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Word Definition
zabaglionefrothy custard
zabernismmisuse of military authority; bullying
zabrasmall Spanish sailing vessel
zabutonflat Japanese cushion for kneeling or sitting
zaffreimpure cobalt oxide
zaftighaving a full; rounded figure
zaitechinvestment in financial markets by a company in order to boost profits
zakuskahors d'oeuvre; snack
zalambdodonthaving molar teeth with V-shaped ridges
zamacuecaChilean dance where partners move around each other
zamarrasheepskin jacket
zambombaSpanish percussion instrument
zambraSpanish dance
zampognaItalian bagpipe
zamponestuffed pigs' trotter sausage
zandera variety of European perch
zanellamixed twilled umbrella fabric
zanjerosupervisor of irrigation canals
zanzeAfrican musical instrument like castanets
zapataflowing, drooping moustache
zapateadoLatin-American dance with rhythmic tapping of the feet
zappylively; entertaining
zarfornamental holder for hot coffee cup
zariIndian gold and silver brocade
zaribasquare fence of thorn-bushes; fortified camp
zarzuelatraditional Spanish vaudeville show; fish and shellfish stew
zatchfemale genitalia
zatiIndian macaque with large tuft on the back of the head
zayatBurmese public meeting-hall or house of worship
zazzyflashy; stylish
zebrineof, like or pertaining to zebras
zebrinnyoffspring of male horse and female zebra
zebroidlike or resembling a zebra
zebrulehybrid offspring of male zebra and female horse
zebuox with hump and dewlap
zedoaryaromatic root resembling ginger
zegedinesilver drinking-cup
zeitgeberrhythmically occurring event that cues organisms' biological rhythms
zekinmate of prison labour camp
zelform of Oriental cymbal
zelatorsister in a convent in charge of checking on conduct of other nuns
zelatrixolder nun in charge of disciplining younger nuns
zelophobiairrational or fear of jealousy
zeloticof the nature of a zealot
zelotypiajealousy; excessive zeal in carrying out a project
zemeCaribbean idol or totem
zemindarin colonial India, an indigenous revenue collector or landholder
zemirahHebrew religious song sung at Sabbath meals
zemniblind mole-rat
zenanasystem of segregating women away from men in harems
zendaletlarge black woollen shawl worn over the head or shoulders
zendikheretic; magician
zendohall for Zen Buddhist meditation
zenocentricmeasured with reference to the planet Jupiter
zenographystudy of the planet Jupiter
zenzicsquare of a number
zenzizenzizenziceighth power of a number
zeplarge sandwich made on a long crusty roll
zephyrlightweight wool or worsted fabric; the west wind
zeppolea variety of doughnut
zerenlight brown Mongolian gazelle
zeroableable to be omitted from a sentence without any loss of meaning
zetasmall room or closet in a church
zeteticproceeding by inquiry; a search or investigation
zeugmause of a word to modify two or more words in different ways
zeugmatographyimaging using nuclear magnetic resonance to study soft tissue
zezestringed instrument resembling a zither
zhocross between a yak and a cow
ziametlarge ancient Turkish fiefdom
zibelineof, like or pertaining to the sable
zibelinesoft piled wool
zibibcolourless alcoholic drink made from raisins
zigankaRussian country dance
zigguratMesopotamian step pyramid
zillfinger cymbals used in belly dancing
zincicof, pertaining to or containing zinc
zinciferousbearing zinc
zincographyprocess of engraving or etching on zinc
zinebwhite powder used as fungicide
zinkeold wind instrument resembling the cornet
zinkiferousbearing zinc
zinniabrightly coloured annual flower
zinnoberchrome green
ziraleetexpression of joy among Arab women
zirconicof or pertaining to zirconium
zitellayoung girl; maiden
zithermusical instrument with strings laid over horizontal board
zitipasta shaped like large macaroni
zizyphusspiny fruit-bearing shrub
zizzsparkle; vim
zoanthropydelusion that one is an animal
zoariumsupporting structure for a polyp colony
zodiographerone who writes about animals
zoeticliving; vital
zoetropeslotted rotating cylinder producing primitive animation
zograscopeoptical device for viewing stereoscopic images
zoiatricsveterinary surgery
zoicof, like or pertaining to animals; containing evidence of life
zoilismcarping and unjust criticism
zoismdoctrine that life originates from a single vital principle
zokorcentral Asian mole-like burrowing rodent
zolhand-rolled cannabis cigarette
zollvereincustoms union
zolotnikold Russian unit of weight equal to 1/6 of an ounce
zomotherapymedical treatment using raw meat
zonagirdle or belt; patch or band
zonalof or like a zone; arranged in zones
zonariousof or pertaining to a girdle or purse
zonaryof or like a zone; arranged in zones
zoneleta little zone
zonoidlike a zone
zonulesmall zone
zonuleta small belt or girdle
zonuresmall South African lizard
zooarchaeologystudy of animal remains of archaeological sites
zoocentriccentred on the animal world
zoochemistrychemistry of animals
zoochorousof seeds or spores spread by animals
zoochoryspread of plant seeds or spores by animals
zooculturedomestication of animals
zoocytiuma hollow vessel
zoodikersan exclamation
zoodynamicsdynamics of animal bodies
zoogamysexual reproduction of animals
zoogenicproduced from animals
zoogeographystudy of geographic distribution of animals
zoogeologystudy of fossil animal remains
zoogonousgiving birth to live offspring
zoografttissue from an animal grafted to a human
zoographythe painting or description of animals
zoogyroscopedevice for depicting the movement of animals through rotating images
zooidasexually produced organism resembling an animal
zoolatryexcessive devotion to animals or pets
zoolitefossil animal
zoomagnetismanimal magnetism
zoomancydivination by observing animals
zoomaniainsane fondness for animals
zoometrymeasurement of animals
zoomimeticimitating an animal or part of an animal
zoomorphichaving the form or shape of an animal
zoomorphismconception of a god or man in animal form
zoonorganism regarded as a complete animal
zoonicof, like or pertaining to or derived from animals
zoonomyanimal physiology
zoonosisdisease of animals which can be transmitted to humans
zoonosologystudy of animal diseases
zoopathologystudy of animal diseases
zooperyexperimentation on animals
zoophagyeating animals
zoophilialoving or caring for animals; bestiality
zoophilyloving or caring for animals; bestiality
zoophobiafear of animals
zoophoruscontinuous frieze depicting humans and animals
zoophysicsphysics of animal bodies
zoophysiologystudy of physiology of animals
zoophyteplant-like animal such as coral
zoophytologystudy of plant-like animals
zoopraxiscopedevice for depicting the movement of animals through rotating images
zooscopyhallucination that one is seeing animals
zoosemioticsstudy of animal communication
zoosophyknowledge or learning concerning animals
zootaxyscience of classifying animals
zootechnicsscience of breeding animals
zoothapsispremature burial
zootheismattribution of divine qualities to animals
zootherapyveterinary therapeutics
zootomydissection of animals; comparative anatomy
zootoxinpoison derived from animal
zootrophyfeeding or tending of animals
zootypeanimal serving as a type; figure of an animal used to represent a deity
zopissacombination of wax and pitch used for medicinal purposes
zoppasyncopated; limping (in music)
zoppettomedieval Italian limping hop dance
zoriJapanese thonged sandals
zorinoeuphemism for skunk fur
zostera girdle
zosteriformshaped like a girdle
zosteropssmall tropical bird with a ring of white feathers around the eyes
zoukCaribbean disco dance and corresponding type of fast rhythmic music
zoundsmild oath
zoysiaperennial subtropical grass
zubrowkavodka flavoured with sweet-grass
zucchettoround skullcap worn by Catholic clergy to indicate rank
zuchetree stump
zufolosmall flute used to train songbirds
zugwaterproof leather used for boots
zugtrompeteslide trumpet
zugzwangchess blockade
zulein heraldry, a chess rook
zumbadorSouth American hummingbird
zumbooruksmall cannon carried on the back of a camel
zuppafish soup
zurlaYugoslavian shawm
zurnaTurkish bagpipe or shawm
zwiebacksweet toasted biscuit
zwischenzugchess move made to play for time
zwitterionion carrying both a positive and negative charge
zydecoLouisiana Creole dance music
zygalformed like the letter H; of, like or pertaining to a yoke or union
zygnomiclegally supported constraint on human freedom
zygodactylichaving two toes in front and two behind
zygologyscience of joining and fastening
zygomabony arch on the side of the skull
zygomorphicbilaterally symmetrical
zygonconnecting bar
zygopleuralbilaterally symmetrical
zymicof, like or pertaining to fermentation
zymitepriest using leavened bread during communion
zymogeniccausing fermentation
zymologyscience of fermentation
zymometerinstrument for measuring fermentation
zymosimeterinstrument for measuring fermentation
zymotechnicsthe art of fermentation
zymoticof, like or pertaining to fermentation
zymurgybranch of chemistry dealing with brewing and distilling
zythumancient Egyptian beer
zyzzyvaSouth American weevil

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