orthogenesisdirectional evolution of organisms
orthognathismstate of having straight jaws
orthographercorrect speller
orthographystudy of spelling; proper spelling practices
orthologycorrect use of words
orthopraxiscorrect practice in religion
orthopterornithopter; flying machine with moving wings
orthopterologystudy of cockroaches
orthostichousarranged in vertical rows
orthotomiccutting at right angles
orthotonictaking an accent in some but not all positions
orthotropismvertical growth
oryctographydescription of minerals; mineralography
oryctologymineralogy or paleontology
oryctomancydivination using excavated objects
oryxlarge antelope of Africa and Arabia with long horns
oschealof, like or pertaining to the scrotum
oscillographinstrument for recording alternating current wave forms
oscillometerinstrument for measuring ship's rollings
oscilloscopeinstrument for detecting electrical fluctuations
oscinineof, like or pertaining to song-birds
oscitancyyawning; sleepiness; stupidity
oscitateto yawn
oscularof, like or pertaining to the mouth or to kissing
osculateto kiss
osculatorycarved tablet kissed by priest during celebration of mass
osmatichaving olfactory organs
osmesisact of smelling
osmicsscientific study of smells
osmidrosisemission of ill-smelling sweat
osmolunit of osmotic pressure
osmologystudy of smells and olfactory processes
osmometerinstrument for measuring osmotic pressure
osnaburgcoarse linen or cotton
osophybelief or doctrine
osphresiologystudy of the sense of smell
osphresissense of smell
osseinthe organic basis of bone
ossiaalternatively; rather (in music)
ossiclelittle bone or bone-like plate
ossiferousbearing bones
ossifyto change into bone; to become callous or conventional
ossivorousfeeding on bones
ossomancydivination using bones
ossuarya depository for the bones of the dead
ostealof, like or pertaining to, or comprised of bone
ostensorycontainer for holding consecrated Communion wafers
ostentappearance; manifestation
osteoclasissurgical breaking of a bone
osteogenesisproduction or formation of bone
osteographydescription of bones
osteoidbony; bone-like
osteologystudy of bones
osteomancydivination using bones
osteometrymeasurement of bones or skeleton
osteophonedevice used to allow deaf to hear sounds through the cranium
osteophyteabnormal bony outgrowth
ostiolatehaving an opening
ostiolea small opening
ostiummouth-like opening
ostlerperson who takes care of horses at an inn and/or sells oats
ostraceanof, like or pertaining to oysters
ostraceousof, like or pertaining to oysters
ostreiformshaped like an oyster
ostrichismhabit or policy of refusing to face unpleasant facts
otacousticaiding hearing
otarineof, like or pertaining to seals
oticof, like or pertaining to the ear
otiosesuperfluous; redundant; futile; useless; functionless; idle
otolithcalcium concretion in inside of vertebrate's ear to aid in equilibrium
otologystudy of the ear
otorhinolaryngologystudy of ear, nose and throat
otoscopeinstrument for examining the ear
otosismishearing of speech
ottomanheavy clothing fabric with crosswise ribs
oudwooden Middle Eastern lute
ouncemedium to large-sized great cat
ouranomancydivination using the heavens
ouroborossnake eating own tail symbolizing totality or completion
oustitilock-opening tool
outageamount of commodity lost in transport and storage
outceptexcluding; unless
outcrossto breed individuals of different strains of a species
outflingsharp retort or gibe
outhaulrope used to haul a sail taut along a spar
outmantleto exceed in dress or ornament
outmasterto overcome in a contest for mastery
outrancethe utmost extremity; the bitter end
outrébeyond what is proper; extravagant
outrecuidanceoverwhelming arrogance or self-esteem
outremerarea beyond the sea; overseas
outriggerspar extended from side of ship to help secure mast
out-throughfrom end to end
outwithoutside of
ouzelblackbird; a dark-haired person
ovariousconsisting of eggs
overcrossacross; over
overcrowto crow or triumph over
overhaileto overtake; to overpower
overlockto oversew a hem or fabric edge to prevent fraying
overlongover the length of
overmantelornamental structure set on a mantel-shelf
overpoiseweight sufficient to weigh another down
overrackto overstrain
oversetto upset; to disorder
overslaughexemption from duty in turn when otherwise employed
overthwartfrom side to side of
ovibovineof, like or pertaining to musk-oxen
ovicidekilling insect eggs
oviformlike a sheep
oviformshaped like an oval or egg
ovigerousbearing eggs
ovineof, like or pertaining to sheep
oviparousproducing offspring through laying eggs
ovivorouseating eggs
ovivorouseating sheep
ovopyriformhaving a shape between a pear and an egg
ovoviviparousproducing eggs which are hatched in parent's body
ovuliferousbearing ovules
owleryplace frequented by owls
owlingsmuggling wool or sheep
oxfordsoft durable plain-woven cotton
oxterto take under the arm; to support by taking the arm
oxyacaesthesiaextreme sharpness of senses
oxyacanthoushaving sharp thorns
oxyblepsiaextremely keen sight
oxygeusiaextremely keen sense of taste
oxymoronfigure of speech combining contradictory terms
oxyphoniasharpness or shrillness of voice
oxytocicdrug that hastens the process of childbirth
oxytoneword bearing acute accent on last syllable
oystercatcherwading shorebird with reddish bill
ozoniferousbearing ozone
ozostomiabad breath

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