The Phrontistery



Word Definition
pabouchea slipper
pabulousof, like or pertaining to nourishment
pabulumfood; provender; nourishment
pacableable to be appeased; willing to forgive
pacecontrary to the opinion of; in respectful disagreement with
pachymeterinstrument for measuring small thicknesses
pacificateto give peace to
pactolianlike or having golden-hued sands
padellashallow dish of fat with a wick used in illuminations
padroneinnkeeper; employer
padronismsystem of obtaining labour through employment agents
paduasoycorded silk
paeansong of thanksgiving
paedarchygovernment by children
paedobaptismdoctrine of infant baptism
paedocracygovernment by children; paedarchy
paedogenesisreproduction by an infant or larval organism
paedologystudy of children
paedonymicname taken from one's child
paedophageeater of children
paedophiliaabnormal love or sexual attraction for children
paedophobiafear of children; fear of dolls
paedotrophyart of rearing children
paginalof, like or pertaining to pages or pagination
pagophagiaeating trays of ice to help offset iron deficiency
paideuticeducational method or theory
paidonosologystudy of children's diseases; pediatrics
paillettea spangle
paispeople from whom a jury is drawn
paisleysoft wool fabric with ornamental pattern
paizogonynecking; love-play
palabraa word; talk
palaeoanthropologystudy of early humans
palaeobiologystudy of fossil plants and animals
palaeoclimatologystudy of ancient climates
palaeogaeathe Old World as a biological region
palaeogeographystudy of ancient geography
palaeographystudy of ancient writing or inscriptions
palaeolimnologystudy of ancient fish or lakes
palaeopedologystudy of early soils
palaeosophyancient learning or thought
palaeotypographyearly typography
palaestrawrestling school; gymnasium
palaetiologyapplication of principles of causation to past events
palafitteprehistoric lake dwelling
palamatehaving webbed feet
palanquinlight litter for one passenger
palatinehaving royal authority over a region
palativepleasing to the taste or to the palate
palatographyrecording position of tongue against hard palate during speech
palaverto talk profusely or idly
paleaceouschaffy; like or resembling chaff
paleobotanystudy of ancient plants
paleo-osteologystudy of ancient bones
paletotloose overcoat
palettesmall plate covering the armpit joint in a suit of armour
palewise(of heraldic charges) oriented vertically
palfreyriding horse, especially one for a lady
palificationthe act of strengthening with stakes
paliformshaped like a stake
palilaliadisorder characterized by rapid repetition of words
palillogyrepetition of a word or word or phrase
palimbacchiusmetrical foot of two long and one short syllable
palimpsestmanuscript or paper that is erased and then written over
palingenesisnew birth; reincarnation; second creation
palingmanseller of fish or eels
palinodepoem in which earlier thoughts or feelings are retracted
palinolacompulsive repetition of an act until it is perfect
palinspasticshowing geological formations of an area as they existed in the past
palisadefence of stakes used for defensive purposes
pallcovering cloth laid upon Communion chalice
palladianof, like or pertaining to wisdom or learning
pallasethesiasense of vibration
pallescentturning pale
palliamentwhite robe or gown
palliassestraw mattress
palliateto ease with out curing; to extenuate
pallidpale; wan
palliumwhite woollen band symbolising archbishop's authority
pallographinstrument measuring ship's vibration
palmarof, like or pertaining to the palm
palmaryprincipal; meritorious
palpebralof, like or pertaining to the eyelid
palterto trifle in talk; to use trickery; to equivocate
paltockshort coat or doublet worn under armour
paltripolitanterm of scorn applied to city-dwellers or urban life
paludalof, like or pertaining to marshes; marshy; malarial
paludicolousgrowing in marshes; marsh-dwelling
paludismmarsh fever; malaria
paludosemarshy; living in marshes
palynologystudy of pollen
palzogonylove-play; foreplay
pamcard game in which jack of club has highest value
pamphysicismdoctrine that material nature is the source of all things
pampiniformlike a tendril
panaceistbeliever in panaceas
panaesthesiatotality of perception; general awareness
panaesthetismtheory that consciousness may inhere generally in matter
panarchyuniversal rule or dominion
panaryof, like or pertaining to bread; bread store
panatellalong; thin cigar
panchioncoarse earthenware pan
pancosmismtheory that the material universe is all that exists
pancraticexcelling all round in athletics or accomplishments
pandecttreatise covering the whole of a subject
pandemianvulgar; sensual
pandemicuniversal; affecting majority of people in a region
pandemonismworship of spirits dwelling in all forms of nature
pandiculationthe act of stretching and yawning
pandoramusical instrument like a lute
panegyricelaborate and poetic compliment; eulogy; laudation
panegyriconcollection of sermons for Orthodox church festivals
panegyrygrand assembly; religious festival
paneitythe state of being bread
panentheismbelief that world is part but not all of God's being
pangamyrandom or unrestricted mating
pangeometryextension of geometry to more than three dimensions
Panglossianoverly optimistic
pangolinscaly insectivorous mammal with elongated snout
pangramsentence containing all the letters of the alphabet
panharmoniconmechanical musical instrument operated by a cylinder
panhygrousmoist in all parts
panificationconversion into bread
panjandrumimaginary potentate of great power and self-importance
panlogismbelief that only that which is rational is truly real
panmixiacessation of the influence of natural selection
panmnesiabelief that all mental impressions are stored in memory
pannagefood picked up by swine in woods; right to pasture swine
panneheavy lustrous silk or rayon with waxy feel
panniclethin sheet-like vestment
pannierprovision-basket; basket carried over one's back
pannikinsmall metal cup
pannoselike felt
pannychisall-night vigil in preparation for Orthodox church feast
panophobiamelancholia marked by groundless fears
panoplycomplete suit of armour
panopticall-embracing; viewing all aspects
panopticonprison where all inmates can be watched from one point
panpharmaconuniversal remedy
panplainflat area consisting of several joined floodplains
panpsychismtheory that all nature has a psychic side
panpygoptosisshortness of the legs
pansexualismtheory that all thought derived from sexual instinct
pansophyuniversal knowledge
panspermatismbelief in origin of life from extraterrestrial germs
pantagamyuniversal bachelorhood; free love
pantagruelianmarked by extravagant and coarse satire
pantaleonlarge dulcimer
pantarchygovernment by all the people; world government
pantechniconreceptacle holding many miscellaneous objects
pantheismbelief that the universe is God; belief in many gods
pantisocracygovernment by all equally
pantlerofficer in a household in charge of bread
pantochronometercombined sundial and compass
pantoglotspeaker of all languages
pantographapparatus connecting streetcar to overhead wires
pantographinstrument for copying drawing to a different scale
pantographycomplete or general description of something
pantologysystem of universal knowledge
pantomnesiaremembrance of everything ever learned
pantomorphictaking on all shapes
pantophobiafear of everything
pantopragmaticmeddling in everybody's business
pantoscopepanoramic camera
pantosophyuniversal knowledge; pansophy
panurgicgood at all kinds of tasks
panzoismbelief that humans and animals share vital life energy
paparchygovernment by the pope
papaverousof, like or pertaining to poppies
papeteriepackaged fancy stationery; stationery-case
papilionaceousof, like or pertaining to butterflies
papillanipple-like projection
papilliferousbearing papillae
papillosehaving nipples or papillae
pappusdowny beginnings of a beard
paprenstone passing through a wall from face to face
papulationthe development of papillae or pimples
papuliferouspimply; bearing or pertaining to pimples
papyraceouslike paper; papery
papyrocracygovernment by newspapers or literature
papyrographyprocess of transferring a drawing on paper to a zinc plate
papyrologystudy of paper
papyrotamiamanufacture of paper flowers
parabasisspeech where the chorus advances and addresses audience
parabiosisphysical union of two embryos or organisms
parablepsisfalse vision; oversight
parabolarhetorical use of simile or metaphor
parabolanuslayman who tends the sick
parabolastera parabola of a higher degree
paraboliformshaped like a parabola
parabolistteller of parables
paracentralsituated near the centre
parachronismrepresentation of something as being newer than it is
paracleteadvocate or intercessor; the Holy Spirit acting in such a role
paracmedecline; period following the zenith or acme
paracoitafemale sexual partner
paracoitusmale sexual partner
paracrosticpoem whose initial letters reproduce its first verse
paracusisdisordered hearing
paradiastoledescription of an unfavourable quality through a favourable synonym
paradigmarhetorical comparison by resemblance to another thing
paradisiacalsuggestive of a place or state of perfect bliss
paradosearthworks defending against a rear attack
paradoxographydescription of phenomena considered fantastic or wondrous
paradoxologyholding or maintaining paradoxes
paradromicadjacent; side by side
paraenesisrhetorical expression of advice or warning
paraesthesiatingling sensation on the skin
paragehigh birth or rank; equality of birth or status
paragenesisformation of minerals as a joined mass
paragnosisskill in matters immune to scientific investigation
paragogeaddition of a sound to end of word
paragramplay on words in which letters are changed
paragraphiawriting of different letters and words than intended
paragraphywriting of paragraphs
parakinesisproduction of movement of objects by a spiritualist
paralaliaabnormality of speech sounds
paralipomenonthing left out; added in supplement
paralipsisfixing attention on subject by pretending to neglect it
parallaxseeming change of object position due to observer moving
parallelepipedsolid figure with each face a parallelogram
parallelismbelief that matter and mind don't interact but relate
paralogiseto reason falsely
paralogismfalse reasoning
paramattaworsted and cotton blend
paramediannear the middle line
paramentrich decoration, hanging or robe
paramnesiaabnormality of memory; inability to remember meaning of word
paranatellona star that rises at the same time as another star
paranomasiarhetorical art of punning
paranymeuphemism; word whose meaning altered to conceal evasion
paranymphone who solicits for another; best man or bridesmaid
paraphflourish under one's signature
paraphasiadisorder in which one word substituted for another
paraphiliaany abnormal sexual attraction
paraphoniaalteration of the voice; as at puberty
paraphrastone who paraphrases
paraphraxisinability to perform purposive movements properly
parapraxisblunder; error; mistake
parapsychologystudy of unexplained mental phenomena
paraselenemock moon; bright patch on a lunar halo
parasigmatisminability to pronounce the sound 's'
parasitastera mean or sorry parasite
parasiticidekilling of parasites
parastatalindirectly controlled by the state
parastaticof, like or pertaining to protective mimicry of animals
parasuicideharmful act appearing to be an attempt at suicide
parasynesiscorruption of forms of words
parasynthesisderivation of words using hyphenated compounds
parataxisorganization of clauses without connectives
parathesisapposition; compounding of words without change
paratonicarresting growth
paravailinferior; lowest; of least account
paravanedevice used to cut underwater cables
paravantin front; first; beforehand
paraventwind screen
parbreakto vomit
parbucklesling made by wrapping both ends of rope around object
parciloquylaconic speech
parcloserailing in church enclosing altar, chapel or tomb
pardiemild oath; certainly or truly
pardineof, like or pertaining to leopards
pardonerone who raises money for religious works by selling indulgences
parecbasisrhetorical digression or deviation from expected topic
paregmenonrepetition of a word or its cognates in a series of words
paregoricsoothing; lessening pain
paremboleinsertion of something related to the subject into a phrase
paremptosisinsertion of something related to the subject into a phrase
parentaliafeasts or rites in memory of deceased parents
parentelicrelated by blood
parenticidekilling or killer of one's parents
parergonwork undertaken in addition to one's employment
pareschatologydoctrine dealing with matters after death but before the end of the world
paresisomission of an element from a word
parfayby my faith; verily
parflechedried buffalo skin
pargetto plaster over; to cover with ornamental plasterwork
parhelionhalo-like light seen in sky opposite the sun
pari passuside by side; equally
paribuntalfine straw used to make hats
parietalof a wall or walls, especially anatomical walls
parietalsschool rules regarding inter-gender contact
parineof, like or pertaining to titmouses
parisonlump of glass before it is moulded into its final shape
parisoneven balance of elements in a sentence
parisyllabichaving the same number of syllables in all forms
paritycondition or fact of having born children
parlousfull of danger or risk
parnelmistress or concubine of a priest; harlot
parochiallocal; confined to one region
parodiniadifficult childbirth
paroemiaproverb or adage used in argumentation
paroemiographerwriter of proverbs
paroemiographywriting of proverbs; a treatise of proverbs
paroemiologystudy of proverbs
paromoionstarting statement with several words starting with the same letter
paromologiapartial admission of opponent's argument to strengthen one's final position
paromologyconcession of opponent's point to strengthen one's own point
paronomasiaplay on words; punning
paronymword from same root or having same sound as another
parorexiadesire to eat strange foods
paroticnear or adjacent to the ear
parousbearing or having borne offspring
parousiasecond coming of Christ
parousiamaniaobsession with the second coming of Christ
paroxysmfit of passion; laughter; coughing; sudden violent action
paroxytonehaving an acute accent on the next to last syllable
parquetfloor-covering of fitted wooden blocks
parryoung salmon
parrelband by which a yard is fastened to a mast
parrhesiaasking forgiveness in advance for frank or bold speech
parricidekilling of parent or close relative
parseto describe a word fully in terms of classification
parsonarchygovernment by parsons
parterrepit of a theatre
parthenianof, like or pertaining to virgins
parthenogenesisreproduction by a virgin or by means of an unfertilized egg
parthenolatryworship of the Virgin Mary
parthenologystudy of virgins
parthophobiafear of virgins
partiblethat may be divided up or parted
particularismbelief that only a few are chosen for salvation
partimin part
partitiveindicating a part of a larger whole
partocracygovernment by a single unopposed political party
parturitionthe act of giving birth
parurea set of ornaments or jewels
parvanimitysmallness of mind
parvenuone suddenly risen to wealth without great social rank
parvipotenthaving little power
parvisenclosed space at the front of a church
parviscienthaving little knowledge
pascualgrowing on land used for grazing; of, like or pertaining to pastures
paseoleisurely stroll; march of bullfighters into arena
pasguardarmour for left arm and elbow to protect from lance strike while jousting
pashminafine goat's wool fabric used for making shawls
pasigraphya system of universal ideographic writing
paso-doblequick Spanish one-step dance
pasquinto lampoon
pasquinadeto lampoon; a lampoon
passacagliaslow solemn Italian or Spanish dance
passademotion of horse to and fro over ground in dressage
passalorynchiteone who takes a religious vow of silence
passantheraldic animal depicted walking
passementdecorative trimming of beads or braid
passepiedBreton dance resembling a quick minuet
passerineof, like or pertaining to sparrows
passiblesusceptible to or capable of suffering or of feeling
passimeverywhere; dispersedly
passimeterinstrument for issuing automatic tickets
passiuncleminor or lesser passion
passivateto coat metal with oxides to protect from corrosion
passulateto dry grapes
passussection of a poem or story
pasternrope, strap or chain used to tie horse by its leg
pastichemedley, composed from different sources; imitative work
pastillesmall cone of charcoal burned as incense
pastosepainted thickly
pastourellemedieval poem between knight and shepherdess
patagiumwing-membrane of flying mammal
pataphysicsthe science of imaginary solutions
patationact of drinking
patavinityprovincialism; dialectal term
patefactiondisclosure; opening; manifestation
patelliformshaped like a saucer or kneecap
patenplate; metal disk used to hold Communion bread
pathicpassive; a passive subject
pathogenesiscausation or production of disease
pathognomicindicative of a specific disease
pathographylife history used to trace a disease or disorder
pathomaniamoral insanity
pathophobiafear of disease
pathopoeiaexcitation of passion by rhetoric or poetry
patiblecapable of suffering or being acted on; passible
patibularyof, like or pertaining to the gallows
patibulateto execute by hanging
patinafilm or surface that forms on surface of metal or wood
patinationformation of a film on copper from exposure
patrialof, like or pertaining to one's native land
patrimonyinheritance from father or ancestors
patriolatryexcessive devotion or worship of one's native country
patroclinoushaving inherited paternal characteristics
patrologystudy of early Christianity
patronymname derived from father's name
patrooncaptain of a ship; coxswain of a longboat
patruitydegree of relationship of paternal uncle
pattenarrow band keeping a belt or sash in its place
pattenwooden shoe; clog; base of a pillar
patulousspreading; wide-spreading; open
pauciloquentof few words; speaking little
pauldronshoulder-plate of suit of armour
paulopastjust finished or past
paulopostjust after
pavagecharge for paving streets
pavanestately English Renaissance court dance
pavésetting of jewellery with stones close together
paviorone who lays down paving stones
pavisshield for the entire body
pavonianof, like or pertaining to peacocks
pavonineof, like or pertaining to peacocks
paxtablet decorated with sacred figure and kissed by participants in mass
paxilloseresembling a small stake
paysagistpainter of landscapes
peataryregion, bog or moor covered with peat
peau-de-soiesoft, heavy closely-woven silk
peaveylumberman's spiked and hooked lever
peccableliable to sin
peccadilloa slight offense or sin
peccancysinfulness; transgression
peccarytropical New World piglike mammal
peccaviadmission of sin or guilt
peckunit of dry measure equal to 8 quarts
pecorousfull of cows
pectinalof a comb; comb-like
pectinationcomb-like structure
pectinealof the pubic bone
pectiniformshaped like a comb
pectizeto congeal; to cause to set
pectoralarmour for the breast of a person or horse
pectoriloquysound of patient's voice as heard through stethoscope
pecudiculturerearing of cattle
peculiumprivate property; especially when given by father to son
pecuniaryof, like or pertaining to money; consisting of money
pednaturally formed mass or aggregate of soil
pedagogicsstudy of teaching
pedagogueryschoolmastering; teaching
pedalianof, like or pertaining to the foot or to metrical feet
pedaneousgoing on foot; pedestrian; of lowly or petty standing
pedantocracygovernment by pedants or strict rule-bound scholars
pedaryof, like or pertaining to walking or feet
pedatefooted; having feet; like a foot
pederastyanal intercourse between a man and a boy
pedetentousproceeding slowly
pedicelstalk of an animal organ
pediclebony protrusion of the skull from which an antler grows
pedicularof, like or pertaining to lice
pediculicidekilling of lice
pediculophobiafear of lice
pediformshaped like a foot
pedigeroushaving or bearing feet
pediluviumfoot bath
pedimanoushaving feet shaped like hands
pedimenttriangular structure crowning front of a Greek building
pedipulateto work or knead with the feet
pedographydescription of soil types
pedologicalof, like or pertaining to soils
pedologystudy of soils
pedomancydivination by examining the soles of the feet
pedometerinstrument for measuring distance travelled on foot
pedunclestem or stalk of a flower
pegamoidartificial leather
pegomancydivination by springs or fountains
peignoirwoman's dressing-gown
peirameterinstrument measuring resistance of road surfaces to wheel movement
peirasticexperimental; tentative
peiseweight; burden; load
pejorateto worsen; to depreciate
pejorismsevere pessimism
pekinfine soft silk
pelageanimal's coat of hair or wool
pelagicoceanic; inhabiting or carried out in the deep sea
pelargicof, like or pertaining to storks
pelatastancient Greek shield-bearing soldier
pelecoidshaped like a hatchet; a hatchet-shaped geometrical figure
pelerinewoman's fur cape
pelissefur-lined or fur garment
peliticcomposed of fine sediment
pellateto divide; to separate
pelliclethin skin or film
pelliculethin diaphanous fabric
pellucidcompletely clear; transparent
pelmasole of foot
pelmetfringe or valance for hiding a curtain rod
peloidmud or other semi-solid medium used in baths
pelologystudy of mud
pelotherapytreatment by mud baths
peltiferousbearing a shield
peltryskins of animals with the fur on them
peluriousfurry; hairy
pelvigraphyexamination of the pelvis
pelvimeterinstrument for measuring the pelvis
pembrokesmall four-legged table with hinged flaps
pemphigusskin condition characterized by watery boils on the body
penacutehaving an acute accent on the penultimate syllable; paroxytone
penanggalanfemale vampire of Malay mythology
penannularin the form of an almost complete ring
penateshousehold gods of a Roman family
pendeloquedrop pendant
pendenthanging; drooping; dangling
pendiclependant, dependency or appendage
pendularof, like or pertaining to a pendulum
pendulinebuilding a pendulous nest
pendulographcurve representing combination of musical sounds
penecontemporaneousof geological processes occurring immediately after deposition
penectomysurgical removal of the penis
penelopizeto create work as an excuse to deter suitors
peneplainland worn down by denudation to almost be a plain
penesin the possession of
penetraliainmost parts of a building or temple; innermost secrets
penetrometerinstrument for measuring firmness or consistency of substances
penialof, like or pertaining to the penis
penicillatehaving small tufts or bristles
pennatewinged; feathered
penniferousbearing feathers
pennyweightunit of troy weight equal to 24 grains
penologystudy of crime and punishment
pensilehanging; suspended; overhanging
pensumtask; school imposition
pentadset of five things
pentagamistperson who has or has had five spouses
pentalogystate of being in five parts
pentameroushaving five parts or members
pentapolisalliance of five cities
pentarchygovernment by five individuals
pentateuchthe first five books of the Old Testament
pentheraphobiafear or hatred of one's mother-in-law
pentimentorevealing of part of a painting beneath a newer one
penurydestitution; poverty
peotillomaniaabnormal compulsion for pulling on the penis
peotomysurgical removal of the penis
perthrough; according to; by means or agency of
peracutevery sharp or violent; very acute
peradventureperhaps; possibly; by adventure; by chance
peragrateto travel over or through
percaleclosely woven lightweight cloth
percalineglossy lightweight cotton
perceptionalismbelief that humans perceive things as they truly are
percherondappled cart horse
percipientperceiving; observant; perceptive
percoctwell-cooked; overdone
percurrentrunning through the whole length
percutaneousdone or applied through the skin
percutientstriking or having the power to strike; percussive
perdicineof, like or pertaining to partridges
perdricidekiller of partridges
perdureto endure over a period of time
peregalfully equal
peregrinationjourney, especially on foot or to a foreign country
peregrinityforeignness; outlandishness
perennateto live perennially; to survive from season to season
perequitateto ride through on horseback
perfectibilianbeliever in the perfectibility of mankind
perfectibilismdoctrine that humans capable of becoming perfect
perfectionismdoctrine that moral perfection constitutes the highest value
perfervidvery fervid; ardent; eager
perficienteffectual; actually achieving a result
perfuseto pour or diffuse through or over
pergameneouslike or resembling parchment
pergolaarched framework for climbing plants
periasterpoint in orbit of a body in which it is nearest to a specified star
peribolosprecinct; enclosing wall of a precinct
pericentralsurrounding a centre or central body
periclinalsloping downwards in all directions from a point
periclitateto endanger; to jeopardise
pericopean excerpt or passage read during religious services
periegesisdescription in the manner of a tour; journey through
periergiause of elevated style to discuss a trivial matter
periodonticsstudy of gums
perioeciindividuals living at same latitude on opposite sides of earth
perioticaround the ear
peripateticwandering about; itinerant
peripetiasudden change of fortune
periphrasiscircumlocution; round-about expression
periplusa voyage or trip around something
peripteralhaving a row of columns on every side
periscianperson living inside the polar circle
perispomenonhaving a circumflex accent on the final syllable
perissologyverbiage; pleonasm
perissosyllabichaving an additional syllable
perissotomistknife-happy surgeon
peristalithancient stone circle
peristeronicof, like or pertaining to pigeons
peristrephicmoving round; revolving; rotatory
peristylerange of columns around a building or courtyard
peritecticin the state between solid and liquid; melting
periwinklea bluish or azure colour; a plant with bluish flowers
perlativeindicating movement through or across
perliginousproducing pearls
perlocutioneffect produced when a particular word is uttered
perlustrateto traverse and inspect carefully
permeameterinstrument for measuring permeability
perniciousdestructive; ruinous; fatal
pernoctateto pass the night in vigil or prayer
pernorone who takes or receives
peroralthrough the mouth
perorateto speak grandiosely or grandiloquently
perorationlengthy part of speech; especially a conclusion
perpendto weigh in the mind; to consider carefully
perpilocutionistone who speaks through his hat
perronraised platform or terrace at an entrance door
perscrutationthorough search
persedark blue or bluish-grey; cloth of such a colour
perseityindependent existence
perseverateto repeat an action continually or habitually
persiennesoutside shutters with movable slats
persiflagebanter; flippancy; idle chatter
personaliapersonal details, possessions or stories
personalismdoctrine that humans possess spiritual freedom
personaltypersonal belongings and property
perspectographytheory of drawing according to rules of perspective
perspicaciousclear-minded; astute; perceptive
perspicuouseasily understood; clearly expressed
perstringeto constrain; to touch on; to censure
pertinacityquality of holding unyieldingly to a position
pertusepunched; pierced; slit
pertussiswhooping cough
perukea frilly wig
perulatescaly; having scaled skin
pervicaciousvery obstinate
pervigiliumnight vigil
perviouspermeable; penetrable
pessarysuppository inserted into the vagina
pessimalleast favourable
pessimumpoint at which any condition is least favourable
pessomancydivination using pebbles
pestiferousbringing plague or pestilence
pestologyscience of pests
petaliferousbearing petals
petauristflying phalanger
petcockvalve for draining condensed steam from engine cylinders
petrarycontrivance for hurling stones
petreanof, like or pertaining to or made of rock
petrellong-winged seabird with hooked bill
petrichorpleasant smell accompanying the first rain after a dry spell
petricolousliving in or near rocks
petrissagemassage by longitudinal rubbing and lateral squeezing
petrogenesisformation or development of rocks
petroleouscontaining or rich in petroleum
petroliferousbearing petroleum
petrologystudy of rocks
petrophilousliving on or thriving in rocky areas
pettifoggera lawyer given to underhanded tactics
pettitoespigs' feet as food
petulcousbutting like a ram
petunclesmall scallop
pewfellowone who occupies the same pew as another
pexityroughness of the nap of cloth
peytralarmour for a horse's breast
phacochoerineof, like or pertaining to warthogs
phacometerinstrument for measuring lenses
phaetonopen four-wheeled carriage
phagomaniaexcessive desire for food or eating
phagophobiafear of eating
phakic(of an eye) having a crystalline lens
phalansterydwelling of a communal group or phalanx of individuals
phalaropemigratory shorebird with lobed feet
phallephoriccarrying the penis
phallicof, pertaining to or resembling a penis
phallocracygovernment by men
phallocratone who assumes the naturality of male dominance
phaneromaniahabit of biting one's nails
phanerosisact or process of becoming visible
phanicvisible; obvious
phanopoeiavisual imagery in poetry
phantasmatographyscientific description of rainbows and other lumnious atmospheric phenomena
phaometerold instrument for measuring light intensity
pharmacognosystudy of drugs of animal and plant origin
pharmacologystudy of drugs
pharmacomaniaabnormal obsession with trying drugs
pharmacometerinstrument for measuring drugs
pharmacopolistdrug-seller; pharmacist; apothecary
pharologystudy of lighthouses
pharoslighthouse or beacon
pharyngographydescription of the pharynx
pharyngologystudy of the throat
pharyngoscopeinstrument for inspecting the pharynx
phassachatelead-coloured agate
phaticusing speech for social reasons or to communicate feelings
phelloplastica model in cork
phememesmallest possible linguistic unit
phemicof, like or pertaining to speech
phenakistoscopeearly cinematograph in which figures are viewed through a slit
pheneticof, like or pertaining to classification by phenotype
phengitebright and beautiful kind of alabaster
phengophobiafear of daylight
phenogenesisorigin of racial groups
phenologystudy of organisms as affected by climate
phenomenalismbelief that phenomena are the only realities
phenomenologystudy of phenomena
pheonthe barbed head of a dart or arrow in heraldry
pheretrerkeeper of a shrine
phialineresembling a phial
philalethistlover of truth
philatelystudy of postage stamps
philematologythe act or study of kissing
philematophobeone who dislikes kissing
philhippicloving or admiring horses
philippicspeech or writing full of bitter condemnation
philistinematerialistic in outlook; uncultured
phillumenycollecting of matchbox labels
philocalylove of beauty
philodemicfond of commoners or the lower classes
philodoxone who loves his own opinions; dogmatic person
philogynylove of women
philologasterpetty or contemptible philologist
philologystudy of ancient texts; historical linguistics
philomathlover of learning
philomelianof, like or pertaining to nightingales
philonoistone who seeks knowledge
philopornistlover of prostitutes
philoprogenitiveof, like or pertaining to instinctive love for offspring
philosophasteramateur or superficial philosopher
philosophicideone who kills or wishes to kill philosophers or philosophy
philosophocracygovernment by philosophers
philosophunculepetty or minor philosopher
philotechnicaldevoted to the arts
philotherianismlove of animals
philterlove-potion or charm; a drug to produce some magical effect
phimosisinability to retract the prepuce of the penis
phlebographydescription or examination of a vein
phlebologystudy of the veins and their diseases
phlegmaticof a calm; unexcitable disposition
phlogistonnonexistent principle of flammability inherent in matter
phlogogeneticcausing inflamation
phocineof, like or pertaining to seals
phocomeliahaving limbs like a seal's flippers
phoeniceousbright scarlet-red colour
pholidosisarrangement of scales, as in fish and reptiles
phonunit of loudness of sound as heard by listeners
phonascusperson who maintains rhythm in church choir
phonastheniaweakness of voice
phonationproduction of vocal sound
phonautographinstrument for recording sound vibrations
phonendoscopedevice which amplifies small sounds
phonesisproduction of speech sounds
phoniatricsstudy and correction of speech defects
phonographyrecording of sound by means of a phonograph
phonomaniapathological tendency to murder
phonometerinstrument for measuring sound levels
phonophobiafear of noise or of speaking aloud
phonophoroustransmitting sound waves
phonus-bolonusexaggerated trickery or nonsense
phorminxseven-stringed Greek lyre
phorometerinstrument used to correct abnormalities in eye muscles
phoropterdevice with several lenses used to test eyesight
phosphenelight seen when the eyeball is pressed
phossycaused by phosphorus
photaesthesiasense of vision
photiclight-giving; sensitive to light; penetrated by light
photismillusory vision of light
photobiologystudy of effects of light on organisms
photodromymotion towards light
photoglyphphotographic engraving
photogyricturning towards light
photolysisdisintegration resulting from exposure to radiation
photomaniapathological desire for light
photometerinstrument for measuring light intensity
photonunit of brightness of light as received at the retina
photophileorganism loving or thriving in light
photophilouspreferring or thriving in lighted conditions
photophobiafear of light
photophygousavoiding or disliking light
photopiavision in bright light
photopolarimeterinstrument for measuring intensity and polarization of reflected light
photopsiaappearance of light flashes due to retinal irritation
photosphereregion of space lit by the sun
phototachometerinstrument for measuring the speed of light
phototaxisgrowth or movement determined by light
phototelegraphinstrument for transmitting drawings telegraphically
phototonussensitivity to light
phraseographyrepresentation of whole phrases with individual signs or symbols
phraseologystudy of phrases
phratryclan or tribe
phreaticof, like or pertaining to underground water supplying or wells
phrenesisdelirium; frenzy
phrenicof or near the midriff
phrenographyobservation and description of mental phenomena
phrenologystudy of bumps on the head
phrontisterya thinking-place; place for study
phtharticdeadly; destructive
phthisiotherapeuticsmedical treatment of tuberculosis
phthongalof, pertaining to, or consisting of a sound; vocalized
phthongometerinstrument measuring intensity of vowel sounds
phugoidof, like or pertaining to the longitudinal stability of aircraft
phycologystudy of algae and seaweeds
phygogalactichalting milk production
phylacticdefending against disease
phylarchygovernment by a specific class or tribe
phyledivision of the people of a state into local clans
phylliformshaped like a leaf
phyllomancydivination using leaves or tea leaves
phyllomaniaexcessive or abnormal production of leaves
phyllophorousleafy; bearing or having leaves
phylogenesisorigin and history of a species' evolution
physagoguesubstance causing flatulence
physicalismbelief that all phenomena reducible to verifiable assertions
physiocracygovernment according to natural laws or principles
physiognomancydivination by studying the face
physiognomygeneral appearance of anything, especially the face
physiographydescription of landforms or natural features of the environment
physiologuswork containing descriptions of animals; a bestiary
physiophilosophysystem of knowledge concerning principles of natural history
physiosophyassumption of knowledge of nature
physitheismattribution of physical form and attributes to deities
physiurgicdue to natural causes
phytivorousfeeding on plants
phytogenesisorigin and development of plants
phytogenicderived from plants
phytographydescription or treatise on plants
phytologystudy of plants; botany
phytomaniaobsession with collecting plants
phytopathologystudy of diseases of plants
phytophilousfond of plants
phytosophyknowledge of plants
piacularexpiatory; atrociously bad
pianettesmall upright piano
pibcornold Welsh instrument like a hornpipe
pibrochpiece of music for bagpipe
picacraving to eat dust
picamarbitter oily liquid obtained from tar
picaresqueof, like or pertaining or pertaining to rogues or roguish behaviour
picaroonperson who lives by his or her wits; rogue or scoundrel
picayunefive-cent-piece or other coin of little value
piceouslike pitch; inflammable; reddish black
pichismall dark Argentinian armadillo
pichiciegosmall South American armadillo
piciformof the form or shape of a woodpecker
piciformof the nature of or resembling pitch
picineof, like or pertaining to woodpeckers
pickelhaubespiked helmet
pickerypetty theft under Scottish law
picksomeparticular; picky
pickthanksycophant; flatterer
picotloop in an ornamental edging; raised knot in embroidery
pictographyrepresentation of ideas by means of pictures
piebaldof an animal, consisting of two or more colours
piedvariegated; of various colours
piedroitsquare pillar attached to wall, lacking both base and capital
pienda salient angle
pieragefee paid for use of a pier
pietarepresentation of Virgin Mary with dead Christ across her knees
pietismunquestioning or dogmatic religious devotion
piezometerinstrument for measuring pressure or compressibility
pigginsmall pail or bowl made of staves and hoops
pightto pitch
pigmentocracygovernment by those of one skin colour
pignorateto give or take in pledge or pawn
pigwashrubbish; nonsense
pikarabbit-like mountain-dwelling mammal with rounded ears
pilastersquare column partially embedded in a wall
pilchfur or wool outergarment; rug laid over saddle
pileupside-down wedge at an acute angle on a coat of arms
pileatedcap-shaped; crested; capped
pileiformshaped like an umbrella
pileumtop of a bird's head
pileusumbrella-shaped portion of a mushroom
pilgarlickpoor wretch; self-pitying person
piliferousbearing or growing hair
piliformshaped like hair
pillionlight pillow or saddle for a woman rider
pilliwinkstorture instrument for crushing fingers
pillorywooden frame with holes for head and hands used as punishment
pilosehaving scattered soft or moderately stiff hairs
pilulelittle pill
pimentspiced sweetened wine
pinaforeloose protective garment worn over a dress
pinchbeckcheap copper and zinc alloy; spurious or trashy
pinderone who impounds cattle
pinealshaped like a pine-cone
pinetumcollection or plantation of pine trees
pingocone-shaped mound with ice core
pinguefyto become or make fat or greasy; to make rich
pinionsmall wheel with teeth
pinionwing; last joint of a wing; outermost flight feather
pinnacesmall vessel with oars and sails
pinnateshaped like a feather
pinnipedseals, walruses, and other such sea mammals
pintlebolt or pin on which something turns, as a hinge
pipaChinese lute
pipeunit of liquid capacity equal to two hogsheads
pipistrellesmall reddish-brown bat
pipkinsmall pot
piquéstiff durable corded fabric of cotton, rayon or silk
piscarythe right of fishing; a fishing pond
piscatologystudy of fishes
piscatorialof, like or pertaining to fishing or fishers
piscicidesubstance that kills fish
piscifaunafish life of an area
pisciformshaped like a fish
piscinabasin set in wall of church to drain away ceremonial water
piscineof, like or pertaining to fish
pisiformshaped like a pea
pismirean ant; something or someone insignificant
pismirismhoarding of small or insignificant things
pisteologyscience or study of faith
pistiologydoctrine concerning faith
pistolographyinstantaneous photography
pistologybranch of theology concerned with faith
pitchometerinstrument for measuring angles of ship's propeller blades
piteousarousing or deserving pity
pixilatedbemused; bewildered; intoxicated
pizzlebull's penis used as instrument of punishment by flogging
placagecovering of walls with thin marble slabs or with plaster
placardthick metal reinforced plate of armour for back or breast
placeeinvestor who is sold shares by private placement
placentigerousbearing a placenta
placentographyexamination or imagery of the placenta
placentophagyeating of the placenta
placetvote of assent in a governing body
placitumdecision of a court or an assembly
placketopening in a skirt or shirt for a pocket
placoidplate-like; having plate-like scales
plafonddecorated ceiling
plagatemarked with a streak or streaks
plagefashionable beach
plagiaryone who plagiarises
plagiumthe crime of kidnapping
plainstonesflagstone side-pavement of a street
planationmaking level
planchetblank metal disc to be stamped as a coin
planchetteboard or similar tool used in interpreting spirit messages
planetesimalof, like or pertaining to asteroids or similar tiny celestial bodies
planeticerring; erratic
planetogenytheory of the origin of planets
planetographydescription or treatise on the planets
planetolatryworship of the planets
planetologystudy of planets
plangencyresonance; noisiness
plangentdeep or loud sounding
planigraphinstrument for copying drawings at a different scale
planigraphydrawing of ground plans
planiloquentspeaking plainly
planimeterinstrument for measuring area of plane figures
planipennatehaving flat; broad wings
planishto polish; to flatten
planispheresphere projected onto a plane; map of the heavens
planitythe quality of being plane
plankwisein the manner or direction of a plank
planomaniaabnormal desire to wander and disobey social norms
plansterpetty or poor planner
plantarof, like or pertaining to the sole of the foot
plantigradewalking fully on the soles of the feet
plantocracygovernment by plantation owners
plapperto make sounds with the lips
plashdash of water
plashyfull of pools or puddles; marshy or boggy
plasmophagousconsuming plasma
plastographyart of forging handwriting
plastronfencer's padded breast-shield; steel breastplate worn under hauberk
plataleiformspoonbilled; of the shape of a spoonbill
platbandflat molding that exceeds its projection; fillet between column's flutings
plateasmbroad speech; talking with the mouth open too wide
platillafine white linen
platiniferousbearing platinum
platitudecommonplace or trite remark made as if it were important
platitudinarianone who utters platitudes
platometerinstrument for measuring area; planimeter
plattento flatten into a plate or sheet
platypussarybuilding or pen where platypuses are kept
platysmabroad sheet of muscle in the neck
plauditoryissuing enthusiastic approval or applause
plaustralof, like or pertaining to a wagon
playabasin which becomes a shallow lake after heavy rainfall
pleachto intertwine the branches of
pleasancepleasure; enjoyment; complaisance
plebaniamother-church having authority over several local churches
plebeianof the common people or vulgar classes
plebificationmaking something vulgar or plebeian
plebiscitarismprinciple or practice of using plebiscites
plectilewoven or plaited
plectrumpick for stringed instruments
pledgetwad of cotton or lint used to dress a wound
plegometerinstrument for measuring the strength of a blow
pleiomerycondition of having more than the normal number
pleiomorphyoccurrence of several distinct stages in the life cycle of an organism
plemyrameterinstrument for measuring variations in water level
plenaryfull; entire; complete; absolute; unqualified
plenicornhaving solid horns (as a deer)
pleniloquenceexcessive talking; fullness of speech
plenilunarof, like or pertaining to the full moon
plenilunefull moon
plenipotenceabsolute power
plenitudefullness; completeness; abundance; sufficiency
plenumspace completely filled with matter
pleochroicdisplaying different colours when seen from different directions
pleonasmredundancy; use of more words than necessary
pleonecticgreedy; covetous
pleonexiagreed; avarice
pleromafullness; abundance
plerophoryfull conviction
plethysmographinstrument for measuring change in body part size due to blood flow
plethysmographymeasurement of variation in blood pressure
pleurotropouslaterally flattened
plexiformshaped like a network
plexurenetwork; web; interweaving
plicatedfolded fanwise; pleated
plicationthe act of folding
plimsollrubber-soled canvas shoe
plinthrectangular base of column or pedestal
pliofilmthin waterproof transparent sheet used for packaging
pliothermicof, like or pertaining to periods of above-average temperatures
plisséfabric with puckered finish
plocerepetition of word in more expressive sense for emphasis
plodgeto trudge through anything in which the feet sink
plosionrelease of breath after consonant
plousiocracygovernment by the wealthy; plutocracy
plumassierworker in feathers; feather-seller
plumbeousleaden; lead-coloured
plumbiferousbearing or yielding lead
plumbismlead poisoning
plumblessincapable of being sounded
plumeopiceanof tar and feathers
plumipedhaving feathered feet
pluralismbelief that reality consists of several kinds or entities
plurenniallasting or surviving many years
pluriarcWest African stringed instrument like a zither
pluriliteralof more than three letters
plurinominalhaving more than one name
pluriparousgiving birth to multiple young in a single birth
pluripresencepresence in multiple places at one time
pluriserialin several rows
plutarchygovernment by the wealthy; plutocracy
plutocracygovernment by the wealthy
plutographydescription of the lives of the wealthy
plutolatryworship of wealth
plutologypolitical economy; study of wealth
plutomaniamania for money
plutonmass of rock solidified under earth's surface
plutonicof volcanic or deep origin
pluvialfloor-length open-fronted ecclesiastical garment
pluviographself-registering rain gauge
pneometerinstrument that measures respiration
pneumaticsstudy of mechanics of gases
pneumatographerone who receives and writes spirit messages
pneumatographydescription or treatise about spiritual beings
pneumatolithstone in the lung
pneumatologyscience of spiritual phenomena or beings
pneumatomachydenial of the divinity of the Holy Ghost
pneumatometerinstrument for measuring quantity of air breathed
pneumatomorphiclike a spirit
pneumatophanyappearance of a spirit; especially the Holy Ghost
pneumatophilosophyphilosophy of spirits or the spirit world
pneumatophonysound caused by a ghost or spirit
pneumatosispresence of gas in the body
pneumographinstrument for measuring and recording respiration
pneumographydescription of the lungs
pnyxancient Athenian place of assembly
poaceousof, like or pertaining or pertaining to grass
pochettepocket notecase or wallet
pochoirmanual colour stencilling onto a printed illustration
pococuranteuninterested; indifferent; nonchalant; apathetic
poculationdrinking of alcoholic beverages
poculentfit for drinking
podalicof, like or pertaining to feet
podexrump; anal region
podiatrystudy and treatment of disorders of the foot; chiropody
podiformshaped like a pod
podobromhydrosissmelly feet
podocarpstalk that bears the fruit of a plant
podologystudy of the feet
podoscaphpedalled boat; canoe-shaped float attached to feet for walking on water
podzolacidic soil with ash-like subsurface layer
poecilomerepart of an animal's body where colour variations first appear
poecilonymsynonym; one of a variety of names for a thing
poêléebroth or stock
poephagouseating grass or herbs; herbivorous
poetasterpetty poet; writer of contemptible verses
poetolatryworship of poets
poetomachiacontest or quarrel among poets
pogamogganwooden club with iron or stone piece on end, used by Indians
pogoniasisexcessive growth of beard
pogonipdense fog of suspended ice particles
pogonologybook or treatise on beards
pogonophileone who loves beards
pogonophobiafear of beards
pogonotrophygrowing of a beard
pogromorganized massacre
pointelsharp instrument
pointillismuse of separate dots of pure colour rather than blends
poiseunit of viscosity of liquids
poitrelarmour for a horse's breast
poivradepepper sauce
pokerishcausing terror; uncanny
polaccastately Polish dance; polonaise
polarchygovernment by many people; polyarchy
polarimeterinstrument for measuring polarised light
polariscopeinstrument for detecting polarized light
polderpiece of low-lying reclaimed land
poldermittoncurved reinforced armour for the right arm
poleunit of area equal to a square rod
polemarchancient Greek military and civil officer
polemiccontroversial discussion or attack
polemologystudy of war
polemomaniamania for war
polemoscopetelescope with angled mirrors for seeing over walls or around corners
poleynpiece of armour for the knee
policeocracygovernment by police
policlinicoutpatient department of hospital
poliorcecticof, like or pertaining to siegecraft or besiegement
poliosispremature graying of the hair
politicasterpetty politician
politicidekilling of people because of their political beliefs
politicomaniamania for politics
polkamaniacraze for polka dancing
pollarchygovernment by the multitude or a mob; ochlocracy
pollardtree having the whole crown cut off
pollexthe thumb
pollicitationpromise; especially one not yet accepted
polliniferousbearing pollen
pollyannaone who is naively optimistic
polonaisestately Polish dance of moderate tempo
poltophagyprolonged chewing of food
poltrooncraven; cowardly
polverineglass-makers' potash
polyacousticamplifying sounds
polyarchygovernment by many people
polychotomydivision into many parts
polychrestthing or medicine useful in many ways
polycracygovernment by many rulers; polyarchy
polydemicnative to several countries
polydipsiaabnormal thirst
polyergichaving many functions
polyethnicconsisting of or derived from many races or ethnicities
polygenesistheory that humans derived from many separate origins
polygenousof multiple origin or composition
polygoneutichaving several broods in each season
polygraphycopious or productive writing
polyhidrosisexcessive perspiration
polyhistorperson of exceptionally broad knowledge
polylemmaargument forcing choice between contradictory statements
polylithprehistoric monument consisting of many stones
polyloquentspeaking much; loquacious
polymaniamania affecting several different mental faculties
polymathperson possessing knowledge of many subjects
polymicriancompressed into a very small space
polymythyuse of multiple plots in a single story
polynesicin multiple separate locations
polyniaopen water amid sea ice
polyommatoushaving many eyes
polyonymname consisting of several words
polyopiamultiple vision
polyphagouseating many types of food
polypharmacytreatment with many medicines
polyphiloprogenitivevery fertile; very imaginative
polyphonemany-stringed instrument like a lute
polyphyleticdescending from more than one original type
polypnearapid breathing
polypodmany-legged animal
polypsychichaving several souls
polypsychismbelief that one person may have multiple souls
polyptotonrepetition of word in same sentence with multiple inflectional endings
polysemantword with many meanings
polystachioushaving many spikes
polystichousarranged in many rows
polystomatoushaving many mouths
polystylebuilding having many columns
polysyllabilingualrelating to polysyllabic languages
polysyllogismseries of syllogisms where each is basis for next
polysyndetonrhetorical device of repeating conjunction for emphasis
polythalamoushaving many chambers
polytheismbelief in multiple deities
polytocousproducing many or several at a birth
pomacecrushed apples for cider-making
pomaceousof, like or pertaining to or consisting of apples
pomadeointment for the hair
pomanderball of perfumes
pomiculturegrowing of fruit
pomiferousbearing apples
pomiformshaped like an apple
pomoeriumopen space around a town within the walls
pomologystudy of fruit-growing
ponceaupoppy red
ponderationweighing or weighing up
ponecard player on dealer's right responsible for cutting cards
ponerologytheological doctrine of wickedness or evil
pongeethin soft fabric woven from raw silk
poniardsmall dagger
pontagetoll paid on bridges; tax for repairing bridges
pontificebridge-work; a bridge
pontistbridge builder
poodlecoarsely looped or nubby fabric
poopenclosed structure at stern of ship above main deck
poophytemeadow plant
popinjayconceited person
popjoyto amuse oneself
poplincorded woven silk and worsted
poplitealof, like or pertaining to the back of the knee
popocracygovernment by populists
poppleto flow tumblingly; to heave choppily
poppycockhumbug; nonsense
poppyheadraised ornament on top of upright end of seats in churches
populicidekilling of the population of an area or nation
poralof, like or pertaining to pores
porbeagleshark with a pointed snout
porcellanousresembling porcelain
porcineof, like or pertaining to pigs; swinish
porculationfattening or feeding of swine
porgeto make meat kosher by removing veins and sinews from hindquarters
poriferoushaving pores
poriformhaving the form of a pore
poriomaniaabnormal compulsion to wander
porismgeometrical expression of possibility of multiple solutions
porlockingirksome intrusion or interruption
pornbrokerone who deals in pornography
pornerasticlecherous; bawdy; lewd
pornocracygovernment by harlots
pornogenariandirty old man
pornolagniadesire for prostitutes
pornomaniaobsession with pornography
pornotopiaperfect setting for the antics of pornography
porogamyfertilization of seed plants
poromericpermeable to water vapour
porometerinstrument for measuring degree of porosity
poroplasticboth porous and plastic
poroscopeinstrument for investigating porosity
porosisknitting together of broken bones
porphyrogeniticof royal birth
porphyrogenitureaccession of 1st son born after father's accession
porphyrybeautiful and valuable purplish stone
porrectto stretch forth; to present
porriginoussuffering from a scalp disease that causes baldness
porringersmall dish for soup or porridge
portesseportable breviary
portfireprepared paper cylinder used to fire rockets and fireworks
portièrecurtain hung over door of a room
portiunclesmall piece of something, especially of land
portmanteauword formed by blending two existing words
posaunearchaic trombone
posigradeauxiliary rocket on a spacecraft
positivismdoctrine that that which is not observable is not knowable
posnetsmall cooking pot with feet and handle
posologyscience of quantity or dosage
possessiveindicating possession; genitive case
possetmilk curdled with alcohol used as remedy
postamentframe; pedestal
postcenalafter dinner
postcibalafter a meal
postconnubialafter marriage
postdiluvianafter the great Flood
posternback door or gate; small private door
postexilicafter exile
postfaceconcluding note added to end of written work
posticheexcessively and inappropriately added to a finished work
posticousposterior; outward; extrorse
postilmarginal note; commentary
postilionsomeone who guides posthorses
postjacentposterior; behind
postliminyright of returned exiles to resume former status
postludeclosing piece of music at end of church service
postmundaneafter the end of the world
postprandialafter dinner
postsceniumpart of stage behind the scenery
poststructuralismbelief that there is no objective meaning to a text
postulantcandidate for a religious order
postulatorofficial who presents case for canonization or beatification
potablefit to drink; drinkable
potagergarden laid out in a decorative way
potamicof, like or pertaining to rivers
potamographystudy of geography of rivers; a description of rivers
potamologystudy of rivers
potationthe activity of drinking
potatoryrelated to excessive drinking
potentiateto use drugs in combination to increase their power
potentiometerinstrument for measuring electromotive forces
potherchoking smoke or dust; fuss; commotion
potichomaniacraze for imitating Oriental porcelain
potomaniaabnormal desire to drink alcohol
potometerinstrument measuring rate at which plants absorb water
potshopsmall public house
potterto busy oneself with trifling tasks
pottlesmall conical fruit basket
pottleunit of liquid measurement of two quarts, or one-half gallon
pottosmall nocturnal West African monkey
poudrinsmall ice crystals
poulardfattened or spayed hen
poultyoung fowl
pouncefine powder spread on writing paper to keep ink from running
poundagecharge for keeping stray cattle
poundalunit of force that accelerates 1 pound to 1 foot / second / second
pourboiretip; gratuity
pourparlerdiscussion prior to negotiation
pourpointeriequilted armour with studs
poussinchicken raised for eating at around six weeks old
powellisationmeans of preserving timber
practivepractical; concerned with practice
praedialof, like or pertaining to or connected with the land or farming
praepostorprefect of a school
pragmaticaroyal edict that has the force of law
pragmatismdoctrine emphasizing practical value of philosophy
prairillonsmall prairie
pralltrillerrapid musical trill
prandialof, like or pertaining to dinner
prasinousleek-green colour
pratalgrowing in meadows
prateto talk foolishly or sententiously; to tattle
pratincolefork-tailed, long-winged Australian bird
pratincolousinhabiting meadows or fields
pravitywickedness; depravity
praxeologystudy of practical or efficient activity; science of efficient action
praxinoscopeearly cinematograph using series of moving drawings
praxiscustomary practice or conduct
preadamicbefore Adam
preagonalimmediately preceding death throes
preallableprevious; preliminary; preceding
preaudienceright to be heard before another
prebendstipend or salary paid to clergyman
prebendalof, like or pertaining to stipends issued by a church
precantationprophecy; foretelling
precativesupplicating; expressing entreaty
precatoryof the nature of or expressing a wish or recommendation
precentorleader of the singing of a church choir
preceptiveconcerning rules of conduct, laws or precepts
preciationevaluation of the value or price of a thing
précieusewoman affecting a fastidious over-refinement
precipitinogeniccausing precipitation
precisianoverly precise person; formalist
precissiveseparating; defining; exact
precognosceto take a precognition of
preconcertto settle beforehand
preconizeto proclaim; to summon publicly
predaceanpredatory animal
predaciousliving by prey; predatory
predellaplatform for altar; portable altar or decoration upon it
predestinarianismbelief that what ever is to happen is already fixed
predicantpreaching; predicating
predicativeindicating the predicate
prefatorialserving as preface or opening remarks
prefigureto imagine beforehand; to foreshadow
prefulgentextremely bright
prehensorsomething that grasps or seizes
prelacyepiscopal church government
prelapsarianbelonging to the time before man's original sin
prelatebishop or abbot of superior rank
prelationpreferment; promotion; eminence
prelectto lecture
prelibationforetaste; offering of first fruits
preliographydescription or treatise about a battle
prelusiveof the nature of a prelude; introductory
premiateto give a prize or premium for
premonishto warn beforehand
premorseending abruptly as if bitten off
premotiondivine impulse determining the will
premoveto incite or prompt to action
premundaneperiod before the creation of the earth
prenarialof, like or pertaining to or in front of the nostrils
prenticecidekiller of an apprentice
prepensepremeditated; intentional
preponeto reschedule for an earlier time
prepossessto bias or prejudice favourably; to impress
prepotentpotent in a very high degree
preputialof, like or pertaining to the foreskin
preruptbroken off; steep; abrupt
presbycousishardness of hearing during old age
presbyophreniafemale senility marked by loss of memory
presbyteold man
presbyterypart of church reserved for officiating clergy
prescindto cut off; cut short; separate
prescriptivismbelief that moral edicts are merely orders with no truth value
preseminalbefore the onset of puberty; before fertility
preseniumperiod of life preceding old age
presentationismtheory that the mind has direct access to perceived objects
presentientprescient; having a premonition
presentoirornamental shallow tray or cup
presidialof, like or pertaining to a garrison
pressibleable to be pressed
prestto loan
prestrictionblindness; blindfolding
preteristlover of the past
preteritesignifying past time or a completed action
preteritionpassing over or omission; drawing attention to a thing by claiming to omit it
pretermitto pass by; to omit; to leave undone
preterpluparentheticaltending to use excessive parenthesis; pedantic
prevenancycourteous anticipation of others' wishes
prevenientantecedent; preceding; anticipatory
prevernalblossoming or foliating early
previsionforesight; foreknowledge
prevoyanthaving foresight
Priapeanof, like or pertaining to male reproductive power; phallic
priapismconstant erection; licentiousness; lewdness
pricketspike or antler used as a candlestick
pridianof, like or pertaining to yesterday
prie-dieuprayer stool or kneeling bench in a church
prillnodule of metal obtained after assaying
primagefee paid to loaders for loading ship
primatologystudy of primates
primeprayer service held at 6 a.m.
primigenialfirst or earliest formed or produced
primiparoushaving borne only one child
primitiaefirst fruits
primitialof, like or pertaining to first fruits; primeval
primitivismdoctrine that a simple and natural life is morally best
primoin the first place
primogenousof, like or pertaining to the earliest or first developmental stage
primrosepale yellow
princepsfirst; especially first edition of a book
prionsmall Antarctic petrel
priscanancient; of early times
prisoptometerinstrument for measuring degree of astigmatism
pritheeexpression of wish or request
privatismattitude of avoiding involvement in outside interests
privativeindicating absence, deprivation or negation
privityprivacy; secrecy; secret or confidential conversation
proin favour of; for
pro rataproportionally
pro tantoto that extent; accordingly
proairesisthe act of choosing
probabiliorismbelief that when in doubt one must choose most likely answer
probabilismbelief that knowledge is always probable but never absolute
probandone with a certain feature by which descendants analyzed
probangflexible rod put down throat to clear obstacle
probitunit of measurement of statistical probability
proboscidatehaving a proboscis or long snout
probosciformshaped like a long nose
probouleuticfor preliminary deliberation
procacitypetulance; insolence
procatalecticlacking the unaccented part of first foot of a line of verse
procatalepsisanticipating and answering an opponent's objections
procathedralparish church serving as a cathedral
proceleusmaticinciting; encouraging; exhorting
procephalicof, like or pertaining to the front of the head
prochronismassigning a date to an event earlier than actual
procidenceprolapse; falling forward or downward
proclisispronunciation of word dependent on following word
procoelouscupped in front
procrusteanseeking to enforce uniformity
procrypsisprotective coloration
proctalof, like or pertaining to the anus or rectum
proctologystudy of rectum
proctordisciplinary officer at a college or university
proctoscopeinstrument for examining the rectum
procumbentlying or leaning forward; prone
procuratoryauthorization to act for another
procursiverunning forward
procyonineof, like or pertaining to raccoons
prodromeinitial symptom of a disease; introductory treatise
proeguminalpredisposing; preceding
proemialintroductory; prefatory
proemptosisaddition of extra day to lunar calendar every 300 years
proethnicof, like or pertaining to primitive races
profectitiousderived from a parent or ancestor
profligatedebauched; rashly extravagant
profluentexuberant; abundant
profulgentshining out; radiant
progeriasecond childhood; disease of premature aging
prognathichaving a jaw that projects forward
projacientjutting forward
projectionismtheory that some apparent qualities of reality are projections of the mind
projicientcommunicating between an organism and its environment
prolatehaving flattened sides due to lengthwise elongation
prolativeindicating motion alongside or means of motion
prolegomenonintroductory study or treatise
prolepsisanticipation; device where objections are anticipated
prolicidekilling of offspring; killing of the human race
proligerousbearing offspring
prolixlong-winded; garrulous; dwelling too long on particulars
prolocutorspokesman; speaker of the House of Lords
prolusionpreliminary performance, activity or display
promachoschampion or defender; tutelary god
promptuaryrepository; reference book of facts
promulgatemake known; disseminate
pronaosvestibule in front of a temple
pronasaletip of the nose
pronationturning hand and forearm so that palm faces downward
pronogradewalking with body parallel to ground
pronominationdescription of a thing by its qualities rather than its proper name
propadeuctica preliminary study; preliminary
properelements of Christian mass that are variable
prophetocracygovernment by a prophet
propineto pledge in drinking; to present or offer
propitiateto render favourable; to appease
proplasmpreliminary model or mould
propolisresin of tree buds collected by bees
proprioceptionsense of muscular position
proreprow; ship
proreptioncreeping attack or secretive advance of troops
prorogueto discontinue meetings of a group without dissolving it
prosateurone who writes prose for a living
prosceniumpart of the stage in front of the curtain
prosectorone who dissects bodies in anatomical lectures
proseucheplace of prayer; oratory
prosilientoutstanding; conspicuous; jumping forth
prosittoast to good health
prosodemiccontagious; infectious
prosodicof, like or pertaining to versification
prosodystudy of versification
prosopicof, like or pertaining to the face
prosopographybiographical sketch; description of person
prosopographydescription of an individual's life, character, or physical form
prosopopoeiapersonification; representation of absent person as speaking
prospicelook forward
prostylebuilding having columns only in the front
prosyprosaic; tedious
prosyllogismsyllogism whose conclusion forms premise of another
protacticprefatory; preliminarily explanatory
protanopiacolour-blindness with respect to red
protasisfirst clause in a conditional expression; introductory part of a play
proteanvariable; versatile; assuming different forms
protensiveextensive in time or length
protervitypeevishness; petulance; perversity; wantonness
protestationavowal or solemn declaration
prothalamionsong or poem celebrating a coming marriage
prothonotarychief registrar of a court; keeper of canonisation records
prothysteronputting last what normally comes first in an expression or argument
protistologystudy of protists
protocolistregistrar or clerk
protogenicformed at the beginning
protolithicfrom the earliest Stone Age
protomorphicprimordial; primitive
protopathyfirst or direct experience
protoplastoriginal ancestor; first-formed person or thing
prototrophicfeeding directly on uncombined elements
protozeugmazeugma in which word referring to two clauses is placed before both of them
protrepticexhorting; encouraging; didactic; doctrinal
provandallowance of food; provisions
provectiontransfer of last letter of one word to first of next
proveditorpurveyor of supplies or goods
provenancesource; origin
provenientissuing forth
providoresteward; quartermaster
provineto propagate by layering
proxemicsstudy of man's need for personal space
proxeneteprocurer; marriage broker
proximoof next month
proxysmclose or near relationship
pruinosehaving a frosted look; bearing whitish dust
prunellastrong and heavy silk or wool
pruniferousbearing plums
pruntmoulded glass ornament attached to a larger glass object
prurientstemming from the indulgence of lewd ideas; lascivious
prurigoirritating skin disease causing itching
pruritusitching of the skin
psalligraphythe art of paper-cutting to make pictures
psalmodistsinger of psalms
psalmodyact of singing psalms in church services
psalmographyart of composing psalms
psalteryancient stringed musical instrument
psammitefine-grained rock
psammophilesand-loving plant
psellismdefect in articulation or pronunciation
psephiticof, like or pertaining to pebbles
psephocracygovernment resulting from election by ballot
psephologystudy of election results and voting trends
psephomancydivination by drawing lots or markers at random
pseudacusismistaken or false hearing
pseudaesthesiaimaginary feeling or sensation
pseudandryassumption of man's proper name by a woman
pseudaposematicimitating the coloration of a dangerous animal
pseudepigraphaapocrypha; non-canonical books of the Bible
pseudepigraphyassignment of false authors to books
pseudepigraphyfalse attribution of authorship
pseudepiscopyexistence or rule of a spurious bishop
pseudoautochiriamurder disguised as suicide
pseudoblepsisimaginary or false vision; hallucination
pseudochromaesthesiamental association of sounds with colours
pseudochronismerror in dating
pseudocidepretended attempt at suicide
pseudodoxfalse doctrine or opinion
pseudographyunsatisfactory spelling
pseudographyfalse, incorrect, or spurious spelling
pseudogynyadoption of woman's name by a man
pseudohermaphroditismcondition in which sex chromosomes and genitals are of different sexes
pseudolaliaincoherence of speech
pseudolatryfalse worship
pseudologialying in speech or writing
pseudologuepathological liar
pseudologyart or science of lying
pseudomaniairrational predilection for lying
pseudomorphfalse or abnormal physical form
pseudonymunclelesser or minor writer who uses a pseudonym
pseudophoniasuicide disguised as murder
pseudopsiaoptical illusion
pseudopticsstudy of optical illusions
pseudosmiafalse perception of odours
pseudosopherone who pretends to hold knowledge or wisdom
pseudosophypretension to wisdom
psilanthropismdenial of Christ's divinity
psilosisloss of hair
psilosophyshallow philosophy; limited knowledge
psilothrumsubstance causing loss of hair
psithurismwhispering noise; sound of leaves moving in the wind
psittacineof, like or pertaining to macaws, parakeets or parrots
psittacismparrot-like repetition of speech
psittacisticallymechanically; in a parrotlike fashion
psoasloin muscle
psomophagyswallowing food without thorough chewing
psophometerinstrument measuring audible interference of electrical current
psychaesthesiasensation in relation to feeling or thought
psychagogicattractive; encouraging
psychagogueconductor of souls to the underworld
psychalgiamental pain or distress
psychiasishealing of the soul or psyche
psychismbelief in universal soul
psychobiologystudy of biology of the mind
psychodynamicconcerning psychological motives and causation
psychofugalproceeding outward from a mental state
psychogenesisorigin and development of the mind
psychogeneticsstudy of internal or mental states
psychognosystudy of mentality, personality or character
psychogonydevelopment of the mind or soul
psychogramwriting supposedly produced under influence of spirits
psychographinstrument that supposedly records spirit messages
psychographyproduction of writing purportedly by a spiritual entity
psychologismtheory that mathematical or metaphysical laws can be derived from psychology
psychomachyconflict between the body and the soul
psychomancydivination by means of spirits
psychometrymeasurement of intelligence and psychological attributes
psychomorphismdoctrine that inanimate objects have human mentality
psychoneuroendocrinologystudy of relationship between the mind, the nervous system, and the endocrine
psychopannychismbelief souls sleep from death to resurrection
psychopathologystudy of mental illness
psychophysicsstudy of link between mental and physical processes
psychorrhagyseparation of the soul from the body
psychosomaticof a physical disorder, having a psychological cause
psychosophydoctrine or theory of the soul
psychotaxisalteration of mental outlook to satisfy the personality
psychotheismdoctrine that God is a purely spiritual entity
psychroaesthesiasensation of cold in part of body that is actually warm
psychrolusiabathing in cold water
psychrometerinstrument for measuring air moisture or temperature
psychrophilicthriving in cold temperatures
psychrophobiafear of the cold
psychurgymental function, operation or energy
ptarmicsubstance that causes sneezing
ptericof, like or pertaining to the wing or the shoulder
pteridologystudy of ferns
pteridomaniapassion for ferns
pterographytreatise or description of feathers
pteronophobiafear of being tickled by feathers
pteropineof, like or pertaining to flying foxes
pterospermoushaving winged seeds
pterygiumabnormal mass of tissue obstructing vision in the eye
pterygoidlike a wing
pterylapatch or clump of feathers on a bird
pterylographytreatise on the feathers of birds
pterylologystudy of distribution of feathers on birds
ptilosisplumage or mode of feathering; plumage
ptochocracygovernment by beggars or paupers; wholesale pauperization
ptochogonyproduction of beggars; pauperization
ptosisdrooping of the upper eyelid
ptyalagoguesubstance that promotes salivation
ptyalismexcessive flow of saliva
pubarchefirst appearance of pubic hair
puberulentfeebly or minutely pubescent; covered with minute down
pubigeroushairy; bearing or growing hair
puccoonblood-root; dark red colour
pucebrownish-purple; purplish-pink
pucellemaid; virgin
puckeryastringent; tending to wrinkle
pudendumexternal female reproductive organs
pudibundshamefaced; prudish
pudorsense of shame
pudusmall Chilean deer
puerperalof, like or pertaining to childbirth
pugground clay mixed with water
pugilsmall handful; pinch
puisneinferior in rank; later; junior
puissantpowerful; mighty
pukured Central African antelope
puleto pipe; to whimper or whine
pulicineof, like or pertaining to fleas
pulicoidlike a flea
pullastrineof, like or pertaining to pigeons
pulletyoung hen
pulley-piecearmour for the knee
pullulateto swarm; to teem; to breed freely; to sprout
pulmonicof, like or pertaining to the lungs
pulpitumgigantic stone screen separating cathedral choir from the nave
pulsimeterinstrument for measuring the pulse
pultaceousmacerated and softened; like porridge; pulpy
pulverousdusty or powder
pulverulentdusty-looking; readily crumbling; powdery
pulvilperfumed powder
pulvillipads between claws of an insect's foot
pulvilliformshaped like a cushion
pulvinatedcushion-like; bulging; pillowy
punaluamarriage of brothers of one family to sisters of another
puncheontool for punching or stamping
punctallike a point
punctatedotted; pitted
punctatimpoint for point
punctiformshaped like a point
punctiliominor detail or point of conduct
punctiliousscrupulous and exact
punctiuncleinsignificant or trifling point of an argument
punctulatebearing small spots or dots
punctuleminute dot, pit or aperture
punctuspoint used in medieval manuscripts to indicate a short pause
pundigrionplay on words; pun
punditocracygovernment by political pundits
pundonorpoint of honour
puniceousbright or purplish red
punkdry decayed wood used for tinder
punnetsmall shallow fruit basket
pupateto pass through a chrysalis stage
pupigerousbearing a puparium
pupillaritythe state of being a pupil
pupillographyexamination and description of the pupil of the eye
purblindnearly blind
purfleto ornament the edge of with embroidery
purificatorcloth used to wipe Eucharist chalice
puriformlike pus
purlicuecurl or flourish in writing; summary of speeches
purlieua person's usual haunts; neighbourhood
purlinesupporting timber stretching across rafters
purlointo steal; to filch
purprestureencroachment on public property
purpureheraldic colour purple
pursership's officer in charge of finances and passengers
pursuivantfollower or attendant
purulencethe quality of being filled with pus
pushfulenergetically or aggressively enterprising
pusillanimouslacking firmness; cowardly; having a weak character
pustulepimple containing pus; lump or wart
putanismlewdness in women; prostitution
putativesupposed; reputed
putcherwire trap for catching salmon
putealwall round the top of a well
putiddecayed; fetid
putlockcross-piece in a scaffolding
putoisbrush for painting pottery
putrilageproducts or remnants of decay
puttoplump naked winged boy in artwork
putureforesters' claim of subsistence within bounds of forest
puysmall volcanic cone
pycnometerinstrument for measuring specific gravity or density
pycnomorphouscompact; dense
pycnostylehaving closely spaced columns
pyelographyexamination of the kidney and ureter
pygalbelonging to the rump end; pertaining to the rump
pygiapain in the rump
pygmachyboxing; fighting with clubs
pykniccharacterized by short squat stature
pyknometerinstrument for measuring specific gravities
pyoidpurulent; pus-like
pyramidographytreatise on the Egyptian pyramids
pyranometerinstrument measuring solar radiation from the sky's whole hemisphere
pyreticof, pertaining to or for the cure of fevers
pyretologystudy of fevers
pyrgeometerinstrument for measuring radiation from earth
pyrgologystudy of towers
pyrheliometerinstrument for measuring heating effect of sun
pyriformshaped like a pear
pyritiferousbearing pyrite
pyroballogystudy of artillery
pyroclasticsash and other material released by volcano
pyrogenationsubjection to heat
pyrogenousproduced by or producing heat or fever
pyrognomiceasily made incandescent
pyrographystudy of woodburning; writing using hot instrument
pyrokinesisability to start fires using mind alone
pyromachyuse of fire in combat
pyromancydivination using fire
pyrometerinstrument for measuring very high temperatures
pyrophanousbecoming transparent when heated
pyrophobiafear of fire
pyrophorussubstance that spontaneously combusts
pyroscopeinstrument for measuring intensity of radiant heat
pyrosophyknowledge of the properties of fire
pyrrhicof, like or pertaining to the dance or to the foot
pyrrhonismtotal or radical skepticism
pyrrhotismstate of being red-haired
pyrrhousreddish; ruddy
pyrrhulineof, like or pertaining to bullfinches
pysmaticquestioning; interrogatory
pythogenicproduced by filth; causing dirt or decay
pythoniclike an oracle or a python
pythonismpossession by an oracular spirit
pyxbox or vessel in which coins or consecrated Eucharist are kept
pyxislittle box or casket for jewels or toiletries

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