The Phrontistery



Word Definition
sabatonfoot-covering as part of suit of armour
sabbatarianone who keeps the sabbath strictly
sabbulonariumgravel pit
sabellinesable fur
sabinunit of acoustic absorption of one square foot of a perfect absorber
sableblack; dark; of a black colour in heraldry
sablieresand pit
sabotattachment to guide projectile through bore of firearm
sabotwooden shoe; clog
sabretachesatchel suspended from cavalry officer's belt
sabuloussandy; gritty; growing in sandy places
saburrationapplication of hot sand as medical treatment
saccadesharp lateral movement of the eye as it changes fixation
saccadicjerky; twitching
sacchariferousbearing sugar
saccharimeterinstrument for measuring amount of sugar in a solution
sacciferousbearing a sac or sacs
sacciformshaped like a sac
sacculiformshaped like a small sac
sacerdotalpriestly; pertaining to priestly interests
sacerdotalismbelief that priests are necessary mediators between God and mankind
sachetsmall plastic envelope holding liquid or cream
sackdry white wine or sherry from Spain
sackbutearly wind instrument resembling the trombone
sacralgiapain in the sacrum
sacralizedprepared to be used in sacred ceremonies
sacramentarianismbelief that sacraments have unusual properties
sacrariumplace where sacred objects are kept
sacringhallowing; consecration
sacristanchurch official in charge of vessels and the sacristy
sacristyroom in church where sacred objects are kept
sadoguefat; easy-going person
saeculumastronomical or geological age
sagathylight blend of silk and cotton or wool
sagenefishing-net; network
sageshipstate or quality of being a sage
saggarclay box in which pottery is packed for baking
saginateto fatten animals
sagittalshaped like an arrow
sagittarycentaur; archer
sagittiformshaped like an arrowhead
saigamigratory Russian antelope
sakiSouth American monkey
sala salt
salaciousindecently erotic; lecherous
salamandroidlike a salamander; able to withstand fire
salariatsalary-earning class collectively
salemporebroad white or blue cotton fabric
salifyto impregnate with salt
saliniformlike salt
salinometerinstrument for measuring amount of salt in a solution
salletlight round helmet
salmagundistew of many mixed ingredients; a medley or miscellany
salpiformshaped like a barrel
salpinxFallopian tube
salpinxancient Greek trumpet
salsafast Latin American jazz-influenced dance
salsemud volcano
salsipotentruling the salt seas
salsitudesaltiness; brackishness
salsuginoussalty; brackish; growing in salty soil
saltantleaping; dancing
saltarellolively Italian dance
saltationjumping or leaping; abrupt variation
saltationismpunctuation in evolution
saltativenessability to jump
saltigradeprogressing by leaps
saltireX-shaped cross
saltusbreach of continuity; jump to a conclusion
salubriousfavourable to or promoting well-being
salutaryproducing good effects; beneficial
salutiferousconducive to health or well-being
salvifichaving the purpose or intention of saving
samajHindu religious assembly; congregation of worshippers
samarapropeller-like winged fruit
samarraflame-decorated cassock worn by those condemned by the Inquisition
sambarlarge reddish deer of southern Asia
samiterich and heavy silk, sometimes interwoven with gold or silver
sanableable to be healed
sanatoryproducing health
sanbenitoyellow or black sackcloth garment worn by heretics prior to execution
sanctanimityholiness of mind
sanctiloquentspeaking on heavenly or holy matters
sangfroidcoolness; composure
sanguiferousbearing blood
sanguineoptimistic; having a bright complexion
sanguineousbloody; of, like or pertaining to blood; blood-red
sanguinolentcontaining blood; bloodthirsty
sanieswatery foul discharge from wounds or sores
sansaset of small cymbals played with the thumbs
sansculottestrong republican; democrat or violent revolutionary
sapidhaving a perceptible or decided taste; savoury; agreeable
sapiencediscernment; judgement
sapientialproviding wisdom
saponaceoussoapy; soaplike
saponifiableable to be converted into soap
saponifyto convert into soap
saporproperty of substance of taste; flavour
saporineof, like or pertaining to the sense of taste
Sapphismhomosexuality in women
saprobiccharacterized by decaying organic matter
saprodontiatooth decay
saprogenousgrowing on decaying material; causing putrefaction
saprophagousfeeding on decaying material
saprophyteplant living on dead or decaying matter
saprostomoushaving foul breath
sapsagohard green Swiss cheese
sapwoodsoft tissue beneath bark of tree
sarabandestately Spanish Baroque court dance
sarangiIndian fiddle
sarangoustywaterproof stucco
sarcologystudy of fleshy parts of the body
sarcophagousfeeding on flesh; carnivorous
sarcophilousfond of flesh
sarcoticpromoting growth of flesh
sarcousof flesh or muscle
sarddeep orange chalcedony
sarindastringed instrument of India played with a bow
sarmentlong weak twig
sarmentumvine, long twig or runner
sarodbowed or plucked South Asian string instrument
saronIndonesian instrument with seven bronze bars struck with mallet
sarrusophonedouble-reeded musical instrument resembling the bassoon
sarsenetfine and soft silk; soft or gentle
sartorialof, like or pertaining to a tailor or tailored clothes
sastrugalong parallel ridges of snow that form on windy plains
satanologystudy of the devil
satanophanyan appearance of the devil
satanophobiafear of the devil
satararibbed lustred wool
sateenglossy cotton or wool
satinetthin silk satin or imitation thereof
satisdationprovision of security
satisficeto aim for or achieve that which will suffice
satnavsatellite-assisted navigation
saturnalianriotously merry
saturnineof a gloomy or surly disposition; sardonic
saturnismlead poisoning
satyrismuncontrolled licentiousness
satyromaniaabnormally great male sexual desire; satyriasis
saufexcept for; excepting
saurophagouseating lizards
sauterellemason's tool for making angles
sautoirlong necklace or pendant
sawsaying or proverb
sawderto flatter
saxhornbrass instrument like a trumpet
saxicolousliving in or among rocks
saxifragousbreaking stone
saxigenousgrowing in rocks
saxonyfine soft woollen fabric
saydelicate woollen fabric
scaberuloussomewhat scabrous or rough
scabiousof, like or pertaining to scabies or scabs
scabroushaving scaly or rough surface; risqué or obscene
scacchicof, like or pertaining to chess
scagliolastone-like plasterwork for interior decoration
scalariformshaped like a ladder
scalaryformed with steps or rungs
scalliononion with a slim bulb; leek
scallomrod with thin or spliced end used to form base or frame of baskets
scalpeliformshaped like a scalpel
scalpriformshaped like a chisel
scalptureart of engraving on metal or stone
scamanderto take a winding course; to meander
scamblinghaphazard meal
scammonyplant root used as strong purgative
scanderoonhoming pigeon
scansorialclimbing; adapted for climbing
scantlingdimensions of a cross-section of timber; a small amount
scapegracescoundrel; incorrigible man or boy
scaphionkind of sundial
scaphismexecution by deserting honey-covered person in the sun
scapiformshaped like a stalk
scapigeroushaving a scape
scappleto work smoothly, without smoothing to a finish
scapularbadge of monastic order worn on the shoulders
scapulomancydivination by examining burnt shoulder blade
scarabaeanof, like or pertaining to scarabs
scaramouchruffian; scoundrel
scarfskinsurface skin
scarifyto scratch or scar
scariousthin and tough
scarlatinascarlet fever
scarletfine cloth
scarpto make steep
scarpetticlimbing shoes with hemp soles
scarpinesinstrument of torture for the feet
scatcha stilt
scatebrousflowing or bubbling out; abounding with springs
scatologystudy of excrement or obscene literature
scatomancydivination by studying excrement
scatoscopydivination by studying excrement; scatomancy
scatterydispersed; sparse
scaturientflowing out; gushing
scaturiginousabounding with springs
scaupersemicircular gouging chisel
scavagerefuse scavenged from the roads
scavagerofficer in charge of keeping streets clean
scazonlimping verse
scelesticwicked; villainous
scelotyrbedisease causing hesitation in walking
scenographyrepresentation of an object in perspective
scepsisphilosophic doubt
schadenfreudemalicious pleasure in others' misfortunes
schapskaflat-topped cavalry helmet
schediasmimpromptu action; an extemporized work
schematismtheory that categories derive from applying schemata to perceptions
schematomancydivination using the human form
schematonicsart of using gesture to express tones
schesisderiding opponent's argument by referring to his way of thought
scheticof a disease, not deeply rooted in the body
schillerbronze lustre
schistousformed of schist
schizogenesisreproduction by division
schizotrichiasplitting of hair
schizticof, like or pertaining to or marked by splitting
schmegeggynonsense; an idiot
schoenabaticof, like or pertaining to rope walking
scholachurch choir led by a cantor
scholarchhead of a school
scholasticatepreparatory college for those intending to enter Catholic order
scholiastcommentator; writer of marginal notes
scholionannotation to an argument written in margin
schottischeold polka-like round dance
schryariold and very loud double-reed wind instrument
schwaletter indicating a neutral vowel in unstressed syllables
schwärmereisentimental enthusiasm; wild devotion
schwerpunktpoint where main effort of a military attack is directed
sciagraphyart of shading
scialyticdispelling shadows
sciaphobiafear of shadows
sciapodoushaving large feet
sciathericof, like or pertaining to measurement of time by shadows
sciaticof, like or pertaining to the hip
sciblethat which is knowable
scientasterpetty scientist
scientismbelief that the methods of science are universally applicable
scilicetto wit; namely
scincoidof or resembling a skink
scintillahint; trace; spark
scintillometerinstrument measuring scintillation of star
scintilloscopeinstrument for measuring gamma rays emitted by a radioactive body
sciolismsuperficial pretensions to knowledge
sciomancydivination using ghosts
sciophilousthriving in or loving shady conditions
sciopticof, like or pertaining to formation of images in darkrooms
sciosophysystem of knowledge without basis in science
scisselmetal clippings; scrap metal
scissileable to be cut; readily splitting
scissioncutting; division; splitting
scissurea cleft; a splitting; fissure; rupture
sciurineof, like or pertaining to squirrels
sciuroidof, like or pertaining to squirrels or chipmunks
sciuroidshaped like a squirrel's tail
scleroidhard; hardened
sclerometerinstrument measuring hardness
scobiformlike sawdust
scoliograpticmarked by oblique lines
scoliometerinstrument measuring curvature
scolopacineof, like or pertaining to snipes
sconcesmall protective fortification or earthwork
scopAnglo-Saxon poet and harpist
scopophiliaobtaining sexual pleasure from seeing things
scopophobiafear of being looked at
scoptophobiafear of being looked at
scopulalittle tuft of hairs
scorbuticof or suffering from scurvy
scoriadross or slag from metal-smelting; slag-like mass of lava
scorifyto reduce to slag
scorpioidscorpion-like; curved at the end
scoteographywriting in the dark or without sight
scotographinstrument for writing without seeing
scotomadizziness with headache and impairment of vision
Scotophiliaadmiration for Scotland or the Scots
scotophobiafear of the dark
scotopiavision in dim light or darkness
scotoscopeinstrument for detecting objects in darkness
scranchto crunch
scrannelthin; meagre; squeaking
screesloping mass of loose rock at base of a cliff
screedlengthy discourse; informal piece of writing
scribablecapable of being written upon
scribaciousgiven to writing
scribbleomaniaobsession with scribbling
scrideto crawl on all fours
scrimdurable plain-woven cotton fabric
scrimshankto evade work or duty
scriniarykeeper of archives; archivist
scripophilycollection of bond and share certificates
scriptoriumwriting room; room used by monastic scribes
scriptoryby, in or pertaining to writing
scripturienthaving a violent desire to write
scrivelloelephant's tusk
scrobiculatehaving many small pits or depressions
scrobiculussmall depression or pit
scrotiformshaped like a pouch
scrowa scroll; writings
scrumpystrong apple cider as made in western England
scrupleunit of weight used by apothecaries equal to 1/24 of an ounce
scrutatorclose examiner
scrutostage trap door
scudto sail swiftly before a gale
scullionmean; contemptible person
scumblesoftening a painting using a dry brush
scuncheoninner part of a door jamb or window frame
scupperhole allowing water to drain from ship's deck
scutagetax on a knight's fee
scutalof, like or pertaining to shields
scutchto beat out impurities from flax or wool
scutellateshaped like a platter
scutellationarrangement of scales or plates on an animal's body
scutiformshaped like a shield
scutigerousbearing a shield or scales
scuttlebuttcask of drinking water aboard a ship; rumour, idle gossip
scuttlesportholes on a ship
scyphiformshaped like a cup
scytodepsicof, like or pertaining to tanning leather
setwenty-five-stringed Chinese zither
seacockbold sea rover
sealinethe sea horizon
sebaceousof or like tallow
sebastomaniareligious insanity
sebiferousbearing fatty matter
seccopainting on dry plaster
secernto discriminate or distinguish; to secrete
secodonthaving cutting teeth
secquelightweight clog
secretaproducts of secretion
secretagoguesubstance inducing or stimulating secretion
secretairewriting desk
secretumprivate seal
sectilecapable of being cut easily with a knife
sectiunclesmall section
secularismtheory that morality should not be governed by considerations of God
secundon one side only
secundogeniturecustom where second-oldest child inherits property
secundumaccording to
securiformshaped like an axe
securigerousbearing an axe
sederuntsitting of a court; gathering; long discussion
sediliastone seats for clergy in wall of chancel
sedimentologystudy of sediment
sedulousassiduous; diligent
seelto sew up the eyelids of; to blindfold
seenconsidering; inasmuch as
seersuckerlight puckered cotton or linen fabric
segstud or metal plate in sole of a shoe to prevent wear
segnitysluggishness; slothfulness
segreganthaving a genotype derived from segregation
seguidillaSpanish folk dance
seicentostyle of art in Italy in the seventeenth century
seicheperiodic side-to-side fluctuation of body of water
seinelarge vertical fishing net
seisinfreehold possession of land in a feudal system
seismicitydegree of vulnerability to earthquakes
seismographinstrument for recording earthquakes
seismologystudy of earthquakes
seismometerinstrument for measuring earthquake intensity
seismoscopeinstrument for detecting earthquakes
seismotherapymedical therapy using vibrations
seismoticcausing earthquakes
seityself; selfhood; personal identity
sejantsitting (especially of a heraldic animal)
sejugateto separate
sejunctionseparation; disjunction
sejungibleable to be disjoined
selachianof, like or pertaining to sharks or rays
selcouthstrange; unfamiliar; marvellous
selenicof, like or pertaining to the moon
selenocentricrelating to the moon as a centre; as seen from the centre of the moon
selenodesystudy of the shape and features of the moon
selenographydescription of the moon's surface
selenolatryworship of the moon
selenologystudy of the moon
selenomancydivination by studying the moon
selenoscopeinstrument for viewing the moon
self-determinismdoctrine that the actions of a self are determined by itself
sellatehaving a saddle
selliformshaped like a saddle
selvagedifferently finished edging of cloth
semantemeword expressing an idea, such as a noun
semanticsstudy of meaning
semantologyscience of meanings of words
semasiologystudy of meaning; semantics
sematicserving for recognition, attraction or warning
sematographywriting in signs rather than letters
semelincidentoccurring only once in the same individual
semelparousreproducing only once in its lifetime
semicof, like or pertaining to a sign or signs
semilunateshaped like a half-moon
seminativeproducing growth
seminulesmall seed or spore
semiographydescription of signs or symptoms
semiologystudy of signs and signals
semioticsstudy of signs and symbols
semioviparousbringing forth young in incomplete developmental state
semiquotesingle quotation mark
semitaurmythical half-man; half-bull
semolinahard grains of wheat that resist grinding
semonsub-element of a grammatical unit of meaning
sempectextremely elderly Benedictine monk
sempervirentevergreen; always fresh
sempiternalof never-ending duration; eternal
sempiternumdurable wool
sempsterone who sews
senaryinvolving or based on six; having a numerical base of six
sendalthin silk or linen
senectitudeold age
senectuousvery old
senescentgrowing old
senicidekilling of old men
sennetmusical fanfare
sennitplaited straw or rope
senocularhaving six eyes
sensationalismbelief that ideas originate solely in sensation
sensibiliawhatever may be perceived by the senses
sensifacientproducing or converting into sensation
sensiferousconveying sensation
sensilesentient; capable of affecting the senses
sensitometerinstrument for measuring sensitivity of photographic material
sententiaopinion; aphorism
sententiousfull of meaning; aphoristic; tending to moralize
sepaldivision of the calyx of a flower
separatrixstraight vertical line formerly used to separate integers from decimals
sepeliblethat may be buried
sephirothten essences of God emanated into the physical world
sepiafine brown
sepicolousdwelling in hedges
sepimenthedge; fence; barrier
sepometerinstrument for measuring septic matter in the air
sepositto set aside; to give up
septdivision of a tribe; clan
septarchygovernment by seven rulers; heptarchy
septatepartitioned; having a septum
septemfidsplit into seven
septemfluousin seven streams
septenaryin seven portions; grouped in seven; of base seven
septentrionalnorthern; of, like or pertaining to the north
septiferoushaving barriers
septiformshaped like a partition
septimalof, like or pertaining to or based on the number seven
septumdivision; partition; barrier
sepulchralfunereal; gloomy; dismal
sepulchrereceptacle in an altar for holding religious relics
sequaciousready to follow a leader or authority; compliant
sequelaafter-effect of any trauma; consequence or result
sequestrateto confiscate; to set income aside to meet claims
seracpillar of glacial ice
seralof, like or pertaining to the development of ecological communities
seraphicserene; blissful; angelic
seraphinereed keyboard instrument
serethreadbare; withered
sereinfine tropical rain falling from cloudless night sky
sergestrong twilled worsted
seriatein rows
seriatimin succession; one after another
sericeoussilky; covered with soft silky hairs
sericteriumsilk spinning glands
sericulturebreeding of silkworms
seriemalarge crested Brazilian bird
serimeterinstrument for testing quality of silk
seriocomicpartly serious and partly humorous
sermocinationmaking of speeches or sermons
sermuncleshort sermon
serologystudy of serums
seroncrate or hamper
serotinousflowering late
serousof, like or pertaining to serum; watery
serowHimalayan and South Asian goatlike antelope
serpentcleidemusical instrument like an ophicleide with a wooden body
serpenticidekilling or killer of a snake
serpentiferousbearing a snake; abounding in snakes
serpentiseto wind; to cause to wind
serpentryserpents collectively
serpettepruning knife
serpivolantmythical flying serpent
serraticlike a saw
serratiformsaw-shaped; serriform
serriedclose-set; packed together without gaps
serrureriewrought iron work
sertulescientific collection of plants
servaltawny carnivorous South African catlike quadruped
servilismsystem of slavery or serfdom
servitorone who serves; clerk or assistant; adherent
sesquialterin a ratio of three to two
sesquiduplicatehaving a ratio of five to two (2.5 to 1)
sesquipedaliantending to use long or cumbersome words
sesquiplicateof or as the square roots of cubes
sesquitertialhaving a ratio of four to three
sessilestalkless, sedentary, fixed or stationary
setabristle or bristle-like organ
setaceoushaving the form of a bristle; bristly
setiferousbearing bristles
setiformshaped like a bristle
setigerousbearing bristles
setlinefishing line suspended between buoys
setonthread passed under skin acting as channel for discharge
setteelong seat with a back
setulouscovered with small bristles
severaltyseparateness; separate ownership of property
severycompartment of vaulted ceiling
sexologystudy of sexual behaviour
sextprayer service held at noon
sextonchurch caretaker or bellringer
sfericsstudy of storms using electronic detectors
sgraffitoscratching surface of pottery to reveal different colour
shabracksaddle cloth
shagdance where participants hop energetically
shagreengreen dyed untanned leather
shailto shamble; to stumble
shakeunit of one hundred millionth of a second used to measure nuclear processes
shakuhachiend-blown bamboo Japanese flute
shalloonlight twilled wool or worsted
shalloplight river boat with sail and oars
shallotonion with garlic-flavoured bulbs
shamblesa butcher's shop; a street or district for butchers
shambroughheraldic depiction of a boat or ship
shammelplatform of boards for shovelling unrefined ore upon
shandrylight cart on springs
shantungplain rough silk or cotton
sharkskinsmooth durable wool or worsted fabric
shawmdouble-reeded wind instrument
sheadingadministrative division on the Isle of Man
shearlingone-year-old sheep
sheerfore-and-aft curvature of a ship from bow to stern
shenangoa casually employed dock worker
shendto destroy; to ruin; to disgrace; to corrupt
sheolhell; place where the dead live a shadowy existence
shetlandlightweight loosely twisted wool fabric
shidepiece of wood split off from a timber
shimmyjazz dance featuring rapid shaking of the body
shindlewooden roofing tile; shingle
shivareenoisy mock serenade for newlyweds
shoddywoollen fabric made from rags
shofarram's horn trumpet used in Jewish ceremonies
shopocracygovernment by shopkeepers
shrievalof, like or pertaining to a sheriff
shriveto hear a confession from and give absolution
shroffto test money to detect impurities
shroudsropes supporting the mast of a ship
shuftiscopeinstrument used to explore interior of dysentery case
shunamitismrejuvenation of an old man by a young woman
sialouter part of the earth's surface
sialicof, like or pertaining to saliva
sialogogueanything that stimulates flow of saliva
sialoquentspitting greatly while speaking
siamangsoutheast Asian gibbon-like black ape
siameseto join pipes in a way suggestive of Siamese twins
siblicidekilling or killer of a sibling
sibyllineprophetic; oracular
sicarianmurderer; assassin
siccaneousdry; arid
siccarsure; certain; firm
siccativedrying; a drying agent
siccimeterinstrument for measuring liquid evaporation
sicilienneribbed silk
sidelightcoloured lights on side of a ship under way at night
sidelightlamp or light above or at the side of a door
sideralsent from the stars; omenous or evil
siderateto blast or strike
siderationuse of green manure
siderealof, like or pertaining to the stars
siderismbelief that the stars influence human affairs
siderizationaddition of iron to alloy
siderognostinstrument measuring magnetic intensity
siderographyart of engraving on steel
sideromancydivination using stars; divination by burning straws
sideroscopeinstrument using magnets to detect presence of iron
sideroselike or containing iron
siderurgymetallurgy of iron and steel
sideslipoblique offshoot
siegeseat or throne
siemensunit of electrical conductance equivalent to one ampere per volt
siffilateto whistle
siffleurprofessional whistler
sightworthyworth looking at
sigillaryof, like or pertaining to a seal
sigillatesealed; with seal-like impressions
sigillativetending to form scars
sigillographystudy of seals
sigillumseal of the confession
siglaabbreviations, symbols and signs
sigmateshaped like an S or a sigma
sigmoidoscopeinstrument for examining the interior of the rectum and sigmoid colon
signarysystem of symbols; alphabet
signatedistinct; distinguished
significsscience of meaning
silageany green crop stored for use as animal fodder
silentiaryany official who calls for silence
silenustipsy person
silesiathin twilled cotton or linen
silicicolousgrowing in silicate or sandy soil
siliciferousbearing or containing silica
silkalinesoft light cotton fabric resembling silk
sillographone who writes satires
sillometerinstrument measuring speed of ship
silvaassemblage of trees in a region
silverskinfine skin of a coffee bean
silvicidesubstance that kills trees
silvicolousliving in woods
silvicsstudy of tree's life
silviculturegrowing of trees
simianof, like or pertaining to apes
similativeindicating similarity to
similiterin a similar manner
similizeto liken; to compare
simillimumremedy chosen for symptoms it emulates
simitystate of being pug-nosed
simnelsweet fruit cake covered with marzipan and eaten at Easter
simoniacone who practices simony
simonybuying or selling of ecclesiastical offices
simoushaving a flat; upturned nose
simplexfigure with minimum number of vertices
simplicitersimply; not relatively; unconditionally
simplicitersimply; absolutely
simplismaffected simplicity; oversimplification
simplistesimplistic; naïve
simularcounterfeit; feigned
simultanagnosiainability to experience perceptions as components of a whole
sinalof, like or pertaining to the sinuses
sinapiseto sprinkle; to powder
sinciputthe forehead
sindonfine linen
sindonologystudy of the shroud of Turin
sinecureecclesiastical office or other job requiring little work
singspielsemi-dramatic play in dialogue and song
singularismdoctrine that all phenomena derive from a singular principle
singulta sob
singultoushiccuping; suffering from hiccups
sinisterof or on the left side of a heraldic shield
sinistertowards the left side
sinistradtowards the left
sinistrationmoving to the left
sinistrorserising spirally and turning from right to left
Sinologystudy of China
Sinophileone who admires China or the Chinese
sinopiapreparatory drawing for a fresco; reddish-brown colour
sinterdeposit from hot springs; iron dross
sinuatehaving a wavy edge or margin; winding; sinuous
sipeto percolate or ooze through
siphonicof, like or pertaining to a siphon
siphoniformshaped like a siphon
siphonogamousreproducing by seeds
sipiditysavour; flavour
sippetmorsel of bread to be eaten with soup
sirenizeto bewitch, allure or enchant
sisalfibre used for making rope
siserarya scolding; a blow
siskinsmall finch-like songbird
sistrumthin oval Egyptian percussion instrument shaken in the hand
sisypheanlaborious, endless and futile
sitarlong-necked Indian plucked string instrument
sitatungamedium-sized east African antelope with elongated hooves
sitiomaniamorbid aversion to food
sitiophobiafear of food
sitophobiafear of food or eating
situationismbelief that aesthetics and ethics are dependent on the contemporary situation
situativeindicating comparison of two things
situlaa holy bucket
situsposition; normal position of an organ in the body
skaldancient Scandinavian bard
skawlow cape or headland
skegpart of ship connecting the keel with the bottom of the rudderpost
skelderto beg; to swindle; to cheat
skeletogenousproducing a skeleton
skelicof, like or pertaining to the skeleton
skellumvillain; rascal; scoundrel
skepstraw beehive
skerrysmall rocky island
skeuomorphretained but no longer functional stylistic feature
skewbaldbearing patches of white and some other colour
skiagramshadow picture or photograph
skiagraphytelling time by sundial
skiamachysham fight; shadow boxing
skiascopeinstrument for measuring eye's refraction from movement of shadows
skinksmall north African lizard
skintleto separate and rotate half-dry bricks to permit drying to complete
skippetflat box for protecting documents
skittlesrubbish; nonsense
skiveto pare or split leather
skothendingrhyme in which final consonant is same but preceding vowel differs
skualarge north Atlantic gull
skysailsail above the royal sail
skyscrapertriangular sail on a ship above the royal
sladelittle valley or dell
slangwhangto assail with violent or abusive language
slantindicularslanting; oblique
slatedull dark blue-grey
slavocracygovernment by slave-owners
Slavophileone who admires the Slavs
sleechslimy mud; a mudflat
sleyweaver's reed
slickensidesmooth; polished rock surface produced by friction
slipeskip or sledge
slipslopnonsensical talk
slipwayramp sloping into water for supporting a ship
sloydSwedish system of teaching manual skills through woodcarving
slugunit of gravitational mass of approximately 32.174 pounds
slugabedone who spends much time in bed due to laziness
slumberousinviting or causing slumber
slummockto move slowly and awkwardly
slurvianspeech characterized by slurring
slypecovered passage between walls, or between transept and chapterhouse
smallagewild celery
smaltdeep blue
smaltopiece of coloured glass used in mosaic
smaragdineemerald green
smecticpurifying; cleansing
smeddumfine powder; spirit
smegmaticlike soap; cleansing
smeusehole in a hedge or wall
snafflejointed bit for horses
snallygastermythical monster of Maryland
snasteburnt part of a candle wick
snathcurved handle or shaft of a scythe
sneapto nip; pinch; put down; repress; snub
snellquick; keen; sharp
snellshort line used to attach fish-hook to main fishing line
sniftto sniff; to blow out steam
snipocracyleading members of the tailoring profession
snobocracygovernment by snobs
snoodornamental hair band or hair net
snooperscopeinstrument for viewing infrared radiation
snottynaval midshipman
snyenatural channel bypassing rapids or body of river
sobeitprovided that; if only
soboliferousbearing shoots or suckers
socagefeudal land tenure by fixed service
sociablefour-wheeled open carriage with side-seats
sociativeindicating association with the subject
sociobiologystudy of biological basis of human behaviour
sociocracygovernment by society as a whole
sociogenesisorigin of human societies
sociusmember; associate; companion
soclemoulded member at base of pedestal
sodalitya fellowship or fraternity
soffitornamented underside of a stair or archway
soignéwell-groomed; sleek
soilurestain; pollution
solaciousgiving solace
solanderbox in the form of a book
solarimeterinstrument for measuring solar radiation
solariseto expose to sunlight
solarismexcessive use of solar myths in explaining mythology
solationliquefaction of a gel
solatiumcompensation given as solace for suffering or loss
solecisma grammatical mistake; a breach of etiquette
solemnsidesexcessively solemn or serious
solenodonlarge Caribbean ratlike insectivore with long snout
solenoidcylindrical wire coil acting as a magnet when charged
solfataravolcanic vent emitting only gases
solferinopurplish red
solidarymarked by solidarity; joint and several
solidumlarge moulding along base of a pedestal
solidusforward slash
solifidianismdoctrine that faith alone will ensure salvation
soliformsun-like; resembling the sun
soligenousproduced by the sun
soliloquentspeaking in soliloquies; prone to giving soliloquies
soliloquytalking or conversing with oneself; dramatic production of this nature
solipsismtheory that self-existence is the only certainty
solisequiousfollowing the course of the sun
soliterraneousof, like or pertaining to the joint effect of the sun and earth
solivagantwandering alone
solivejoist or beam of secondary importance
solleretarmoured shoe made of scales or plates
solmisateto sing; to set to musical notation
solonistwise man
solumground; soil; piece of ground
solvolysisdecomposition of dissolved substance
somatastheniaweakness of the body
somatogeniccaused from within the body or by the cells of the body
somatognosisdiagnosis of bodily conditions
somatologyscience of the properties of matter
somatopsychicconcerning a person's bodily self-image
somatotrophicpromoting growth of the body
somewhitherto some place; somewhere
sommelierbutler; wine steward
somnambulateto walk in one's sleep
somnialof, like or pertaining to dreams
somniateto dream
somniferousbearing sleep
somniloquencetalking in one's sleep
somnipathysleep produced by hypnotism or mesmerism
somnolencesleepiness; drowsiness
somnorificcausing sleep; soporific
sonancesound; a sounding of an instrument
sondagetrial bore or excavation; sounding out of opinion
sondationsounding of the earth by boring
soneunit of loudness on a scale based on subjective or perceived loudness
songketsilk woven with gold or silver threads
soniferousproducing sound
sonificationact of producing sound
sonographinstrument for recording and analysing sound
sonorescentemitting sound under influence of radiation
soothtruth; reality; in truth
soothfasttruthful; honest; faithful
soothlyin truth; truly
sophianicof, like or pertaining to wisdom
sophicfull of wisdom; learned
sophiologyscience of ideas
sophismdeceptive but plausible intellectualism
sophomaniadelusion that one is incredibly intelligent
sophrosynesoundness of mind; self-control; moderation
sopiteto dull; lull; put to sleep; put an end to
sopitivecausing sleep
soporiferousbearing sleep
soporifictending to produce sleep
sorbefacientpromoting absorption
sorbileable to be sipped or drunk
sordflock of mallard
sordorrefuse; foul matter
soricidenthaving teeth like a shrew's
soricineof, like or pertaining to shrews
soritesstring of statements where end of one is subject of next
sorochemountain sickness
sororalof, like or pertaining to sisters
sororicidekilling of one's own sister
sorosiswomen's club
sorrelreddish-brown; light chestnut
sortationsorting out
sortilegedivination by drawing lots
sortitioncasting of lots; assignment by casting of lots
soterialof, like or pertaining to salvation
soteriologystudy of theological salvation
sottisiercollection of jokes, quotes, or ridiculous remarks
sottoporticocovered passage or alley under the overhanging first floor of a building
soubrettecoquettish and intriguing maid; such a role in drama
soughdrain; sewer; adit
soughto sigh or murmur as the wind does
sounderherd of pigs; young boar
soupçonhardly perceptible quantity; dash
sourdinemuted trumpet
soutachenarrow braid used for trimming
soutanepriest's cassock
souteneurprostitute's pimp or bully
souterrainunderground chamber; earth-house
sovenanceremembrance; memory
spadassinswordsman; fighter
spadiceousshaped like a palm branch
spadixfleshy spike of flowers
spadocastrated or impotent person or animal
spallto splinter or split; to chip
spanandryextreme scarcity of males in a biological population
spancelto hobble
spandreldesign in corner of postage stamp
spandrelspace between curve of an arch and mouldings
spaniolateto hispanicize
spankersail on the mast nearest the stern of a square-rigged ship
spansuletime-release capsule
sparany ship's mast, boom, yard, or gaff
sparablesmall headless shoemakers' nail
sparagmosritualized tearing apart of a person prior to rebirth or renewal
spargeto sprinkle with moisture
spargeficationact of sprinkling or scattering
sparsimhere and there
sparvercanopy for a bed
spasmatomancydivination by twitching or convulsions of the body
spatangoidkind of sea-urchin
spatchcockto insert into a text inappropriately; to interpolate
spathodeaAfrican tulip tree
spatialismdoctrine that matter has only spatial, temporal and causal properties
spatialismbelief that matter has only spatial, temporal, and causal properties
spatiateto ramble; to saunter
spatilomancydivination by means of feces
spatiographyscientific description of outer space
spatiotemporalof, like or pertaining to time and space
spatteeprotective outer stocking
spatulateshaped like a spatula
spavinhard bony tumour on a horse's leg
spavinedlame; broken down; decrepit
speciecoined money
speciesismbelief that humans are more important and valuable than other animals
speciocidedestruction of an entire species
speciousapparently good but not actually so; superficially plausible
spectrofluorimeterinstrument for measuring and recording fluorescence spectra
spectrographinstrument for viewing a spectrum
spectroheliographinstrument for taking pictures of the sun
spectroheliokinematographcamera for taking pictures of the sun
spectrohelioscopeinstrument for viewing solar disc in light of a single wavelength
spectrologystudy of ghosts
spectrometerinstrument measuring wavelengths of light of a spectrum
spectrophobiafear of looking in a mirror
spectrophotometerinstrument for measuring speed of different parts of light spectrum
spectroscopeinstrument for forming spectra by dispersing rays of light
spectroscopystudy of spectra
specularmirrorlike; by reflection; visual
speculummirror; reflector; coloured patch on a bird's wing
speedprosperity; success
spelaeothemdepositional features found in caves
speleologystudy and exploration of caves
speleothemstructure in a cave formed by deposition of minerals in water
speluncarof, like or pertaining to caves
speosancient Egyptian cave temple
spermaticof, like or pertaining to sperm
spermatogenesisproducing sperm
spermatorrhoeafrequent and involuntary ejaculation
spermiogenesisproducing sperm
spermologerone who gathers seeds
spermologystudy of seeds
spermophilemember of family of seed-loving rodents
spetchpiece of undressed leather used in making glue
sphacelateto cause or affect with gangrene or mortification
sphacelatednecrosed; dark and shrunken
sphagnicolousliving in peat moss
sphagnologystudy of peat moss
sphenogramcuneiform character
spheristerionplace for exercise in ball-play
spheromancydivination using a crystal ball
spherometerinstrument measuring curvature
spheterizeto make one's own; to appropriate
sphingalof, like or pertaining to sphinxes
sphragisticof, like or pertaining to seals and signets
sphragisticsstudy of seals and signets
sphygmicof, like or pertaining to the pulse or heartbeat
sphygmographinstrument for recording pulse
sphygmologystudy of the pulse
sphygmomanometerinstrument for measuring arterial blood pressure
sphygmometerinstrument for measuring arterial blood pressure
sphygmophoneinstrument for hearing the pulse
sphygmoscopeinstrument for making arterial pulsations visible
sphygmusthe pulse
sphyrelatonmetalwork done with hammers
spicaceousshaped like a spike
spicatespiked; spikelike
spicigerousbearing spikes
spiculaprickle or splinter
spiculatecovered in prickles or small spikes
spiculateto sharpen to a point
spiderlight high-wheeled carriage
spiflicateto destroy; to quell; to confound
spikenardsweetly scented ointment
spiledevice for tapping sap from maple trees
spilomabirthmark; nevus
spinescentdeveloping spines; developing into a spine
spinetkeyed instrument like the harpsichord
spiniferousbearing spines
spiniformlike a thorn or spine
spinigerousbearing spines
spinnakerlarge triangular sail opposite the mainsail
spinnbarcapable of being drawn into strands
spinneretsilk-spinning organ of an insect or spider
spinneycopse or small clump of trees
spinthariscopeinstrument for visually detecting alpha particles
spintherismseeing of sparks before the eyes
spintrianof, like or pertaining to orgies or male sexual deviance
spinulatefurnished with small spines
spinuliferousbearing spinules
spiraclebreathing hole; orifice; vent
spiraculatehaving air-holes
spiraliformshaped like a spiral
spiralismadvancement through a spirally structured career
spirationact of breathing
spiritualismbelief that nothing is real except the soul or spirit
spiritualismbelief in the existence or importance of spiritual entities
spirkettinginside planking between ports and waterways of a ship
spirographinstrument recording movements of breathing
spirometerinstrument measuring lung capacity
spirulatespirally arranged
spivpetty criminal with no regular employment
splanchnicvisceral; intestinal
splanchnologystudy of the entrails or viscera
splatthin strip forming upright middle part of the back of a chair
spleneticmarked by bad temper or spite; melancholy
splenicof, like or pertaining to the spleen
spleniculussmall detached part of the spleen
splenitivefiery; ill-tempered
spleniumsurgical bandage
spodiumbone charcoal; powder obtained from calcination of substances
spodogenouscaused by waste matter
spodomancydivination by means of ashes
spokeshaveplane or knife used to round spokes
spoliateto despoil; to plunder
spoliativeserving to take away or diminish
spondulicksavailable money; funds
spongologystudy of sponges
sponsionact of becoming surety for another
sponsonplatform jutting from ship's deck for gun or wheel
sporicidekilling of spores
sporiferousbearing spores
sporogenesisreproduction by means of spores
sporranornamental pouch worn in front of kilt
sportularyrelying on charity or the generosity of patrons
sporulationformation or production of spores
sprachgefühlinnate feel for essential character of a language
spragbar inserted to stop a wheel
spraintsotters' dung
sprauncysmart; dapper
spreaghcattle raid; foray
springaldactive young man; youth
springbokSouth African antelope known for leaping
springesnare with noose and spring
springhareSouth African jumping hare
spritspar crossing a fore-and-aft sail diagonally
spritsailsail extended by a sprit
spuddleto work feebly or ineffectively; to perform shallow agricultural ploughing
spumescentfoamy; frothing
spumidfrothy; foamy
spurcidicalfoul-mouthed; speaking dishonestly or foully
spurcitiousfoul; filthy; obscene
spuriaspurious works
spurionany hypothetical subatomic particle used to facilitate calculations
spurrierone who makes spurs
spurtleScottish stirring stick for porridge
sputativehabitually spitting
sputummatter spat out
squabfat; clumsy; unfledged; newly hatched
squadrismcontrol of government by armed squadrons of loyalists
squaliformshaped like a shark
squaloidof, like or pertaining to sharks
squamiformshaped like a scale
squamoidlike a scale
squandermaniairrational propensity for spending money wastefully
squarrosehaving scales sticking out at right angles
squarsonclergyman who is also a land-holding squire
squarsonocracygovernment by landholding clergymen
squassationform of torture involving hanging weights and shaking or whipping victim
squatterarchygovernment by squatters; squattocracy
squattocracygovernment by squatters
squincharch across the corner of a room
squintifegosquinting greatly
squiragethe landed gentry
squirearchygovernment by squires
squirocracygovernment by squires; squirearchy
squitsilly talk; nonsense; an insignificant person
stackold unit of measure for firewood equal to 108 cubic feet
stactometerpipette with hollow bulb for counting drops
staddlesupport for a haystack
stadialof, like or pertaining to a stage
stadiometerinstrument for measuring the length of a curved line
staffagedecorative accessories or additions to work of art
stagiarylaw student
stagmometerinstrument for measuring number of drops in volume of liquid
stagnicolousliving in stagnant water
stalactiformshaped like a stalactite or icicle
stalagmometerinstrument for measuring surface tension by drops
stallengerkeeper of a stall
staminiferousbearing stamens
stammelcoarse woollen fabric, usually dyed red; bright red colour
stampomaniaobsession with stamp-collecting
stanchionupright beam, bar or support
standpipevertical pipe for conveying gas or water to a higher level
stangstake; pole
stanhopelight open one-seated carriage
stanjantheraldic animal in profile with head towards the viewer
stannarytin-mining district
stanniferousbearing tin
stapediformshaped like a stirrup
staphylinelike a bunch of grapes
staphylorrhaphysurgical closure of a cleft palate
starbolinssailors of the starboard watch
staretsEastern Orthodox spiritual advisor
starvelingstarving, weak, hungry or pining person
stasiarchringleader in sedition
stasimorphystructural modification by arrested development
stasiologystudy of political parties
statantheraldic animal standing in profile with all feet on the ground
staticsstudy of bodies and forces in equilibrium
statimimmediately; at once
stativeindicating a state rather than an action
statocracygovernment by the state alone, without ecclesiastical influence
statolatryworship of the state
statolithsmall calcareous stone used by invertebrates to maintain equilibrium
statoscopeinstrument for measuring small changes in atmospheric pressure
statuaryof, pertaining to or suitable for sculpture
statuminateto support; to prop up
statuvolismmesmerism; hypnotism
staurolatryworship of the cross or crucifix
stauroscopeinstrument for studying structure of crystals with polarised light
staylarge rope used to support a mast
staysailfore-and-aft sail hoisted on a stay
steadingrange of building surrounding a farmhouse
stearinhard fat
steatogenousproducing fat
steatorrhoeaexcretion of fat through the bowels
steento line with stone
steenboksmall South African antelope
steeveangle of elevation in relation to the horizontal
steeveto set a ship's bowsprit at an upward inclination
steganographercryptographer; one who works with ciphers
steganographywriting in a secret, hidden, or encoded manner
stegmonthperiod of recuperation after childbirth
stegophilistone who climbs buildings for sport
stellatestar-shaped; starry
stelliferoushaving many stars
stelliformshaped like a star
stellifyto set among the stars
stellionlizard with starry spots
stellularstar-like; having star-like spots
stelographypractice of writing inscriptions on columns or pillars
stemmascroll; garland; pedigree; family tree
stemmatologystudy of relationships between texts
stemsonsupporting timber of a ship
stenometerinstrument for measuring distances
stenopaeicwith a narrow opening
stenosisnarrowing of an orifice
stenotonebreve; mark over letter to indicate a short vowel sound
stenotopicable to tolerate only small environmental changes
stentorloud-voiced person
stentorianextremely loud
stephanediadem or coronet worn by soldiers or statues of ancient deities
stepneyspare wheel
stercomancyfortune-telling by studying seeds in dung
stercoraceousof, like or pertaining to feces
stercoranismbelief that the consecrated Eucharist is digested and evacuated
stercorateto shit
stercoricolousliving in dung or filth
stercovorousfeeding on dung or excrement
stereobatesubstructure; foundation; basement
stereochromycolourful wall painting
stereognosisability to perceive the weight and form of an object
stereographystereoscopic photography
stereometerinstrument for measuring specific gravity
stereometrymeasurement of volumes of solid figures
stereophonyreproduction of sound
stereopsisstereoscopic or three-dimensional vision
stereoscopeinstrument for viewing special three-dimensional photographs
stereotaxisreaction of organism to contact with a solid body
stereotomycutting of stone or other solid materials
stericof, like or pertaining to the organization of atoms in a molecule
sternback part of a ship
sternpostmain member at stern of a ship extending from keel to deck
sternwaymovement of a ship backwards
sterquilinianof, like or pertaining to a dunghill
stertorouswith a snoring sound
stetto restore after marking for deletion
stethometerinstrument measuring chest expansion during breathing
stevedoragefee levied for loading and unloading cargo
stevedoredock worker who loads and unloads ships
stevenoutcry; loud call
sthenicstrong; robust; morbidly active
stibadiumsemicircular couch
stibialof, like or pertaining to antimony
stibialismantimony poisoning
sticharionvestment like an alb worn by Orthodox priests
sticheronshort hymn
stichologymetrical theory
stichomancydivination by picking passages from books at random
stichometrynumbering or counting lines in books or documents
stichomythiadialogue in alternate lines
stictionfrictional force occurring when surfaces set together
stiflejoint above the hock of a horse
stigmaticgiving infamy, stigma or reproach, marked or branded
stigmatiferousbearing stigma
stigmatophiliaobsession with tattooing or branding
stillageframe or stand for keeping things off the floor
stillatimdrop by drop
stillatitiousissuing in drops; falling in drops
stillatorystill; distillery
stillicidedrip; eavesdrop
stillioncask stand
stilpto walk with stilts or crutches
stipea stalk
stipiformshaped like a stalk
stiriousshaped like an icicle
stirkyearling ox or cow; pasture for yearlings
stirpicultureselective breeding
stirpsbranch of a family; pedigree
stithyblacksmith's forge or anvil
stiverthing of little or no value
stochasticof, like or pertaining to a sequence of random events
stockinettesoft elastic cotton fabric
stodgeto cram, stuff or gorge with food
stoichiologyscience of elements of animal tissues
stoichiometrymeasurement of proportions of chemical reactions
stoicismbelief in indifference to pleasure or pain
stokeholdship's furnace chamber
stolenarrow ecclesiastical vestment or scarf
stolisomancydivination by observing how one dresses oneself
stolonrunner or shoot from base of a plant
stoloniferousbearing or having runners
stomacherarmour for the chest; covering or ornament for the chest area
stomachousresentful; haughty; spirited
stomatiferoushaving an orifice or mouth
stomatolaliaspeech produced with clogged nostrils
stomatologystudy of the mouth
stompjazz dance featuring heavy stamping of the feet
stonka heavy concentration of artillery fire
stopesteplike excavation in mining
storgenatural or parental affection
storiateto decorate with historical designs
storiateddecorated with elaborate ornamental designs
storiologystudy of folk tales
stossside of a hill facing upstream
stoupvessel for holding holy water
strabismometerinstrument measuring degree of squinting
strabometerinstrument for measuring strabismus in the eyes
strabotomysurgical removal of a squint
stradometricalof, like or pertaining to the measurement of streets and roads
strahlflow of beams of electrons from the sun to earth
straitstrict; rigorous; constricted
strakecontinuous band of plates on side of a ship
straketrough for washing ore
stramineousstrawy; light; worthless; straw-coloured
strapontinfolding seat in a theatre
strappadoform of torture in which victim is left dangling from a rope
strasspaste for making false gems
stratarchyrulership over an army
strathspeyreel-like Scottish dance of moderate tempo
straticulatecomposed of parallel strata
stratiformlayered; forming a layer
stratigraphystudy of geological layers or strata
stratocracymilitary rule or despotism
stratographyart of leading an army
stratonicof an army or armies
stratousin layers
strephosymboliavisual disorder where letters are mirror image
strepitantloud; noisy; clamorous
strepornoise; clamour
stretcherbrick placed lengthwise in masonry
striatedstriped; with fine lines
strickletool used to sharpen a scythe; template
stridorharsh shrill sound
stridulateto make a chirping or scraping sound
strigaflute of a column
strigatebristled; streaked
strigiformshaped like an owl
strigilscraper used to clean the skin after bathing
strigineowl-like; of, like or pertaining to owls
stritchstraightened alto saxophone
strobiclike a spinning top; appearing to spin
stroboscopeinstrument for studying motion using flashes of light
strombuliferousbearing spirally coiled organs
strombuliformshaped like a spinning top; spirally twisted
strophosistwist; turn
structuralismtheory that emphasizes structure or order of ideas to produce meaning
strumpetocracygovernment by strumpets
struthiousof, like or pertaining to ostriches
stulmadit; draining-shaft
stultiloquencefoolish or senseless talk
stummelbowl and adjacent part of a pipe
stunsaillight auxiliary sail to the side of principal sails
stupemedicated cloth used to treat fever
stupefacientnarcotic; stupefying
stupentastounded; dumbfounded
stuprateto ravish; to violate; to rape
stygianhaving a gloomy or foreboding aspect; murky
styliferousbearing a bristle
styliformshaped like a bristle
stylitemonk who spends much time on tops of pillars
stylobatecontinuous pedestal supporting a row of columns
stylogalmaicof, like or pertaining to figures serving as columns or pillars
stylographymode of writing or engraving with a pen
stylometerinstrument for measuring columns
stylometrystudying literature by means of statistical analysis
stypticdrawing together; astringent
suablethat may be sued
suaviloquencepleasing or agreeable speech
sub diooutdoors; in open air
sub rosasecretly; in confidence
subactto work up; to subdue
subaerialin open air
subalarybeneath the wings
subalternranked quantitatively but not qualitatively; subordinate
subarmalecoat worn under armour
subarrhationmode of betrothal where gift given by man to woman
subborealvery cold
subductto withdraw; to take away
subduplein the ratio of one to two
subduplicateexpressed by a square root
subericof or pertaining to cork
suberousof, like or having the appearance of cork; pertaining to cork
subessiveindicating location under or below
subfocalof which one is only dimly aware
subfuscdusky; sombre
subhastationsale by public auction
subindicateto hind
subinfeudateto grant to another land held by another feudal lord
subintelligiturimplication understood though not stated
subitaneoussudden; hasty; hastily made
subitizeto perceive number of items in a group without counting
subitoat once; immediately
subjectivismdoctrine that all knowledge is subjective
subjointo add at the end or afterwards
sublateto deny; to contradict; to resolve a contradiction
sublativeindicating movement towards the top of
sublineationact of underlining
sublunaryunder the moon; of this world; earthly; terrestrial
subluxationstate of being almost dislocated
subnascentgrowing up from beneath
subnivealunder snow
subnubilarunder clouds
subornto bribe or procure to commit an unlawful act
subreptaryadapted to crawling
subreptionmisrepresentation; false deduction
subrogateto substitute
subseciveremaining over; spare
subserveto be useful to; to promote
subsidiaritystate of being subsidiary; secondary importance
subsolarbeneath the sun; between the tropics
substantialismbelief that there is a real existence underlying phenomena
substitutionalismtheory that memory substitutes for independent reality of past experience
substratoseimperfectly stratified
substructto build beneath; to lay as a foundation
subsultivemoving by leaps and starts; twitching
subsultusconvulsive movement
subtendto be opposite to or to extend under
subternaturalless than natural
subtopiasuburbs of a city
subtristsomewhat sad
subtrudeto push in stealthily
subturbarybeneath turf
subungualbeneath a nail or hoof
suburbicarianof, like or pertaining to suburbs
subventiongranting of money in aid
succedaneousserving as a substitute
succedaneumsubstitute; remedy
succentorbass soloist in a choir
succenturiateto supply what is lacking; to supplement
succiduousready to fall; in the process of falling; tottering
succiferousbearing or producing sap
succinctoriumband or scarf worn from the Pope's girdle
succinicof, pertaining to or derived from amber
succiniferousbearing or producing amber
succiseappearing to have the lower part cut off
succorrhoeaexcessive secretion
succourto aid in distress
succubusfemale devil who seduces men and copulates with them in their sleep
succursalsubsidiary; branch or subsidiary establishment
succusjuice extracted from plant
succussto shake up
sucriertable vessel for sugar
suctorialdesigned for sucking or adhering
sudariumcloth for wiping away sweat
sudatoryinducing sweat
suddmass of floating weed blocking the Nile River
sudiformshaped like a stake
sudoriferousinducing or secreting sweat
sudorificcausing sweat
sudoriparoussecreting sweat
suedelight beige
suffibulumveil worn by vestal virgins prior to their sacrifice
suffisancesufficiency; satisfaction; enjoyment
sufflaminateto check; to obstruct; to block
sufflateto inflate
suffraganassistant bishop
suffrutescenthaving a woody base
sugentdesigned for sucking
sugillateto beat until black and blue
suicidologystudy of suicide
suidianof, like or pertaining to pigs
suillinelike a pig; of, like or pertaining to pigs or hogs
suinemixture of margarine and lard
suintdried sheep perspiration
sulcalof a sulcus; grooved; furrowed
sulcalizeto furrow
sulcatewith grooves or furrows
sulciformhaving the shape of a groove
sulcusgroove, furrow or fissure
sulkylight two-wheeled, one-person horse-drawn carriage
sullagefilth; refuse; sewage; scum; silt
sulphorousof, like or pertaining to hellfire; infernal; blasphemous
sulphureousbright yellow
summacomprehensive treatise
summateto add together
sumpsimuscorrect expression that replaces popular but wrong one
sumpterpack horse; beast of burden
sumptuaryof, like or pertaining to expense or extravagance
sunbitternbrightly coloured South American bird
sundogbright spot or halo appearing on either side of sun; parhelion
sunidwarfed southern African antelope
supellexfurnishings; apparatus for an experiment
superannuateto discharge as being too old
superbiloquencearrogant or proud speech
supercalenderto give a high polish to
supercargoship's official in charge of business affairs
supercheriedeception; hoax; fraud
superciliaryof, on or near the eyebrow
superciliousdisdainfully superior; overbearing
supererogationdoing more than needed to complete a task
superessiveindicating location upon or on top of
superfetateto conceive during pregnancy
superfetationsuperabundant production or accumulation
superficiessurface layer; surface with length and width only
superfuseto pour over
superhumeralecclesiastical garment worn over the shoulders
superincumbentresting on top; overlying; overhanging
superinduceto bring as addition
superjacentlying above
superjectionexaggeration; hyperbole
superlunaryotherworldly; above the moon
supermanismtheory that emphasizes the qualities of the 'superman' above mere humanity
supernalon high; celestial; exalted
supernatantfloating on the surface
supernumeraryabove the stated, usual or necessary number
superscribeto write at the top or at the head
supersensiblebeyond physical perception; spiritual
supersensualismdoctrine that emphasizes qualities above those perceptible by the senses
supersolidmagnitude of more than three dimensions
supervenientextraneous, additional or unexpected
supeterarmour for the feet
supinateto lie on one's back; to make to lie on the back
supinelying flat on the back
suppalpationcoaxing; wheedling
suppedaneumsupport under foot of crucified person
suppletionaddition; supplement
suppliantsupplicating; entreating
suppositiousconjectural; hypothetical
suppurateto discharge pus
supraabove; earlier in a text
supralunarbeyond the moon; very lofty
suqMiddle Eastern marketplace
surahsoft twilled silk or rayon
suralof, like or pertaining to the calf of the leg
surbateto bruise from walking; to make footsore
surceaseto stop or cease
surcinglegirth or strap for holding saddle to animal's back
surcoatgarment worn over armour bearing a heraldic device
surculationpruning; cutting off shoots to propagate them
surculigerousproducing suckers
surculosehaving or producing suckers
surddeaf; senseless
surdirrational number
surdimutismstate of being both deaf and dumb
suretyshipresponsibility assumed by one person on another's behalf
surexcitationexcessive excitedness
surfactantsubstance which reduces surface tension
surfeitexcess; state of being full
surficialof, like or pertaining to the surface of the earth
surnominalof, like or pertaining to surnames
surpliceloose-fitting ankle length overgarment worn by clerics
surreylight four-wheeled carriage with two seats
suscepthost of a parasite
suscipientrecipient of a sacrament
suscitateto excite; to rouse
suspercollateto hang
sussultatorycharacterized by large up-and-down vibrations
susurrateto whisper
susurrusmurmuring; whisper; rustling
sutileaccomplished by stitching or sewing
sutlerone who sells liquor or provisions to soldiers
sutorianof, like or pertaining to cobbling or sewing
svedbergunit of time used to measure sedimentation velocity
swaglooping hanging down bit of fabric over a window or door
swagegroove; grooved shaping tool
swalemarshy hollow or depression; meadow
swalletplace where water disappears underground
swansdownheavy napped cotton flannel
swanskinsoft napped fabric resembling flannel
swapebeam with which water is raised to irrigation ditches
swarda portion of land covered with grass
swarfgrit from an axle; stone or metal filings
swasiviousagreeably persuasive
swevenvision seen in sleep; a dream
swingometerinstrument for measuring swing in votes during an election
swinkto toil; to labour
swipplestriking part of a flail
swissingordinary calendering of cloth
swithinstantly; quickly
swiveto enjoy conjugal intimacy with a female personage; to fuck a chick
swoopstakein an indiscriminate manner
sybariticdevoted to luxury
sybilfemale prophet; hag; witch
sybillinelike an oracle or prophet; mysterious
syboticof, like or pertaining to a swineherd
sycomancydivination using fig leaves
sycosisinflammation of the hair follicles or beard
syllabatimsyllable by syllable
syllabubanything frothy or insubstantial
syllepsisfigure where word related to two others differently
syllogismargument in which two premises lead to a logical conclusion
sylphairy female spirit or fairy-creature; slim girl
sylvaticbelonging to or found in woods
sylvestralof, like or pertaining to trees
symblepharonadhesion of the eyelid to the eyeball
symbolaeographydrawing up of legal documents
symbolatryundue worship of symbols
symbolographywriting of symbols or figures
symbologystudy of symbols
symmachyfighting jointly against a common enemy
symmetrophobiafear of symmetry
symmographystring art
sympatricoccupying the same regions but not interbreeding
symphilismthe state of being in a symbiotic relationship
symphilyliving together for mutual benefit
symphoniaold name for the hurdy-gurdy or other musical instruments
sympiesometerinstrument for measuring pressure of a current
symplocerepetition of word at start of one and end of next clause
symposiarchleader of a conference
symposiastparticipant at a conference
symptomatographydescription of symptoms
symptomatologystudy of symptoms of illness
synaeresisrunning together of vowels into a diphthong
synaesthesiaconfusion of one sensation with another
synaesthesisharmony of differing impulses from a work of art
synallagmaticmutually or reciprocally obligatory; bilateral
synaloephacontraction of two syllables into one by omitting a vowel
synanthygrowing together of two flowers
synapheametrical continuity between verses in a system
synaposematismwarning coloration common to many species in region
synarchyjoint sovereignty
synartesisclose junction
synastrycomparison of horoscopes of two or more people
synaxarionaccount of a saint's life
syncategorematicmeaningless or unable to form a term without other words
synchoresisconcession made for the sake of more effective retort
synchroscopeinstrument for detecting whether two moving parts are synchronized
synchysisconfusion of meaning due to unusual arrangement
synclasticcurved in all directions towards a single point
synclinedownward fold in geology
syncopeomission of a sound from middle of a word
syncretismcombination of different religious beliefs
syncrisiscomparison of diverse or contradictory things
syndactylicwith digits joined together
syndetonphrase whose parts are joined by a conjunction
syndicalismdoctrine of direct worker control of capital
syndyasmianmarked by a loose temporary pair-bonding or one-night stand
synecdochepart used to refer to whole or vice versa
synecdochialbroadened or narrowed in interpretation
synechiologycontinuity or union of all things
synechthrycohabitation of hostile species
synecologystudy of ecological communities
synecticsstudy of processes of invention
synedrionjudicial assembly
syneidesisconscience as passing judgement on past acts
synergismbelief that human will and divine spirit cooperate in salvation
synergycombined action of two or more forces
synesissyntax having regard to meaning rather than form
syngamyfree interbreeding between organisms
syngenesissexual reproduction
syngraphwriting or contract signed by both or all parties
synizesismovement of one part causing movement in another part
synodecclesiastical assembly or council
synodicalof, like or pertaining to conjunction
synoeciosisrhetorical figure of coupling opposites
synoecismuniting of several towns under a single capital city
synoecizeto unite in one community or city-state
synoecyassociation of species with benefit to one species only
synopticof or giving a synopsis or summary
synorthographicspelled in the same way
synsemanticof a word, having no meaning outside a specific context
syntagmorganized body, system or group
syntectichaving the quality of melting or dissolving
synteresisconscience as guide to action; intuitive moral knowledge
syntexisliquefaction; melting; wasting
synthronusjoint throne for an Orthodox bishop and his presbyters
syntomybrevity; conciseness
syntrierarchan ancient Greek citizen charged with equipping a trireme
syphilologystudy of syphilis
syphilomaniapathological belief that one is afflicted with syphilis
syphilophobiafear of syphilis
syringadenousof, like or pertaining to sweat glands
syrinxrock-cut tunnel; pan pipes
syrticof, like or pertaining to quicksand
syssitiaancient Greek custom of eating chief meal together in public
systalticalternately contracting and dilating; pulsating
systaticbringing together
systematologystudy of systems
systylehaving columns separated by a distance of twice their thickness
syzygyalignment of three or more celestial bodies

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