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Word Definition
xanthareelyellow eel formerly used in medicinal foods
xanthicyellow; yellowish
xanthippeill-tempered woman
xanthocarpoushaving yellow fruit
xanthochroiayellowness of the skin
xanthochroichaving yellow skin
xanthocyanopsyform of colour-blindness in which only blue and yellow can be distinguished
xanthodermyellow-skinned person
xanthodontone with yellow teeth
xanthomadisease characterized by yellow patches on the skin
xanthometerinstrument for measuring colour of sea or lake water
xanthophyllsubstance causing yellow colour of autumn leaves
xanthopsiaa visual condition where things appear yellow
xanthospermoushaving yellow seeds
xanthousyellow or red-haired
xebecsmall three-masted pirate ship
xemefork-tailed gull
xenagogueguide; someone who conducts strangers
xenialof or concerning hospitality towards guests
xeniumgift made to a guest or ambassador; any compulsory gift
xenobioticindicating a substance or item foreign to the body
xenocracygovernment by a body of foreigners
xenodiagnosisdiagnosis of disease by allowing laboratory-bred diseases to affect material
xenodocheionologylove of hotels
xenodochialhospitable; kindly to strangers
xenodochiumbuilding for the reception of strangers
xenogeneicof a disease, derived from an individual of a different species
xenogenesisgeneration of offspring entirely unlike the parent
xenogenousdue to an outside cause
xenoglossiaperson's knowledge of a language never studied
xenolaliaperson's knowledge of a language never studied
xenolithfragment of extraneous rock embedded in magma or another rock
xenomancydivination using strangers
xenomaniainordinate attachment to foreign things
xenomeniamenstruation from abnormal orifices
xenomorphichaving a form not its own
xenophilialove of foreigners
xenophobiafear of foreigners
xenopsa small tropical rainforest bird
xenurinespecies of armadillo
xeransisdrying up
xerarchgrowing in dry places
xerasiaabnormal dryness of the hair
xericdry; lacking in moisture
xerodermiaabnormal dryness of the skin
xerophagyeating of dry food; fast of dry food in the week preceding Easter
xerophilyadaptation to very dry conditions
xerophobousunable to survive drought
xerophthalmiadryness and soreness of the eyes
xerophyticable to withstand drought
xeroradiographyprocess for taking permanent pictures of X-ray images
xerosisabnormal dryness of body parts
xerostomiaexcessive dryness of the mouth
xerothermicdry and hot
xerotripsisdry friction
xesturgyprocess of polishing
xilinousof, like or pertaining to cotton
xiphopagusconjoined twins joined by a band of flesh on the torso
xiphophylloushaving sword-shaped leaves
xiphosuranhorseshoe crab
xoanonprimitive wooden statue overlaid with ivory and gold
xographyphotographic process for producing three-dimensional images
xuformer monetary unit of Vietnam
xylangelatinous compound found in wood
xylaryof, like or pertaining to xylem
xylemwoody portion of a plant
xylocarphard and woody fruit
xylogenousgrowing on wood
xylographyart of engraving on wood
xyloidwoody; ligneous
xylologystudy of wood
xylomancydivination by examining wood found in one's path
xylometerinstrument measuring specific gravity of wood
xylophilousfond of wood; living in or on wood
xylopolistone who sells wood
xylopyrographyengraving designs on wood with hot poker
xylorimbacombination of xylophone and marimba
xylotherapyuse of certain sorts of wood in treating disease
xylotomouswood-cutting; wood-boring
xylotypographicprinted from wooden blocks
xystarchancient Greek officer in charge of gymnastic exercises
xystersurgeon's instrument for scraping bones
xystonshort pike used by Greek heavy cavalry
xystuscovered walkway for exercises

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